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BioPhotonics: December 2007

Clipped to a Shark’s Fin, Collared to a Bear or Attached to a Crow’s Tail, Wildlife Cameras Come of Age
When the finishing touches were put on the first Crittercam 20 years ago, the device more or less resembled a camera. It did take pictures, and it was attached successfully to a loggerhead sea...
Michael A. Greenwood, News Editor
LEDs for Bioanalytical and Medical Instruments
The much-anticipated availability of LEDs for applications in biophotonics finally is manifesting itself in a new selection of more efficient, longer-lived illumination products. LEDs have long held...
Ben Standish, Bookham Inc.
New Directions in FRET
Förster resonance energy transfer (FRET) continues to provide researchers with a means to quantify protein-protein interactions and other molecular dynamics by labeling molecules with a donor and an...
Gary Boas, News Editor
AFM Reveals Biological Mechanisms
Some of the latest atomic force microscopy (AFM) research demonstrates that the technique can provide information about the molecular composition of protein complexes and can show how something as...
David L. Shenkenberg, Associate News Editor

Keeping their heads out of the sand
Fluorescent proteins found in nature have been used in a variety of scientific studies, in capacities including probes for testing environmental quality and markers for tracing molecules in biomedicine. Although the proteins have been found most commonly in jellyfish and corals, scientists at Scripps Institution of Oceanography in La Jolla, Calif., have encountered GFP inamphioxi, fishlike...
Ashley N. Paddock

OCT for detecting decompression sickness
Scuba divers, airplane pilots and people in submarines all can experience decompression sickness when their bodies are subjected to sudden, drastic changes in the surrounding air or water pressure. The condition can be fatal, but researchers led by Kirill Larin at the University of Houston are working to develop a system to diagnose it in a matter of seconds so that actions can be taken before...
Mouse embryo wins competition
Gloria Kwon from Sloan-Kettering Institute in New York recently won first place in the 2007 Nikon Small World Photomicrography competition. This image of a double transgenic mouse embryo at 18.5 days...
Novel probe provides enzymatic marker for brain disease
The enzyme 17β-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase type 10 (17β-HSD10) has several functions, such as the metabolism of fatty acids, amino acids and steroids. Furthermore, it seems to be...
Diffusion MRI shows that autistic children have increased brain gray matter
The inability to relate to people and life situations in an ordinary way, a characteristic of autistic children, may be the result of an abnormally functioning mirror neuron system, according to a...
Quantum yield of individual nanotubes determined
Single-walled carbon nanotubes have interesting optical properties, including fluorescence in the near-infrared range. Unfortunately, they tend to clump together during production, quenching their...

Hexapod positioners
A brochure titled “Hexapod 6-Axis Precision Parallel Kinematics Systems” is available from PI (Physik Instrumente) LP. Downloadable from the company’s Web site, the 20-page document presents a variety of standard and custom hexapod positioners and robots that feature submicron resolution and load capacities from 2 to 1000 kg. The standard hexapod designs range from servomotor-driven systems for...
Search engine
AnaSpec Inc. has added the Smart Search search engine to its Web site to provide improved access to its integrated proteomics solutions for life sciences research. Powered by the Nextopia server, the...
Genome sequencing
The 273-page book Genome Sequencing Technology and Algorithms describes advances in the field, including unconventional techniques that could lead to new biomedical applications. Written by pioneers...
Customer site
BioTek Instruments Inc. provides a Customer Resource Center on its Web site that enables registered customers to access information about their specific BioTek microplate instrumentation and...
Luminescent assays
Issue 19 of Cell Notes, a serial publication of Promega Corp., includes an article on the use of the CellTiter-Glo luminescent adenosine triphosphate-based assay to assess cell viability in primary...
Research portal
A supplier of technologies, tools and services for bioscience research and biopharmaceutical manufacturing, Millipore Corp. has unveiled an enhanced Web site. Powered by a robust search engine, the...
Tissue optics
The second edition of the book Tissue Optics: Light Scattering Methods and Instruments for Medical Diagnosis covers developments in the field that have occurred since 2000, particularly in the area...
Subcellular proteomics
An addition to the “Subcellular Biochemistry” series, the book Subcellular Proteomics: From Cell Deconstruction to System Reconstruction describes the various levels of subcellular organization and...
Medical imaging
Part of “Series in Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering,” the 336-page A Practical Approach to Medical Image Processing provides hands-on instruction in the skills needed to perform the...

Inverted microscope
Nikon Instruments Inc. has launched the Eclipse Ti-E motorized inverted research microscope with a fully integrated “perfect focus system” and high-speed motorization for improved live-cell imaging...
Nikon Instruments Inc.
CMOS cameras
Redshirt Imaging has introduced its NeuroCMOS series cameras for use in high- and medium-light-level measurements. All models have a well depth of 100 million e–, a 21-bit dynamic range, a 14-bit...
RedShirt Imaging, LLC
CCD camera
Available from QImaging, the Retiga-EXL CCD camera offers Lightwire 800, an optimized version of the IEEE-1394b protocol that provides 800 Mb/s bandwidth capacity and enables a readout of 15...
Water-immersion objective
For multiphoton imaging applications, Olympus America Inc. has unveiled a 25× water-immersion objective with a 1.05 NA. It offers a 27.5 field of view, a 35° angle available for patch clamping and...
Olympus America Inc., Microimaging
Microscope camera
Microcast HD, manufactured by Optronics, is a state-of-the-art true high-definition microscope camera that delivers 1080-pixel digital output at 60 fps at full resolution. Its embedded software...
Travel stages
BioPrecision2ex extended travel stages from Ludl Electronic Products Ltd. offer users the ability to scan large areas or multiple slides in a package that is compatible with many conventional...
Ludl Electronic Products Ltd.
Patch transducer
From PI (Physik Instrumente) LP, the P-876 DuraAct piezoelectric patch transducer can be used as a bender actuator that can be applied to curved surfaces and that allows high deflections of up to 0.8...
PI (Physik Instrumente) L.P., Piezo Nano Positioning
Protein characterization
The Calypso automated protein association and aggregation system from Wyatt Technology Corp. includes hardware and software for composition-gradient multiangle light-scattering measurements. Enabling...
Wyatt Technology Corp.
Protein microarray slides
Schott North America Inc.’s Nexterion Microarray Solutions group has launched a range of protein microarray slides for proteomic research, drug discovery and clinical diagnostics. Coated with...
SCHOTT North America, Inc., Microarray Solutions
Liquid dispenser
BioTek Instruments Inc. has launched the MicroFlo Select Dispenser, a device that delivers volumes from 0.001 to 10 ml to 1536 wells in 18 s using a peristaltic design. Users can dispense up to eight...
BioTek Instruments, Inc.
Phase stabilization
The Micra-CEP from Coherent Inc. is a system for generating carrier envelope phase (CEP) stabilized ultrafast laser pulses. The device combines a proprietary flexible and stable broadband ultrafast...
Coherent Inc.
Deformable mirrors
Alpao’s custom deformable mirrors are made of a continuous membrane that is deformed by a set of miniature voice-coil actuators. Large deformations are possible because there is no contact between...
Image acquisition
Andor Technology has released its iCam hardware and software technology to speed up its electron-multiplying CCD cameras for applications in live-cell microscopy. Offered as a standard feature for...
Andor Technology plc, Corporate Headquarters
Laser diode drivers
ILX Lightwave Corp. has introduced eight models of the LDX-36000 high-power laser diode drivers for testing laser diode bars, stacks and arrays. The devices deliver CW current output from 10 to 125 A...
ILX Lightwave Corp.
X-ray diffractometer
Rigaku Americas Corp. has unveiled the Ultima IV x-ray diffractometer, an instrument suitable for materials science and for semiconductor and nanotechnology research. The features include a...
Rigaku Americas Corp.
Extraction system
Available from Porvair Sciences Ltd., the MaxiLute 48-well solid-phase extraction (SPE) sample preparation microplate system is designed to bring the benefits of microplate technology to drug...
Porvair Sciences Ltd.
Mercury filters
Designed for isolation of individual lines of high-power mercury arc lamps, the MaxLamp family of mercury line filters from Semrock Inc. isolates the 365-nm i-line and 254-nm UV lines. The filters...
Semrock, Inc.
FTIR interferometer
Interspectrum OU has introduced the Interspec 407, a self-aligning modular Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) interferometer. With a wavelength range from 7000 to 400 cm–1 and spectral resolution of 4...
Interspectrum OU
Nucleic acid isolation
Norgen Biotek Corp. has launched the Urine exfoliated cell RNA and Urine exfoliated cell DNA purification kits for the isolation of RNA and DNA from exfoliated cells found in urine samples as small...
Norgen Biotek Corp.
T-cell kit
Invitrogen Corp. has released the Dynal Dynabeads Regulatory CD4+CD25+ T-cell kit for flow-compatible positive isolation of human regulatory T-cells. The tube-based technology provides 95% purity,...
Invitrogen Corp.
Heated platform
Warner Instruments Inc. has unveiled its CHS-1 heated platform base for disposable glass slides and chambered cover glasses. Featuring magnetic stainless steel around its perimeter, it can be used...
Warner Instruments, LLC
AnaSpec Inc.’s FRET substrate for rat renin is designed for drug discovery research. Because an overactive renin-angiotensin system leads to hypertension, renin is an attractive target for the...
Surgical microscope
Carl Zeiss Surgical GmbH’s Opmi Pentero C microscope for neurosurgery and spine surgery can be attached to the ceiling, and it can move automatically between working and storage positions at the push...
Carl Zeiss Meditec AG
Gel imaging
The Geliance 1000 imaging system from PerkinElmer Inc. captures white-light, fluorescence or chemiluminescence images of basic gels and 2-D protein gels, labeled with one or multiple colors. It...
PerkinElmer Life and Analytical Sciences, Inc.
The CellSurgeon nanodissection system from Rowiak GmbH can stimulate, deactivate, manipulate and ablate cell components. It can dissect entire cells, can create transient pores for transfection and...
LLS ROWIAK LaserLabSolutions GmbH
Linear focus actuator
Developed for optical positioning applications, the compact LFA-1012 linear focus actuator from Equipment Solutions Inc. offers a zero-translation tangential flexure for high-speed travel. It...
Equipment Solutions Inc.
Confocal scanner
The DCS-120 confocal scanning system from Becker & Hickl GmbH converts a conventional inverted microscope into a fluorescence lifetime imaging system. The system is based on picosecond diode...
Becker & Hickl GmbH
High-power detector
The 11PMK-W5 high-power detector from Standa Ltd. is available in models that offer maximum measurable power of 15 or 30 W and maximum average power (2 min) of 23 and 45 W, respectively. Its surface...
Parametric oscillators
Radiantis has introduced Opium, a synchronously pumped optical parametric oscillator that, when used with a Ti:sapphire oscillator, provides continuous tuning from 340 to 2500 nm. It produces...
Diode laser
Omicron has unveiled a temperature-controlled laser diode module with more than 1000 mW at 445 nm. An addition to the Bluephoton LDM series CW lasers, it measures 19 × 9 × 5 cm. It was developed for...
Omicron Laserage Laserprodukte GmbH
Bioinformatics software
The Mathworks has launched Bioinformatics Toolbox 3.0 for Matlab, which provides computational biologists and research scientists with enhanced functions for exploring ideas, prototyping algorithms,...
Math Works, Inc. (See MathWorks, one word)
Optical tables
Kinetic Systems Inc. has unveiled its vibration-damping Ultimate Performer 5300 series optical tables that offer maximum dynamic deflection coefficients of ≤0.3 (10)–3 and isolated relative...
Kinetic Systems, Inc.
Linear stages
The UZS80 vertical linear stages released by Newport Corp. achieve submicron resolution, and their low-profile inclined-plane design makes them suitable for space-limited X-Y-Z positioning...
Newport Corporation
Slide loader
The Revolution slide loader automates the digital imaging of microscopic specimens using a precision scanning stage and automated loading and unloading of samples. Available from Prior Scientific...
Prior Scientific, Inc.
Filter plates
The MultiScreen Solvinert filter plates from Millipore Corp. are optimized for drug discovery applications, including drug analysis, NCE cleavage from solid phase libraries, and sample preparation...
EMD Millipore
ICCD camera
Available from Stanford Photonics Inc., the XR/Mega-10Z photocathode intensified CCD (ICCD) camera platform for low-light imaging and detection combines quantum efficiency of typically 40% to 50% and...
Stanford Photonics, Inc.
X-ray software
The Genesis 5.2 x-ray microanalysis software from Edax Inc. includes the AutoShape automatic spectrum collection routine, which includes a free drawing capability. The routine enables users to select...
Nanopositioning stage
With the introduction of the ANT200/NUM, attocube systems AG has expanded its line of stable and compact nanopositioning stages. The linear horizontal stepper positioner has a 28-mm-diameter center...
attocube systems AG

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