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BioPhotonics: November 2010

Cell Cultures in 3-D
Biologists have employed cell cultures since the middle of the past century, when they proved integral to the development of viral vaccines. For decades, cells were studied in essentially two-dimensional environments. The need for three-dimensional ones became apparent, however, with the advent of tissue engineering in the 1990s – 3-D cultures, of course, better replicated the in vivo...
Gary Boas, News Editor,
Sound and Light, Signifying Improved Imaging
Pure light is good for many bioimaging studies, but it has insurmountable limitations when it comes to scanning beneath the surface of the skin. Light in the near-IR range of about 2 to 3 µm...
Lynn Savage, Features Editor,
Active Illumination Microscopy for Live-Cell Imaging
Photobleaching and phototoxicity are unavoidable in fluorescence microscopy. The phenomenon of photobleaching occurs when, as a result of photo-induced modifications to the molecular structure, a...
Neil Anderson, Semrock Inc., and Kengyeh Chu and Jerome Mertz, Boston University
A Cut Above: Robotics in Surgery
What began as a prototype system for performing battlefield surgery under contract to the US Army now offers thousands of patients shorter hospital stays, less scarring and a faster return to...
For Medical Instruments, Going Small Pays Off Big
Size does indeed matter: For medical instruments, smaller often is better. The benefits can include greater capabilities, lower cost and better outcomes. In pulling off this trifecta, imaging plays...

“Robot Machines” and Medicine
A recent issue of my local newspaper carried a syndicated medical advice column in which a reader expressed concern about doctors communicating with patients via “robot machines” and asked, “What has the medical industry come to?” Well, I don’t have the understanding or the space to discuss the current state of the medical industry, but those troubling...

The “dark” side of XAS illuminates the electron-transfer process
A variety of techniques are used to probe biologically interesting molecules, but little is known about the way in which these molecules interact at the most basic level within aqueous solutions. Using x-ray absorption spectroscopy (XAS), however, a team of European researchers has found a way to reveal a more complete picture of the electron-transfer process. “The electronic...
Lynn Savage,
Laser-controlled bubbles bring a new approach to gene therapy
Ferrying genetic materials into cells is no easy task. It involves punching tiny holes into living cells without damaging or killing the cell itself or the surrounding tissue. Now, scientists at...
Marie Freebody,
OCT makes for a better angioplasty balloon
Coronary angioplasty is performed a million times a year in the US to help patients with clogged arteries relieve angina. A main component of the procedure is a balloon. Now, with the goal...
Charles T. Troy,
Hyperspectral imaging cuts time to pathogen identification
In the battle against the pathogens that lurk on the carcasses of the animals we eat, sometimes the most difficult task is identifying which tiny enemy you are fighting. Scientists at the US...
Lynn Savage,
Fluorogen-activating probes turn up the light
Fluorescence detection with genetically targeted probes has massively extended the range of questions that can be addressed by biological microscopy and cytometry. There are major shortfalls to...
Dr. Jörg Schwartz,

PACS market: What’s ahead
In the field of medical imaging, the global picture archiving communications system (PACS) market is expected to reach a value of $5.5 billion by 2016, experiencing a compound annual growth rate of...
Caren B. Les,
Mad City Labs Inc.
Mad City Labs Inc. of Madison, Wis., has appointed 4286%%Elliot Scientific Ltd. of Harpenden, UK, as the distributor of its products in the UK and Ireland. Mad City’s flexure-based...
Dalsa Corp.
Digital imaging and semiconductor provider Dalsa Corp. of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, announced that it has received an order for inspection equipment valued at more than $3 million for a new...
LightPath Technologies Inc.
In Orlando, Fla., optical components and assemblies manufacturer LightPath Technologies Inc. announced that sales of its precision molded aspheres and optical assemblies in China have more than...
Energetiq Technology Inc.
Ultrahigh-brightness light source manufacturer Energetiq Technology Inc. announced recently that it has built a clean manufacturing facility at its Woburn, Mass., location. The 800-sq-ft cleanroom...
Palomar Medical Technologies Inc.
Palomar Medical Technologies Inc. of Burlington, Mass., a developer of light-based systems for cosmetic treatments, announced that it would delay by a few months the launch of its patented home-use...
Oclaro Inc.
Oclaro Inc., an optical communications and laser products manufacturer, recently announced the opening of its new design center in Oro Valley, Ariz., near Tucson. Located in “Optics...
École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne
SPADnet (Fully Networked, Digital Components for Photon-starved Biomedical Imaging Systems) is a new collaborative research project funded by the European Union within the Information and...
University of Nebraska-Lincoln
The University of Nebraska-Lincoln has received nearly $2 million in federal stimulus funds from the National Science Foundation (NSF) for renovations to expand its high-power laser research...
Coherent Inc.
In Santa Clara, Calif., laser-based products maker Coherent Inc. announced the shipment of its 1000th Chameleon laser for multiphoton excitation microscopy. Key in bioimaging applications, the...
Lantos Technologies Inc.
In Massachusetts, Lantos Technologies Inc. of Cambridge has announced that it has closed on a $1.6 million deal to develop its 3-D ear canal imaging technology. Braintree-based Catalyst Health...
Rofin-Sinar Technologies Inc.
Industrial laser maker Rofin-Sinar Technologies Inc. of Plymouth, Mich., has acquired Switzerland-based 7971%%Lasag AG from The Swatch Group Ltd. for an undisclosed amount of cash. Lasag...

Reaching for robotic arm improvements
The bionic implants in The Six Million Dollar Man might not be a reality anytime soon, but a nearly $6 million neurophotonics center is working on it. And fiber optics could be the key to robotic arm prostheses that would make Steve Austin proud. Two-way fiber optic communication between prosthetic limbs and peripheral nerves – which could enable the operation of robotic hands,...
Laura S. Marshall,

Laser Module
Power Technology Inc. has designed the PNF, a laser module for use in 3-D profiling and imaging, dimensional scanning, high-speed road and rail inspection, web inspection, fluorescence and illumination. With its high-quality electronics, it can serve as a drop-in replacement for most existing machine vision lasers. Delivering 0.1 to 200 mW of output power at wavelengths from 375 to 2330 nm,...
Power Technology, Inc.
EMCCD Camera
Hamamatsu Photonics UK Ltd. has released its ImagEM 1K C9100-14, an electron-multiplying CCD camera that offers high-resolution, high-sensitivity and high-speed imaging. Because of its back-thinned...
Hamamatsu Photonics UK Ltd.
CCD Technology
Princeton Instruments has unveiled its eXcelon deep-depletion CCDs and cameras for low-light, near-infrared imaging and spectroscopy. Improvements over standard deep-depletion technology include...
Princeton Instruments
Inverted Microscope
The DMI6000 B inverted microscope with Adaptive Focus Control (AFC) for multidimensional imaging is available from Leica Microsystems GmbH. The fully automated AFC is based on the reflection of a...
Leica Microsystems GmbH
Diode Laser
Lumics GmbH has announced the release of a diode laser for solid-state and fiber laser pumping for thulium, erbium, neodymium and ytterbium. The LuOcean laser emits either continuous-wave or up to...
Lumics GmbH
Polarization Microscope
Carl Zeiss MicroImaging Inc. has introduced its Axio Lab.A1 microscope for use in polarization microscopy, student education and routine laboratory applications. The upright instrument suits...
Carl Zeiss Microscopy, LLC
Epifluorescence Optics Modules
For applications that require higher wavelength discrimination and improved signal-to-noise ratio, LabSmith Inc. designed its EPI epifluorescence optics modules for use with its SVM340 synchronous...
LabSmith, Inc.
Short-Pulse Lasers
Advanced Optical Technology Ltd. offers special versions of its ACE solid-state short-pulse electro-optical Q-switched Nd:YVO4 lasers operating beyond 100 kHz, the maximum of the standard range....
Advanced Optical Technology Ltd.
Irradiance Meter
Konica Minolta Sensing Americas Inc. has partnered with B&W Tek Inc. to introduce a low-cost option for LED characterization. The thermoelectrically cooled miniature mid-range spectral...
B&W Tek, Inc.
ASD Inc.’s FieldSpec HandHeld2 portable spectroradiometer for scientific and field spectroscopy applications is being used for crops and soil research; for forestry, ecology and plant...
PANalytical Boulder
Raman Source
Designed for use in medical technology, and in industrial and military applications, the LuxxMaster, a fiber-coupled Raman laser that is four times smaller than its previous models, has been...
Laser Components (UK) Ltd.
Disposable Cuvettes
The SpecVette disposable cuvettes manufactured by Aline Inc. feature a short path length and fit standard spectrometers. Available in path lengths of 250, 500 and 1000 μm, they exhibit UV...
ALine, Inc.
Research Microscope
The BX3, an upright research microscope system from Olympus Europa Holding GmbH, allows users to define their own working environments: from the microscope and imaging components to software work...
Olympus Europa SE & Co. KG, Medical Systems & Micro-Imaging Solutions Group
3-D Microscopy
The DIHM series from Resolution Optics offers particle counting and tracking in 3-D by collecting a set of 2-D holograms over time, then summing the set to provide information about movement and...
Resolution Optics Inc.
Optical Probe
Li-Cor Biosciences Inc. has added the IRDye 800CW HA optical probe to its BrightSite family of optical agents for in vivo imaging. Hyaluronic acid (HA) is an extracellular-matrix glycosaminoglycan...
LI-COR Biosciences, Biotechnology

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