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BioPhotonics: December 2008

Play It Safe With Medical Lasers
When lasers are introduced into a health care environment – whether a hospital, surgery center or physician’s office – professionals must be prepared to address safety issues concerning both the...
Vangie Dennis, Gwinnett Medical Center-Duluth, Duluth, Ga.
Photoacoustic Imaging Gets Dynamic
Photoacoustic imaging offers tremendous potential for both research and clinical applications because it draws on the advantages of both spectroscopy and ultrasound imaging. To date, researchers have...
Gary Boas, News Editor,
Biosensors That Protect and Serve
Between natural and man-made hazards, it’s a dangerous world out there. The good news is that, along with problems, people can provide solutions. Two recent examples show how researchers have turned...
Hank Hogan,
Functional Imaging & MRI
The National Cancer Institute estimated that 1,437,180 people would be diagnosed with cancer in 2008 and that 565,650 people would die of the disease. Cancer research is, of course, ongoing, and...
Gary Boas, News Editor

Sins of omission at CNN
What does it say about the integrity of global news media when a major news network cuts its entire science, technology and environment news staff? That’s precisely what CNN, the Cable News Network, did last month when it cut Miles O’Brien, its chief technology and environment correspondent, and six executive producers. In a report published by the Columbia Journalism Review (Mediabistro’s...
Diane Laurin

Contested images
Nikon recently announced the winners of its 2008 Small World Photomicrography Competition. Open to anyone with a camera and a microscope, the contest displays the fascinating world of objects that typically go unnoticed by most people. Many of the winning images were of biological entries, which is not surprising given how much interest there is in microscopic life and how much technical prowess...
Lynn Savage,

Chemical detection
CDEX Inc. has launched a redesigned Web site to provide information about its products and corporate mission. The technology development company manufactures and globally distributes advanced...
The 401-page volume Biomedical Vibrational Spectroscopy covers current spectroscopic applications suitable for routine use in cytology, histopathology and clinical chemistry; new spectroscopic...
Microplate selection
A specialist in microplates and microplate technology, Porvair Sciences Ltd. has released the two-page “Filter Bottom Microplate Application Guide.” Downloadable from the company Web site, the...
Image processing
The second edition of Biosignal and Medical Image Processing uses MATLAB examples and problems to provide readers with the knowledge needed to evaluate and apply a variety of signal and image...

Microscope camera
The PAXcam family of scientific-grade digital microscope cameras from Laser Physics UK Ltd. offers an easy-to-use interface and high-resolution image capturing, and it includes the company’s PAX-it image database software. Its standard C-mount connects easily to any metallograph, microscope or stereozoom microscope. It supports time-lapse image capture and is suitable for bright-field microscopy;...
Laser Physics UK Ltd.
Data analysis
BioTek Instruments Inc. offers parallel line analysis in version 1.06 of its Gen5 data analysis software. The software provides an interface to all of the company’s automated plate readers and is...
BioTek Instruments, Inc.
Image analysis software
Carl Zeiss MicroImaging has released its AxioVision 4.7 image analysis software for materials microscopy and life sciences applications. The software is suitable for capturing, archiving, processing,...
Carl Zeiss Microscopy, LLC
Microscope platforms
Warner Instruments has released the QE-1HC quick exchange heated/cooled microscope platform designed to work with its RC-40 quick change imaging chambers and all 35-mm cell culture dishes. The...
Warner Instruments, LLC
Crystal morphology
Heidolph Brinkann LLC is offering to chemists who study crystal morphology a new option for the Radleys Lara controlled laboratory reactor (CLR) system. The CLR platform now can incorporate a flat,...
Heidolph Brinkmann LLC
Power supply
Wall Industries Inc. has released the DTAM200 series AC/DC desktop power supply with 200-W output power for medical device applications. With an input range of 90 to 264 VAC and an output range from...
Wall Industries, Inc.
Bone image analysis
Carestream Molecular Imaging’s software module enables bone mineral density analysis of small animals and of in vitro specimens using multienergy digital x-ray imaging. The software has applications...
Carestream Health, Molecular Imaging
Tunable transponders
The Tunable SFF 10G 300PIN MSA transponders from Civcom Inc. are available in two models, using either a lithium niobate or an indium phosphide modulator. The instruments can be used with the...
Civcom D & S
Mini workstation
Spectronics Corp. has introduced the CM-10MP, a mini UV viewing workstation for life sciences applications requiring high-contrast fluorescence analysis. The workstation is made of molded high-impact...
Spectronics Corp.
Digital nephroscope
The Smith digital percutaneous nephroscope from Gyrus ACMI uses a fully integrated 1-mm distal CMOS imaging sensor and dual LEDs to decrease the number of components needed for the system. The device...
Gyrus ACMI
X-ray cameras
Andor Technology plc has announced the launch of its iKon-M x-ray cameras. Two versions are available: the DO, which interfaces with vacuum chambers, and the DY, a stand-alone model with a beryllium...
Andor Technology plc, Corporate Headquarters
DPSS laser
The Cobolt Jive 561-nm continuous-wave diode-pumped solid-state (DPSS) laser from Cobolt AB is now available with output power levels of up to 100 mW. The single-longitudinal-mode laser is built into...
Cobolt AB
Motorized lenses
Leutron Vision AG has added a motorized lens option to its PicSight modular cameras. The cameras can be fitted with a fully integrated socket enabling motorized lenses with C- or CS-mountings to be...
Leutron Vision AG
Electron source module
The X-FEG extreme field emission gun electron source module from FEI Co. has been added to the Titan family of scanning transmission electron microscopes (STEMs). The technology combines higher...
Acoustic enclosure
Herzan LLC has developed The Crypt, a large-scale acoustic enclosure for researchers using scanning probe or atomic force microscopy. With 8 sq ft of working area and an internal volume of 25.4 cubic...
Raltron Electronics Corp. has introduced the VSO9900A, a voltage-controlled surface acoustic wave device-based oscillator that offers low jitter at frequencies of 622.08 MHz or higher. It has...
Raltron Electronics
Hybridization kit
Agilent Technologies Inc. has released a labeling and hybridization kit that contains all the reagents and buffer needed to label and hybridize 24 miRNA microarray experiments. The kit is compatible...
Agilent Technologies, Inc.
Pulse generators
The 12000 series pulse/pattern generators released by Picosecond Pulse Labs Inc. offer programmable pulses and patterns, rise time, amplitude and duration. The instruments yield output to 40 V and...
Picosecond Pulse Labs
Microtube shaker
Boekel Scientific has introduced Groovin Tubes, a programmable benchtop microtube shaker/incubator that provides a speed of 250 to 1400 rpm and a temperature range of 5 to 100 °C. It offers stability...
Boekel Scientific
Fiber optic cables
Electro Standards Laboratories has released VersaLink, plastic optical fiber cables with versatile link connectors. Measuring 1 mm in diameter and available in standard and custom lengths, they come...
Electro Standards Laboratories
Stem cell service
Invitrogen Corp. has introduced its custom PD-Direct Bioprocess Services to support customers’ needs in the clinical cell therapy arena. Optimized for clinically compliant stem cell culture systems,...
Invitrogen Corp.
Energy sensors
The J-10MT-10KHZ, an addition to Coherent Inc.’s EnergyMax series laser energy sensors, enables measurement of very low energy pulses, down to the 100-nJ level. It delivers a single-pulse noise...
Coherent Inc.
In vivo imaging
Cambridge Research & Instrumentation Inc. has introduced an in vivo imaging system for live mice. The CRi Maestro EX system provides high sensitivity, autofluorescence removal from images and...
IR heater
The Eraser Co. Inc. has released Model HL2 Lux-therm, a portable high-intensity infrared heater that provides flameless radiant heat. It incorporates two clear 500-W tubular quartz heat lamps that...
Eraser Co., Inc.
Blotting system
The MPX (Multiplex) Blotting System from Li-Cor Biosciences is an accessory for the company’s Quantitative Western Blotting product line. The system can be incorporated into assays including primary...
LI-COR Biosciences, Biotechnology
Whole-hand sensor
Lumidigm Inc. has expanded its multispectral technology to the capture of multiple characteristics of the hand. The technology does not require complete contact with the platen to capture images in...
Lumidigm Inc.
Enhanced software
Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. has introduced software features that enhance the CyberReady capabilities of its K-Alpha X-Ray Photoelectron Spectrometer. The features are designed to enhance data...
Thermo Fisher Scientific, Molecular Spectroscopy
Radiochemical compounds
PerkinElmer Inc. has expanded its 125I-iodinated radiochemical ligand product line by adding 26 new labeled compounds. The radioligands enable scientists to characterize membrane receptors for...
PerkinElmer Life and Analytical Sciences, Inc.
Particle vision
Fluid Imaging Technologies Inc. has introduced the FlowCAM particle vision instrumentation, which takes high-resolution, full-color digital images of particles and cells with clarity, permitting the...
Fluid Imaging Technologies, Inc.
Culture medium
Millipore Corp. has released the Epidermal Keratinocyte liquid cell culture medium for generating three-dimensional in vivolike epidermal keratinocyte models on a porous membrane. The fully defined,...
EMD Millipore
Multimode laser diode
RPMC Lasers Inc. is offering the latest members of the LDX family of multimode laser diodes, which emit at 1120, 1460 and 1550 nm. The latter two produce output powers of 3 or 6 W from a 95-μm...
RPMC Lasers Inc.
Heater solution
JPK Instruments AG has unveiled a petri dish heater solution for live-cell imaging. Measurement techniques may be applied at temperatures up to 60 °C with 0.1 °C precision. Compatible with the...
JPK Instruments AG
Titration system
Mettler Toledo Inc. has released the Titration compact line for Karl Fischer titrators, which determine water content within minutes. The system features a touch screen user interface and a...
Mettler-Toledo AutoChem, Inc.
Harvard Apparatus has announced the release of its updated Model 683 ventilator. The device, which offers a respiratory rate adjustable from 18 to 250 strokes per minute and can accommodate tidal...
Harvard Apparatus
Dispensing workstation
The Powdernium workstation for automated powder dispensing has been released by Symyx Technologies Europe SA. Depending upon the platform, the system offers 80 to 320 dispensing heads in 10-, 25- and...
Symyx Technologies Europe SA

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