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A radiometer is a device used to measure the intensity of radiant energy.
  • Data Optics, Inc. - Ypsilanti, MIData Optics, Inc. is a 47 year old manufacturer of precision optical research equipment and optical test instruments, including optical benches, table rails, breadboards, mounts, carriers, rod-mounted accessories, spatial filters, custom film drives and liquid gates, environmental isolation...
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  • Electro Optical Industries, LLC, Sub. of Channel Technologies Group, LLC - Santa Barbara, CAElectro Optical Industries is the world leader in advanced infrared and visible light spectrum test and calibration equipment. EOI solves customers' electro-optical testing challenges by understanding the technical requirements and providing the best value solution of proven EOI equipment. EOI...
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  • Labsphere, Inc., A Halma Co., Photonics - North Sutton, NHFor over thirty-five years, Labsphere has developed integrating sphere solutions for a wide variety of light-based applications, from large customized systems to small hand-held instruments. Integrating Spheres & Components Allows users to build their own solution with a variety of...
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  • Newport Corporation - Irvine, CA Newport Corporation is a leading global supplier of advanced technology products and solutions for Scientific Research, Life & Health Science, Aerospace and Microelectronics markets. Established in 1969, Newport has over 40 years of industry knowledge and expertise...
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  • SpectrEcology, LLC - Jasper, GAWe sell UV, VIS and NIR spectrometers from Ocean Optics, our own ZeroDrift O2 oxygen sensors, UV light sources from Energetiq, LIBS from TSI. We invented the miniature fiber optic spectrometer when we founded Ocean Optics in 1989, and we have developed over 2,000 fiber optic...
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  • radiometer A device used to measure the intensity of radiant energy.