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BioPhotonics: September 2015

Using QCLs for MIR-Based Spectral Imaging — Applications in Tissue Pathology
H. Sreedhar*1, V. Varma*2, A. Graham3, Z. Richards1, F. Gambacorata4, A. Bhatt1, P. Nguyen1, K. Meinke1, L. Nonn1, G. Guzman1, E. Fotheringham5, M. Weida5, D. Arnone5, B. Mohar5, J. Rowlette5 ...
Michael Walsh, University of Illinois at Chicago; Matthew Barre & Benjamin Bird, Daylight Solutions
Multiwavelength TIRF Microscopy Enables Insight into Actin Filaments
TIRF microscopy provides a unique method of imaging isolated molecules and complexes in vitro. Additionally, the use of sensitive, low-noise cameras enables researchers to study this behavior in real...
Dan Callen, Coherent Inc.
Supercontinuum Sources Enhance UHR-OCT Methods
OCT is a noninvasive imaging technique. In contrast to high-resolution optical microscopy — an invaluable tool for a wide range of applications but one that only permits surface-level or...
Thomas Feuchter, NKT Photonics A/S
Sterilization Effects on Optical Fibers for Clinical Use
The use of optical fiber and fiber optic sensors within the medical world is increasing. These optical fibers and fiber optic-based sensors are ideally suited for a broad range of invasive and...
Andrei A. Stolov, OFS Fitel LLC

Photonics – Forever Relevant in Biological Applications
Photonic technologies for biological applications — whether they’re currently in development, in trial or already in active use — are advancing at a mind-blowing pace. Given the sheer momentum the biophotonics industry has gained, it’s highly unlikely that this sector will ever obey the laws of inertia. If anything, its velocity is more likely to speed up, both in terms of...
Rodd M. Pedrotti, BioPhotonics Editor,

Lasers Transform Drug into More Useful Form
Exposure to laser light may make one type of anti-inflammatory drug more effective. Researchers at Osaka University used lasers to induce selective crystallization of the metastable form of indomethacin. The exposed drug remains in that form for up to eight months in air at room temperature. Previous research achieved metastability for less than a day. Active pharmaceutical...
Microlasers Track Cells from the Inside
Embedded microlasers could allow scientists to track and distinguish between large numbers of cells simultaneously. Two laboratories have published results independently, each showing that...
Fluorescent Mesh Aids Tissue Regrowth
Polymer fibers provide a mesh for tissue growth that can be monitored through near-infrared fluorescence imaging. Originally developed for solar cells, the material, called TQ1, exhibits...
Selective Laser Micromelting Creates Medical Implants
Selective laser micromelting enables processing of new materials that could be useful in medical implants. An electrode head coated with platinum-iridium using selective laser micromelting....
Cutting-Edge Multispectral Microscope Aims to Advance Drug Research
A new multispectral device is said to have produced the largest microscope image ever, combining 13 color channels gathered by thousands of microlenses into a nearly 17-gigapixel picture. Able...
Blue LEDs Could Help Preserve Certain Refrigerated Foods
Blue light may be the key to keeping chemical preservatives out of certain food products. A team of scientists from the National University of Singapore has found that blue LEDs have strong...
Identification of Ion Channel Mechanics Yields Optogenetic Insights
Researchers at the University of California, Santa Cruz, have identified the molecular mechanism involved in the light-induced activation of channelrhodopsins — a discovery that could help...
Boron Compounds Employed to Create OLEDs
Chemists at Goethe University Frankfurt have developed a new class of organic luminescent materials through the targeted introduction of boron atoms into graphene. The compounds exhibit an intense...
Graphene Confines Light for Nanomolecular Sensing
A plasmonic sensor made of graphene can conduct complex analyses of the smallest molecules without altering them. The device overcomes a limitation of traditional IR absorption spectroscopy,...
Light-Activated Technique to Improve, Refine Chemotherapy Treatments
A new technique that uses light to activate chemotherapy drugs in specific cells shows promise as a way to improve the effectiveness of cancer therapies while preventing severe side effects. By...
Spectrometer Aims at Disease Detection via Breath Analysis
An IR frequency comb spectrometer could help clinicians detect diabetes, infections and cancers by analyzing the air patients exhale. The system uses a commercial frequency comb,...
Microscopy Platform Enables Ultrastable Measurements
Stable enough to track the movements of individual molecules over many hours, a new measurement platform for microscopes could enable a deeper understanding of subcellular processes. The...
Optical Cavity Allows for Measurement of Nanosystems
A new type of microscope uses an optical cavity to enhance image signals dramatically and enable detailed measurements of the structure and movements of individual nanoparticles. The technique...

Optical Glucose Sensor on the Road to Commercialization
A University of Leeds spin-off company is seeking to commercialize an optical glucose sensor that could make finger-prick blood tests unnecessary for people with diabetes. Glucosense Diagnostics Ltd. intends to make tabletop and wearable versions of the device, currently in clinical trials. The sensor uses a nanoengineered silica chip with an active layer of ions that fluoresce when...
SemiNex Expands IR Laser Diode Production Facility
SemiNex Corp. has more than tripled its laboratory, manufacturing and cleanroom space within its existing location. Citing significant increases in production orders, the company said it had...
Special Optics Purchases Manufacturing Facility
Special Optics has purchased a 25,000-square-foot facility in Denville, N.J., to grow its business in femtosecond laser optical systems for eye surgery and custom high-numerical-aperture microscope...
Continuously Disinfecting Light Fixtures to be Marketed in the US
Designed to continuously disinfect the air and surfaces in hospitals, a new line of light fixtures is about to hit the U.S. market. Developed at the University of Strathclyde in the U.K. and...
NKT Photonics Licenses Fiber Laser Technology to Fraunhofer IOF
The Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Optics and Precision Engineering (IOF) in Jena has licensed photonic crystal fiber (PCF) technology from NKT Photonics AS of Birkerød, Denmark. NKT...

Rain Forest Greenery Reveals Chemical Mosaic
To help scientists investigate and monitor the health of the world’s rain forests, the Carnegie Airborne Observatory (CAO) represents a high-tech and vital resource. Global ecologist Greg Asner and his team from the Carnegie Institution for Science, based in Washington, D.C., recently used the aircraft laboratory to create high-resolution maps of the complex chemical variation of the rain...

CCD Cameras
QImaging (part of Roper Industries Inc.) has announced the QI OEM camera platform, designed to enhance instrument sensitivity and throughput with superior linearity, range and image quality. ...
Microscope Heating System
A multiwell heating system from ibidi GmbH creates in vivo-like cell conditions on K-frame microscopy stages. A heated top plate prevents condensation from forming on the microscopy plate lid....
ibidi GmbH
Microscope Upgrade Kit
PicoQuant GmbH’s upgrade kit now supports the Zeiss LSM 880 confocal laser scanning microscope. The upgrade kit enhances the microscope's capabilities through the addition of...
PicoQuant GmbH
Piezoconcept SARL has introduced a line of single- and multiaxis piezostages for nanopositioning. One of the new stages, the Hybrid System, provides an integrated positioning system for use...
Microplate Reader
BioTek Instruments Inc. has announced the Synergy Neo2 multimode microplate reader. The device's independent optical paths ensure uncompromised performance. Continuously variable bandwidth...
BioTek Instruments, Inc.
Broadband Filters
Supporting brilliant violet and UV dyes, three new broadband filter sets from Semrock Inc. allow microscopists to visualize molecules of small quantities or low expression within the cell. The...
Semrock, Inc.
Blue Laser Modules
The Flexpoint laser-module series from Laser Components USA Inc. now includes dot and line lasers emitting at 488 nm. Depending on the beam profile, output power is up to 40 mW. Due to the...
Laser Components USA, Inc.
Solid-State Lasers
Excelitas Technologies Corp. has announced new wavelengths for its iFlex-Iris laser series. The devices are now available in solid-state wavelengths of 505, 532, 561 and 594 nm. All iFlex-Iris...
Excelitas Technologies Corp.

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