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BioPhotonics: December 2013

Trends in Imaging: Whole-Animal Imaging for Preclinical Research
Whole-animal imaging has become an indispensable tool, enabling researchers to noninvasively identify a disease and its location within an animal subject, to monitor disease development over time and...
Marie Freebody, Contributing Editor,
Trends in Spectroscopy: IR, UV-VIS Techniques Are Safe, Speedy and Skin-Deep
The use of IR and UV-VIS spectroscopy enables safer, noninvasive analysis of soft tissues, and can enhance accuracy and speed in clinical diagnostics and medical research. Spectroscopy is...
Valerie C. Coffey, Science Writer,
Trends in Microscopy: A Big Market, Focused on the Very Small
The microscopy market is growing – set to exceed $5 billion by 2018 – even as microscopic targets get smaller and smaller. The microscopy market is trending upward – and the...
Laura Marshall, Managing Editor,
Trends in Lasers: Burgeoning Uses Offer Growth Opportunities
The medical laser market could benefit from an upswing in medical tourism and aesthetic applications. Medical tourism – where patients seek health care outside their own country or...
Gary Boas, Contributing Editor,

Trending Now in Biophotonics
The biophotonics community has once again delivered a fascinating year of research findings and applications achievements in the life sciences, and as 2013 draws to a close, we set our editorial team to the task of revealing just what today’s headlines mean for the year ahead. Contributing Editor Marie Freebody shares current trends in imaging in her feature, “Whole-Animal...
Karen A. Newman, Group Publisher,

Spinning-disk microscope peers into the heart of a cell
A new microscopy technique with unprecedented focusing ability allows structures deep within cells – even inside viruses and bacteria – to be investigated for the first time. Advances in optical physics, such as superresolution microscopy, have made it possible to use fluorescence to study complex structures smaller than 200 nm; however, only the structures at the bottom of the...
Seeing cells through silicon
A new type of near-IR microscopy images cells through a silicon wafer, providing more information about diseased or infected cells flowing through microfluidic devices. “This has the...
Bioengineers aim for ‘visual cortex on silicon’
A multi-institutional group aims to create a machine vision system that approaches the cognitive abilities of the human brain. Such a system would enable computers to not only record images, but also...
Human/insect lens adds depth to wide-angle views
A new lens that combines the focusing ability of the human eye with an insect’s wide-angle view could improve surgical imaging or help make a confocal microscope with no moving parts. ...
THz sensor to detect viruses before outbreaks
A new project aims to develop a gigahertz-to-terahertz (GHz-to-THz) sensor that can quickly detect viruses captured in nanofluidic chips, with the goal of using the system in places where large,...
Haptic optical tweezers let us ‘feel’ microstructures
A new technology called haptic optical tweezers allows microscope users to manipulate samples by sight and touch, which could improve dexterity of micromanipulation and microassembly. The...
Cellvizio optical biopsy validated for robot-assisted prostatectomy
The Cellvizio system from Mauna Kea Technologies of Paris has been used for the first time for endomicroscopy in robot-assisted radical prostatectomy (RARP) procedures. Results were demonstrated in a...

3-D printing for medicine to exceed $965M in 2019
The global market for 3-D printing in medical applications will hit $965.5 million by 2019, according to 3D Printing in Medical Applications Market – Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast, 2013 - 2019, a recent market report published by Transparency Market Research. The market was valued at $354.5 million in 2012 and is expected to grow at a compound...
Method to change skin-color perception is patented
An approach based on quantum and optical principles for changing the perception of skin tone has garnered a patent for physicists at The City College of New York. The method, devised by a team led by...
Cellvizio optical biopsy validated for robot-assisted prostatectomy
The Cellvizio system from Mauna Kea Technologies of Paris has been used for the first time for endomicroscopy in robot-assisted radical prostatectomy (RARP) procedures. Results were demonstrated in a...
Cancer imaging centers get £35 million boost
Cancer imaging is set to get a major boost in the UK, thanks to a £35 million initiative to develop cutting-edge technologies for basic and clinical cancer research. Cancer Research UK and the...
Iridex reports record $9.5M revenue for Q3 2013
Ophthalmic-laser maker Iridex Corp. of Mountain View, Calif., reported record revenue for the third quarter of 2013, which ended Sept. 28. Its revenues for this period were $9.5 million, up 21...
PulseOn closes €1M seed investment round
Finnish mobile wellness technology company PulseOn has closed a €1 million seed investment round to finalize and launch its groundbreaking innovation in optical heart rate monitoring. The...
UCF partnership focuses on biophotonics A research partnership between the University of Central Florida’s College of Medicine and CREOL, the College of Optics and Photonics, is helping...
People In The News
The Optical Society (OSA) has elected Dr. Alan E. Willner of the University of Southern California as its 2014 vice president. Willner will serve as president-elect in 2015, and then will serve a...
3-D imaging platform shown to spot lung cancer in sputum
Recent clinical data show that the automated 3-D cell imaging platform Cell-CT from VisionGate Inc. of Phoenix detects lung cancer in sputum samples with high sensitivity and specificity. The pilot...
New SPIE journal to cover neurophotonics
SPIE will launch the peer-reviewed journal Neurophotonics in 2014 under Editor-in-Chief David Boas of Massachusetts General Hospital. The new quarterly journal will focus on novel optical...
NSF grants UNH $716K for squid bacteria study
A $716,000 grant from the National Science Foundation will allow microbiologists at the University of New Hampshire in Durham to study the evolution of beneficial microbes by examining the symbiotic...

3-D images reveal sappy secrets
If you prick a tree, does it not bleed? Actually, not as much as you might think. And confocal laser scanning microscopy is helping scientists explore wood cell anatomy and chemical composition on the nanoscale to figure out why not. Using a 4Pi microscope, researchers have found that the tiny cavities called bordered pits in wood-fiber cells, which allow sap to circulate through adjacent...

Multichannel Spectrometer
Avantes BV’s multichannel spectrometer combines multiple spectrometers in one housing for applications where high resolution with a broad range is needed in combination with a synchronized...
Avantes BV
Wedge XF DPSS Laser
Bright Solutions’ new Wedge XF diode-pumped solid-state (DPSS) laser is available in 532- and 1064-nm versions for industrial, medical, military and scientific applications. At 532 nm,...
Bright Solutions srl
Nexus Optical Tables, Breadboards
Thorlabs Inc. has released the Nexus line of vibration isolation optical tables and breadboards for imaging, microscopy and photonics applications. The tables’ all-steel construction...
Thorlabs Inc.
Hollow-Core Fiber
OFS, a Furukawa company, has developed a new hollow-core fiber that it says will enable next-generation sensors. Employing an air-filled core surrounded by glass webbing, it is suitable for...
1.3-, 2-MP GigE Cameras
Basler’s nine new models in its GigE camera series feature 1.3- and 2-megapixel CMOS sensors from e2v and Aptina and can capture up to 60 fps. The 1.3-megapixel models are available...
Basler AG
X-Cite 120LED
Lumen Dynamics has expanded its X-Cite LED illumination line with the X-Cite 120LED for fluorescence microscopy. The system caters to a wide range of fluorophores and fluorescent proteins to deliver...
Lumen Dynamics (Excelitas Technologies)
DT130-DC Rotary Stage
The DT130-DC precision rotary stage from Steinmeyer Inc. is worm-gear driven and features a rotary encoder for applications in laser machining, precision wafer inspection, fiber optics and cell...
Steinmeyer, Inc.
S neox Optical Profiler
Sensofar-Tech SL’s S neox optical profiler achieves vertical and lateral resolutions of 0.01 nm and 0.1 µm, respectively, using 3-D confocal and interferometry (phase shifting and...
Sensofar-Tech SL, Metrology
Side-Fire Fibers for Medical Technology
Laser Components’ new side-fire fibers for medical laser technology transmit light that is coupled out at the fiber tip at an angle perpendicular to the fiber axis. The side-fire...
Laser Components GmbH
Metrios, Talos, Titan Themis TEM Systems
FEI Co. has introduced three new transmission electron microscopy (TEM) systems. The Metrios is for semiconductor manufacturing metrology, the Talos is for materials and life sciences applications,...
FEI Life Sciences
Select XLE-Series UV Crosslinker
Spectronics Corp.’s new Select XLE-Series UV crosslinker helps identify and analyze trace amounts of DNA/RNA faster and with greater sensitivity than conventional analysis. The...
Spectronics Corp.
MFC-2000 Focus Controller
The MFC-2000 focus controller by Applied Scientific Instrumentation provides high-resolution, highly repeatable control of the Z-position of the microscope stage. Control is achieved using a...
Applied Scientific Instrumentation, Inc.
Vitara UBB Femtosecond Laser
The most recent member of Coherent’s Vitara family of closed-box, ultrafast oscillators is the UBB (ultrabroadband) sub-10-fs laser. It is suitable for applications including terahertz pulse...
Coherent Inc.
PCX-7401 Laser Diode Driver
IXYS Corp. has introduced the PCX-7401, a laser diode driver and current source with accurate microprocessor-based digital power control. The benchtop instrument is air-cooled and features...
IXYS Colorado
PhotoFluor LM-75 Microscopy Light Source
89 North Inc. has released the PhotoFluor LM-75, a direct-mounted metal-halide light source for fluorescence microscopy. The device features high intensity at the specimen plane and a...
89 North
IDRaman micro Microscope
Ocean Optics’ IDRaman micro, a compact microscope that takes Raman measurements, is designed for research, quality control and quality assurance applications requiring improved focus and high...
Ocean Optics, Inc.
EVO Series SEMs
Carl Zeiss Group’s next-generation EVO series scanning electron microscopes (SEMs) deliver work-flow automation, beam-deceleration technology and high-definition imaging for materials and life...
Carl Zeiss Microscopy GmbH, Optical Sensor Systems
UI-3370CP-NIR Camera
The UI-3370CP-NIR camera from IDS Imaging Development Systems GmbH features the near-IR version of Cmosis NV’s 4.2-MP sensor and is suitable for machine vision, biometry and diagnostics,...
IDS Imaging Development Systems GmbH

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