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Industrial Photonics: October 2014

Playing to Type: Choosing the Right Class of Lens for Machine Vision
Machine vision systems have one general task: to collect and process optical information so measurements, observations or decisions can be made without direct human intervention. In other words, machine vision systems are supposed to augment or serve as surrogates for people in specific industrial roles. But machine vision systems lack one essential component of human systems: They don’t...
Nicholas James, Edmund Optics
Short-Pulse Lasers Enable Transparent Materials Processing
In several industries, an increasing need exists to cut, drill and mark glass, sapphire and diamond – materials that are difficult to machine using traditional mechanical methods due to their...
Dr. Dirk Müller and Dr.-Ing. Oliver Haupt, Coherent, Inc.
Vision Systems Simplify Automated Inspection
Vision is not a new technology for production lines, as cameras have been used for automated inspection, robot guidance and sorting machines for many years. However, systems are becoming more...
Nate Holmes, National Instruments
Lasers Guiding Us into More Intelligent Future
When is a boundary actually reached? When is “small” so small that anything smaller is simply not possible? Today’s smartphones are a never-ending fountain of information: They...
Christoph Hertzler and Ute Gauger, Trumpf Laser- und Systemtechnik GmbH
Semi-Custom Cameras: Simpler, More Affordable Than You Think
Imagine you are a systems integrator and that your customer’s vision system works just fine. It performs as expected, and everyone’s happy. But in a marketplace where all players claim...
Manny Romero and Robert Howison, Teledyne Dalsa
Hyperspectral Imaging Enables Industrial Applications
Hyperspectral imaging systems supply classification and identification information, in addition to image information. This property makes them useful for numerous industrial and other applications,...
Dr. Leah Ziph-Schatzberg, Corning Specialty Materials
Shorter Wavelengths, Pulses Power Laser Manufacturing
Recent laser advances are bringing benefits to manufacturing applications involving drilling, cutting and welding. More powerful diode lasers could, in the future, do more of these jobs directly,...
Hank Hogan, Contributing Editor,

5 Firms Join UK Machine Vision Group
The UK Industrial Vision Association recently announced five new members: Acrovision, AlphaChase, IDS Imaging Development Systems, Industrial Vision Systems and Scandinavian Machine Vision. ...
ISRA Vision Says Revenue Growth Meeting Expectations
DARMSTADT, Germany, May 30, 2014 & mdash; Machine vision firm ISRA Vision AG reported earnings and revenue growth in the first six months of its fiscal year, saying it is on course to reach its...
Michigan Photonics Group Membership Growing
The Michigan photonics industry group Mi-Light recently announced six new members, bringing its roster to 31 businesses, institutions and organizations. The new members are: Clark-MXR,...
LMI Acquires GFMesstechnik
3-D scanning and inspection firm LMI Technologies has acquired GFMesstechnik GmbH of Berlin, a supplier of 3-D metrology products. The purchase price was not disclosed. LMI said it will...
Amplitude Acquires Continuum
The Amplitude group, maker of ultrafast lasers, has acquired Continuum of San Jose, Calif., from current owner GSI Group. The purchase price is roughly $7 million, according to a recent SEC filing...
3D-Micromac Creates US Subsidiary
3D-Micromac AG in Chemnitz, Germany, has created a U.S. subsidiary, 3D-Micromac America LLC, led by laser industry veteran Brian Hoekstra, the former CEO of Applied Photonics Inc. Prior to...
Eagleyard Partners with Western Systems in India
Laser diode maker eagleyard Photonics GmbH has partnered with Western Systems in Bangalore, India, for global sales support. Eagleyard, a Toptica company, manufactures laser diodes for...
Altera Joins the Embedded Vision Alliance
Altera Corp. has joined the Embedded Vision Alliance, an industry group that brings together providers of computer vision applications. Altera provides programmable logic technologies and...
Teledyne Cites Machine Vision for Record Earnings
Teledyne Technologies Inc. has posted record earnings of $56.1 million ($1.47 per diluted share) for the second quarter of 2014, up 30.8 percent from $42.9 million in the same period last year....
Newport to Acquire Fiber-Laser Firm V-Gen
Newport Corp. has entered into an agreement to acquire V-Gen Ltd., a developer and manufacturer of pulsed fiber lasers headquartered in Tel Aviv, Israel. The sale price was not disclosed,...
Zecotek, Armenian Institute Collaborate on Laser Sintering Materials
Zecotek Displays Systems Pte. Ltd. is collaborating with the Institute of Chemical Physics of the National Academy of Sciences in Yerevan, Armenia, to create metal alloys for use in 3-D printing. ...
Earnings Erode in Third Quarter at Coherent
Coherent Inc. reported a net income of $13 million in the third quarter of its current fiscal year, compared to 16.7 million in the third quarter of fiscal 2013, a 22 percent decrease. ...
Photonics West Grows With 3-D Printing, Brain Research
New technologies for global health care, molecular-guided surgery, 3-D printing and additive manufacturing, brain research and cloud technologies are just some of the new topics to be featured at...
An Open Letter to the Photonics Industry
Join with us in 2015 to raise international awareness of how photonic technologies can solve global challenges. It is a tremendous honor for us that photonics has been recognized by the...
John Dudley

Swelling Sensor Detects Toxic Gas
Those who work with hazardous substances could find an extra measure of protection in an optical sensor that puffs up in the presence of even trace amounts of toxic gases. Made from a...
Fine-Tuning Additive Manufacturing for High-Density Parts
A new approach to selective laser melting (SLM) could alleviate long-standing challenges in additive manufacturing of high-density metal parts. Researchers at Lawrence Livermore National...
Process Combines Arc, Laser Welding
A new hybrid laser welding technique could reduce processing time and costs associated with manufacturing tanks and pipelines for liquid gas. The hybrid welding process forms a very narrow...
Scan System Teaches Robots How to Take Aim
A new scan system called intelliWELD combines flexible industrial robots with high-dynamic scanners, enabling complex on-the-fly welding operations without sacrificing speed or accuracy. ...

Light Gets a Year in the, Well, Spotlight
In late 2013, the United Nations General Assembly proclaimed 2015 the International Year of Light and Light-based Technologies, and entities around the world are finalizing plans to participate. The goal is to help people understand the importance of light-based technologies in their lives and for the future. This is an unprecedented opportunity to help others understand the work we do and what...
Karen A. Newman, Group Publisher,

Fiber Optic Oxygen Sensors
Oxygen Sensors -- Fluorescence Quenching Our oxygen sensors use the quenching of fluorescence by collision of molecular oxygen with a fluorophore that is trapped in an oxygen permeable sol gel or polymer. This technique is superior to electrodes in that O2 is not consumed. The sensing material can be put on the tip of an optical fiber, or made as a thin film on flat substrates (patches). We...
SpectrEcology, LLC
Pyrometric Camera
With the use of high dynamic range technology, the Pyroscan camera from HGH Infrared Systems provides a contrasting image without underexposed or conversely saturated areas. Powered by...
HGH Infrared Systems
Diode Laser Systems
A new enhanced range of diode laser systems from Lumics GmbH is designed for light material processing in industrial applications, such as plastic welding, laser soft soldering, thin-sheet metal...
Lumics GmbH
CO2 Laser Nozzles
Laser Research Optics has introduced replacement nozzles in various materials and configurations for CO2 lasers. LRO CO2 laser nozzles are available in brass, copper, aluminum and ceramic,...
Laser Research Optics
Furnace Inspection Camera
The GF309 IR camera by Flir Systems is suitable for high-temperature inspection applications in the chemical, petrochemical and utility industries. The portable device monitors gas-fired...
FLIR Systems, Inc.
Adjustment Screws
Designed for demanding vacuum environments, the AJS-V6 series of adjustment screws from Newport are low outgassing and 10-6 Torr compatible. The AJS-V6 screws are available in two sizes with...
Newport Corporation
CCD Image Sensor
A new CCD sensor from ON Semiconductor incorporates an improved amplifier design and optimized microlens structure for industrial imaging. The KAI-08051 has a 5.5-µm pixel...
ON Semiconductor
Smart Camera
The mvBlueLYNX-X smart camera from Matrix Vision is offered with various accessories and software. The camera features CMOS and CCD sensors, resolutions from VGA to 5 megapixels, a 1 GHz...
Thermal Chassis Camera
The Vinden CZ 320 from Sierra-Olympic Technologies Inc. is a thermal imaging camera with continuous zoom. The system provides 3× optical zoom and 2× digital zoom, for a zoom...
Sierra Olympic Technologies, Inc. (SOTI)
Imaging Photometers
The ProMetric Y series from Radiant Zemax is a group of high-resolution imaging photometers, including the Y16 and Y29. The Y16 is a 16 megapixel (4896 × 3264) CCD sensor that is...
Radiant Zemax, LLC, Radiant Zemax Test and Measurement
Light Panels
The Large Light Panel series from Smart Vision Lights is intended for industrial lighting applications that require edge-lit product definition. The light panels are available in standard...
Smart Vision Lights
Laser Marking Systems
The LaserTower series by Laser Photonics is a multipurpose laser system that can be integrated into a variety of industrial processes. The systems allow users to mark and engrave materials...
Laser Photonics, LLC
Fused-Silica Wafers
With less than 10-Å surface roughness, Techspec Fused Silica Wafers from Edmund Optics can be used as test substrates for measuring optical coating quality. The thin, circular pieces...
Edmund Optics, Inc.
Distance, 3-D Measurement
The ConoProbe Mark10-HD by Optimet is a non-contact laser sensor that offers distance and multidimensional measurements at sub-micron levels. The new sensor is designed for 2-D, 3-D, surface...
Optical Metrology Ltd. (Optimet)
Area-Scan Cameras
Two new Ace area-scan cameras from Basler AG are available in monochrome, color and near-infrared. Both cameras feature a 5.5-µm² pixel size and sensors from CMOSIS: one has a...
Basler AG
Atomic Spectrometer
With dual-view analysis, the Agilent 5100 Inductively Coupled Plasma-Optical Emission Spectrometer (ICP-OES) from Agilent Technologies analyzes samples 55 percent faster while using 50 percent less...
Agilent Technologies, Inc., Lightwave Div.
Micromachining Laser System
The 3-D Cobalt from Laser Machining Technologies LLC is an 18-W fiber laser for cutting and shaping a variety of materials. The system operates at 1064 nm and is accurate to 2500 nm with a...
Laser Machining Technology
External Laser Scanner
The HP-L-20.8 from Hexagon Metrology is a high-speed, 3-D external laser scanner to be used with the Romer Absolute Arm. The system has a line length of up to 230 mm and a scan rate of up to...
Hexagon Metrology Services Ltd.
Video Measuring Microscope
The MarVision MM 320 video measuring microscope from Mahr Federal Inc. is designed for the measurement and dimensioning of geometric elements. It incorporates a CCD color camera with zoom...
Mahr Federal Inc.
Integrated Vision System
Meeting the requirements of industrial inspection, the GEVA-312T integrated vision system from Teledyne Dalsa is a multi-camera, stand-alone device, offering easy migration. With a built-in...
Teledyne DALSA, Machine Vision OEM Components
3-D Sensor
The Area Profile Scanner 3-D (APS3D) from Isra Visions is a smart sensor for 3-D robot guidance and in-line gauging. APS3D uses stereometry, triangulation and phase-shift methods to measure...
Coordinate-Measuring Machine
Mitutoyo America Corp. has added the Strato-Apex574 to its line of coordinate-measuring machines. The Apex574 features accuracy as low as 0.7 µm. It uses a 0.05-µm resolution scale and...
Mitutoyo America Corp.
Laser Tube Cutter
The new Sigma femtosecond laser tube-cutting system from Miyachi America Corp. can be used with both metals and plastics, making it suitable for creating stents and other medical devices. ...
Miyachi Unitek Corp.

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