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Photonics Buyers' Guide > Beam Measurement Equipment
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Beam Measurement Equipment
  • Lumetrics - Rochester, NYLumetrics® is the leader in non-contact thickness measurement solutions. Whether it is film thickness measurement, medical balloon and catheter measurement, or an industrial film, coating or other application, let Lumetrics® engineers tailor a solution to your needs. Lumetrics®...
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  • Ophir - Spiricon LLC, A Newport Co., Photonics - North Logan, UTMarkets, calibrates and supplies a complete line of laser measurement equipment including laser power/energy meters and sensors, laser beam profilers and M2 measurements. Products include camera-based profiling for real-time 2D/3D measurement and scanning-slit profiling; capable of measuring...
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  • beam profiler A device that measures the spatial distribution of energy perpendicular to the propagation path of a radiant beam. An energy or power meter is typically used to monitor the amount of light passing through a slit, pinhole or aperture that is scanned...