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Mid-Infrared Cameras
  • Data Optics, Inc. - Ypsilanti, MIData Optics, Inc. is a 48 year old manufacturer of precision optical research equipment and optical test instruments, including optical benches, table rails, breadboards, mounts, carriers, rod-mounted accessories, spatial filters, custom film drives and liquid gates, environmental isolation...
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  • Ophir - Spiricon LLC, A Newport Co., Photonics - North Logan, UTMarkets, calibrates and supplies a complete line of laser measurement equipment including laser power/energy meters and sensors, laser beam profilers and M2 measurements. Products include camera-based profiling for real-time 2D/3D measurement and scanning-slit profiling; capable of measuring...
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  • Xenics - Leuven, BelgiumXenics is a pioneer of path-breaking infrared technology with a proven track record of more than ten years. Xenics designs and markets infrared imagers, cores and cameras of best-in-class image quality to support innovative R&D, industrial automation, machine vision, process control and...
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  • infrared camera A camera that uses infrared optics to image and focus infrared radiation onto a recording medium sensitive to its wavelengths.
  • camera A light-tight box that receives light from an object or scene and focuses it to form an image on a light-sensitive material or a detector. The camera generally contains a lens of variable aperture and a shutter of variable speed to precisely control...