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Visible Spectrum Measuring Instruments
  • Bristol Instruments, Inc. - Victor, NYBristol Instruments offers wavelength meters and spectrum analyzers for characterization of CW and pulsed lasers from 350 nm to 12 microns. Wavelength and spectrum is measured to an accuracy of +/- 0.0001 nm and a resolution of 2 GHz, respectively. Interferometer-based products are also available...
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  • visible (VIS) That term pertaining to the spectral region that can be perceived by the eye.
  • visible spectrum That region of the electromagnetic spectrum to which the retina is sensitive and by which the eye sees. It extends from about 400 to 750 nm in wavelength.
  • spectrum measuring instrument A traveling microscope or an automatic microdensitometer used to measure the spectrum plate obtained in a spectrograph.