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Industrial Photonics: July 2015

WITS$ — A Rough Guide to Selecting a Photodetector
Light is a versatile tool for investigating physical and chemical processes in nature. Any specific system being analyzed may, through the light it emits or reflects, communicate information about...
Earl Hergert and Slawomir Piatek, Hamamatsu Corporation
ArF Immersion Lithography Supports High-Volume 14-nm Chip Manufacturing
Innovations in lithography-based technologies increasingly have led to process complexities and mounting operational costs. New light source advancements, however, further support on-wafer critical...
Ted Cacouris, Cymer
Vision Systems — Accelerating the Art of the Design
Vision algorithm development is, by its very nature, an iterative process. If employed correctly, certain tools and design practices can dramatically decrease development time and improve quality. To...
Nate Holmes, National Instruments
Picking a Laser for Success
When choosing a laser or laser system, the primary consideration is not location, location, location. Instead, it’s material, material, material. Knowing what material is being worked on,...
Hank Hogan, Contributing Editor,

European Groups Launch Photonics4All Program
A two-year program funded by the European Commission aims to raise awareness of the importance of photonics and make the field accessible to the general public, business and industry. Photonics4All will involve ten partner organizations from nine European countries, coordinated by Steinbeis-Europa-Zentrum, an economic development organization in Germany. The program coincides with the...
Laseroptik Increases Production Capacity for Thin-Film Coatings
Laseroptik GmbH has expanded from four to eight industrial ion-beam sputtering (IBS) machines to meet increasing demand for dispersive mirrors and dielectric filters for the UV. The new...
Collaboration to Develop QCL Threat-Detection Systems with €3.35M EC Grant
A group of European companies and researchers, including laser experts and law enforcement agencies, will collaborate on a €3.35 million European Commission-funded project to develop photonic...
Chinese Consortium to Acquire OmniVision for $1.9B
A group of Chinese private equity firms is planning to acquire OmniVision Technologies Inc. for approximately $1.9 billion. The prospective buyers are Hua Capital Management Co. Ltd., CITIC...
Meprolight, Rolta to Develop Imaging Optronics for Indian Defense Forces
Meprolight Ltd. is seeking to establish a joint venture with defense contractor Rolta India Ltd. of Mumbai to develop optronic devices based on image intensifier and thermal imaging technologies for...
Lidar Firm Acquires Remaining Interest in Optech
Teledyne Technologies Inc. has taken full ownership of Optech Inc., a Canadian manufacturer of laser-based survey and digital imaging instrumentation. Terms of the transaction, which was...
Expansion Doubles Diamond-Growing Capacity at Scio
Scio Diamond Technology Corp. is expected to complete an expansion in May that will more than double its capacity to create diamonds for optical and other applications. The company is refitting...
Kopin Receives Orders Worth $1.8M for Fighter Jet HMDs
Kopin Corp. Inc. has received follow-on production orders worth $1.8 million from Rockwell Collins Inc. for high-brightness LCD SXGA displays for helmet-mounted display (HMDs) worn by F-35...
QD Vision, Konka Partner to Launch Quantum Dot TVs in China
Konka Group Co. Ltd. has unveiled a pair of novel, quantum dot ultra-HD TVs based on Color IQ optics from QD Vision Inc. of Lexington, Mass. The new high-end TVs feature large size, high...

Algorithm Makes Video Panoramas from Unstructured Camera Arrays
Even nonprofessionals may someday be able to create high-quality video panoramas using multiple cameras with the help of a new algorithm. The method smooths out blurring, ghosting and other...
Low-Energy Lasers Produce Microplasmas for Spectroscopy
Microplasma summoned out of thin air by low-energy laser pulses can be used as a source of broadband terahertz radiation for spectroscopy. Terahertz imaging needs only a narrow range of...
Frequency Comb Has the ‘Teeth’ to Measure Terahertz Waves
A frequency comb that generates and detects terahertz waves throughout a wide spectral range could allow precise measurement of molecules in deep space. California Institute of Technology...
L-3 Beam Director to Aid Canadian Defense R&D
L-3 Integrated Optical Systems Brashear has provided Defence Research and Development Canada with a high-energy laser (HEL) beam director (BD) to enhance the government agency's mobile...
New Technique Developed for Longer-Lasting Flexible Displays
Hybrid organic-inorganic thin films for flexible displays can now be created without the corrosive acids used in conventional sol-gel fabrication. Developed by researchers at Kyungpook National...
Australian Military Tests Laser-Guided Missiles
Laser-based missile guidance systems scored 10 out of 10 hits in recent testing aboard an Australian military helicopter, according to developer BAE Systems Inc. A photo illustration of an...

Best Laser Choice Not Always Clear
By the time you’re reading this issue of Industrial Photonics, you have less than a month to gear up for this year’s China International Optoelectronic Conference (CIOEC), which is running Aug. 31 to Sept. 3 in Shenzhen, China. In concert with the China International Optoelectronic Exposition, CIOEC will be offering several photonics-based forums and summit conferences that...
Rodd M. Pedrotti, Editor,

IR Emitter, PIN Photodiode
NEW TAIPEI CITY, Taiwan, May 29, 2015 — Everlight Electronics Co. has announced the IRR-60-48C/TR8, an IR-emitting diode in a miniature surface-mount device (SMD) package, as well as the PD60-48C/TR8 high-speed PIN photodiode, both sized for oximeter detector applications. The two devices feature the optimized wavelengths of red (660 nm) with IR (905 nm), the best detectors of blood...
Everlight Electronics Co., Ltd.
Laser Machining Software
Direct Machining Control has released its DMC software for laser fabrication machines. DMC provides users with a way to control the system and design laser fabrication recipes. Recipes can be...
Direct Machining Control
Optical Measurement System
The O-Select optical measurement system from Carl Zeiss IMT GmbH is suited for the quick and reproducible characterization of 2-D parts in the quality assurance process. The system is automated...
Carl Zeiss Industrial Metrology GmbH
Telescope Mirrors
Optical Surfaces Ltd. offers lightweight mirrors for ground- and space-based telescope experiments. The company's light weighting techniques can reduce the weight of the mirror by as much as 60...
Optical Surfaces Ltd.
Stockpile Monitoring Software
Neptec Technologies Corp. has announced the 3DRi Stockpile software application for automated stockpile monitoring in the mining industry. 3DRi Stockpile uses the company's Opal laser scanners...
Neptec Design Group Ltd.
Thermal Camera
Customized for operators of small, unmanned aerial systems (sUASs), the Flir Vue thermal camera from Flir Systems Inc. has virtually no weight or flight time penalty. Image settings are...
FLIR Systems, Inc.
IR Gas Sensor
InfraTec GmbH has announced an IR spectrometric sensor to measure the energy content of natural and other fuel gases. The device includes a tunable micromachined Fabry-Perot filter. By using a...
InfraTec GmbH, Infrarotsensorik und Messtechnik
Industrial Cameras
The EyeCheck 7xxx series smart cameras by EVT Eye Vision Technology GmbH offer free field-programmable gate arrays (FPGAs). The EyeCheck 7800 smart camera, for example, has not only a dual-core...
EVT Eye Vision Technology GmbH
White-Light Scanner
The StereoScan Neo white-light scanner by Aicon 3D Systems GmbH represents an upgraded addition to the company's StereoScan series for measuring complex surface structures. With the StereoScan...
Aicon 3D Systems GmbH
Flexible Light Engine
Flexible, cuttable high-power LED circuits from Norlux Corp. enable lighting OEMs to design luminaires with curved surfaces and low profiles. NorFlex flexible, continuous light engine material...
Vertical Lift Stage
The AT10-120 motorized vertical stage from Optimal Engineering Systems Inc. is a high-resolution, low-profile, high-load vertical lift stage constructed of black-anodized aluminum alloy. The...
Optimal Engineering Systems, Inc.
Optical Displacement Sensor
The IDS3010 optical displacement sensor from attocube systems AG has a data acquisition bandwidth of 10 MHz, allowing for the simultaneous detection of position variations of up to three targets with...
attocube systems AG
THz Spectroscopy System
Suited for scientific materials testing and quality-control applications, a new fiber-coupled terahertz time-domain spectroscopy (THz-TDS) system from Menlo Systems GmbH offers improved data...
Menlo Systems GmbH
Industrial Camera
IDS Imaging Development Systems GmbH has announced its first USB Vision Class (UVC) industrial camera with autofocus and 13-MP resolution. The UV-3013XC operates within Windows, Linux, Mac OS X...
IDS Imaging Development Systems GmbH
Two-Axis Gimbal
For applications from sensor calibration to laser beam steering, gimbals from Aerotech Inc. provide elevation-over-azimuth positioning in a variety of standard travel ranges. The AMG-GR...
Aerotech, Inc.
Optical Modulation Analyzer
Tektronix Inc. has introduced a 45-GHz optical modulation analyzer that can support 100-G and next-generation 400-G communications standards. Providing support for single- or multicarrier systems,...
Tektronix, Inc.
Laser Cutter
Trumpf Inc. has announced its second-generation TruLaser Cell 8030 for laser cutting hot-stamped 3-D components. The new TruLaser Cell 8030 has been updated to be more modular, energy efficient...
Industrial Cameras
IDS Imaging Development Systems GmbH has announced a new line of USB 2.0 video class (UVC) board-level cameras for low-cost, high-volume projects. Part of the uEye LE family of cameras, models...
IDS Imaging Development Systems GmbH
Laser Scanner
Extending its range of smart scanning sensors, Perceptron Inc. has announced the high-power Helix 200HDR sensor, offering an adjustable power range up to the maximum for a Class 3R laser. The...
Perceptron, Inc.
Solar Cell Dicer
The MicroDice™ OTF system by 3D-Micromac AG uses thermal laser separation (TLS) technology to split photovoltaic cells into half cells. The use of half cells increases the average module...
3D-Micromac AG
Laser Fume Filtration System
ULT AG has launched the ULT 1500 and ULT 2500 extraction and filtration systems for dust, laser fumes and welding smoke. Both systems feature a conic filter cartridge and a 70-liter removal...
Robotic Laser Metrology System
Perceptron Inc. has announced the Autoscan series of laser-based industrial metrology products for shop-floor, automated 3-D scanning and dimensional measurement. The Autoscan Collaborate-CMM...
Perceptron, Inc.
Video Measuring Microscope
The MarVision MM 320 video measuring microscope from Mahr Federal Inc. features image processing capability suited for the measurement and/or dimensioning of geometric elements. The instrument...
Mahr Federal Inc.
Spectroscopy Probes
Axiom Analytical has announced its FC Series of components for user-configurable spectroscopic transmission sampling systems. The key elements of the new series are the FCP-300 optical probes,...
Axiom Analytical Inc.
High-Speed Smart Camera
The new ProcImage 500-Eagle CMOS smart camera from See Fast Technologies combines high-speed acquisition and real-time embedded processing. The camera offers 505 fps at 1280 × 1024-pixel...
See Fast Technologies
Machine Vision Software
MVTec Software GmbH has announced a new version of its Halcon machine vision system for Android mobile devices. The software may be used to develop apps for object or text recognition, for...
MVTec Software GmbH
CMOS Cameras
JAI’s Spark SP-2000 series of 20-MP CMOS cameras is now available with CoaXPress and USB3 Vision capabilities. The four models, in monochrome or color, give users a choice of a...
JAI, Inc.
Brushless Linear Motors
Brushless linear motors from H2W Technologies are ironless and controlled when coupled with a linear encoder. They operate at speeds up to 6 m/s. Applications include laser and water-jet...
H2W Technologies, Inc.
ALD System
Ultratech Cambridge NanoTech has announced a new atomic layer deposition (ALD) system for creating and characterizing thin films. The Savannah G2 features a low-vapor precursory delivery system...

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