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BioPhotonics: December 2015

Spectroscopy Can Head Off Food Safety Crises
Consumers expect that the food they purchase has been checked for potential health hazards. In today’s hyper-connected world, it’s becoming more important for a company to ensure the products it sends to market are safe, avoiding alarm and illness, both of which could cause irreparable harm to the company’s reputation. The food and agriculture industries face many...
Pushing Sensitivity to the Brink: Selecting the Right Imaging Technology for Your Application
Knowledge of the most common sensor technologies and camera housing properties, along with their pros and cons in the context of low-light life sciences applications, will give users a better...
An Illuminated State of Mind
In a small laboratory with very little equipment, psychiatrist, neuroscientist and professor Karl Deisseroth began a high-risk project to render individual neurons photosensitive. Despite facing a...

Optogenetics: Still a Hot Topic
Optogenetics has been getting a lot of press for several years now. An early mention of it as an emerging field came in a news story on dated Oct. 13, 2009, which was a report of a hot topics session at a recently wrapped Frontiers in Optics meeting. In July 2010, contributing editor Marie Freebody wrote a brief article on the emerging topic in this magazine. That same year,...

Broadband Laser Aimed at Cancer Detection
Mid-infrared (MIR) light is rich with molecular "fingerprint" information that can be used to detect substances from atmospheric pollutants to cancer cells. While some lasers already operate in...
By James F. Lowe, Web managing editor,
Tissue Scaffolding Made from Laser-Patterned Silk
Hydrogels made of silk protein have emerged as a promising platform for tissue engineering thanks to their transparency, which allows laser patterning deep below the material's surface. Silk...
Automated Biopsy Assessment Possible with SLIM
Spatial light interference microscopy (SLIM) might provide a quantitative way to diagnose breast cancer. Researchers at the University of Illinois recently used data-based SLIM assessment to...
Imaging of Nanoscale Pores Aids Drug Discovery
Drug discovery efforts may get a boost from an imaging technique based on superresolution microscopy and fluorescence correlation spectroscopy. Called fcsSOFI — for fluorescence...
Fluorescence Microscopy Probes Spinal Neuron Connections
Using two-photon fluorescence microscopy, researchers have gained new insight into how the spinal cord mediates commands from the brain to get the body moving. The findings could help identify...
Color-Changing Substance Detects Biological, Mechanical Problems
Responsive to a range of stimuli, a color-changing metallic substance could help detect problems as varied as mechanical strain and pollution. The material can be engineered to emit specific...
Light Moves Mirror for 3D Sensing
A laser system that includes a mirror moved by the force of light could enable the miniaturization of 3D sensors for driverless cars and bioimaging. The mirror, an ultrathin high-contrast...
Feedback Provides Better Optogenetics Control
Feedback control could give optogenetics the specificity it needs to fight neurological disorders like epilepsy, chronic pain and depression. Neural stimulation systems based on electrical...

Prior Scientific Changes Leadership
Prior Scientific Instruments Ltd. has made several changes to its executive leadership team. After seven years with the company, Dr. Monika Maintz is stepping down as managing director to...
LightPath Predicts Revenue Growth in 2016
Optical components producer LightPath Technologies Inc. predicts continued sales growth after executing a new global strategy in fiscal 2015. Revenue for the fiscal year, which ended June 30,...
EM Imaging Licenses Fluorescence Imaging Agent for Cancer Detection
Edinburgh Molecular Imaging Ltd. (EM Imaging) has signed an exclusive global license with GE Healthcare Ltd. and Dyax Inc. for development of a novel fluorescence imaging agent that could improve the...
Specim Nets €5.3M for Hyperspectral Imaging Expansion
Spectral Imaging Oy Ltd. (Specim) has received €5.3 million (about $5.9 million) in growth financing to expand into intelligent hyperspectral measurement. The venture capital financing is...
Opsens Separates Medical, Industrial Divisions
Fiber optic sensors developer Opsens Inc. of Quebec City is spinning off its industrial fiber sensors division. Opsens itself will continue to develop and market sensors used to diagnose and guide...
NIST to Evaluate Argolight Fluorescence Calibration Sources
Fluorescence technology from Argolight SA aimed at improving the reproducibility of optical microscopy measurements is set to undergo evaluation by the U.S. National Institute of Standards and...

Exploring the Essence of Shimmer
The shimmering iridescence on the petals of the Queen of the Night tulip is not only a delight to gardeners but also of interest to scientists. The deep purple tulip’s multicolored sparkle is an example of what researchers call structural color, that is, an optical effect produced by physical structure rather than chemical pigment. Tiny ridges in the petals of the flower split white light...

3× Zoom Lens
The MicroMate 3× zoom lens system from Navitar Inc. is designed to capture and process four times as much data compared to a traditional optical system. The system images onto a four-thirds...
Navitar, Inc.
Spectral Sensor
The Spark-DET-VIS from Ocean Optics delivers full spectral measurements over the visible wavelength range of 380 to 700 nm. The tiny sensor-only version weighs less than 1 g, making it suitable...
Ocean Optics, Inc.
Linear Stages
Prior Scientific Instruments Ltd. has announced the HLD117 series of linear stages for inverted research microscopes. The HLD117 stages float over a magnetic track, driving the X and Y stage...
Prior Scientific Instruments, Ltd.
Measurement Software
IC Measure software from The Imaging Source LLC enables on-screen measurement and image capture. The software gauges lengths, surfaces and angles, and provides image capture and enhancement...
The Imaging Source LLC
CMOS Camera
The pulse camera from Basler AG features optimization algorithms that improve image quality. The 60-g device is designed for applications in the medical, life sciences, traffic, transportation,...
Basler AG
Light Source
Suitable for both end users and OEMs, a dual-wavelength excitation light source from Siskiyou Corp. may be used in optongenetics and other life sciences applications. The IS-LEDc combines the...
Siskiyou Corp.
Video Camera
Shimadzu Scientific Instruments, part of Shimadzu Corp., has announced the Hyper Vision HPV-X2 high-speed video camera with the company's FTCMOS burst image sensor to increase photosensitivity. ...
Shimadzu Scientific Instruments, Inc.
Single-Photon Counter
Aurea Technology offers the PicoXea, a picosecond-resolution time correlated single-photon-counting analyzer. The device integrates a single-photon avalanche photodiode, picosecond pulsed laser...
AUREA Technology
LED Illuminator
Excelitas Technologies Corp. has announced the X-Cite TURBO LED illuminator for microscopy imaging and detection. The device includes the LaserLED Hybrid Drive, providing maximum excitation...
Excelitas Technologies Corp.
OCT Angiography System
Optovue Inc. has announced AngioAnalytics, an angiography quantification system for the detection of eye disease based on optical coherence tomography. The device quantifies the density of...
High-Speed Camera
The Fastcam Mini AX100 from Photron Inc. features 1024-pixel resolution and frame rates up to 4000 fps. At a reduced resolution, 540,000 fps is possible. Light sensitivity achieves ISO 40,000...
Photron USA, Inc.
Digital Cameras
Vision Research Inc. has announced expansion of its UHS series of 1-MP ultrahigh-speed cameras with the Phantom v2512, v2012, v1612 and v1212. The cameras use 1- and 2-TB CineMag IV flash...
Vision Research Inc., Phantom Digital High-Speed Cameras
FLIM Camera System
Designed for fluorescence lifetime imaging microscopy in the frequency domain, a camera system from PCO AG features a novel charge-swing sensor. The pco.flim offers 1008 × 1008...
FRAP Imaging Platform
A fluorescence recovery after photobleaching (FRAP) imaging platform from Olympus Europa SE & Co. KG provides accurate and flexible live-cell photomanipulation. The cellFRAP employs a...
Olympus Europa SE & Co. KG, Medical Systems & Micro-Imaging Solutions Group
Scanning Confocal Microscope
Offering quantitative live-cell imaging, Bruker Corp. has announced the Opterra II multipoint scanning confocal microscope. The instrument's low phototoxicity and photobleaching capabilities...
Bruker Nano Surfaces
Microscope Upgrade Kit
PicoQuant GmbH’s upgrade kit now supports the Zeiss LSM 880 confocal laser scanning microscope. The upgrade kit enhances the microscope's capabilities through the addition of...
PicoQuant GmbH
Measuring Microscopes
Titan Tool Supply Inc. has announced two high-magnification measuring microscopes with vernier micrometer heads for inspection of electronic and semiconductor components, metallurgical parts, plastic...
Titan Tool Supply, Inc.
Microscope Camera
Jenoptik Optical Systems GmbH has launched the Progres Gryphax Subra, a microscope camera for applications in quality assurance and control. The Subra represents the first model in a new...
JENOPTIK Optical Systems GmbH
Portable Raman Microscopes
BioTools’ new family of portable Raman microscopes bridges the gap between microscopy and spectroscopy. The Mobile μRaman (pictured) is designed for examining particles, liquids,...
BioTools, Inc.
Microscope Cameras
New tablet camera systems from Motic provide a dynamic imaging station that will preview, acquire, store, measure and communicate microscope images. Built on Android technology, the new line...
Motic Instruments Inc.

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