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Master Bond

Since 1976, Master Bond Inc. has been formulating high performance adhesives, sealants, coatings, potting/encapsulation compounds and impregnation resins for the photonics industry. Our products are employed by manufacturing companies, government laboratories, universities in optical, electro-optic, fiber-optic, laser, detector/sensor and test measuring equipment applications. They consist of epoxies, silicones, cyanoacrylates and UV/visible light cure adhesives. Select grades exhibit outstanding mechanical, electrical, thermal, optical and chemical resistance properties.

Specialty Adhesives for the Photonics Industry

Master Bond is devoted to continually improving environmental safety. Our line of UV curable systems for the photonics and related industries combine the convenience of no mixing with the benefits of fast processing times. Master Bond liquid optically clear adhesive UV15-7 laminates protective glass or touch screens as well as LCDs in display assembly applications. This low viscosity compound requires no mixing, cures rapidly upon UV light exposure and resists dust, stains, scratches, and moisture. Designed to improve sunlight readability, ruggedness, and color clarity, it also prevents fogging on mobile phones, navigation systems, tablets and laptop computers. This cost effective, sustainable adhesive system shortens cycle times, is solvent free and will not degrade or delaminate after long term aging at high/low temperatures. UV15-7 has been used on a variety of panel sizes and substrates for the consumer electronic, marine, medical, avionics industry and has enabled engineers to design thinner displays.

Silicone compounds are desirable for their remarkable flexibility and high temperature resistance. MasterSil 151 features outstanding optical clarity, superb electrical insulation and withstands rigorous thermal cycling. It is ideal for encapsulation of photodiodes, LEDs and optical waveguide connectors. This leading edge low viscosity compound is easily processable, resists UV light, moisture, chemicals, and impact ensuring consistent, reliable, long-term protection. It will not outgas during curing and does not require air for complete cross-linking.

Master Bond has developed low stress/shrinkage adhesives for lens fixturing/positioning between metals (aluminum, titanium, invar) and glass (fused silica, BK-7, pyrex), plastics, and ceramic components. Optically clear UV15 cures in seconds, has high tensile strength, and requires no mixing. This low viscosity system is 100% reactive and resists a wide range of chemicals. Two component, room temperature curing epoxy EP30 has less than 0.003 in/in linear shrinkage upon cure. It has an index of refraction of 1.57, a Shore D hardness of >75 and exceptional physical strength properties. It possesses superior light transmission properties. Master Bond EP42HT-2LTE has an ultra low coefficient of thermal expansion 9-12x10-6 in/in/°C. This opaque paste material passes NASA low outgassing tests and is designed to minimize stress after and during bonding. It also offers exceptional dimensional stability.

From Medical Device Assembly to Space Based Applications

New technological breakthroughs in polymer chemistry have paved the road to LED light curing adhesives. Master Bond LED403Med cures rapidly fully tack free upon exposure to a 405 nm wavelength, has outstanding optical clarity and requires no mixing. This biocompatible product passes USP Class VI requirements and ISO 10993-5 cytotoxicity testing. It is resistant to gamma radiation, EtO and various chemical sterilants. LED 403Med is used for assembling diagnostic, test, display and vision sensing systems.

Another desirable property for certain photonic applications is NASA low outgassing approval, which is important because it reduces fogging and cloudiness. Master Bond UV10TKLO-2 has excellent optical transmission properties and meets NASA low outgassing ASTME-595 specifications. It is a superb electrical insulator and can be cured up to 1/16 of an inch or easily "layered" to higher levels. UV10TKLO-2 features a remarkable chemical/temperature resistant profile. To optimize its low outgassing characteristics UV10TKLO-2 should be heated to 50°C for 15 minutes prior to use, then allowed to cool down to room temperature. From beam splitters to laser windows to encoders to optical filters to gimbal head assemblies, this compound lowers costs by increasing processing speeds.

Enhancing Fiber Optic Reliability

Master Bond epoxies and UV cure compounds are used extensively for bonding optical fibers into connectors, potting fiber bundles, termination of single mode and multimode fiber optic connectors and for protective coating. These solvent free products have low shrinkage upon cure, high bond strength and withstand exposure to adverse environmental conditions. Master Bond UV10 is an exceptionally low viscosity, fast curing, no mix multi-purpose system offering superior dimensional stability and superb optical clarity. EP30-4 is a two component epoxy featuring rapid fixturing time at room temperature even in thin sections. It is easy to apply, non-yellowing, and exhibits outstanding electrical insulation/chemical resistance properties. Specific fiber optic engineered materials offer high Tg, low outgassing, a range of refractive indices, dual cure capability (UV/heat curable) and withstand 1,000 hours of exposure to 85°C/85% humidity.

Technical and Customer Service

Master Bond technical experts provide individual service to help you determine the best adhesive for your application. Our technical representatives have years of experience solving complex manufacturing issues and provide personal one on one support. All aspects are considered, from design and prototype to packaging, ordering and shipping.
Established: 1976
Employees: 50
Facility area (sq. ft): 25,000
Ownership type: Privately Owned
Walter Brenner, Pres.
James Brenner, VP Mktg.
Robert Michaels, VP Tech. Sales
Sam Rahman, Chemist
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