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BioPhotonics: August 2014

Light-Sheet Microscopy Advances Biological Study
Light-sheet microscopy is faster and less phototoxic than other fluorescence microscopy techniques, making it ideal for studying living organisms and the biological processes that take place within...
Dr. Orla Hanrahan, Andor Technology
Multispectral Quantitative Phase Imaging Captures Live Human Cells Quickly
Within biological systems, structural, chemical and functional information about a system of interest can be extracted from the wealth of spectral data available. This article focuses on the specific...
Dr. Eric V. Chandler and David E. Fish, Pixelteq Inc., Dr. Laura Waller, University of California, Berkeley
Streamlined Lasers Enable Lower-Cost Instruments than LEDs
A comprehensive analysis reveals that lasers provide both superior performance and lower total cost in comparison with LEDs for life sciences instrumentation. Biotech instrumentation...
Matthias Schulze and Wallace Latimer, Coherent Inc.
The Promise of Advanced Laser-Based Therapy
Medical lasers are making rapid progress in numerous new applications including drug delivery, oncology, gene therapy, nerve repair and dentistry. It started with mouse hairs. In 1967, Dr....
Valerie C. Coffey, Science Writer,

Good Ideas, New Uses
You just never know where the next good idea or powerful connection will come from. I came across this quote from Dr. Eric Betzig of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute’s Janelia Farm Research Campus while reviewing the pages that make up this issue of BioPhotonics: “We combined the descan concept from the ophthalmologists with the laser guide stars of the astronomers, and came up...
Karen A. Newman, Group Publisher,

FRET Shows Nanoparticles Biodegrade in Real Time
Using Förster resonance energy transfer (FRET) to chart the disintegration of nanoparticles in living tissue could aid the development of safe nanodrug-delivery methods. “Nanoparticles are made with very diverse designs and properties, but all of them need to be eventually eliminated from the body after they complete their task,” said Dr. Michael Chorny, a cardiology...
Microscopy Enables Detailed Insights into Mitochondria
A new microscopy technique combining confocal and two-photon excitation microscopy with in situ pharmacological and genetic manipulation has given researchers insight into how the nervous system...
Plasmonic Probes Help Quantify Breast Cancer Gene Segments
Hyperspectral imaging using plasmonic probes can ferret out a specific genetic telltale for breast cancer within individual cells, according to recent research from Purdue University. That...
Optogenetic Switch Now Works Both Ways: On and Off
Since the beginning of optogenetics, the technique has been more effective at switching neurons on than off — but not anymore. Almost a decade ago, Dr. Karl Deisseroth discovered...
Adaptive Optics Detect Early Diabetes Eye Damage
Vision loss is a threat for millions of those suffering from diabetes. The earlier it can be detected, the sooner and potentially more effectively it can be treated. Researchers from Indiana...
Hyperspectral Analysis Distinguishes Cells
Hyperspectral imaging (HSI) may soon expand its portfolio beyond mineralogy and food safety testing. Human embryonic stem cells can be analyzed using the new HSI-based technique. Images...
Technique Allows Whole-Brain Imaging with Single-Cell Resolution
Understanding the relationship between cellular phenomena and activity at the organism level has been difficult, particularly where the brain is concerned. Whole-brain imaging at single-cell...
Adaptive Optics Enhances Subcellular Imaging
A new adaptive optics approach sharpens microscope images for biologists studying the zebrafish. The technique rapidly corrects for distortions in transparent, nonscattering tissues at the...
Light-Activated Neurons May Restore Function to Paralyzed Muscles
There is optimism that a new technique could help paralyzed muscles move again using light. The technique, developed at University College London and King’s College London, could...
Studying Altitude Sickness with NIR Spectroscopy
Headaches are a common symptom of altitude sickness. But they may not have to be. Researchers from University Hospital Frankfurt have turned to NIR spectroscopy to study ailments associated...
Nanoballoons and Lasers: A New Cancer Fighter
Chemotherapeutic drugs have long held their own in the fight against cancer, but inefficiency in delivery and unwanted side effects continue to hinder the process. Now, a team from the...

Berkshire Life Sciences Center Nabs $9.7M Grant
Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick and the Massachusetts Life Sciences Center have approved a $9.7 million grant for construction of a 20,000-sq-ft Life Sciences Innovation Center in Pittsfield. Photo courtesy of Pittsfield Economic Development Authority. The MLSC award includes $7.7 million for building design and construction and $2 million for equipment, including cutting-edge tools for...
Hologic Posts Earnings of $625M
Hologic Inc. saw its revenues increase 2 percent to $625 million in its second fiscal quarter, powered largely by its 3-D mammography technology. Breast-health revenues grew 8.5 percent to...
FDA Approves Optiguide Flexible Fiber
Pinnacle Biologics was granted U.S. Food and Drug Administration premarket supplemental approval for its Optiguide DCYL700 Fiber Optic Diffuser Series flexible fiber. Courtesy of Concordia...
OSA Names New Executive Editor
Dr. Alison Taylor has joined The Optical Society (OSA) as executive editor. She will manage the organization’s journals, including the new Optica, Journal of the Optical Society of...
NIH Awards $1.4M Grant to Duquesne University
The National Institutes of Health’s National Cancer Institute has awarded a $1.4 million, five-year grant to Duquesne University’s biomedical engineering initiative to detect, capture and...
LumiThera Receives Grant of $250K
Clark Tedford of LumiThera has received a $250,000 grant to treat macular degeneration from the Life Sciences Discovery Fund (LSDF). Part of LSDF’s $1.25 million Proof of Concept program,...
G&H Joins PhiLumina to Expand Hyperspectral Options
Gooch & Housego and PhiLumina LLC have entered into a collaborative agreement expanding capabilities and offerings for hyperspectral imaging (HSI) applications. The agreement enables...
Thorlabs Expands Global Operation to Canada
Thorlabs has expanded its global operations with a new R&D and manufacturing site in Montreal. Thorlabs Canada ULC will focus on development and production of a range of passive fiber-based...
Iridex Sees Revenue Growth in Q1
Iridex Corp. boasted a 16 percent increase in revenues during the first quarter of 2014, though net income declined in part because of a one-time insurance gain in last year’s first quarter. ...
Molecular Spectroscopy Market Expected To Swell
The molecular spectroscopy market is expected to grow to $5.9 billion by 2018, according to the research firm MarketsandMarkets. The industry was valued at $4.3 billion in 2013, and is in a...
Opthalmology Diagnostics Market Set To Expand
The ophthalmology diagnostics and surgical devices market is poised to reach $40.4 billion by 2019, up from just over $26 billion in 2012. Transparency Market Research made the prediction in a...

Shining a Light on Pests
Bugs are more than just a nuisance. Many do substantial damage – and not just to our serenity. Insects, plant pathogens and weed pests destroy 40 percent of the world’s potential food production every year, despite approximately 3 million tons of pesticide and various nonchemical crop controls. If that isn’t enough, more than half the world’s population is at risk from...

Handheld Raman Analyzer
Offered by Rigaku Raman Technologies, Progeny is a next-generation handheld Raman analyzer that enables wider sampling capabilities by using reduced-fluorescence, high-resolution, high-sensitivity...
Rigaku Raman Technologies
UV Fiber Lasers
AMS Technologies has announced the PUFL series of UV fiber lasers, a line of 355-nm laser sources from Keopsys.. Based on the combination of a 1.0-µm fiber laser and a compact frequency...
AMS Technologies AG
Thermoelectric Coolers
Elite Thermal Engineering has introduced the OCP-300L thermoelectric cooling plate and HS-004L high-power heat sink for laboratory and OEM applications. The OCP-300L offers 300 W of...
Elite Thermal Engineering, LLC
Fiber-Coupled Laser Diode
Frankfurt Laser Company has introduced the FBLD-980-10-FC-HHL fiber-coupled, high-power laser diode for medical applications. The 976-nm diode with a green aiming beam delivers 10W output power...
Frankfurt Laser Company
Compact Objective Assemblies
Edmund Optics has introduced its line of TechSpec Compact Objective Assemblies, devices designed to reduce the weight and size of an imaging system while maintaining optical performance. ...
Edmund Optics, Inc.
Spectral Reflectometer
The SP2100 Spectral Reflectometer from Verity Instruments is designed for film thickness measurement of in-situ and inline applications. Consisting of a high-performance spectrometer and xenon...
Verity Instruments, Inc.
Green Laser Diodes
World Star Tech has released two green laser diodes with an optical output of 30 and 50 mW. Mounted in a 5.6-mm package, the PLT5-515 and PLT5-520 diodes have wavelengths of 515 to 520 nm....
World Star Technologies
Hybrid Fractional Laser
Sciton Inc.’s Halo, a hybrid fractional laser, applies tunable ablative and nonablative wavelengths in a single pass to maximize results and reduce downtime. Two functions provide...
Sciton, Inc.
Correlative Imaging
The Nikon ECLIPSE LV-N series optical microscope and the JEOL JSM-7000 series field emission scanning electron microscope work concurrently, allowing researchers to observe detailed structures at...
CMOS Sensor
TowerJazz and Gpixel Inc. have announced the release of Gpixel’s GMAX3005 150-MP full-frame CMOS image sensor, which uses TowerJazz’s TS18IS technology. The sensor is suitable for the...
Gpixel Inc.
Surgical Microscope
Carl Zeiss Meditec has unveiled the OPMI Lumera 700 and Rescan 700, surgical microscopes that feature integrated intraoperative OCT. Designed for ophthalmic surgeons, it provides visualization...
Carl Zeiss Meditec AG
Spectral Identification
KnowItAll ATR/IR ID Expert and Raman ID Expert software from Bio-Rad Laboratories Inc. uses IR and Raman spectroscopy to identify unknown compounds. The software, which accesses the...
Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc., Informatics Div.
Incremental Optical Encoder
Atom, Renishaw Inc.’s new noncontact optical linear and rotary incremental encoder, combines miniaturization with dirt immunity and signal stability for applications including laser scanning,...
Renishaw Inc.
X-Ray Detectors
Teledyne Dalsa has added two new models to its Shad-o-Box x-ray detector line, the 3K and 6K HS. The sensors are suitable for applications such as industrial x-ray inspection, scientific imaging and...
Teledyne DALSA, Machine Vision OEM Components
Ultrafast Amplifiers
Spectra-Physics, a Newport company, has added the Spitfire Ace regenerative amplifier and Spitfire Ace PA (power amplifier) to its ultrafast laser portfolio. These devices are suitable for...
Nonbrowning Zoom Lens
Resolve Optics Ltd.’s Model 192 nonbrowning 6× zoom lens operates in application areas subject to radiation, including medicine, academia, industry, agriculture, archaeology, food, space...
Resolve Optics Ltd.

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