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MapGalileo-Galilei-Str. 10
D-55129 Mainz
Phone: 49 6131 9226 0
Fax: 49 6131 9226 253
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Pump Module for Ytterbium Fiber Laser Pumping
Developed for fiber laser pumping with kilohertz capabilities, the module is based on a...
Promoted Content 9/2015
Based on DILAS' tailored bar technology, the COMPACT-EVOLUTION is a unique turn-key platform of...
Promoted Content 7/2015
Fiber-Coupled Pump Module
High-brightness fiber laser pump modules with optional VBG for wavelength stabilization available...
Promoted Content 6/2015
Blue Diode Laser System
Dilas offers a diode laser system emitting visible blue light at 450 nm, suitable for a range of... 3/2015
Fiber-Coupled Diode Laser System
Featuring a compact footprint and convenient aiming beam, the SF2500/10 fiber-coupled laser system... 9/2014
Dilas Industrial Diode Laser
Dilas has expanded their Compact-Evolution product line by introducing an industrial diode laser.... 6/2014
Fiber-Coupled, Multibar Diode Laser
Dilas has introduced its fiber-coupled, multibar diode laser module for applications such as... 10/2013
1470-nm and 1530-nm Fiber-Coupled Lasers
Dilas’ new conduction-cooled fiber-coupled 1470- and 1530-nm diode laser modules offer 12-W... 8/2013
450-nm Fiber-Coupled Module
Dilas’ fiber-coupled module emits 10-W output power at 450 nm from a 400-µm multisingle... 7/2013
976-nm Fiber-Coupled, Single Emitter Module
Suitable for medical applications, Dilas’ fiber-coupled, single emitter module emits 10-W CW... 6/2013
Diode Laser
Dilas has released the Compact Evolution, a fiber-coupled, CW diode laser system for scanner-based... 5/2013
DILAS - High-Brightness, High-Power
Product highlights presented by DILAS at the Laser World of Photonics 2013 in Munich, Germany... 4/2013
120-W Tailored Bar
Dilas has released a fiber-coupled tailored bar (T-Bar) that produces 120 W of output power at 976... 4/2013
SD3000 Direct Multibar Diode Laser System
The SD3000, a direct multibar diode laser system from Dilas, delivers up to 3-kW output at 980 nm... 4/2013
638-nm Fiber-Coupled Tailored Bar
Dilas has extended its fiber-coupled tailored laser bar modules to produce 40-W output power at 638... 3/2013
Fiber-Coupled Tailored Bar
Dilas’ fiber-coupled tailored laser bar meets the critical metric of <1 kg/kW of overall... 2/2013
Fiber-Coupled Diode Laser System
Dilas has announced its next-generation fiber-coupled diode laser system developed for volume... 11/2012
Tailored Bar Architecture
Dilas has developed a modular diode laser concept combining high power, high brightness, wavelength... 5/2012
Diode Laser Bars
Dilas is continuing its expansion of wavelengths for its high-power diode laser bars by extending... 2/2012
Fiber-Coupled QCW Modules
Dilas has added 500-W water-cooled stacks with a numerical aperture of 0.22 to its line of... 11/2011
Fiber-Coupled Multibar Modules
Dilas now offers higher-power fiber-coupled multibar laser modules operating at 1940 nm. The... 9/2011
COMPACT Diode Laser System
Dilas Industrial Laser Systems, a division of Dilas Diodenlaser GmbH, has introduced a diode laser... 8/2011
Vertical Diode Laser Stacks
The latest product release from Dilas is a high-duty-cycle vertical diode laser stack that enables... 8/2011
Fiber-Coupled Modules
Dilas has developed a tailored mini-bar architecture for its line of high-brightness, fiber-coupled... 6/2011
Dilas Broadens Wavelengths
Dilas has enhanced its line of diode laser bars with its 1210- and 1320-nm models. The... 4/2011
Areal Illumination Diode Lasers
Dilas is now producing diode laser modules for homogenized areal illumination. Homogenization... 3/2011
MINI Diode Laser System
Dilas Industrial Laser Systems has released an integrated diode laser system based on fiber-coupled... 2/2011