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EuroPhotonics: June 2014

Moving Raman Spectroscopy into the Clinic
Raman spectroscopy’s molecular sensitivity makes it promising for clinical applications: It can identify pathogens much faster than current methods, investigate circulating tumor cells, help surgeons distinguish tumors from healthy tissue and identify the chemical nature of cardiovascular plaques and evaluate their severity. Today’s aging population presents a great challenge:...
Thomas Mayerhöfer,1 Christoph Krafft,1 Ute Neugebauer1,2 and Jürgen Popp1,2,3
1Leibniz Institute of Photonic Technologies
2Center for Sepsis Control and Care, University Hospital Jena
3Institute of Physical Chemistry, Friedrich Schiller University
Next-Gen LED Lamps Bring Costs Down
LEDs top almost every other illuminant in lifetime and performance, but – unfortunately – also in production costs. This is where molded interconnect devices come in, offering...
Dr. Barbara Stumpp, Freelance Science Writer
Optodigital Microscopy Enhances Efficiency of Material Testing
Automated microscopes can help speed up the industrial quality-control process, saving time and money. Time is money when it comes to industrial work flows, and efficiency is a key priority....
Heinz-Jürgen Zamzow, Science Journalist

Theory to Application: Photonics in Action
The subject matter of the many reports and articles in this issue ranges from how to more efficiently produce LED lamps to make them more attractive to consumers to producing nanolasers from imperfect nanostructures; and from fabricating nanosensors on CDs for use in bio sample studies, to incorporating a photoswitchable molecule into an antibiotic and using light to control the drug’s...
Karen A. Newman, Group Publisher,

Elusive Solar Light-Trapping Limit Nearly Reached
The theoretical limit of light-trapping in solar cells has eluded researchers for decades. But a group from Delft University of Technology (TU Delft) has come closer to it than anyone else. The researchers, members of TU Delft’s Photovoltaic Materials and Devices (PVMD) group, have experimentally demonstrated the theoretical limit of the enhancement of light absorption using an...

Invest in Photonics to return in October
Invest in Photonics, a two-day international business convention focused exclusively on photonics-related venture capital investment, is set to return to Bordeaux, France, on Oct. 9 and 10. The...
Wilmot to Head Andor Technology
Andor Technology plc has promoted Gary Wilmot to the position of managing director. He replaces CEO Conor Walsh, who will step down May 1 after 12 years with the company. Wilmot joined the...
Collaboration Creates Smaller Chip Features
A collaborative research agreement between Zeiss’ Semiconductor Manufacturing Technology business group and the Institut für Mikroelektronik Stuttgart (IMS CHIPS) has resulted in smaller...
FBGS, 4DSP Enter Strategic Partnership
FBGS and 4DSP have joined forces to enhance the field of fiber optic sensing technology. 4DSP’s fiber optic sensing system will complement FBGS’ all grating fiber technology,...
IMRA, Jenoptik Enter License Agreement
IMRA America and Jenoptik Laser have entered into a license agreement on a patent family held by IMRA that includes a method for “controlling configuration of laser induced breakdown and...
Combining Technologies Creates Ultrathin Light Detectors
A first-ever combination of technologies has resulted in the creation of an extremely thin light detector. By integrating metamaterials and quantum cascade structures, a team from the Vienna...
Switching an Antibiotic On and Off with Light
Soon antibiotics may be switched on and off as readily as a light bulb, treating localized infections and potentially even cancer in the process. A team from the Karlsruhe Institute of...
Day of Photonics Set For Oct. 21
The annual Day of Photonics will take place Oct. 21, offering the general public a look at the opportunities the industry offers. Organized by the European Photonics Industry Consortium (EPIC)...
Inevitable Imperfection Produces Nanolaser
Nanostructures are imperfect, so it has been impossible thus far to develop optical chips that can control light. But now such imperfection is now proving perfect for a whole new set of uses. A...
Optoscribe Expanding into New Facility
Heriot-Watt University spinout Optoscribe Ltd., a global supplier of 3-D waveguide technology for optical communications, has announced plans to move to a larger facility. “The expansion...
SPIE Names 2014 Award Winners
SPIE has announced its 2014 award recipients, who are being honored for their outstanding achievements in the industry. And the winners are: SPIE Gold Medal Award: James Harrington of...
Nanosensors on CDs Simplify Bio Sample Study
CD players have been overshadowed by MP3 files in the entertainment world, but in the biology lab, they could be the wave of the future.   A team from Spain has developed a technique for...
Christian Schmitz Named SPI CEO
Dr. Christian Schmitz has taken the reins at SPI Lasers as the company’s new CEO. Schmitz is the former chief technical officer of Trumpf, which acquired SPI in 2008. An official at...
Michelson Awarded €2.26 Million OCT Grant
The European Union has awarded Michelson Diagnostics a €2.26 million Seventh Framework Programme grant to enhance the company’s OCT technology and research. The grant will further...
Neaspec Now Part of Attocube Systems
Attocube Systems AG has acquired Neaspec GmbH, combining two well-established innovators in the fields of nanotechnology and microscopy. The purchase includes Neaspec’s scanning...
GoPhoton! Brings Photonics to the Masses
While photonics enables so many aspects of our daily lives, it remains an unknown science for many. A new outreach project intends to change that and make photonics a household word. GoPhoton!,...

Uncovering a 50-million-year-old mystery
When prehistoric organisms conspire with time and sediment to preserve a piece of nature’s skeleton, it’s something to gawk at: Fossils are lifted from their thousand-, million- or even billion-year respites to meet the public’s observing eyes and the investigative techniques of scientists. And although plants’ chemistry can be preserved over hundreds of millions of years,...

SWIR Camera
Allied Vision Technologies’ all-new Goldeye short-wave infrared camera (SWIR) provides best-in-class image quality through its compact, fan-less design, full 14-bit low-noise imaging and...
Allied Vision Technologies GmbH
Optical Sensing Fibers
The SMW-01 and SMT-01 optical sensing fibers from FBGS Technologies offer long-term structural-health monitoring and preproduction testing for large, intricate composites at multiple sensing points...
Fiber Laser
Menlo Systems has released Elmo, a compact fiber laser based on Figure 9 technology. The mode-locking device offers high reproducibility, long-term operation, stability, an all-fiber design and...
Menlo Systems Inc.
Laser Characterization
SpectraResolver, laser characterization software from Resolution Spectra Systems, combines spectrum analyzer capabilities with the functions of a multiwavelength meter. The software detects all...
RESOLUTION Spectra Systems
Raman Imaging
Renishaw plc’s StreamLineHR Rapide is an ultrafast mapping option for its inVia Raman microscopes. Enabled through combined changes to the company’s WiRE software and inVia hardware...
Renishaw plc, Spectroscopy Products Div.
IR Emitter
Laser Components has added a smaller chip, the DLSxxxX080, to its “diamondlike source” series pulsable IR emitters. At 250 mW, its power consumption is less than 1/3 that of the...
Laser Components GmbH
Heat Exchangers
Marlow Industries Europe GmbH has released the Climatherm range of air-to-air heat exchangers for increased heat power transfer and thermal management. Using thermoelectrics and ducted air...
Marlow Industries Europe GmbH
Night-Driving Systems
Senso Optics has introduced SensoDrive and SensoDrive-P, panoramic night-driving systems for vehicles, armored personnel carriers (APCs) and tanks used in military operations. SensoDrive, a...
Senso Optics
Multicore Fiber Fan-Out
Optoscribe has added an eight-channel multicore fiber fan-out device to its 3D Optofan series for high-speed telecommunications. Users can customize the configuration to suit multicore fiber...
Optoscribe Ltd.
Excimer Laser Stepper
Suss MicroTec has launched the ELP300 Gen2, an excimer laser stepper that enables the creation of smaller via sizes (<5 µm) and decreased via pitch for advanced packaging and 3-D processing...
SUSS MicroTec AG
Metallic-Coated Mirrors
Cylindrical concave metallic-coated mirrors by Altechna serve as reflectors in the broadband spectral range, focusing light to a thin line without chromatic aberration for applications such as beam...
Altechna, UAB
POF Strain Sensor
AMS Technologies has announced a polymer optical fiber (POF) based strain sensor for applications including wind turbine blade load management and structural health monitoring. Based on a...
AMS Technologies AG
Sensing Fiber
OFS has added the GyroSil Rad-Hard PM optical fiber to its line of sensing fibers for gyroscopes.  Designed to perform in radiation environments, it has an 80-µm outside diameter cladding...
Spun Fibers
Fibercore Ltd. has released two new spun fiber products suitable for use in polarimetric sensors, including AC and DC fiber optic current transformers for electrical power generation and...

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