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BioPhotonics: January 2016

Prism Awards Highlight Photonics Innovation
Avotec, Biodesy and Convergent Dental are among 27 finalists in nine categories for the 2016 Prism Awards for Photonics Innovation. The awards are sponsored by SPIE, the international society for...
LEDS in Biology Research: From Microscopy to Optogenetics
Microscopy has long held a crucial place in bioscience research, dating back to the first observations of living cells. Techniques that include the use of LEDs have been developed — and...
Top Biophotonics Stories of 2015
A pair of studies released last November indicate that the global biophotonics market hit its stride in 2015 and will significantly grow in size over the next five years. One of those studies, by...
Microscopy: Key Considerations for Nonlaser Light Sources
As recently as five years ago, shopping for a microscope light source was fairly straightforward. For routine applications, it was tungsten halogen, typically 100 W, while for fluorescence, it was an...
Surgical Lasers Make the Cut
In surgery, the best cut is often the smallest. Because they enable precision targeting and can minimize tissue trauma, lasers offer an advantage in surgery. What’s more, they can deliver...
Can Confocal Microscopes Compete with the Emergence of Superresolution?
Like most things, confocal microscopes have improved with age. The technique dates back to 1955, when American cognitive scientist Professor Marvin Minsky proposed that the ideal microscope would...

Invention Is Behind Amazing Images
Over the years, the cover of BioPhotonics magazine has featured some amazing images, and this issue is no exception. Courtesy of York Rudhard, Evotec AG, we can appreciate the visual of primary dorsal root ganglion neurons co-cultured with primary rat astrocytes. Thanks to BioPhotonics editor James Schlett and art director Sue Schmidt, the addition of drawings from inventor Marvin Minsky’s...

Calibration Sharpens Superresolution Microscopes
Superresolution microscopes can be made even sharper with arrays of nanoscale apertures that compensate for optical aberrations more effectively than previous techniques. The arrays allow for...
Viral Method Aids Two-Photon Imaging of Primate Brains
Tailored viruses that make brain cells manufacture fluorophores could make two-photon microscopy techniques viable for studying primate brains. Tested in marmosets, the technique could, for the...
Optofluidic Systems Detect Ebola, Flu Viruses
Two optofluidic devices hold promise as portable instruments for immediate diagnosis and monitoring of infectious diseases at the point of care. One is a chip-scale hybrid device integrating a...
Application Note: Temperature-Controlled Stages Avoid Heat Damage to Cells
Temperature-controlled stages have been used to fend off heat damage to cells caused by illumination in correlative light and electron microscopy (CLEM) experiments. A research group at the...
'Golden Window' Eyed for Deeper Tissue Imaging
Longer wavelengths in the near-infrared range may offer a "golden window" for noninvasive but deep imaging of brain and breast tissue, City College of New York researchers have proposed. ...
Optogenetics Pioneers Ed Boyden, Karl Deisseroth, Gero Miesenböck Garner International Research Prizes
Three optogenetics researchers have been recognized with international awards for their pioneering work on controlling cells with light. Ed Boyden, of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology,...
Plastic Fluorescence Microscope Brings Diagnostic Care to Rural Poor
A miniature plastic digital fluorescence microscope that can quantify white blood cell levels in patients aims to improve disease detection in rural parts of the world. The inexpensive...
Efficient Spectroscopic Imaging Demonstrated In Vivo
Although optical spectroscopy is routinely used study molecules in cell samples, it is currently not practical to perform in vivo. Now, a converted Raman spectroscopy system has been used to reveal...
Optogenetics Probes Create Their Own Light
A novel class of proteins that create their own light could improve the versatility, scalability and practicality of optogenetics. Researchers at Emory University and the Georgia Institute of...
NIR Light Effectively Treats Traumatic Brain Injury
A longitudinal study has revealed near-infrared light to be an effective treatment for traumatic brain injury, a condition which brings over 2.5 million individuals to the emergency room each year....

BioLight, 2 Asian Firms Invest $7.2M in Glaucoma Treatment Tech Company IOPtima
BioLight Life Sciences Investments Ltd. and two Asia-based venture capital firms will provide $7.2 million in funding to BioLight subsidiary IOPtima Ltd. Financing will support...
RetroSense Raises $6M to Develop Optogenetics for Vision Restoration
Clinical-stage biotechnology company RetroSense Therapeutics LLC has secured $6 million in financing from new and existing investors to advance its optogenetics technology for the restoration of...
Alphaeon to Acquire Eye-Surgery Laser Developer Lensar
Seeking to expand its ophthalmology products business, Alphaeon Corp. will acquire femtosecond laser developer Lensar Inc. for up to $59 million by the end of the year. Founded in 2004 and...
Research Innovation Recognized by Edmund Educational Awards
A visually impaired biomedical engineer developing optical technologies to help others like him navigate their surroundings safely is the winner of the 2015 Norman Edmund Inspiration Award. The...
Space Institute Funds Adjustable-Rx Eyeglasses, Light-Therapy Sleep Mask
The National Space Biomedical Research Institute has awarded matching grants to two small businesses developing light-based products for astronauts that also hold promise for consumer applications....
Resonetics Expands Materials Processing Capabilities with Acquisition of Mound Laser
Resonetics LLC has acquired Mound Laser and Photonics Center Inc., a manufacturer of microscale metal components for the medical device and defense industries, for an undisclosed sum. Mound Laser is...
Diagnostic Photonics Wins Business Plan Competition with Cancer Imaging Technology
Diagnostic Photonics Inc., a startup developing a handheld, high-resolution imaging system for cancer surgery, is the winner of a business plan competition. The competition was sponsored by the...
FBGS Partners With FAZ on Medical Fiber Sensors
FBGS Technologies GmbH has partnered with FAZ Technology Ltd. of Dublin, Ireland, a manufacturer of ultrahigh-resolution measurement devices for fiber Bragg grating (FBG) sensors. The...

Winter. Blah.
It’s a sentiment shared by many in northern latitudes and one most pronounced in people suffering from the winter blues, a type of seasonal affective disorder (SAD). To counter these winter blues, which can make people crave bagels or feel fatigued or depressed, the prescription has long involved sitting before a fluorescent white light box rated at 10,000 lux for a period of 15 to 30...

Greenhouse LEDs
The PowerHarvest W from Illumitex is an LED fixture that casts a wide-distribution light beam. Designed for greenhouses and controlled-environment agriculture, the fixtures are energy efficient...
Illumitex, Inc.
OCT Biometer
Carl Zeiss Meditec AG has announced the IOLMaster 700 optical biometer, offering optical coherence tomography (OCT) imaging across the entire length of the eye for cataract diagnostics. The...
Carl Zeiss Meditec AG
Cordless Display
NDS Surgical Imaging LLC, a division of GSI Group Inc., has announced the ZeroWire MOBILE integrated cordless display for use in endoscopic surgery. A wireless transmitter-receiver is built...
NDS Surgical Imaging, LLC
Endoscopy System
The VISERA 4K UHD endoscopy system from Olympus Medical improves the visibility of edges and fine details of delicate tissue, such as blood and lymphatic vessels and nerves. It delivers images...
Olympus Medical
Ophthalmic Microscope
Leica Microsystems GmbH has announced the Proveo 8 ophthalmic microscope platform for cataract and vitreoretinal surgeries. An increased depth of field with high resolution provides surgeons...
Leica Microsystems GmbH
Wavefront Aberrometer
Clarity Medical Systems Inc. has announced the HOLOS IntraOp intraoperative wavefront aberrometer, which displays qualitative and quantitative refractive data in real time, providing immediate...
Clarity Medical Systems Inc.
Multiphoton Microscope
The Ultima Investigator multiphoton microscope from Bruker Corp. uses four close-coupled detectors to maximize collection efficiency. When combined with the company's next-generation...
Bruker Nano Surfaces
Compound Microscopes
The LMC-1000 series of compound microscopes from Laxco Inc. features stereoscopic functionality for the everyday classroom environment. The all-in-one system can image dishes, materials and...
Laxco, Inc.
Medical Frame Grabbers
PICOLO HD video capture cards from Euresys SA of Belgium bring real-time 1080p video to single-camera applications. The frame grabbers acquire color video signals at various resolutions up to...
The Spectroquant Prove line of spectrophotometers from Merck KGaA analyzes waste water, drinking water, beverages and process water. Spectroquant Prove 100 performs visible-wavelength...
Merck KGaA
C-Mount Camera
Optronics Inc. has announced the OcularCinema progressive scan, C-mount camera systems for clinical, research and industrial imaging applications. The OcularCinema 4K CMOS ultrahigh-definition...
Dental Laser
Biolase Inc. has announced the WaterLase iPlus 2.0 dental laser for management of peri-implantitis, or inflammation around dental implants. Radial Firing Perio Tips emit a corona of laser...
Biolase Technology, Inc.
UV-Heat Curing System
Formulated for demanding medical applications, UV15DC80Med adhesive from Master Bond Inc. is a dual UV-heat curing system that allows rapid fixturing. The adhesive has a moderate viscosity of...
Master Bond Inc.
Fiber Arrays
Fiber arrays from Fibertech Optica Inc. offer increased coupling efficiency for applications requiring precise tolerances in tightly packed or grid configurations. Tighter tolerances on fiber...
FiberTech Optica Inc.
Microspectroscopy Objectives
RiverD International BV has announced a range of microscope objectives designed for use in near-infrared Raman microspectroscopy. The devices have numerical apertures ranging from 0.65 to 1.2,...
RiverD International BV
Disposable Raman Probe
MarqMetrix Inc. offers a disposable optical component for use with its TouchRaman BallProbe spectroscopy system.  BallProbe with disposable tips can be used when interrogating harmful,...
Linear and Rotary Stages
PI (Physik Intrumente) LP has announced the multiaxis Q-Motion miniature stackable linear and rotary stages. Fifty models are available in the Q-Motion piezo motor family, representing varying...
PI (Physik Instrumente) L.P., Air Bearings and Piezo Precision Motion
Compliance Software
Horiba Scientific has announced the ProtectionPlus module for its LabSpec 6 spectroscopy suite software. The fully integrated module seamlessly adds security and data integrity controls that...
HORIBA Scientific
Variable Bandpass Filters
Delta Optical Thin Film A/S has announced custom linear variable bandpass filters for midsize and full-frame CCD and CMOS sensors. The filters offer high transmission and are fully blocked in...
Delta Optical Thin Film A/S
Femtosecond Laser
The Monaco femtosecond laser from Coherent Inc. is a closed, one-box system that combines a 1035-nm solid-state oscillator with an amplifier. The device yields a 40-μJ pulse energy at a...
Coherent Inc.
sCMOS Camera
Andor Technology Ltd. has announced the Zyla 4.2 PLUS sCMOS camera, featuring quantum efficiency (QE)-boosted sensor technology, 99.8 percent quantitative linearity and application-specific modes. ...
Andor Technology Ltd., Corporate Headquarters
Microvolume Spectrophotometer
Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. has announced the NanoDrop One and OneC UV-VIS microvolume spectrophotometers to identify contaminants and provide accurate concentrations. The devices are...
Thermo Fisher Scientific, Inc.
Research Camera
Photometrics Ltd. has announced the Prime sCMOS camera for life sciences research, which avoids the negative impact of Poisson noise in low-light images. The 4.2-MP camera features a...
Photoacoustic Microscope
Advantest Corp. has announced the Hadatomo photoacoustic microscope to enable noninvasive imaging of blood vessels in the dermis to a depth of 3 mm. The device offers researchers a noninvasive...
Advantest Europe GmbH
Isolation Mounts
Newport Corp. has announced its NP series of neoprene isolation mounts for lab microscopes, instruments, small machinery and other sensitive equipment. The mounts feature counter-bored holes...
Newport Corporation
Online Lens Design Tools
Luxexcel Group BV, in cooperation with trinckle 3D GmbH, now offers two online lens design tools. The tools enable creation of custom plano convex or concave lenses tailored for specific...
Adjustable Rigid Post Mounts
Prior Scientific Inc. has announced the HZP series of adjustable rigid post mounts for physiology applications. The mounts are designed to work with Sensapex zero-drift, solid-state...
Prior Scientific, Inc.
CMOS Camera
ISVI Corp. has announced the IC-M12S-CXP, a monochrome 12-MP CMOS camera with a CoaXPress CXP6, DIN-4 interface delivering 181 fps. The device is based on the CMV12000 v2 high-sensitivity...
ISVI Corp.
Pushbroom Hyperspectral Sensors
Specim Spectral Imaging Oy Ltd. has announced the AisaKESTREL pushbroom hyperspectral sensor system, intended for unmanned aerial vehicles and other platforms of limited payload size. The...
Spectral Imaging Ltd. (SPECIM)
Linear Terahertz Camera
The TeraFAST high-speed linear terahertz camera from Terasense Inc. features an image acquisition rate of up to 5000 fps. Scanning speeds of up to 15 m/s are featured with a spectral range of...
Terasense Group, Inc.

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