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BioPhotonics: March 2015

Multiphoton Imaging Takes New Directions
Recent evolutions of ultrafast laser technology uniquely overcome key challenges in bioimaging, especially for long-term in vivo imaging, deep penetration and leveraging multimodal imaging...
Julien Klein and Dr. Philip G. Smith, Spectra-Physics
Lens-Free Microscopy Goes Scalable
A compact lens-free microscope could replace microscopes – and even expand their use – in a number of key biomedical applications, such as stem-cell culturing or in vitro drug testing....
Jan Provoost, Richard Stahl, IMEC
Raman Spectroscopy and Microscopy Enable Life Science Discoveries
The first article in this two-part series looked at Raman spectroscopy applications in tumor surgery, endoscopy and bacterial identification. This second part examines applications in cell sorting,...
Dr. Marinella G. Sandros, University of North Carolina at Greensboro, and Dr. Fran Adar, Horiba Scientific
Diverse Applications Drive Lasers for Multiphoton Microscopy
After years of domination by a single ultrafast laser technology (Ti:S) and its associated add-ons, laser manufacturers have broadened their technology portfolios to better support a diversified...
By Marco Arrigoni, Darryl McCoy and Nigel Gallaher, Coherent, Inc.

What Was Your Takeaway?
The Photonics Media team is just back from SPIE Photonics West, and you will find coverage in print and online, including a full segment shot on-site for the Feb. 18 edition of the Light Matters weekly newscast. As usual, there was no shortage of new information to consider. I attended the BiOS event with BioPhotonics’ editor, Rodd Pedrotti. It was Rodd’s first trip to the...
KarenA. Newman, Group Publisher,

Stimulating Light Receptors Relaxes Blood Vessels
A blood vessel receptor that responds to light could aid more effective treatment of vascular diseases and other medical conditions. A team led by Johns Hopkins Medicine discovered the receptor, which causes blood vessels to relax in response to light. The researchers also found that blood vessel function can be regulated through changing light wavelengths. The researchers made...
Lens-Free 3-D Microscope Sharp Enough for Pathology
A computational lens-free, holographic on-chip microscope could provide a faster and cheaper means of diagnosing cancer and other diseases at the cellular level. Developed by researchers at...
Optogenetics Gives 'Read-Write' Access to Brain
Combining two light-based techniques has enabled researchers at University College London to both observe and control brain activity in mice. The approach involves simultaneous two-photon...
Photoacoustics Promising for Cervical Cancer Assessment
Photoacoustic imaging could one day provide a quicker and less invasive alternative to current methods for detecting cervical cancer. Following a study of 30 cervical tissue samples,...
Tumor-Zapping Endoscope in Development
A proposed endoscope that would provide high-quality images of tumors in internal organs could also assist in the delivery of chemotherapy drugs. Spatial frequency domain imaging gives the...
Optogenetics Used to Induce REM Sleep in Mice
Optogenetic activation of certain brain cells could be used to induce rapid-eye-movement (REM) sleep, which is crucial for keeping both body and mind healthy. MIT researchers targeted...
Viruses Reveal Color-Coded Brain
A technique for introducing multiple fluorescent labels in vivo could deepen scientists’ understanding of the brain. Researchers at the University of Southampton injected mouse brains...
Drug Fluoresces, Kills Cancer Under 1 Wavelength
A combined imaging and phototherapy technique could help guide surgeons removing chemotherapy-resistant tumors and kill any cancer cells the surgeons miss. Researchers at Oregon State...
AOM Reaches Unprecedented Speeds
A new acousto-optic modulator can steer laser beams at unprecedented speeds, potentially enabling finer light control for microscopy and other applications. The device features a...
New Model Could Bring Custom Optogenetics Proteins
Deeper understanding of the molecular mechanisms of a light-sensitive protein could lead to more specialized optogenetics techniques. Researchers at Ruhr University Bochum probed...
Smartphone DNA measurements
An optomechanical attachment now enables smartphones to perform fluorescence microscopy measurements on DNA. The 3-D-printed device was developed by a team of investigators led by Dr. Aydogan Ozcan...

Iridex Ophthalmology Lasers to Aid Chinese Health Initiative
The Chinese government has ordered $620,000 worth of ophthalmology laser equipment from Iridex Corp. to aid an initiative to bring advanced health care technologies to rural areas of the country. “In China … diabetes and age-related eye diseases are rising at an alarming rate, causing varying degrees of blindness and an accompanying cost to the healthcare system and...
3i to Sell Light-Sheet Microscopy Systems under Zeiss Sublicense
Intelligent Imaging Innovations (3i) will sell and support lattice light-sheet microscopy development systems under a sublicense with Zeiss’ microscopy business group in Jena, Germany. ...
BioLight to Distribute Laser Eye Surgery System in Hong Kong, Macao
BioLight Life Sciences Investments Ltd. will distribute IOPtima’s IOPtiMate laser eye surgery system in Hong Kong and Macao, with a purchase commitment of at least nine systems. ...
CoolLED, Prior Scientific Team Up on Fluorescence Microscopy Illumination
Prior Scientific has chosen CoolLED Ltd. as an OEM partner in developing LED illumination for fluorescence microscopy. CoolLED said it was the first to introduce a commercial LED...
Mass General, Infraredx Partner to Explore Cardiovascular Imaging Devices
Infraredx is teaming up with Massachusetts General Hospital and researcher Dr. Gary Tearney to develop new and combination technologies to provide enhanced information about coronary disease in...
Leica, NovoPath to Integrate Histology Systems
Leica Biosystems and software firm NovoPath Inc. of Princeton, N.J., plan to team up to integrate systems for enhanced labelers, stainers and other histology equipment for pathologists. ...
Delta Spins Out Optical Thin Films Business
Delta Danish Electronics, Light & Acoustics has spun off its optical thin films business. Following a management buyout, Delta Optical Thin Film AS will be run by business manager Poul...
Zecotek Patent Lawsuit Settled
Zecotek Photonics Inc. has settled a patent lawsuit its imaging subsidiary brought against Philips and Saint-Gobain Corp. in 2012. The suit alleged Saint-Gobain’s lutetium fine...
Marcellino Appointed to Iridex Board of Directors
Dr. George Marcellino, co-founder of OptiMedica Corp. of Sunnyvale, Calif., has been appointed to Iridex’s board of directors. From 1988 to 2003, Marcellino held senior research, sales...
Emerson Acquires QCL Gas Sensor Firm Cascade Technologies
Quantum cascade laser (QCL) gas sensor firm Cascade Technologies Ltd. of Stirling, Scotland, has been acquired by About Emerson Process Management. The terms of the acquisition were not disclosed. ...
Sales Up 10 Percent for Endoscopy Firm Mauna Kea
Endoscope firm Mauna Kea Technologies grew its revenues by 10 percent in 2014 despite a sales slowdown in the U.S. Sales were €11.0 million, compared to €10.0 million in 2013, with...
Limo Names New Managing Director
Anton X. Schmölz has been named a managing director at Lissotschenko Mikrooptik (Limo) GmbH. Schmölz has been with the company as chief financial officer since 2013, and will now...
Metz Joins Zeiss Executive Board
Dr. Matthias Metz will become a member of the executive board for the Zeiss Group on July 1. Metz will be responsible for the consumer-oriented vision care and consumer optics business...
Mikrotron Chooses Russian, Swedish Distributors
Mikrotron GmbH’s high-speed recording cameras will now be distributed in Russia by Sedatec Ltd. of Moscow and in Sweden by Precision Technic Nordic of Stockholm. Mikrotron develops...
LaserMax Names New Chief Sales Officer
Chris Tinkle has joined LaserMax as chief sales officer. With 25 years of executive management experience, Tinkle is responsible for building and managing all aspects of the...
Basler Offers Online Lens Selector
A new online lens selector from Basler allows users to quickly and easily identify a suitable lens with the right focal length for their camera application. The user enters the data for...
Basler Names Manager of Sales, Business Development
Mark Williams, Basler’s new sales and business development manager, will be responsible for providing support and application engineering to customers in the U.K. He will work with...
Bioptigen Wins $458K Loan for Validation of Intrasurgical OCT System
Bioptigen has been awarded a $458,000 strategic growth loan from the North Carolina Biotechnology Center to support clinical validation of the company’s intrasurgical optical coherence...
JPK Opens Expanded Headquarters in Berlin
Citing growing demand for its nanoanalytics products, JPK Instruments has moved into an expanded suite of offices and laboratories with increased manufacturing space. The company offers...

Vital signs on the run
For fitness enthusiasts interested in tracking their vital signs while engaged in pursuits such as running, hiking or playing tennis, a newly designed pulse oximeter sensor could be a welcome and wearable accessory. The all-organic optoelectronic sensor – used for measuring pulse rate and blood oxygen saturation levels – could be sported like an adhesive bandage while mountain...

Mini Viewing Cabinet
The compact, lightweight CM-10MP mini viewing cabinet manufactured by Spectronics Corp. is suitable for life sciences applications that require high-contrast fluorescence analysis, for viewing...
Spectronics Corp.
1064-nm Laser Diode
A new single-emitter broad-area laser (BAL) diode from eagleyard Photonics operates at 1064 nm with an output power of 16 W. The device features integrated fast- and slow-axis collimation...
eagleyard Photonics GmbH
Microscopy Cameras
Delivering fluid imaging at full-HD resolution for microscopy applications, the DP22 and DP27 digital cameras from Olympus provide visualization identical to that of oculars. The new cameras...
Olympus Europa SE & Co. KG, Medical Systems & Micro-Imaging Solutions Group
3-D Acquisition System
The ThunderScan 3-D acquisition system from PhaseView enables ultrahigh-speed volume imaging on single-plane-illumination microscopy platforms. The system is based on a remote focusing...
Free-Angle Microscope
The DSX100 optodigital imaging system from Olympus Scientific Solutions Americas is a free-angle wide-zoom microscope equipped with a touch screen. The device features an ultrastable base...
Olympus Scientific Solutions Americas
Light Engine
The LumiBright LE light engine by Innovations in Optics Inc. offers nonimaging optics for large field-of-view fluorescent imagers used in life science instruments. It can direct LED light...
Innovations in Optics, Inc.
UV-VIS-NIR Spectrophotometer
Offering high sensitivity, high resolution and an ultralow stray-light level, the UV-3600 Plus UV-VIS-NIR spectrophotometer from Shimadzu achieves high-accuracy measurements across the entire...
Shimadzu Scientific Instruments, Inc.
Laser Safety Eyewear
Offering multi-laser and femtosecond protection for scientists, dermatologists and surgeons, P5L07 laser safety eyewear from Laservision eliminates the need to purchase separate pairs of eyewear for...
Laservision USA
Diagnostic LCD
A new LCD system from NEC Display Solutions of America provides widescreen display for diagnostic review applications in health care organizations. The MultiSync MD212G3 LCD has a 3-MP,...
NEC Display Solutions of America
Spectrophotometer Optics
Craic Technologies has announced the addition of a UV-VIS-NIR polarization spectroscopy optics and hardware for its microspectrophotometers. Users are able to measure polarization spectra in...
CRAIC Technologies
Intraocular Lens Inspection System
The OptiSpheric IOL Pro 2 measurement system by Trioptics can measure up to 100 lenses on a single tray. Designed for high-volume production, the system provides measurement of various types...
Stereo Microscopes
Zeiss’ Stemi 305 and Stemi 508 stereo microscopes are designed for use in education applications, as well as lab routine and industrial inspection. They allow users to observe samples...
Carl Zeiss Microscopy GmbH, Optical Sensor Systems
Sterilization Camera
A new camera module provides legally compliant documentation of the sterilization and packing process in medical facilities. The new XS mini USB cameras from IDS Imaging Development Systems...
IDS Imaging Development Systems, Inc.
Spectrofluorometer Software
Designed to provide support for time-correlated single-photon counting (TCSPC) measurements, a new version of Edinburgh Instruments’ Fluoracle software has been released for the FS5...
Edinburgh Instruments Ltd., Photonics
Mini Viewing Cabinet
The CM-10MP by Spectroline is a mini viewing cabinet designed for use with laboratory applications that require high-contrast fluorescence analysis. It is compact, portable and made of...
Spectronics Corp.
Microscope Camera
A new scientific-grade digital microscope camera from BestScope International Ltd. offers color fidelity at a high frame rate. The BHC3-1080P HDMI microscope camera offers 30 fps...
BestScope International Ltd.
diSPIM Module
The new Ti-diSPIM module from Nikon Instruments Inc. gives light-sheet imaging capabilities to the company’s flagship Ti inverted research microscope. Selective plane illumination...
Nikon Instruments Inc.
The IR Oslux SFH 4780S emitter from Osram Opto Semiconductors operates at 810 nm and offers high radiant intensity of 2900 mW/sr at an operating current of 1 A. It is 2.4 mm tall and...
OSRAM Opto Semiconductors, Inc.
Vibration Isolation Platform
The VIBe VIP100 series of vibration isolation platform by Newport Corp. is designed for laboratory and industrial OEMs.  Suitable for small instruments and sensitive applications, the...
Newport Corporation
Optical-Compatible AFM
A new atomic force microscope (AFM) from Bruker Corp. can be integrated with optical microscopy for biological research into cells, tissues and molecules. The BioScope Resolve provides...
Bruker Optics Inc.
Optical Cryostat
A new optical cryostat from Oxford Instruments allows users to cool samples to less than 3 K without the need for liquid cryogens. Optistat Dry can be used for a range of spectroscopy...
Oxford Instruments, Nanoscience
Raman Spectrometer
The Freedom mini Raman spectrometer from Ibsen Photonics is a platform for integrators of analytical and process control instruments. It covers a spectral range of 475 to 1100 nm with a high...
Ibsen Photonics A/S
Plant Identification Spectroradiometer
The PSR+ 3500 from Spectral Evolution is a field spectroradiometers that provides nondestructive plant species identification in situ. Spectral resolution is ≤3.0 at 700 nm, ≤8.0 at...
Spectral Evolution, Inc.
Deuterium and Atomic-Absorption Lamps
JM Science offers a range of deuterium (D2) and atomic-absorption (AA) lamps for spectroscopy systems. The D2 lamps (pictured) were designed for atomic absorption, UV spectrophotometer and...
JM Science, Inc.
Microscopy Software
PicoQuant has released version 2.0 of its SymPhoTime 64 software package for fluorescence lifetime imaging microscopy (FLIM) and fluorescence correlation spectroscopy (FCS). New features...
PicoQuant GmbH
Femtosecond Fiber Laser
The Orange ytterbirum femtosecond fiber laser from Menlo Systems GmbH provides average powers up to 10 W and pulse energies up to 200 nJ with typical pulse durations of 130 fs and a center wavelength...
Menlo Systems GmbH

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