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Bus. Unit of AMETEK, Inc.
Metrology Solutions
MapLaurel Brook Rd.
Middlefield, CT 06455
United States
Phone: (860) 347-8506
Fax: (860) 347-3968
Toll-free: (800) ZYGO NOW
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Worldwide supplier of advanced stock and custom optics, metrology and electro-optics.
  • optics, custom precision
  • electro-optical assemblies
  • optical metrology instruments
  • surface measuring interferometers
  • interferometer accessories
  • optical profilers
  • positioning interferometers

Wide range of interferometer wavelengths (visible and IR) and apertures up to 32 inches. Full line of accessories, including transmission flats, spheres and reference optics.

Precision optics including meter-class flats and windows and precision aspheres in common and exotic materials. Full electro-mechanical-optical design/prototype and manufacturing capabilities for highest standards industries such as medical, military and technological research.

Established: 1970
Employees: 525
Ownership type: Publicly Traded Stock
John Stack, Pres./Optics
Don Battistoni, Exec. Sales Dir.
Peter de Groot, R&D Dir.
Green Manufacturing
Green Facility

Nexview 3-D Imaging and Surface Metrology System
Zygo Corp.’s Nexview 3-D imaging and surface metrology system offers subnanometer vertical... 8/2013
ZeGage Optical Profiler
Providing nanometer-level surface measurement precision on the production floor, Zygo Corp.’s... 12/2012
Compact Interferometer
The Mini interferometer manufactured by Zygo Corp. is a production-ready phase-shifting system that... 12/2012
Dynamic interferometer for high precision optical metrology in harsh environments. Real-time... 1/2012

Zygo CEO Koliopoulos Steps Down
10/25/2013 - Zygo Corp. President, CEO and board chairman Dr. Chris L. Koliopoulos has left the company —... 10/2013
Zygo Team Wins Engineering Award for Metrology
10/10/2013 - The Zygo Automotive Precision Optical Metrology team has won the 2013 Paul F. Forman Engineering... 10/2013
Zygo Adds New Director
7/24/2013 - Optical metrology instruments supplier Zygo Corp. has elected Michael A. Kaufman as director of its... 7/2013
Zygo Wins Optics Order for Virgo Project
3/5/2013 - The Optical Systems Div. of Zygo Corp. has received an order from Laboratoire des Materiaux Avances... 3/2013
Zygo Corp.
1/1/2012 - The Optical Systems Div. of Zygo Corp. of Middlefield, Conn., has been awarded a $4 million order...
BioPhotonics 1/2012
Zygo Reports Record Profitability for Q4 2011
8/24/2011 - Precision optics and metrology company Zygo Corp. has posted fourth-quarter net earnings of $6.1... 8/2011
Zygo in the Black in Q3
6/7/2011 - Zygo Corp., a supplier of optical metrology instruments, precision optics and electro-optical... 6/2011
Jordan Named Zygo CFO, Vice President
2/18/2011 - Zygo Corp. announced the appointment of John P. Jordan to the position of chief financial officer... 2/2011
Asset Acquisition
1/1/2011 - Zygo Corp. of Middlefield, Conn., a high-precision optical components and optical metrology...
Photonics Spectra 1/2011
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Zygo - 2014 Prism Award Finalist - Nexview 3D Optical Surface Profiler
  • interferometer
  • profilometer
  • electro-optic
  • opto-electronic
  • precision optics
  • custom optics
  • asphere
  • flat
  • mirror
  • form
  • shape
  • roughness
  • wavefront
  • IR
  • UV
  • EUV
  • window
  • ceramic
  • diamond-turn
  • curvature
  • metrology