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Map31 Jetview Dr.
Rochester, NY 14624
United States
Phone: (585) 271-7300
Fax: (585) 271-7309
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Our World is Flat by Sydor OpticsSydor Optics is a custom manufacturer of precision flat-surfaced, parallel and wedged glass optical components specializing in Double-Sided Grinding & Polishing CNC Machining and Laser Marking. Products include Wafers, Windows, Wedges, Mirrors, Filters, Beamsplitters, Prisms, Optical Flats, Lightpipes and witness samples. ITAR Registered, ISO 9001:2008 Certified.
wafers by sydor optics
At Sydor Optics, we take your business as seriously as we take our own. As a provider of custom optics, we dedicate ourselves to thoroughly understanding your application and requirements so the products we deliver meet or exceed your expectations. Our commitment to your success doesn’t end here. As you grow, we have the capacity to grow with you. We can “ramp up” from prototype to large volume, long-term production. Sydor Optics welcomes the loyalty and strong relationships that originate from our hard work in meeting our customers’ expectations for quality and delivery.
Established: 1964
Employees: 78
Facility area (sq. ft): 40,000
Ownership type: Privately Owned
James M. Sydor, Pres.
Michael N. Naselaris, Gen. Mgr.
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Custom Optical Windows
Sydor Optics has extensive experience in double-sided grinding and polishing of custom optical...
Photonics Buyers' Guide
Custom Glass Wafers
Sydor Optics has extensive experience in double-sided grinding and polishing of custom glass wafers...
Photonics Buyers' Guide
Custom Optical Filters
There are about as many types of glass filters as there are perhaps applications for them. Yet...
Promoted Content 9/2015
Custom Optical Mirrors
Sydor Optics has extensive experience in pitch polishing of custom optical mirrors (Borofloat,...
Promoted Content 4/2015
Custom Flat Optics Fabrication
Sydor Optics is a custom manufacturer of precision flat-surfaced, parallel and wedged optical...
Promoted Content 1/2015
Glass Wafers
Sydor Optics Inc.’s standard wafer sizes include 100, 150 and 200 mm, with thickness down to...
Photonics Showcase 11/2013
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Considerations When Buying Flat Optics
5/28/2015 11:57:39 AM - To simplify the process when purchasing flat optics, we will discuss the top six factors from a...
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Optical Materials
Double-sided lapping and polishing utilizes planetary action with the combination of a top and...
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Sydor Optics Receives ISO Certification
8/1/2013 - Precision optics manufacturer Sydor Optics has received ISO 9001:2008 certification quality... 8/2013
Sydor Completes $4.5M Equipment Buy; Adds 18 Jobs
10/27/2011 - Sydor Optics, a manufacturer of precision, flat glass optics, has completed the last stage of a... 10/2011
Acquisition Half Completed
12/1/2010 - Flat glass optics manufacturer Sydor Optics of Rochester, N.Y., has acquired $2 million in...
Photonics Spectra 12/2010
Sydor Optics Completes 1st Half of $4M Expansion
10/14/2010 - Flat glass optics manufacturer Sydor Optics announced the completion of the first half of its $4... 10/2010


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