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DICTIONARY+ > Photonics Dictionary® Plus Definitions of terms, abbreviations and acronyms related to photonics technology. This reference is in the form of a wiki, meaning the content can be edited and expanded by members of the photonics community.
hollow waveguide
An infrared-transmitting optical fiber with a hollow core; it can be square, round or rectangular in cross section. Capable of carrying high laser power but subject to high bending losses.

HANDBOOK > Photonics Handbook® A unique collection of technical design and applications articles, as well as technology primers presenting the basics of the photonics technology.
Excimer Optics
High Power Demands High Reliability
The excimer laser, a powerful source of UV radiation, has accelerated its move from the research laboratory to industrial and commercial applications such as photolithography, materials processing, semiconductor process and repair, laser marking, laser-assisted cleaning, eyesight correction and other medical applications. The excimer laser’s shift to commercial applications has created a demand for higher power levels and increased reliability from the laser itself, thus creating a greater...

INSTITUTIONS > Educational Institutions Listings of societies, associations, universities and research centers worldwide involved in fostering the education and growth of the photonics industry.
Boston University
The Photonics Center works on important and basic problems, translates enabling discoveries into useful applications, and educates future leaders in the field. Our mission is executed through basic research and scholarship in photonics, the development of defense/security applications utilizing photonics and the incubation of photonics technology companies.

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