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Map390 Central Ave.
Bohemia, NY 11716
United States
Phone: (631) 218-2240
Fax: (631) 218-2275
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Photonics Industries International is the pioneer of intra-cavity solid-state harmonic lasers. Since its first high power green harmonic laser was introduced back in 1993, Photonics Industries has been creating the development history of harmonic solid-state lasers, especially Q-switched intra-cavity harmonic lasers, with the focus on their industrial applications.

We are one of the largest diode-pumped solid-state laser manufacturers in the US. We serve industrial, scientific and defense customers, providing a broad range of diode-pumped picosecond and nanosecond lasers as well as many tunable and customized laser solutions.

solid state lasers from Photonics Industries InternatioalNano-second Lasers:
    DC Series: TEM00 - Air-cooled - 50 mW to 10 W
    DS Series: TEM00 - Water-cooled - 1.5 W to 50 W
    DM Series: Multimode - Air-cooled - 20mW to 100W
    DP Series: Pulse-pumped Diode Lasers - 0.1mJ to 8mJ
picosecond laser from Photonics Industries InternationalPico-second Lasers:

PS Series: Mode-Locked - 200 mW to 65 W
SN Series: Subnanosecond

tunable lasers from Photonics Industries InternationalTunable Lasers:
    TU Series: Tunable Ti:Sapphire - 193 to 480 nm / 700 to 960 nm
    OPO Series: Optical Parametric Oscillator - 1.5 to 2.0 um / 2.2 to 3.4 um

Photonics Industries is always ready to customize its products to meet even the most challenging requirements for design, performance, reliability and total system package.
Established: 1993
Employees: 100
Facility area (sq. ft): 25,000
Ownership type: Privately Owned
Yusong Yin, Pres.
Matthew Corrello, Sales Dir.

DSH Series UV ns Laser
Combining proficiency in intracavity harmonic generation with end pumping diodes, the DSH Series... 5/2014
DSH-355-25 UV Laser
Photonics Industries has released the DSH-355-25 high-power UV laser for micromachining... 3/2014
DM100-527 Green Laser
Photonics Industries (PI) has introduced the DM100-527 Q-switched, intracavity Nd:YLF laser for... 9/2013
DSH Industrial UV/Green Lasers
Photonics Industries International Inc. has extended its Nd:YVO4-based DSH series intracavity... 9/2011
Diode-Pumped Lasers
Photonics Industries has introduced next-generation diode-pumped picosecond lasers which provide... 1/2011
High Pulse Energy/High Rep Rate ps Laser
Photonics Industries RG-H Series high pulse energy (HPE)/high rep rate ps laser achieves more than... 11/2010

Photonics Industries Expands
11/8/2013 - To meet increasing demand in the industrial and scientific markets for its diode-pumped solid-state... 11/2013
Photonics Industries Expanding on Long Island
7/15/2013 - Photonics Industries International Inc. will expand its operations in Islip and add 40 new... 7/2013

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