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DICTIONARY+ > Photonics Dictionary Plus Definitions of terms, abbreviations and acronyms related to photonics technology. This reference is in the form of a wiki, meaning the content can be edited and expanded by members of the photonics community.
Dewar vessel
An evacuated, double-walled container for storing liquids at low temperatures. Often made of glass, the vessel resembles a Thermos bottle.

HANDBOOK > Photonics Handbook A unique collection of technical design and applications articles, as well as technology primers presenting the basics of the photonics technology.
Physical Constants & Conversion Factors
Physical Constants & Conversion Factors Length [I] 1 meter (m) = 39.3700 in. = 3.280833 ft = 1.093611 yd 1 kilometer (km) = 0.6213711 mi = 0.53996 nautical mi 1 micron (µm) = 10—6 m = 10—4 cm = 104 Å = 39.3700 x 10—6 in. 1 nanometer (nm) = 10—7 cm = 10—9 m = 10—3 µm = 10 Å 1 angstrom (Å) = 10—8 cm = 10—10 m = 10—4 µm = 3.937 x 10—9 in. 1 inch (in.) = 1000 mil = 2.54 cm ...

INSTITUTIONS > Educational Institutions Listings of societies, associations, universities and research centers worldwide involved in fostering the education and growth of the photonics industry.
Industrial Designers Society of America
A professional association dedicated to representing industrial designers to business, government, education, the press and the general public, and to serving that profession’s information and networking needs. Services include awards, national and district conferences, accreditation programs, and projects for bringing manufacturers and industrial designers together to commercialize products.

Light Matters Weekly Newscast
Learn more about the industry by watching Light Matters, a weekly video newscast on Photonics Media editors deliver research news, industry highlights, tradeshow coverage and more.

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