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BioPhotonics: December 2012

Choosing the Right Microscopy System
For any job, there is the right tool. But understanding how to evaluate your equipment and recognize its limitations could be the key to raising the standard of the science you carry out. The...
Marie Freebody, Contributing Editor,
Live-Cell Imaging Uses All the Best Acronyms
Researchers are working to improve FRET, TIRF, FLIM, FRAP and other microscopy methods to get the most accurate data possible. This may be an obvious statement, but live-cell microscopy is an...
Gary Boas, Contributing Editor,
Fourier Domain OCT Guides QCL Thermal Therapy
Researchers share their demonstrations of real-time monitoring of 6.1-µm quantum cascade laser-based ablation and coagulation. Thanks to advances in laser therapy, lasers are now...
Yong Huang and Jin U. Kang, Johns Hopkins University; and Adjani Peralta, Princeton University
The Silk (Optics) Road
An eco-friendly material that once united Europe and Asia in transcontinental trade shows promise for manipulating light in biosensors and more. Fiorenzo Omenetto, a biomedical engineering...

Of Microscopy and Dust Motes: Our Quotable Year
2012 was another year of optimism and advancement in biophotonics. Comments from our pages made by just a few of the year’s news makers illustrate the field’s development and the sparks of inspiration that ignited some of those discoveries: “This field was nonexistent before 1984. That’s when we discovered you could use the colors of light to detect cancer. When you...

Femtosecond laser-powered nanotweezers benefit cell studies
Low-power plasmonic tweezers can trap, manipulate and analyze nanoparticles – including fragile biological samples – using ultralow input power densities. University of Illinois at...
Moving cells tracked simultaneously in 3-D
Tracking moving cells under a microscope just got easier, thanks to a novel lensless computational imaging platform that captures precise motion paths in three dimensions. “In our...
OCT images blood vessels beneath skin that feed cancer
A noninvasive optical coherence tomography method that maps the network of tiny blood vessels in the epidermis in three dimensions might soon help doctors better diagnose, monitor and treat skin...
Light tube grabs, scans tiniest bacterium
A light tube that can grab, orient and record the movements of tiny, agile unicellular organisms may soon help scientists better understand bacterial infectious diseases. The new...
SMART scalpel gives surgeons superhuman precision
A new “smart” surgical tool uses a specialized optical fiber sensor to compensate for almost imperceptible hand tremors by making hundreds of precise position corrections per second...
NIR mammography finds, monitors breast cancer
A novel noninvasive optical imaging technique could offer doctors new ways to identify breast cancer and to monitor a patient’s response to initial treatment. Developed at the Tufts...
Spectroscopic “fingerprints” differentiate brain tumors
A breakthrough in brain tumor diagnosis uses infrared and Raman spectroscopy to differentiate healthy from diseased tissue based on individual biochemical-cell “fingerprints.” ...
Laser “needle” could take the ouch out of shots
Children (and even adults) who dread facing needles at the doctor’s office can find hope in a new laser-based system that shoots microscopic jets of drugs into the skin. Various...

Pioneering photonics institute to celebrate 30 years
A pioneering center for photonic science and technology marked a big milestone this autumn. The Institute for Ultrafast Spectroscopy and Lasers (IUSL) at the City College of New York (CCNY)...
OCT, adaptive optics net €1M vision science award
Pioneers in optical coherence tomography and adaptive optics for retina visualization received the 2012 António Champalimaud Vision Award this fall in recognition of the techniques’...
Ocean Optics Inc.
Richard Pollard is the new president of Ocean Optics Inc. of Dunedin, Fla. He replaces Kevin Chittim, who has been appointed to the company’s board and named divisional acquisition executive...
Avantes BV
Robert Hukshorn is the new director of sales and marketing at Avantes BV of Apeldoorn, Netherlands. Hukshorn, who earned an MBA from Nyenrode University, will lead the company’s global sales...
Edmund Optics
Barrington, N.J.-based Edmund Optics will consolidate its Pennsburg, Pa., facility into its corporate headquarters to bring its resources closer to the company’s technical sales, supply chain...
Folio Photonics
A university startup, Folio Photonics aims to make optical films that can hold 1 to 2 TB. As a cheaper, more manageable alternative to storing data on magnetic discs or tapes, the company will use...
Laser Quantum UK
Laser technology provider Laser Quantum UK of Stockport has acquired Gigaoptics GmbH, a maker of Ti:sapphire gigahertz femtosecond lasers and oscillators. Terms of the deal were not disclosed....
Precision optics and imaging system components maker Navitar of Rochester, N.Y., has filled positions at its Special Optics division. Chief technology officer David Manzi, formerly Special...
Newport Corp.
Newport Corp. of Irvine, Calif., has extended its line of vibration-isolation equipment by acquiring the products and technology of Tempe, Ariz.-based Vistek Inc. The new vibration-isolation products...
Semrock Inc.
Based in Rochester, N.Y., Semrock Inc., a unit of Idex Corp.’s Optics & Photonics platform, has opened a high-volume manufacturing facility for optical filters. The expansion will enable...
Allied Vision Technologies (AVT)
Allied Vision Technologies (AVT), based in Stadtroda, Germany, has opened a new sales office in Shanghai to oversee its expanding business in mainland China and to provide technical support and...
Germanow-Simon Corp.
Rochester, N.Y.-based Germanow-Simon Corp., the parent company of G-S Plastic Optics, has completed a one-year, $3.25 million upgrade to its St. Paul Street facility. The renovations included...

Forensic evidence – by the foot
Crime scene investigators dust for prints to identify criminals, but it turns out that patterns inside the foot bones of human remains also could contain clues about a person’s identity, thanks to a tool from another dusty profession: archaeology. Combining high-resolution imaging with geographic information system (GIS) software, commonly used to map objects at archaeological digs,...

Precision Cutting/Scribing on Glass
Precision Glass & Optics offers precision glass cutting and scribing on thin flat substrates measuring up to 600 × 600 mm. The company uses the Gen-3 Phoenix-600 machine from TLC International to provide technical cuts on glass substrates. The machine provides close-tolerance singulation of 0.075- to 3-mm flat technical glass substrates, with repeatable accuracies of...
Precision Glass & Optics
Hybrid Ball Screws
Steinmeyer Inc.’s hybrid ball screws with ceramic rolling elements enable longer lifetime, lower friction and less lubrication. Balls manufactured from silicon nitride instead of...
Steinmeyer, Inc.
1.3-Megapixel Camera
JAI has introduced a monochrome version of its recently released AD-132GE, a two-CCD camera that uses prism technology to produce high-dynamic-range (HDR) color images. The new camera, the AD-131GE,...
JAI, Inc.
WDXRF Spectrometer
Rigaku Americas Corp. has released the Supermini200 wavelength-dispersive x-ray fluorescence (WDXRF) spectrometer. Elemental analysis is among the most important fundamental measurements made...
Rigaku Americas Corp.
Protein Measurement
Malvern Instruments Ltd. has launched the Zetasizer Nano ZSP for measurement of zeta potential, or electrophoretic mobility of proteins. The dynamic-light-scattering system is a single compact unit...
Malvern Instruments Ltd.
LED Ring Illuminator
An LED ring illuminator from Titan Tool Supply Inc. features a constant-current design to provide powerful, microscope-quality light output with no color shift when dimming. A typical incandescent...
Titan Tool Supply, Inc.
LED Light Engines
Ultrahigh-brightness LED light engines with integrated fluorescence excitation filters are being offered by Innovations in Optics Inc. LumiBright LE light engines use state-of-the-art LED...
Innovations in Optics, Inc.
Breadboard and Filter Wheel Assembly
The HP1719 IX breadboard and HF108SIX3 filter wheel assembly from Prior Scientific Inc. are for use with the Olympus IX3-ZDC inverted microscope systems. Taking advantage of the open access...
Prior Scientific, Inc.
Differential Impedance Transducer
In response to customer demand for higher resolution in differential position sensing applications, Kaman Precision Products has released the DIT-5200L low-noise differential impedance transducer. ...
CMOS-Based Isolators
Silicon Laboratories Inc. has introduced a drop-in replacement for optocouplers based on CMOS technology and incorporating an LED emulator input. The Si87xx digital isolators provide noise immunity,...
Silicon Cert Laboratories
Single-Frequency Lasers
Cobolt AB has released four single-frequency diode-pumped solid-state lasers based on the 05-01 platform. The Zouk 355 nm is now available with output power up to 20 mW; the Samba 532 nm up...
Cobolt AB
Surgical Gonio Lens
For micro-invasive glaucoma surgery and goniotomy procedures, Volk Optical Inc.’s Surgical Gonio lens provides clear anterior chamber angle images. With 1.2× image magnification...
Volk Optical, Inc.
Raman Spectrometer
The LabRAM HR Evolution from Horiba Scientific is a research Raman spectrometer that offers a fully automated, extended-wavelength-range capability. It has an achromatic optical design with a high...
HORIBA Scientific, HORIBA Scientific
Scientific CMOS Camera Upgrade
The ORCA-Flash4.0 scientific CMOS camera from Hamamatsu Corp. now includes proprietary ImageConductor Connectivity, a function that automatically senses which of the camera’s two output...
Hamamatsu Corporation
Low-Light-Imaging CCD Camera
For real-time Raman spectroscopy, chemiluminescence and microscopy applications, Artemis CCD has announced the QS14 thermoelectrically cooled CCD camera. It is suitable for OEM manufacturers and for...
Artemis CCD Ltd.
Benchtop Optical Microscope
Bruker Corp.’s ContourGT-I 3-D optical microscope enhances R&D productivity and maximizes manufacturing throughput for industrial applications. It accelerates and simplifies measurement...
Bruker Nano Surfaces
3-D Portable Microscope
ZeeScope is a new generation of digital microscope providing full 2- and 3-D imaging. Manufactured by PhaseView and based on an optical Z-scanner, the compact instrument with built-in LED...
High-Definition Camera
Available through FOR-A Corp. of America, Flovel Co. Japan’s FZ-B1 high-sensitivity high-definition (HD) camera is designed for government and high-end security applications. At its...
Hypercentric Lenses
Edmund Optics has introduced its TechSpec hypercentric, also called pericentric, lenses. They are suited for inspecting parts and components in machine vision applications. The lenses provide...
Edmund Optics, Inc.
Fluorescence Spectrometer
The FLS980 supplied by Edinburgh Photonics is the successor to the popular FLS920 Series of fluorescence spectrometers from Edinburgh Instruments. The FLS980 is a fully automated, modular and...
Edinburgh Instruments Ltd.
Silicon Photomultiplier Module
Excelitas Technologies has announced the LynX silicon photomultiplier module (SiPM). It offers high sensitivity from the near-UV to the NIR wavelengths and is suited for demanding life...
Excelitas Technologies

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