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MapPO Box 2556
Batesville, AR 72503-2556
United States
Phone: (870) 698-1881
Fax: (870) 698-1880
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Optics that Defend, Build, Cure and Discover ... For this world and beyond

The LaCroix name is synonymous with quality precision optics. Since 1947, three generations of family leadership have placed LaCroix Optical Co. as one of the premier independent precision optical manufacturers in America.

We take great pride in being American Manufacturers. The strong work ethic and ingenuity of our employees are two of the cornerstones of our success. Every employee recognizes the role our optics play in their intended use -- from aiding in the diagnoses of disease to protecting our troops. This dedication drives our pursuit of perfection every day.

To get our Glass Types: Material Selection Tool – Edition 2.5 click here.LaCroix Material Selection Guide

Lenses: Our customers design lenses to meet their system requirements. Our expertise is determining the most efficient way to manufacture them.
Achromats: Achromats are a specialty at LaCroix Optical Co. Consisting of two or more elements (usually crown and flint glass) bonded together to correct optical aberrations, thousands are manufactured each week for the medical, defense and other markets.
custom lenses by lacroix optical

achromatic lenses by lacroix optical
• Plano-Concave, Bi-Concave
• Grating and Reticle Substrates
• Diameters 3.0 - 150mm
• In-House Coatings

Tolerance Guidelines:
• 3mm - 130mm
• In-house coatings available
• Surface accuracies up to 1/20th wave
• Optical axis to within 1 arc second

Mirrors: Made from any optical or filter glass, fused silica or Zerodur, we deliver the widest range of custom precision optics.

Windows:  Made from any optical or filter glass, fused silica or Pyrex, we deliver the widest range of custom precision optics.

mirrors by lacroix optical

windows by lacroix optical

• Custom and Multilayer Dielectric
• Aluminum
• Protected and Enhanced Aluminum
• Cold and Hot Dielectric

• Any shape
• Surface accuracies up to 1/20 wave
• Sizes from 3.0 mm to 130.0 mm
• Custom coating
• Broadband, MgF2
• UV, Infrared

Find LaCroix precision optics in: Medical Instruments, Military Systems, Industrial Applications, Fiber Optics, Surveying Equipment, Construction Lasers, Scientific Instruments, Microscope Optics, Machine Vision, Telescope Optics.

Established: 1947
Employees: 110
Facility area (sq. ft): 35,000
Ownership type: Privately Owned
Raymond A. LaCroix, Pres.
Tom Cox, Sales Engr.

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