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Optics Balzers plastic opticsSolutions from Optics Balzers

Optics Balzers is the innovative and independent industry partner for the development and production of coated optical components and subassemblies. The company possesses a broad and in-depth know-how in optical thin-film coating processes, complemented by sophisticated patterning, glass bonding and sealing, and further processing capabilities necessary for producing optical thin-film coated components up to optical subassemblies. Highly experienced and skilled development and engineering teams closely collaborate with customers to develop innovative solutions meeting their specific and unique requirements and design robust processes to manufacture the customer specific components. The combination of these capabilities and skills places Optics Balzers at the forefront of markets in the photonics industry such as Automotive, Biophotonics, Lighting & Projection, Sensors & Imaging, Laser, Space & Defense, and Industrial Applications. 

Optics Balzers beamsplitters combinersWith over 65 years of experience in optical coating technology, Optics Balzers possesses profound knowledge in optical component manufacturing. Customers benefit from state-of-the-art vacuum-deposition technologies, various adapted patterning, bonding and glass processing technologies operated in modern facilities with clean room environments.

Optics Balzers’ continuous innovation, quality improvements, additions of expertise and production sites in Liechtenstein and the EU, will continue to support customers’ novel product development efforts with Optics Balzers as a trusted, reliable, and innovative partner.

Optics Balzers brewster windows
Coating Plus: More than just coating

Most advanced thin film optical components require various additional process steps beyond dedicated coating processes to achieve their full functionality and performance in customer specific applications. This additional service from Optics Balzers include a broad range from patterning, marking, bonding and sealing, wafer dicing, scribing to packaging and handling.

Established: 2009
Employees: 190
Ownership type: Privately Owned
Alex Vogt, CEO
Martin Nern, Sales Europe
Dirk von Frajer, Mktg./Sales Dir.

NIR Bandpass Filters
Optics Balzers launches its Narrow Bandpass Filters in the near infrared with low angle dependency...
Promoted Content 1/2014
Dielectric Broadband Mirrors
Optics Balzers AG has released Diflex 1100 and 2000, dielectric high-reflectivity broadband mirrors... 5/2013
Self-Blocking SWIR Filters
Optics Balzers AG offers customized bandpass filters with a self-blocking filter design for the... 12/2011

Sjogren Joins Optics Balzers’ Sales Team in North America
10/25/2011 - Optics Balzers has added Brian Sjogren to its sales team in Colorado as a result of increased sales... 10/2011

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