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Optical & Illumination Design Software
Map10230 NE Points Dr.
Suite 540
Kirkland, WA 98033
United States
Phone: (425) 305-2800
Fax: (425) 305-2808
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Biomedical Imaging by ZemaxSince 1991 Zemax has delivered design software, training, and support that set the standards for the optical and illumination design industry. Today Zemax is the preferred design platform for researchers, engineers, designers and students around the world. Zemax has the largest user base in the industry and works with industry leaders to understand today’s design challenges and shape the next generation of design software.

All-In-One Optical and Illumination Design
Zemax OpticStudio™ is a unique engineering design platform that incorporates both optical and illumination design packages. The optical design package is ideal for imaging systems, afocal systems, laser systems, fiber coupling, and many others. The illumination package is engineered for radiometric/photometric analysis, stray light analysis, opto-mechanical design, and more. Both packages are integrated seamlessly into one consistent, familiar user interface.
Illumination by Zemax
OpticStudio from Zemax includes robust design, analysis, optimization, and tolerancing features, including:

•    LightningTrace™ – a patent-pending raytrace technology that uses ray interpolation to accelerate conventional non-sequential raytracing by orders of magnitude. See results in real time as you modify parameters in your system. Optimize and tolerance systems in reasonable time periods with full accuracy.

•    Stock Lens Matching – automate replacing custom components in your system with off-the-shelf (OTS) optics. Search specific vendor catalogs or all of them. Define tolerance ranges for how different OTS components can be from designed components. Decide whether the performance degradation of OTS components is worth the cost savings.
Lasers and Fiber by Zemax
•    Light Source Analysis – simulate real sources in any imaging system by using real raysets rather than approximations to eliminate design uncertainty.

•    Source Illumination Map – instantaneously simulate far-field source illumination on a plane. This analysis integrates source data from up to 8 sources to model far-field illumination without raytracing.

•    Freeform Optics – design using numerous polynomial and NURBS surfaces types. OpticStudio supports Zernike, Forbes asphere, and extended asphere polynomials, as well as more general NURBS surfaces.

Optical Imaging by Zemax
Established: 1991
Facility area (sq. ft): 5000
Ownership type: Privately Owned
Mark Nicholson, PhD, CEO

OpticStudio Optical/Illumination Design Software
The optical design package is ideal for imaging systems, afocal systems, laser systems, fiber...
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Zemax OpticStudio™ Professional Edition
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