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BioPhotonics: June 2014

Challenges Not Insurmountable for Terahertz Spectroscopy
Cost, size and power must be addressed before terahertz spectroscopy can broaden its commercial acceptance – but steps are being taken. Today, terahertz spectroscopy shows promise for...
Marie Freebody, Contributing Editor,
Microscopy Light Sources Illuminate Research Biology
Research biology is changing, moving toward more complex experiments that combine imaging and traditional fluorescence with photostimulation and electrophysiology. As these new directions evolve,...
Barbara Foster, The Microscopy & Imaging Place Inc.
QCLs for Medicine: The Promise and the Payoff
Although hurdles remain, the promise of quantum cascade lasers in medicine moves closer to realization with the commercial introduction of a microscopy platform, demonstration of a prototype device...
Karen A. Newman, Group Publisher,
Photoacoustics Applications Expand Beyond Cancer
In March, the first article in this two-part series looked at the potential of photoacoustic technologies to revolutionize cancer detection. This second part will examine uses in diagnosing blood...
Laura Marshall, Managing Editor,

High Hurdles Daunting But Doable
In the course of writing a feature for this issue on the inroads that quantum cascade lasers are making into the medical arena, I was reminded once again of the many hurdles that new technologies (and devices that employ them) face on the track from bench to bedside. Not only must a technology be proven viable – and viable for targeted applications – but it must also face myriad...
Karen A. Newman, Group Publisher,

Laser microscope offers autism insights
A new laser microscope has the potential for better understanding the complex brain circuits of people with autism. A team from University of Edinburgh’s Patrick Wild Centre for Research into Autism, Intellectual Disability and Fragile X Syndrome is developing the instrument, which uses a type of laser that allows for deeper examination of brain tissue. “This allows us to...
Laser technique measures blood coagulation in near-real time
A new optical approach could help doctors quickly determine a patient’s blood coagulation status in near real time. A team at Massachusetts General Hospital has developed an optical...
Graphene Sandwich Improves Biomolecule Imaging
Atomic-level images of a biological molecule in its natural environment can now be obtained by sandwiching the wet sample between sheets of graphene. A team at the University of Illinois at...
SERS technique diagnoses meningitis
A new laser-based test uses nanoparticles to speed up the diagnosis and treatment of bacterial meningitis, a disease that can lead to blood poisoning and brain damage if not discovered quickly. ...
Hyperspectral Imaging Reduces Threat of Amputation
Hyperspectral imaging (HSI) can help surgeons make quick decisions in the operating room, as it detects issues not visible to the naked eye. Dallas surgeon Javier La Fontaine, Ph.D., associate...
Laser Sensor Speeds Up Salmonella Detection
A new laser sensor can identify salmonella bacteria in food samples as much as three times faster than conventional detection methods. Developed by researchers at Purdue University, the sensor,...
Algorithms Enhance Imaging Techniques for Breast Cancer Diagnosis
Tomosynthesis, a technique that can produce pseudo 3-D reconstructions, could top traditional mammography in breast cancer screening and detection, a recent study suggests. Researchers at Emory...
Laser treatment shows promise for skin cancer
The treatment of basal-cell carcinoma (BCC) with a new combination of lasers – pulsed dye and Nd:YAG – has yielded some good results, offering the potential for nonsurgical treatment. ...
Lens-Free Imaging Targets Metastatic Cancer Cells
Lens-free digital imaging could be key in earlier detection of the spread of highly aggressive cancer cells, greatly improving a patient’s chance of survival. European Research Council...

Conference to celebrate Raman
A number of renowned Raman spectroscopy researchers will gather June 12-13 in Cambridge, Mass., for RamanFest, which will take place at Harvard University’s Pfizer Auditorium in the Department...
Hologic Posts Earnings of $625M
Diagnostics firm Hologic Inc. saw its revenues increase 2 percent to $625 million in its second fiscal quarter, powered largely by its 3-D mammography technology. Breast health revenues grew...
Ametek to acquire Zygo Corp.
Ametek Inc. is poised to acquire Zygo Corp. for roughly $280 million. The deal was unanimously approved by Zygo’s board of directors but must still be approved by regulators and Zygo's...
PHOQUS to Focus on Cells and Disease
The European Commission (EU) has awarded nearly €4 million in funding for investigations on the relationships between cellular processes and disease. The EU has awarded the University of...
BSI, ICFO Technologies Study Photosynthesis
Studying photosynthesis at the single-molecule level could lay the groundwork for better understanding of quantum physics’ role in nature. Researchers from the Institute of Photonic...
European Organizations Join Forces on BabyLux Project
Several organizations from Italy, Spain, Germany and Denmark have come together with the common goal of reducing the risk of brain damage in premature babies from 25 to 20 percent. The BabyLux...
DTU Branches Out with New Laser Tech Company
The Technical University of Denmark (DTU) has branched out with the formation of Norlase, a new company specializing in a unique class of visible lasers. The diode lasers are based on...
OSA Optics Program Inspires Students
The Optical Society (OSA) Foundation is working to inspire a new generation of science lovers through its Optics Suitcase program. The program, demonstrated for middle school students this week...
Needle Microscope Wins SPIE Startup Challenge
A new needle microscope that will assist in breast cancer treatment has earned SPIE’s annual Startup Challenge. The “Microscope in a Needle” project, developed by a team from...
Photon Technology Joins Horiba Scientific
Horiba Scientific has acquired Photon Technology International (PTI) as part of its scientific segment. The move will expand Horiba’s presence in the biomedical field, as PTI is a leading...
Translational Imaging Center to Speed Drug Development
The Translational Imaging Center, set to begin operations in early spring, is an advanced-imaging resource for the drug development community described as the first of its kind. The center, a...
Assa Abloy Acquires Lumidigm
Assa Abloy AB has purchased Lumidigm Inc. of Albuquerque for an undisclosed sum. The acquisition will be accretive to earnings per share (EPS) from the start. Assa Abloy President and CEO Johan...

Insulation through imitation
When temperatures drop, we humans do our best Arctic animal impressions: We don the puffiest coats we can find, insulate our homes with thick mineral wool – even migrate. But we aren’t wild animals, and our bodies cannot insulate themselves enough to keep out the chill, so thousands of dollars are spent to heat our homes every winter. Maybe if we imitated the polar bear after actually...

OEM Monolithic Light Engine
PI-MAX4 emICCD cameras combine, for the first time, the advantages of intensifiers (i.e., ultrashort, subnanosecond exposure times) and the benefits of EMCCDs (i.e., linear gain and high quantum...
Acton Optics & Coatings
Radiation-Blocking Detectors
Cal Sensors has released a line of single-channel detectors that block radiation below 1.2 µm for applications including medical diagnostics, environmental gas analysis, fire detection, process...
Cal Sensors, Inc. (See Opto Diode Corporation)
Digital Light Processor
Texas Instruments has released the DLP4500NIR digital light processor for transmittance and reflectance spectroscopy applications in the food, pharmaceutical, and oil and gas industries. The...
Texas Instruments, Inc., DLP Products
Telecom Fibers
Fibercore has announced two new models in its telecom polarization-maintaining (PM) fiber range. The fibers are variants of the HB980T and HB1250T and are suitable for applications including PM...
Filtered Raman Probes
FiberTech Optica Inc. has released a series of internally filtered fiber optic Raman probes for biomedical, laboratory and industrial process control applications. The probes consist of a...
FiberTech Optica Inc.
Microjoule Laser
The BlueCut microjoule laser from Menlo Systems is suitable for industrial applications in materials processing, biotechnology, biomedicine and semiconductors. The device’s seeding...
Menlo Systems Inc.
Laser Scanner
The Fiber-Coupled Laser Scanner by Applied Scientific Instrumentation is a 2-D galvo unit designed for generating SPIM (selective plane illumination microscopy) light sheets. It is also suitable for...
Applied Scientific Instrumentation, Inc.
Femtosecond Laser
Spectra-Physics, a Newport company, has introduced the HighQ-2, an ultracompact fixed-wavelength femtosecond laser suitable for industrial and biomedical applications such as micro- and...
TAS Spectroscopy
The TAS (Transient Absorption Spectrometer) by Newport Corp. is suitable for studying the dynamics of a variety of samples. In conjunction with amplified femtosecond lasers, it can be used for...
Newport Corporation
Volume Integration Lenses
Edmund Optics Inc. has added f/11 and f/16 lenses with 16-, 25- and 35-mm focal lengths to its Techspec compact instrumentation imaging line. The lenses feature low lens-to-lens variation and a...
Edmund Optics, Inc.
Laser Speckle Reducer
The IQ7 laser speckle reducer from Power Technology Inc. reduces local interference and unwanted intensity patterns to improve laser imaging quality in machine vision applications such as beam...
Power Technology, Inc.
Microscopy Software
Leica Microsystems GmbH has released version 3.2 of LAS AF (Leica Application Suite Advanced Fluorescence), its proprietary software platform for wide-field and confocal microscopy systems for life...
Leica Microsystems GmbH
Phosphorescence Measurements
Horiba Scientific has launched long-pulsed LEDs for phosphorescence measurements from the deep-UV to the near-IR. Applications include those related to lanthanide luminescence, and protein or...
HORIBA Scientific
Scientific CMOS Camera
Hamamatsu Photonics has introduced the ORCA-Flash4.0 scientific CMOS camera. Featuring good quantum efficiency, low noise, high resolution and fast readout, it delivers better signal-to-noise...
Hamamatsu Photonics UK Ltd.

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