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MapHafenstr. 35-39
D-22880 Wedel
Phone: 49 4103 18006 0
Fax: 49 4103 18006 20
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The Entire Spectrum of Optical Metrology

Since 1992 TRIOPTICS GmbH has been a leading manufacturer of optical test equipment for industrial and scientific use. The company has focused on research and development of accurate and automatic optical test and measurement instruments.

The development of innovative solutions in many fields of optical testing allowed TRIOPTICS to achieve a prominent presence on the international market. Our success is the result of the commitment and dedication of our employees. The TRIOPTICS staff consists of highly qualified physicists, optical, electronic and mechanical engineers, software developers and experienced technicians for precision assembly work.


• MTF equipment for complete characterization of lenses and optical systems.
• Precise and fully automatic alignment, cementing, bonding and assembly of lenses and optical systems.
• Industry’s standard for integrated optical testing.
• Wavefront analysis of spherical and aspherical lenses.
• Electronic autocollimator series from TRIOPTICS provides angle, wedge and straightness measurements for precision alignment tasks with excellent accuracy and high speed.
• Most accurate automatic goniometer featuring ultra-accurate angle measurements of prisms, polygons and other plano optics with accuracies better than 0.2 arcsec.
• Highest accuracy measurement of the refractive index of optical glass in spectral ranges from UV, across VIS to IR.
• Quality of spherical, aspherical and flat optics.

Furthermore, TRIOPTICS supplies standard optical test tools like spherometers, visual autocollimators, collimators, telescopes, dioptometers, alignment telescopes etc.

TRIOPTICS International

TRIOPTICS is represented by its own subsidiaries in France, Japan, China, Taiwan and USA. Representatives sell TRIOPTICS products in the UK, Russia, Korea, India and Israel.
Established: 1992
Employees: 140
Facility area (sq. ft): 30,000
Ownership type: Privately Owned
Eugen Dumitrescu, Mngng. Dir.
Simon Zilian, Head of Sales
Stefan Krey, Tech. Dir.
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Trioptics - ATS 200

Trioptics - ProCam Align

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  • autocollimators
  • dioptometers
  • spherometers
  • MTF
  • wavefront
  • refractive index
  • optical test instruments
  • centering
  • angle measurement
  • non-contact