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Sub. of PHOTONIS Technologies
MapSturbridge Business Park
PO Box 1159
Sturbridge, MA 01566
United States
Phone: (508) 347-4000
Fax: (508) 347-3849
Toll-free: (800) 648-1800
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PHOTONIS is a global leader in the design and manufacture of photon, electron and ion detection and amplification for use in night vision, space research, high energy physics, mass spectrometry, security and industry. We own dozens of global patents for our photonic innovations that lead to better vision and understanding that advances safety, exploration and health.

photon detectors by Photonis USA Our wide range of photon detectors can be customized to fit your specific application, providing superior detection technology. We manufacture standard and custom Image Intensifiers, Hybrid Photo Diodes, MCP/PMTs, Optical Receivers, and Streak Tubes to provide optimal timing and resolution within a specific spectral range.
Channeltrons by Photonis USA PHOTONIS ion and electron amplifiers are the #1 detectors in the market, with hundreds of standard and custom types to choose from, fitting any detection need. We manufacture Channeltron Electron Multipliers and a wide variety of Microchannel Plates which can be customized to various shapes, coatings and geometries as well as with an electro-optic housing.
Nocturn by Photonis USA Our Digital Imaging products combine the high quality of CMOS with PHOTONIS low light technology (less than 4e- at 100 fps) to offer a superior low light camera without additional illumination. These cameras are ideal for microscopy, surveillance, UAV or other mobile applications where day-through-night lighting conditions typically occur.

Established: 1959
Employees: 50
Facility area (sq. ft): 200,000
Ownership type: Privately Owned
Green Manufacturing
Green Facility

Nocturn GigE Low-Light Color Camera
PHOTONIS Digital Imaging introduces a new Gigabit Ethernet Color Low Light camera optimized for...
Sponsored Content 1/2015
Ion Mobility Spectrometer
Photonis USA and IonSense Inc. have released the Dart ion mobility spectrometer for fast, accurate... 3/2013
High-Mass BiPolar Maldi-Tof Detector
Photonis USA has announced a high-mass bipolar matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization... 5/2012
CMOS Sensor
Photonis USA’s new Lynx low-light digital CMOS image sensor performs under both daylight and... 4/2012
Low-Noise Microchannel Plates
Photonis USA Inc. has announced a new long-life, low-noise (L3N) performance option for its... 2/2012
Stripline Microchannel Plates
Photonis USA’s Stripline microchannel plates (MCPs) enable the capture of sequential images... 3/2011
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Photonis Spectrometer Awarded European Patent
3/13/2013 - Electro-optics manufacturer Photonis USA received a European patent for the manufacture of an ion... 3/2013
Photonis Signs Development Deal with IonSense
7/2/2012 - Photosensor and electro-optic technologies company Photonis USA signed a development partnership... 7/2012
Photonis, Georgia Tech to Develop Prototype Spectrometer
6/11/2012 - Electro-optic mass spectrometer component manufacturer Photonis USA has signed a sponsorship... 6/2012
Photonis Receives Reflectron Lens Patent
3/6/2012 - Electro-optics manufacturer Photonis USA said it has received a patent to produce resistive glass... 3/2012
Hybrid Photodiodes
9/1/2010 - Electro-optic manufacturer Photonis USA has announced that it will provide hybrid photodiodes and...
Photonics Spectra 9/2010

  • APD detectors
  • night vision optics
  • mass spectrometry
  • ion mobility spectrometer
  • microchannel plates
  • electron multipliers
  • optical receiver
  • Surveillance cameras
  • CMOS cameras
  • UAV cameras
  • image intensifiers
  • photo diodes