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DICTIONARY+ > Photonics Dictionary® Plus Definitions of terms, abbreviations and acronyms related to photonics technology. This reference is in the form of a wiki, meaning the content can be edited and expanded by members of the photonics community.
radio frequency (RF)
The frequency range for radio and television transmission.

HANDBOOK > Photonics Handbook® A unique collection of technical design and applications articles, as well as technology primers presenting the basics of the photonics technology.
Measuring with Light
Long applied to optical shop testing, interferometry is now used to measure many different types of parts in a variety of applications, such as optical system performance, surface roughness, surface form, and  displacement of moving surfaces. An interferometer is an instrument which generates and compares the differences between two lightwaves which are reflected off two different surfaces. In practice, interferometers are used to measure the quality and performance of optical...

INSTITUTIONS > Educational Institutions Listings of societies, associations, universities and research centers worldwide involved in fostering the education and growth of the photonics industry.
International Laser Display Association
A professional organization whose purpose is to advance and promote the professional application of laser display by maintaining standards of safety performance, fostering the development of new technology, increasing public awareness and promoting cooperation within the industry.

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