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Photodigm DBR lasers are precisely fabricated to deliver single frequency, single mode output in the near-IR spectral band from about 740 nm to 1100 nm. The ridge waveguide selects a single spatial mode, and the monolithic DBR grating selects a single longitudinal mode. With a narrow bandwidth on the order of 1 MHz, Photodigm DBRs are uniquely suited for applications in atom sensors, non-linear, and spectroscopy. Since their introduction in 2008, we have sweated the details with our proprietary epi designs and our in-house wafer fab. We fabricate our own product, setting us apart from our competition with superior reliability at the highest available power in a monolithic semiconductor.

We are the recognized leader in lasers resonant with atomic and molecular transitions. Our Spectroscopy-Certified™ DBRs are designed for the D1 and D2 lines of K, Rb, and Cs; the He metastable line at 1083 nm, as well as for H2O at 828 nm and O2 at 760 nm. Each device is individually screened and certified to be resonant with the designated transition within the specified operating range. Photodigm DBRs exhibit deterministic behavior with aging, a characteristic we call Perma-Loc™.  As described in detail on our website, you can be confident that the device will lock to the transition throughout its life. 

Photodigm Application-Certified™ DBRs are no less stringently tested.  Designed for OEM applications in Raman spectroscopy, optical pumping, and non-linear optics, they conform to strict specifications of linewidth, wavelength, spectral characteristics, and other user-defined criteria. 

Photodigm gain chips and semiconductor optical amplifiers are fabricated using the same techniques that separate our DBR lasers from the competition. Delivering high gain and pure single mode performance, they are the ideal choice for specialized requirements such as ECDLs.

Photodigm DBRs and gain chips are available in a variety of package configurations, including our new Mercury™ TOSA.


Established: 2000
Employees: 17
Facility area (sq. ft): 16,000
Ownership type: Privately Owned
John E. Spencer, Pres./CEO
Marty Edwards, Bus. Dev. Dir.
Preston Young, Engrg. Dir.

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