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Bus. Unit of AMETEK, Inc.
Metrology Solutions
MapLaurel Brook Rd.
Middlefield, CT 06455
United States
Phone: (860) 347-8506
Fax: (860) 347-3968
Toll-free: (800) ZYGO NOW
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Zygo semiconductor systemsWorldwide supplier of advanced stock and custom optics, metrology and electro-optics.

Wide range of interferometer wavelengths (visible and IR) and apertures up to 32 inches. Full line of accessories, including transmission flats, spheres and reference optics.

Precision optics including meter-class flats and windows and precision aspheres in common and exotic materials. Full electro-mechanical-optical design/prototype and manufacturing capabilities for highest standards industries such as medical, military and technological research.

Established: 1970
Employees: 525
Ownership type: Publicly Traded Stock
John Stack, Pres./Optics
Don Battistoni, Exec. Sales Dir.
Peter de Groot, R&D Dir.
Green Manufacturing
Green Facility

Fizeau Interferometer
Zygo Corp. has announced the Verifire HD high-resolution Fizeau interferometer for surface form and... 8/2015
Fizeau Interferometer
Designed for measuring large plano surfaces such as mirrors, semiconductor wafers or optical... 6/2015
Optical Profiler
From Zygo Corp., the ZeGage Plus optical profiler – a full-featured instrument for 3-D... 5/2015
Nexview 3-D Imaging and Surface Metrology System
Zygo Corp.’s Nexview 3-D imaging and surface metrology system offers subnanometer vertical... 8/2013
ZeGage Optical Profiler
Providing nanometer-level surface measurement precision on the production floor, Zygo Corp.’s... 12/2012
Compact Interferometer
The Mini interferometer manufactured by Zygo Corp. is a production-ready phase-shifting system that... 12/2012
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Interferometry: Measuring with Light
Long applied to optical shop testing, interferometry is now used to measure many different types of...
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Zygo CEO Koliopoulos Steps Down
10/25/2013 - Zygo Corp. President, CEO and board chairman Dr. Chris L. Koliopoulos has left the company —... 10/2013
Zygo Team Wins Engineering Award for Metrology
10/10/2013 - The Zygo Automotive Precision Optical Metrology team has won the 2013 Paul F. Forman Engineering... 10/2013
Zygo Adds New Director
7/24/2013 - Optical metrology instruments supplier Zygo Corp. has elected Michael A. Kaufman as director of its... 7/2013
Zygo Wins Optics Order for Virgo Project
3/5/2013 - The Optical Systems Div. of Zygo Corp. has received an order from Laboratoire des Materiaux Avances... 3/2013
Zygo Corp.
1/1/2012 - The Optical Systems Div. of Zygo Corp. of Middlefield, Conn., has been awarded a $4 million order...
BioPhotonics 1/2012
Zygo Reports Record Profitability for Q4 2011
8/24/2011 - Precision optics and metrology company Zygo Corp. has posted fourth-quarter net earnings of $6.1... 8/2011
Zygo in the Black in Q3
6/7/2011 - Zygo Corp., a supplier of optical metrology instruments, precision optics and electro-optical... 6/2011
Jordan Named Zygo CFO, Vice President
2/18/2011 - Zygo Corp. announced the appointment of John P. Jordan to the position of chief financial officer... 2/2011
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