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MapGalileo-Galilei-Str. 10
D-55129 Mainz
Phone: 49 6131 9226 0
Fax: 49 6131 9226 253
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bars from DILAS Diodenlaser GmbHDILAS, the diode laser company, is focused on delivering the most innovative technologies and advanced product stacked arrays from DILASsolutions in the industry. Founded in 1994 in Mainz, Germany, with operations in North America and Asia, DILAS designs, develops and manufactures quality high-power, high-brightness semiconductor laser components.

Today with over 300 employees, DILAS' strengths are in quality engineering, process control, product development and high-volume manufacturing. We offer an unparalleled range of wavelengths from 450 nm to 2200 nm and deliver the broadest range of products from mounted bars to fully configured turnkey systems.
modules by DILAS Diodenlaser GmbH
Due to their compact size, high-power and robust optical elements, DILAS’ products provide solutions for a wide range of applications including medical, diode-pumped solid-state lasers, defense, graphic arts and materials processing.laser systems from DILAS Diodenlaser GmbH

For more information about DILAS, including product updates, visit the company’s website at
Established: 1994
Employees: 340
Marcel Marchiano, CEO
Joerg Neukum, Sales/Mktg. Dir.
Jens Biesenbach, CTO

Pump Module for Ytterbium Fiber Laser Pumping
Developed for fiber laser pumping with kilohertz capabilities, the module is based on a...
Promoted Content 9/2015
Based on DILAS' tailored bar technology, the COMPACT-EVOLUTION is a unique turn-key platform of...
Promoted Content 7/2015
Fiber-Coupled Pump Module
High-brightness fiber laser pump modules with optional VBG for wavelength stabilization available...
Promoted Content 6/2015
Blue Diode Laser System
Dilas offers a diode laser system emitting visible blue light at 450 nm, suitable for a range of... 3/2015
Fiber-Coupled Diode Laser System
Featuring a compact footprint and convenient aiming beam, the SF2500/10 fiber-coupled laser system... 9/2014
Dilas Industrial Diode Laser
Dilas has expanded their Compact-Evolution product line by introducing an industrial diode laser.... 6/2014
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Tailored Bar Concepts for 10 mm-mrad Fiber Coupled Modules Scalable to kW-class Direct Diode Lasers
Laser modules based on newly developed tailored bars are presented. The modules allow efficient fiber coupling of more than 320 W into 10 mm-mrad or 160 W into 6 mm-mrad at one single wavelength. For further power scaling dense wavelength coupling concepts are presented which enable kW-class lasers with a beam quality of 10 mm-mrad.
Narrow-Line Fiber-Coupled Modules for DPAL Pumping
A new series of fiber coupled diode laser modules optimized for DPAL pumping is presented, featuring greater than 400W from a 600┬Ám core fiber of 0.22NA. Addressing one of the key challenges in DPAL pumping, the modules achieve a spectral width of <<0.1 nm and wavelength tunability of +/- 0.15 nm. A limiting factor in the reduction of the spectral line width is the optical absorption induced thermal gradient inside the VHG. Simulated profiles and demonstrated techniques to minimize thermal...
Narrow Line Diode Stacks for DPAL
Diode pumped alkali metal vapor lasers (DPALs) offer the promise of scalability to very high average power levels while maintaining excellent beam quality, making them an attractive candidate for future defense applications. A variety of gain media are used and each requires a different pump wavelength: near 852nm for cesium, 780nm for rubidium, 766nm for potassium, and 670nm for lithium atoms. The biggest challenge in pumping these materials efficiently is the narrow gain media absorption band...
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Dilas, m2K to Merge
1/27/2016 11:45:32 AM - Dilas Diodenlaser GmbH of Mainz, Germany, and m2K-Laser of Freiburg, Germany, both wholly owned... 1/2016
Dilas Acquires Home Base from German State
7/17/2015 1:11:47 PM - Dilas Diodenlaser GmbH has acquired its founding site and headquarters from the state government... 7/2015
Dilas Reaches Milestone with 20,000th Laser Module
5/12/2015 3:36:55 PM - Dilas Diodenlaser GmbH marks a milestone this month with the delivery of its 20,000th tailored... 5/2015
Line-Narrowed Laser Module Enables Spin-Exchange Optical Pumping
1/21/2015 - The optical technique enhances MRI technology for diagnosis and other applications. In the...
BioPhotonics 1/2015
DILAS Selected as Finalist for Prism Awards
3/24/2014 - DILAS, the diode laser company is pleased to announce its Fiber-Coupled; Multi-Single Emitter...
Photonics Buyers' Guide 1/2014
DILAS and Special Systems, LLC Strategic Partnership
3/24/2014 - DILAS, the diode laser company and Special Systems, LLC, distributor of solutions for various...
Photonics Buyers' Guide 1/2014
Celebrating 20 Years in the Industry
3/24/2014 - DILAS, the diode laser company, will showcase the industry’s largest diode laser product...
Photonics Buyers' Guide 1/2014
High-Power Diode Lasers for Laser Surgery
4/1/2011 - Laser-based surgery is staking an increasingly important claim in operating theaters across the...
BioPhotonics 4/2011

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