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BioPhotonics: October 2014

Multiphoton Microscopy Is Heading for the Mainstream
The technology could advance a range of neuroscience applications. As a postdoc in the early 2000s, Dr. Ruth Empson worked with one of the first multiphoton microscopy systems in Britain. The...
Gary Boas, Contributing Editor,
Optogenetics Advances Ultrafast Lasers
Genetically encoded probes are driving the development of customized lasers for this red-hot area of neuroscience. The growing array of genetically encoded fluorescent probes is...
Dr. Nigel Gallaher, Darryl McCoy and Marco Arrigoni, Coherent Inc.
Color Management Helps Microscopy Show Its True Colors
Establishing a standard could allow microscopists to verify and reproduce results. Laboratory managers and researchers generally agree that having more accuracy and consistency in color...
Mark Clymer1 and Dr. Eduardo Rosa-Molinar2,3
1Datacolor Inc., Lawrenceville, NJ 08648 USA
2Biological Imaging Group, University of Puerto Rico-Río Piedras, San Juan
3Institute of Neurobiology, University of Puerto Rico-Medical Sciences, Old San Juan
Lessons Learned in Biophotonic Systems Design
New multiparametric modeling tools drastically simplify the design of complex biophotonic systems. For all the sophistication of modern engineering practice, the design of complex biophotonic...
Dr. Giacomo Vacca, Kinetic River Corp.

Big Bucks to Brain Research, Technology Advancement
Both the photonics industry and brain research stand to gain from financial awards and commitments made last month in Washington. The NIH announced $46 million in initial awards in the BRAIN Initiative, a project the White House unveiled in April 2013. More than 100 investigators from several countries will use the funds to develop tools and technologies to better understand neural...
Karen A. Newman, Group Publisher,

Molecular Movies Enhance Bioimaging, Health Research
A new biosensor imaging system is turning health research into a molecular movie star, as it allows scientists for the first time to view life processes at the molecular level as they are happening. A team from Oregon State University and the University of Alberta developed the new imaging system, which could lead to the creation of more effective biosensors capable of studying in real time and...
Compressive Imaging Unscrambles Light
A new compressive optical sensing technique conquers light scattering limitations of biological tissue, allowing a deeper look inside the body. Developed by a team from Jaume I University...
Standards Sought for Hyperspectral Imaging
A team from the National Institute of Standards and Technology has begun gathering data they expect will lead to universal calibration standards for hyperspectral imaging, saying the lack of such...
Light-Activated Receptors Offer Cell Control
Controlling the behavior of cells — including cancers — with light is now possible with engineered cell receptors. To accomplish this, researchers from the Institute of Science...
‘Nanojuice’ Aids Intestinal Imaging
A cocktail of fluorescent dyes and nanoparticles could aid in the diagnosis of gastrointestinal ailments. Researchers at the University at Buffalo say their “nanojuice” enables...
New Optogenetic Tool Controls Neuronal Signaling
New optogenetics technology allows scientists to remotely control specific neurons with blue light. A team from the Institute for Basic Research has developed the genetically encoded,...
Fluorescence Detects Alzheimer’s Indicators in the Eye
Two fluorescence imaging approaches can find traces of plaque associated with Alzheimer’s disease in the eye, presenting possible opportunities for early intervention. Two companies...
Fluorescence Sensor Diagnoses Diabetes
A microchip that detects fluorescent signatures of antibodies associated with Type 1 diabetes could aid in prevention and early intervention. Created by a team from the Stanford University...
Enhanced CARS Enables High-Speed Imaging of Tissues
An enhanced spectroscopy technique for analyzing biological cells and tissues delivers stronger signals than those attained through conventional practices. A team from the National Institute...
Wearable Device Allows Early Detection of Diabetes Complication
Earlier detection of a complication of diabetes is now possible with a new optical technology. The new technology is a 78-gram device that attaches to eyeglasses. It features both IR LEDs...
An Open Letter to the Photonics Industry
Join with us in 2015 to raise international awareness of how photonic technologies can solve global challenges. It is a tremendous honor for us that photonics has been recognized by the...
John Dudley

Medtronic Acquires Visualase for $105M
Medical device giant Medtronic Inc. has acquired Visualase Inc. of Houston for $105 million. Visualase, which had been privately held, is the creator of an FDA-approved MRI-guided laser and...
Photonics Researchers Win Blavatnik Awards
The Blavatnik Family Foundation and the New York Academy of Sciences has recognized two photonics researchers with the 2014 Blavatnik National Awards. The award honors young American...
SemiNex Wins NIH Grant for Laser Vaccine Research
SemiNex Corp. has received a $146,905 Small Business Technology Transfer grant from the National Institutes of Health to develop small laser devices to enhance immune responses to vaccines. ...
Newport Profits Jump in Second Quarter
Newport Corp. closed the second quarter of 2014 with earnings of $8.997 million, compared to $2.605 million in the second quarter of 2013, an increase of 245 percent. On a sequential basis,...
Iridex Earnings Hold Steady in Second Quarter
Iridex Corp. earnings were relatively stable and revenue climbed 15 percent in the second quarter as the company continues to promote its laser eye treatment product. Revenues were $10.6...
E2V Technologies Acquires AnaFocus
E2v Technologies has acquired the Seville, Spain-based Innovaciones Microelectronicas SL, trading as “AnaFocus” for €29.2 million (about $39 million). AnaFocus designs and...
BiOS Grows With Health Care Focus and More
Technologies for global health care, molecular-guided surgery and brain research are just some of the new topics to be featured at SPIE Photonics West 2015, which will be held Feb. 7-12 at the...
QD Market to Reach $8246.8M by 2023
Growing at a compound annual growth rate of 53.8 percent, the global market for quantum dots (QDs) is expected to reach $8246.8 million by 2023, according to a report published by Transparency Market...
Endoscopy Market to Hit $36.9 Billion by 2019
The global market for endoscopy devices is expected to reach $36.9 billion by 2019, with a compound annual growth rate of 6.8 percent, according to a market report published by Transparency Market...
Alcon, Google Partner for Smart Lens Technology
Alcon, the eye care division of Basel, Switzerland-based Novartis AG, has struck an agreement with Google to develop a disease-monitoring contact lens. Google’s research laboratory,...

Flying (and feeding) under the radar? NOT ANYMORE
Fruit flies are sneaky – they’re too small to swat, but big enough to be a nuisance. And although it might be easy to dismiss the little creatures as simple, insignificant pests that invade your kitchen, they can actually do us a great service. For years, scientists have used fruit flies, or Drosophila melanogaster, as test subjects because of their ability to evolve through...

Detection System
The iKon-L SO camera by Andor is a high-energy detection system with a large-area digital CCD platform that is suitable for life sciences laboratory applications such as high-harmonic generation soft...
Andor Technology plc, Corporate Headquarters
Ultrafast Laser System
Spectra-Physics, a Newport company, has introduced the InSight DS+, an ultrafast laser for multiphoton imaging. It is suitable for in vivo deep-tissue research applications in neuroscience, cell...
Laser Diode Drivers
The HFALDM series from Fisba Photonics GmbH consists of ultrafast and compact high-frequency analog driver modules for TO-housed high-power laser diodes. Modules for 405, 450, 520 and 638 nm...
Light Engines
Lumencor offers a range of bright, mercury-free light engines for life sciences applications including fluorescence microscopy. The light engines are equipped with 3- or 5-mm diameter ports...
Edmund Optics, Inc.
Fiber Laser Modules
The LS Series LabSources from Newport Corp. are easily integrated bench-top fiber laser source modules. The modules use volume Bragg gratings for wavelength stability and a narrow line width...
Newport Corporation
Fluorescence Tools
Nightsea offers a range of fluorescence resources for educational and other settings. Its Stereomicroscope Fluorescence Adapter (pictured) adds fluorescence capability to routine stereo...
Microscope Tablet
The Scopepad 500 from Syncroscopy is a touch-screen tablet that connects to any microscope with a camera port. The Scopepad 500 features a 9-in. screen with a high-resolution 5-megapixel...
Electromechanical Shutters
Melles Griot offers five redesigned electromechanical shutters for life sciences, semiconductor, and defense and security applications, as well as manufacturing and vision enhancement in harsh...
IDEX Optics & Photonics Marketplace
Compact Lasers
The Obis LG from Coherent Inc. is the newest in a series of compact plug-and-play lasers that offer output powers of several watts. The first of the new Obis LG models features a green (532...
Coherent Inc.
Laser Source
The StingRay SD from Coherent Inc. is a laser that generates structured light patterns for use in 3-D vision systems. The laser produces high power density and thin measurement cross...
Alrad Instruments Ltd.
Biomedical Spectral Sensing
The STS spectrometer series and Raspberry Pi microcomputer from Ocean Optics Inc. comes in a kit with customizable software and wireless capabilities for biomedical spectral sensing. The STS...
Ocean Optics, Inc.
High-Speed Camera
The HS-20000 from Emergent Vision is a high-speed camera for industrial vision applications. The camera is capable of 32 fps at 20 megapixels with its global shutter and 10-Gigabit Ethernet...
Emergent Vision Technologies Inc.
Confocal Microscope
The LSM 880 with Airyscan from Zeiss is a confocal laser scanning microscope. The microscope allows the user to achieve 1.7× higher resolution in all spatial dimensions, 140 nm...
Carl Zeiss Jena GmbH
Laser System
Specifically built for refractive cataract surgery, the Lensar Laser System from Lensar facilitates precise surgical incisions and treatment in a single procedure room. With Adimec’s...
Surgical Visualization
The Image 1 Spies series from Karl Storz Endoscopy-America Inc. are visualization enhancement systems created for surgical uses. Many visualization challenges are faced during surgical...
Karl Storz Endoscopy America Inc.
Diode Laser Modules
Fiber-coupled diode laser modules from SvetWheel LLC are available as part of an integrated package that includes optical lenses, a cold plate, aiming beam and driver. The modules are...
SvetWheel LLC
Plant Canopy Analyzer
Measuring leaf-area indexes in all uniform sky conditions, the LAI-2200C Plant Canopy Analyzer from LI-COR nondestructively monitors agriculture to identify changes in crop productivity. The...
LI-COR Biosciences, Environmental
Nanopositioning Stages
Ensuring a long lifespan, the QNP-L series of linear piezo nanopositioning stages from Aerotech offers intense resonant frequency for high-process-throughput and fast closed-loop response. ...
Aerotech, Inc.
Raman Spectroscopy Software
The LabSpec-6 Raman spectroscopy software platform by Horiba Scientific is fully compatible with high-resolution confocal volume maps acquired with the company’s range of Raman microscopes. ...
HORIBA Scientific, HORIBA Scientific
Global Shutter CCD Camera
The Grasshopper3 GS3-U3-41S4 from Point Grey is a 4.1-megapixel global shutter CCD camera. Based on the Sony ICX808 EXview HAD CCD II, the cameras come in color or monochrome. They feature a...
Point Grey Research Inc.

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