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MapSiemensstr. 2a
D-82178 Puchheim
Phone: 49 89 800746 0
Fax: 49 89 800746 199
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Who we are
Since its founding in 1990, SCANLAB has successfully focused on developing and manufacturing galvanometer scanners and scan solutions. Our products turn lasers into highly dynamic and flexible tools for materials processing. This is achieved via moving mirrors and optical elements that quickly, precisely and reliably guide and position the laser focus in three dimensions. Our highly qualified and motivated team has accumulated extensive expertise based on delivering more than 20,000 scan solutions per year. With this solid basis, SCANLAB is the global leader in its market.

SCANLAB products and services are used for laser-based material processing (e.g. marking, welding, cutting, drilling, rapid prototyping, solar panel processing, micro-machining) and medical or biomedical technology (e.g. ophthalmology, dermatology, confocal microscopy, OCT), as well as science and research. As each of these highly varied markets and demanding applications has specific requirements, SCANLAB provides a comprehensive palette of standard products and customer-tailored solutions.

What we offer
SCANLAB offers scan systems and optics for all typical wavelengths and laser powers up to the multi-kW range. Our scan systems are available with various dynamics settings, and customer-specific designs are possible, too. Product options include water cooling, air cooling and sensors for automatic self-calibration. SCANLAB´s competent customer-guidance team collaborates closely with R&D specialists in electronics, mechanics and optics to ensure rapid and focused fulfilment of customers´ wishes and requirements.

scan systems from SCANLAB 

The SCANLAB product range includes
High performance galvanometer scanners
Standard and high-end, 2D- and 3D-scan heads (more than 1,200 cps)
High-precision scan solutions (e.g. for micro-machining)
Ultra-compact scan heads for high-speed applications
Scan solutions for high-power lasers, designed for industrial applications (multi-kW range)
Customized systems
Advanced control electronics (also for on-the-fly applications)
Laser optics and accessories
Laser processing software
Automated machine vision
Established: 1990
Employees: 200
Facility area (sq. ft): 76,000
Ownership type: Privately Owned
Georg Hofner, CEO
Dominik Brunner, Sales Mgr. USA/Asia
Green Products
Green Manufacturing
Green Facility

Laser Marking Software
Laser marking software from Scanlab AG, laserDESK version 1.2, extends functionality to automation... 10/2015
Laser Welding System
Designed for robot-assisted welding applications, the IntelliWeld II FT 3D laser scan system from... 6/2015
Microprocessing Subsystem
Designed for use with ultrashort-pulse lasers, the PrecSys five-axis microprocessing subsystem from... 6/2015
Laser Scan System
Scanlab AG has announced the ExcelliScan scan system, using new servos to enhance productivity in... 5/2015
Scan System Control Board
A new Ethernet-based controller board from Scanlab AG enables increased production automation of... 5/2015
Scan System
With a 20-mm aperture, the intelliSCAN III 20 scan system from Scanlab AG delivers a wide range of... 2/2015
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Scanlab Acquires Next Scan Technology, Increases Polygon Scanner Stake
12/14/2015 10:35:39 AM - Scanlab AG has increased its stake in the polygon scanner market by acquiring Next Scan Technology... 12/2015


SCANLAB AG - Leading Scanning Solutions - spotted at Laser World of Photonics 2015 in Munich
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