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A method of improving the signal-to-noise ratio of an interferogram by adding another interferogram to it.

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High-Power Semiconductor Lasers
A Quantum Leap in Laser Performance
Besides their established role in telecommunications and optical information storage, semiconductor lasers have made inroads into areas such as image recording, materials processing, and cosmetic and medical therapy. Their compact size, high efficiency, robust and reliable operation, wide variety of wavelengths and scalability of power make them useful for a variety of applications. The semiconductor laser diode finds its most prolific use in the telecommunications and optical data storage...

INSTITUTIONS > Educational Institutions Listings of societies, associations, universities and research centers worldwide involved in fostering the education and growth of the photonics industry.
Institute of Applied Optics
Supplier of R&D services in applied optics and optoelectronics including holography, diffractometry, interferometry, image analysis, optical data processing, laser systems, fiber and gradient optics, microscopy, spectrophotometry, refractometry, optical system design, manufacture and testing, precision mechanical engineering, optical technology and thin-film coatings.

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