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Bus. Unit of Ametek
Phantom Digital High-Speed Cameras
Map100 Dey Rd.
Wayne, NJ 07470
United States
Phone: (973) 696-4500
Fax: (973) 696-0560
Toll-free: (800) 737-6588
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Vision Research manufactures digital high speed cameras for the entertainment, scientific, military, aerospace, and automotive industries.

In addition to our commercial digital high-speed products, Vision Research is able to collaborate on imaging solutions for OEM needs. We can adapt our core technology to provide imaging for a variety of test, inspection, or monitoring applications. Examples include real-time process monitoring, 3D imaging systems, healthcare diagnostic systems, high speed recognition solutions.

Below is a list of high-speed cameras Vision Research has to offer:

•  Phantom Miro C210J / C210 Cameras
•  Phantom Miro 320 Camera
•  Phantom Miro 3a10 Camera
•  Phantom Miro 320S Cameras
•  Phantom Miro 310 Cameras
•  Phantom Miro 140 / 340 Cameras
•  Phantom Miro 110 Cameras

Phantom microlab cameras by Vision Research                       
front angle badge from vision research                             
front angle badge from vision research    

Established: 1950
Employees: 195
Chris Kerr, Sales Dir.
Jean Luc Laydevant, Global Sales Dir.
Green Manufacturing

Phantom v611
The Phantom® v611 is the unique follow up to our v12.1 camera. With an improved body style, a...
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Phantom v2511
The Phantom v2511 camera is a powerful new addition to the Phantom® v-Series family of 1...
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Phantom Miro C210J/C210
The Phantom® Miro® C210J and C210 are small, light and rugged digital high-speed cameras,...
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High-Speed Cameras
Vision Research Inc. has announced the Miro LAB-Series of digital high-speed cameras for laboratory... 8/2015
High-Speed Cameras
With a compact cube design, the Phantom Miro C-Series of high-speed cameras from Vision Research... 10/2014
1-Megapixel Camera
Vision Research extends its Phantom 1-megapixel v-Series digital high-speed cameras with the... 7/2012
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Vision Research High-Speed Digital Cameras Instrumental in Teaching Construction Site Safety
There is a good reason construction workers are asked to wear hard hats, gloves, safety goggles, and various other safetyequipment while on the job; construction sites are dangerous. Filled with heavy and sharp objects, platforms of varying heights, flying sparks and debris, and a number of other potentially dangerous elements, it’s no wonder so many injuries occur on construction sites. Unfortunately, too many workers are either unaware of the risks, or exhibit a high risk tolerance, often...

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