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  • Data Optics, Inc. - Ypsilanti, MIData Optics, Inc. is a 47 year old manufacturer of precision optical research equipment and optical test instruments, including optical benches, table rails, breadboards, mounts, carriers, rod-mounted accessories, spatial filters, custom film drives and liquid gates, environmental isolation...
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  • Labsphere, Inc., A Halma Co., Photonics - North Sutton, NHFor over thirty-five years, Labsphere has developed integrating sphere solutions for a wide variety of light-based applications, from large customized systems to small hand-held instruments. Integrating Spheres & Components Allows users to build their own solution with a variety of...
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  • photometer A device used to compare the luminous intensities of two sources by comparing the illuminance they produce.
  • radiometer A device used to measure the intensity of radiant energy.  
  • photometry The science of the measurement of light intensity, where "light'' refers to the total integrated range of radiation to which the eye is sensitive. It is distinguished from radiometry in which each separate wavelength in the electromagnetic...
  • electromagnetic wave Wave of radiation identified by individual fluctuations of electric and magnetic fields.
  • flux Time rate of flow of energy; the radiant or luminous power in a beam.