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EuroPhotonics: December 2009

Old School Versus New in Optical Topology Testing
For the past 100 years or so, makers of optical components have relied on Fizeau interferometers to check surface quality. These devices have allowed manufacturers to detect defects via deviations from regular fringe patterns. However, Fizeau interferometers require very accurate references, which must be tailored for each surface type. Twyman-Green interferometers, however, sidestep this...
Jörg Schwartz, European Correspondent,

Villa Solar Set for June in Madrid
At a time when several European countries are proposing cuts to feed-in tariffs, known in the past as a great motivator for the solar industry, cutting-edge research and innovation in sustainable development and renewable energy are ramping up for a showcase at the Solar Decathlon Europe, which will take place in Madrid. The Solar Decathlon, jointly sponsored by the Spanish Ministry of Housing...
Anne L. Fischer,

Butterfly wings could lead to new optics
New optical technologies are taking flight, thanks to a technique that can replicate butterfly wings. The manner in which these wings are formed, and their properties of luminosity, could help researchers develop light-emitting devices with enhanced properties or antireflection coverings that increase light absorption in solar cells. Through a microscope, a butterfly’s wing shows...
Amanda D. Francoeur,
Faster repetition gives comb teeth you can see
Frequency combs have been the basis for a Nobel Prize, but their “teeth” have never been visible – until now. Thanks to recent advances in laser technology, researchers at the...
Hank Hogan,
Affordable x-ray source shrinks to fit
A tunable x-ray source hundreds of times smaller than a conventional synchrotron has been successfully demonstrated by an international team of researchers at Max Planck Institute of Quantum Optics....
Marie Freebody,
Inspecting hot steel in a new light
Inspecting hot steel as it rolls off a manufacturing line can present a difficult problem for machine vision systems. For one thing, the steel glows, making surface imperfections hard to see. For...
Hank Hogan,
Light offers read-and-write access to brain cells
A new set of methods allows experimental interaction with biological systems composed of many interacting cell types, such as neural circuits in the brain. Researchers at the University of Oxford...
Jörg Schwartz,
Clever cars get color cameras
In a move that is reminiscent of the 1980s hit series Knight Rider, researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute for Microelectronic Circuits and Systems IMS in Duisburg have developed a process that will...
Krista D. Zanolli,
Molecules in motion
Moving and then trapping freely dispersed molecules can be a challenging process, especially if they are suspended in liquid. To lessen the difficulty, a novel method has been developed using...
Amanda D. Francoeur,

Optical Vector Analyzer
Luna Technologies has added the OVA 5000 for optical network measurement to its Optical Vector Analyzer platform product line. The device, used for loss, dispersion and polarization measurements of optical networking equipment, has a small footprint and provides single-measurement, all-parameter analysis of fiber optic components and assemblies up to 150 m long. It performs full C- and L-band...
Luna Technologies
Nikon Instruments Europe has added the SMZ745T trinocular stereomicroscope to its stereo zoom microscope product line. It offers a 7.5× zoom, a built-in camera port and a 115-mm working...
Nikon Instruments Europe BV
8-Megapixel Camera
SVS-Vistek GmbH’s svs8050 8-megapixel camera with a 2-Gb interface is now available for print and printed circuit board inspection, optical metrology and semiconductor industry applications....
Color Cameras
The AT-140CL and AT-200CL represent the latest generation of JAI Inc.’s three-CCD progressive-scan color camera series. They offer a patented prism block process that ensures alignment to...
JAI, Inc.
Laser Optics
Jenoptik’s Lasers and Material Processing Div. and its company Innovavent GmbH have released the Innovavent Volcano laser optics module with a uniform 200-mm laser line for solar cell annealing...
JENOPTIK Lasers & Material Processing
Abatement System
Edwards Ltd. has unveiled the Spectra ZW abatement system for solar cell and flat panel manufacturing. The compact instrument, which includes an integrated wet scrubbing system, provides particulate...
Edwards Ltd.
Two-Bar Laser Modules
Fiber-coupled two-bar laser modules with a compact footprint and a convenient aiming beam have been announced by Dilas. The devices deliver 808 and 976 nm at 80-W output power and 1550 nm at 30 W...
DILAS Diode Laser, Inc.
GRIN Rod Lenses
Edmund Optics Inc.’s gradient index (GRIN) rod lenses feature plane optical surfaces and achieve focus using a continuous change of the refractive index within the lens material. The lenses...
Edmund Optics, Inc.
Smart Camera
FiberVision GmbH has launched the Nano-smart-PoE (Power over Ethernet), a smart camera based on the single board camera VCSBC4012 nano from Vision Components. Interfaces are provided using either an...
FiberVision GmbH
Electron Microscope
Carl Zeiss SMT AG has introduced its line of corrected Libra 200 transmission electron microscopes (TEMs). Two configurations are now available – the CS TEM and the STEM (scanning TEM). Based...
Slide Scanners
The NanoZoomer 2.0 series slide scanners from Hamamatsu Corp. can convert a 20 × 20-mm area on a glass slide into a 1.9-gigapixel color image in less than 2 min. The virtual slides can be...
Hamamatsu Corporation
Vibration Isolation
Kinetic Systems Inc.’s ergonomic low-profile-format (ELpF) portable benchtop vibration isolation system is suitable for vibration isolation of sensitive devices, including atomic force...
Kinetic Systems, Inc.
Diode Laser
Lissotschenko Mikrooptik (Limo) GmbH has expanded its portfolio of compact and fully equipped diode lasers at 1470 nm. The two standard versions deliver output power of 12 and 25 W, and customized...
LIMO Lissotschenko Mikrooptik GmbH
LED Diagnostics
The Master4Light mobile control unit from Majantys is for characterizing LEDs in various conditions. Measuring 48 × 36 × 20 cm, it integrates an adjustable source generator with...
Laser Engraving
The Xbase fume extractor and stainless steel work base for laser engraving is available from Purex International Ltd. The device removes hazardous fumes with automatic electronic flow-controlled...
Purex International Ltd.
High-Sensitivity Cameras
Dalsa Corp. has extended its Falcon line of high-performance cameras with the introduction of three models suitable for use in applications including electronics and semiconductor inspection, and...
Teledyne DALSA, European Sales Office
Point Sensor
STIL SA has added the CCS Prima 4 to its family of CCS “point” sensors for noncontact metrology. This version, with four multiplexed channels, allows users to commute instantaneously from...
Near-Infrared Camera
The VC4067/NIR camera from Vision Components GmbH is an imaging system for security tasks, including nighttime perimeter protection and access control. With an integrated high-performance processor,...
Vision Components GmbH
Solar Measurement
Avantes BV has released two cosine correctors for solar measurement applications. The CC-UV/VIS/NIR-8MM has an 8-mm active area, while the CC-UV/VIS/NIR-5.0 offers a 5° angular field of view. The...
Avantes BV
Feedback Controlyzer
Toptica Photonics AG has announced the DigiLock 110 controlyzer, a digital solution for laser stabilization that can be used to computer control and analyze lasers digitally. The newest software...
TOPTICA Photonics AG
Optical Amplifier
The R-SOA-EAM-1550 from CIP Technologies monolithically integrates a semiconductor optical amplifier with a reflective electroabsorption modulator to combine high optical gain with high-speed...
CIP Technologies -acquired by Huawei Technologies
Optical Fibers
Fibertronix AB has launched a range of polyimide-coated optical fibers designed for harsh environments and elevated temperatures. They operate at a spectral range of 800 to 1750 nm and at a...
Fibertronix AB
Microprocessing Laser
The TruMicro microprocessing lasers manufactured by Trumpf GmbH + Co. KG are suitable for use in photovoltaic applications. The 5000 series features powers up to 50 W, beam quality of M2 <1.3 and...
TRUMPF Laser- und Systemtechnik GmbH
980-nm Pump Modules
The next-generation 1996 SGP series 980-nm submarine-grade pump modules have been unveiled by 3S Photonics. The coolerless devices provide 600 mW of exfiber optical power and operate from 0 to 45...
LED Source
CoolLED has launched the pE-100, a fluorescence LED source. The device offers instant on/off and 0 to 100% intensity controls. It can be used on all microscopes with an external light source port for...
CoolLED Ltd.
Optical Table
The Kentek table guard barrier system is highly configurable and can be fitted to any standard optical bench or to a customized layout, with options suitable for both imperial and metric optical...
Kentek Corporation
Green Laser
Laser Operations LLC has released the BrightLock Ultra-G, a compact, passively cooled green laser based on QPC Lasers’ monolithic chip wavelength stabilization technology. The platform delivers...
Laser Operations LLC
Drive Module
ABB Inc.’s ACS850 drive module provides onboard safe-torque-off, a removable memory block, an intelligent user interface, a built-in energy-saving calculator, and modular hardware and software....
ABB Inc., Drives & Electrical Machines
Microscope Module
Carl Zeiss MicroImaging GmbH has released a microscope module for analyzing fast processes in living cells. The DirectFRAP imaging system examines processes in cells on the basis of...
Carl Zeiss MicroImaging GmbH

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