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BioPhotonics: April 2014

Seeing the Light: How Photonics Continues to Improve Eyesight
Cutting-edge laser technology and new techniques are enabling amazing diagnostic and treatment advances in ophthalmology. In 1981, Rangaswamy “Sri” Srinivasan, a researcher at...
Valerie Coffey, Science Writer,
FRET Pursues Affordable, Robust, User-Friendly Instruments
From single-molecule studies to in vivo imaging, FRET spectroscopy is a versatile and far-reaching tool. But further work needs to be done before the technique becomes more universally applicable. ...
Marie Freebody, Contributing Editor,
Software Enhances Life Sciences Applications, Biomedical Simulations
Optomechanical design software helps develop efficient and effective biomedical product designs. The interdisciplinary nature of optical modeling for life sciences applications implies a high...
Dr. Edward Freniere and Michael Gauvin, Lambda Research Corporation
Superresolution Imaging Adds Another Dimension
3-D techniques advance a range of biological research studies. Conventional light microscopy is generally constrained by the diffraction limit, the fundamental maximum resolution of an optical...
Gary Boas, Contributing Editor,

Seeing the Future: Visionaries and Vision Correction
This month, we congratulate the winners of the 2014 SPIE Awards. Among them are the following three, who have had an impact on the world of biophotonics. (For a list of all the winners, visit The SPIE Britton Chance Biomedical Award was awarded to Dr. Brian Wilson, head of the Division of Biophysics and Bioimaging at the Ontario Cancer Institute, in honor of...
Karen A. Newman, Group Publisher,

Noninvasive Optical System Reveals Oral Cancer Signs
A new spectral imaging system holds promise for rapid, noninvasive screenings for oral cancers. According to the Oral Cancer Foundation in Newport Beach, Calif., the death rate associated with this type of cancer has historically been high because it is routinely discovered late in its development. The Diffuse Reflectance Imaging System (DRIS), developed by a team from the Centre for Earth...
Silk-Diamond Hybrid Shows Promise for Cell Imaging
A new hybrid nanodiamond-silk material could enhance biological imaging and refine medication delivery. The new particles — developed by a team from the University of...
3-D AFM Could Advance Understanding of Proteins
An advanced 3-D atomic force microscope will allow the study of membrane proteins in conditions similar to those found in the body, an improvement that could lead to increased understanding of...
Harnessing Randomness to Improve Lasers
Randomness could be key in improving the performance of lasers in sensing and imaging applications, a new study shows. Randomly arranged, or irregular, surfaces typically have poor optical...
Light-Emission Studies May Improve Bioimaging
New understanding of secondary light emission by plasmonic nanostructures could lead to improvements in medical imaging. Work by materials scientists and engineers at the University of Illinois...
UV-Activated Adhesive Treats Heart Defects
A bio-inspired, light-activated adhesive used to treat congenital heart defects could soon replace more invasive treatments such as sutures, new research indicates. A preclinical study...
Lighting Up Brain Stops Liquored-Up Rats
Stimulating brain cells with light stops binge drinking in rodents, a new study finds. The results suggest the possibility of using optogenetics to treat substance abuse, neurological diseases and...

Endoscopy equipment market set to expand
The global market for endoscopy equipment is expected to reach $37.9 billion by 2018, according to Endoscopy Equipment Market by Endoscopes (Rigid, Flexible, Capsule), by Visualization Systems (HD, 3D Camera, Wireless Display & Monitor), Others (Endoscopic Ultrasound, Carts), by Application (Colonoscopy, GI Endoscopy) – Global Forecasts to 2018, a new market report published by...
Bruker opens Preclinical Imaging Center of Excellence for the Americas
Photo courtesy of Bruker Corp. Bruker has opened the Preclinical Imaging Center of Excellence for the Americas in Billerica, Mass., with advanced development, demonstration and support facilities for...
Femtosecond Laser Processing Enhances Medical Device Applications
LSA Laser now offers femtosecond laser processing capabilities for medical device manufacturing. This will prove particularly useful in micromachining applications for drilling and cutting...
Ireland Backs Photonics for Economic Impact
The newly opened Irish Photonic Integration Centre, focused on information and communications technology, and on the medical device sector, is expected to create 200 new jobs over the next six years...
Agilent Joins Picometrics in Biopharma Deal
Agilent Technologies Inc. and Picometrics Technologies have signed a co-marketing agreement to improve efficiency in the research and development of complex large-molecule biopharmaceutical...
Nipro to Make TVC Imagers for Infraredx
Infraredx Inc. has announced that Nipro Corp., the exclusive distributor of its TVC Imaging System in Japan, has established a manufacturing subsidiary in Yamanishi that will produce biomedical...
Hamamatsu Factory in Beijing Completed
Construction of Building No. 2 at Hamamatsu Photonics KK’s Beijing subsidiary is now complete. Operations at the new facility, located at the Langfang factory, are scheduled to begin in...

In for the (linear) kill
Most people wouldn’t consider birds to be instruments of wartime sabotage, but one species – a top-notch bird of prey – would have to disagree. During World War II, falcons were often released by British forces to kill Nazi carrier pigeons and prevent important messages from being received by the German front. Falcons have very good eyesight and can spot their next meal up...

Tissue Cytometry Software
TissueGnostics GmbH has added StrataQuest to its line of tissue cytometry solutions. The software suite offers a wide range of choices in image analysis and multiple combinations of functions for bright-field, fluorescence and immunohistochemistry (IHC) tasks. StrataQuest 5 Solutions is for predefined work flow (i.e., quantification of a single IHC marker); StrataQuest 5 is for applications...
OCT Spectrometer
Wasatch Photonics Inc. has released the Cobra OCT spectrometer for applications including ophthalmology, dermatology and materials inspection. The device features volume-phase holographic...
Wasatch Photonics, Inc.
Raman Microscope
Thermo Fisher Scientific has released the DXRxi Raman imaging microscope for applications including pharmaceutical formulation, life sciences, semiconductor manufacturing and geology. The...
Thermo Fisher Scientific, Molecular Spectroscopy
LED Light Engine
Model 2400B-510, the latest addition to Innovations in Optics Inc.’s line of LumiBright FC fiber-coupled LED light engines, was designed for fiber and lightguide input apertures from 1 to 3 mm...
Innovations in Optics, Inc.
Galvanometer Laser Scanners
Lincoln Laser Co. has announced a new series of six galvanometer laser scanners. The compact PHX-30/50/75 models fit into microscopes and other instruments for biomedical applications. ...
Lincoln Laser Co.
CW Microlasers
Elliot Scientific Ltd. has introduced Integrated Optics UAB’s MatchBox series CW microlasers for applications in chemistry and biophotonics, particularly Raman spectroscopy and fluorescence...
Elliot Scientific Ltd.
3-D Printer
The Photonic Professional GT 3-D printer by Nanoscribe GmbH produces complex structures on the nano- and micron scale for research and development, and for potential industrial applications in...
Nanoscribe GmbH
Kinetic Spectroscopy Software
TimePro kinetic spectroscopy software from Craic Technologies Inc. measures time-dependent changes in full UV-VIS-NIR reflectance, absorbance and emission spectra of microscopic samples. ...
CRAIC Technologies
CCD Cameras
Raptor Photonics Ltd.’s CCD cameras, developed using Sony ExView HAD II sensor technology, offer a choice of 2.8-, 6- or 9-MP resolution and are available in both mono and RGB. Pixel size is...
Raptor Photonics Ltd.
Miniature Camera
Marshall Electronics has released the CV-500M, a miniature camera providing 1080p resolution for industrial, scientific, machine vision, automation and OEM applications. The camera incorporates...
Marshall Electronics, Optical Systems
3-D Optical Microscope
Bruker Corp. has launched the ContourSP, a large-panel 3-D metrology system for gauging individual layers of printed circuit board (PCB) panels during manufacturing. Based on white-light...
Bruker Nano Surfaces
Camera System
Photron Inc’s ultrahigh-speed imaging system, the FastCam SA-Z, features 21,000 fps at megapixel resolution and more than 2 million fps at reduced resolution, making it possible to view...
Photron USA, Inc.
Spectroscopy Platform
The nanoIR2 atomic force microscope (AFM) based spectroscopy platform from Anasys Instruments is suitable for measurements on a variety of sample types, including semiconductor devices, thin films,...
Anasys Instruments Corp.
Vibration-Isolation Platforms
Newport Corp. has introduced the LIP275 and LIP175 vibration-isolation series for various laboratory applications, including balances, microscopes, shakers and other sensitive equipment. The...
Newport Corporation
Digital Slide Scanner
The Microscopy business group of Carl Zeiss is launching a digital slide scanner. Axio Scan.Z1 is an automated microscope system that allows researchers to digitize fixed tissue sections and...
Carl Zeiss Spectroscopy GmbH

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