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Sub. of Hamamatsu Photonics K.K.
Map360 Foothill Rd.
PO Box 6910
Bridgewater, NJ 08807-0910
United States
Phone: (908) 231-0960
Fax: (908) 231-1539
Toll-free: (800) 524-0504
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Importer and distributor of photonics components and subsystems for use in instrumentation. Products include photomultiplier tubes, solid-state photodetectors, IR detectors, image sensors, scientific cameras, light sources, and x-ray solutions.

low light detectors from Hamamatsu  mass spectrometry components from Hamamatsu   integrated devices from Hamamatsu

Integrated Devices: Advanced products such as multifunction smart sensors,  mini MEMS-based spectrometers, MEMS mirrors, TDI engine, and OEM cameras

Spectroscopy: Detectors, light sources, mini-spectrometers and systems for spectroscopy

Mass Spectrometry Components: Ion detectors for time-of-flight (TOF), quadrupole and other MS types, as well as UV light sources for photoionization

Low Light Detectors: Avalanche photodiodes (APD), multipixel photon counters (MPPC), photomultiplier tubes (PMT), and detector modules for low light detection
Established: 1969
Employees: 250
Ownership type: Privately Owned
Craig Walling, Pres.

OEM Cameras
Hamamatsu designs and manufactures customized cameras for a variety of quantitative imaging...
Photonics Showcase 3/2015
Detectors and Light Sources for Spectrometers
Hamamatsu offers diverse components for spectroscopy, both standard and customized products. These...
Sponsored Content 1/2015
New Mercury-Free UV Light Source
Hamamatsu's new UVCL is a mercury-free UV light source that outputs high-intensity 305 nm light....
Sponsored Content 1/2015
New MEMS-Based NIR Spectrum Sensor
Hamamatsu’s new MEMS-FPI spectrum sensor features a miniature Fabry-Perot interferometer and...
Sponsored Content 1/2015
Detectors and Sources for Spectroscopy
Hamamatsu provides high-performance components for analytical instruments. These components include...
Photonics Showcase 1/2015
sCMOS Board Cameras for OEMs
Visit booth 1413 to see Hamamatsu’s sCMOS board cameras. These cameras include the C11440-52U...
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Hamamatsu Corp.
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New Technology from Hamamatsu
  • detector array
  • image sensor
  • infrared detector
  • photomultiplier tube
  • scmos camera
  • silicon photomultiplier
  • solid-state photodetector
  • smart sensor