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Photonics Spectra: January 2016

Prism Awards Highlight Photonics Innovation
SPIE Photonics West will take a break from plenary sessions, product demonstrations and research presentations for one night next month to honor the winners of the 2016 Prism Awards for Photonics...
Benefits of Stock Optics in Custom Designs
Engineering projects involving optical systems have the same time and money constraints as other engineering projects. Just as electrical engineers learned long ago that integrating standard...
Educational Programs Drive the Future
According to the National Science Foundation (NSF), the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) workforce is critical to innovation and competitiveness. STEM literacy is vital also to ordinary...
For Advanced Manufacturing, Success Demands Innovation, Education and Public-Private Partnership
Global manufacturing has undergone enormous changes in the past decade as many developing countries have joined the club of tier-one manufacturing nations, a recession stalled demand, and employment...
As Photonics Advances, Safety and Security Progress
In safety and security, the fundamental drive is to collect as much data as possible. That arises from the nature of the problem, said Benjamin Pflaum, CEO of ABUS Security-Center GmbH & Co. KG,...
Understanding Our Universe, The Future of Photonics Is Written in the Stars
Since NASA was established nearly 60 years ago, the average person’s understanding of the universe has grown, thanks to the efforts of untold numbers of scientists, researchers, engineers and...

Charting a Course for Success
As we welcome the New Year, we renew our focus on the performance, the progress and the promise of the photonics industry. In this, the annual Photonics Spectra trends issue, we explore some of the industry’s top issues and opportunities, including workforce education, safety and security, advanced manufacturing, and space exploration. Contributing editor Judy Donnelly takes a look at...

Kirigami Helps Solar Cells Track the Sun
Kirigami, the ancient Japanese art of paper cutting, could help create flexible solar cells that track the sun to generate more electricity than stationary panels. With help from an art...
UV Light Powers Nanosubmersible Motors
Single-molecule machines that move through fluids with UV light-powered motors could someday carry cargo for medical and other applications. Microscopic machines with motors have been developed...
Laser Method Would Heat Fusion Materials Faster
Directly targeting ions with lasers could heat certain materials to 1 KeV — equivalent to more than 10 million °F — in 20 fs, or 100 times faster than previously demonstrated. ...
Nanotweezers Increase Velocity of Particle Transport
Nanotweezers that exploit plasmonics, heat and an electrical field flow overcome previous limitations caused by weak convection properties. The nanotweezer system uses a nanoantenna to...
Plasmonic Absorbers Capture Specific Wavelengths
An experimental fabrication technique has created perfect absorbers for small bands of the electromagnetic spectrum from visible light through the near-infrared. The technique could allow...
'Invisible' Graphene Layer Protects Nanowires from Radiation Damage
Wrapping silver nanowires in a one-atom-thick layer of graphene protects the structures from radiation damage that has historically prevented their use on a commercial scale. "The damage occurs...
Organic Components May Enable Biodegradable Electronics Displays
With the goal of reducing electronics waste — which poses significant health risks as it degrades in landfills around the world — researchers are developing organic components for screen...
NASA Exploring Freeform Optics for Compact Space Telescopes
Freeform optics technology allows telescope mirrors to take almost any shape, potentially improving image quality over a larger field of view. Prompted by advances in computer-controlled...
Laser-Machined Microresonators Offer Efficient SHG
Femtosecond laser micromachining and other processes can create smaller optical resonators out of lithium niobate (LN), potentially allowing their integration into chip-scale sensors. ...
Lotus Leaf-Based Metamaterial Capable of Near-Total Light Absorption
An experimental biometamaterial fabricated using a lotus leaf as a template is capable of almost total absorption of light across the entire visible spectrum. Researchers from the Tokyo and...
Changing Frequency Speeds Phosphor Light Emission
A technique for controlling light from phosphors at very high speeds could overcome the materials' slow optical performance, potentially enabling their use in optical communications. Phosphors...
Record-Setting Phototransistor is Flexible and Sensitive
Inspired by mammals' eyes, a record-setting phototransistor could improve the performance of myriad products — from digital cameras, night-vision goggles and smoke detectors to surveillance...
Lasercom System Also Measures Distance, Speed
Lasers used in space communications could also be used to make precise distance and speed measurements, benefiting spacecraft navigation. Called the Space Optical Communication and Navigation...
Entanglement Effect Doubles Laser Beam Data Capacity
Beams from ordinary laser pointers can be made to mimic the phenomenon of quantum entanglement, potentially doubling the amount of data they can carry. Physicists from The City College of New...

OPIC, OPIE advance photonics in Japan
Optics and Photonics International Congress 2016 (OPIC2016) — including the Optics and Photonics International Exhibition 2016 (OPIE2016) — brings together academia and industry to...
Solutions in Light: Laser World of Photonics China 2016
Asia’s largest trade show for lasers, optics and photonics, Laser World of Photonics China 2016, covers an entire spectrum of the industry, from system components to industrial applications....
Carbon Sciences Funds UCSB Research into Graphene Optical Modulators
Carbon Sciences Inc. will fund R&D at the University of California, Santa Barbara, of a graphene-based optical modulator, a fiber optic component intended to address data center bottlenecks and...
Quanergy Develops Lidar for Self-Driving Cars
Quanergy Systems Inc. plans to release the first solid-state lidar sensor for self-driving cars in 2016. The sensor contains an integrated circuit that scans in every direction without any...
Elbit Launches Consumer Wearables Company Everysight
Elbit Systems Ltd. has spun off the consumer wearable technologies company Everysight, which is expected to produce smart glasses for cyclists next year. A defense technology company, Elbit...
Macom to Acquire Optical Subassemblies Firm FiBest for $60M
M/A-COM Technology Solutions Holdings Inc. (Macom) will acquire Japanese optical subassembly supplier FiBest Ltd. in an all-cash transaction valued at approximately $60 million. The acquisition...
Lightwave Logic Testing Organic Waveguides
Lightwave Logic Inc. is banking on the potential of organic polymers to compete with metallic semiconductors in optoelectronics applications. The company recently began passive testing of ridge...
Sir Richard Friend Awarded for Plastic Electronics Contributions
Sir Richard H. Friend is the recipient of the 2015 Von Hippel Award for his pioneering research on polymeric semiconducting materials, which has helped drive advances in LED and solar cell...
Rofin Sees Profitable Year Despite Lower Sales
Citing cost-saving strategies and consolidation efforts, Rofin-Sinar Technologies Inc. achieved a 64 percent increase in profits in fiscal 2015 despite a modest decline in sales. Net income for...
Solar Cell Efficiency Reaches 19.1% in Collaboration between Hanwha, 1366
Hanwha Q Cells Co. Ltd. and 1366 Technologies Inc. have achieved solar cell efficiency of 19.1 percent under a fabrication partnership. Hanwha Q Cells' cell architecture, called Q.ANTUM, is...
KMLabs Secures $5.5M Investment from Intel, Equity Fund
Kapteyn-Murnane Laboratories Inc. (KMLabs), a laser manufacturer developing ultrafast short-wavelength technologies, has received an investment totaling $5.5 million. The investment is led by Intel...
SAS Places Order for InnoLas Solar Cell Processing Machines
Solar cell manufacturer Sino-American Silicon Products Inc. (SAS) has placed an order with InnoLas Solutions GmbH for five ILS-TT high-throughput laser machines for processing passivated emitter rear...

Ancient Gene Triggers IR Vision Enhancement
As if swimming upstream and dodging bears weren’t difficult enough, salmon must also switch their vision systems to navigate the long journey from open ocean to inland waters. Scientists have long wondered how freshwater fish and amphibians shift their vision from marine or terrestrial environments — where the light environment is blue-green — to the waters of inland...

Optical Mount
The MFM-050-HR compact flexure optical mount from Newport Corp. offers greater adjustment sensitivity and stability than its predecessor while retaining a compact size. The mount is designed for...
Newport Corporation
IR Camera
The C2 IR camera from Flir Systems Inc. captures heat patterns in real time. The camera produces thermal image JPEGs with 4800 pixels and detects thermal measurements from 14 to 302 °F. ...
Newark element14
Laser Drivers
GigOptix Inc. offers single- and quad-channel limiting 28-Gb/s direct modulated laser driver chipsets for data center and cloud computing applications. The single-channel HXT42100 and...
GigOptix, Inc.
Filter Wheel
The USFW-100 motor-driven universal filter wheel from Oriel Instruments (part of Newport Corp.) features high rotation speeds for fast scans. The filter wheel is compatible with all Oriel...
Newport Corporation
Filter Stock Program
Omega Optical Inc. now offers a stock program for its RapidBand filters. More than 400 RapidBand combinations are available and can be shipped within three business days. The filters are...
Omega Optical, Inc.
Full-Spectrum Sensors
Keyence Corp. of America has announced the LR-W series of full-spectrum sensors designed to detect changes in appearance. The LR-W is capable of analyzing the full visible light spectrum and...
KEYENCE Microscopes
IR Polarization Rotator
Innovation Photonics LLC has announced the RF-4 IR polarization rotator. The device is manually adjusted to rotate the plane of polarization continuously for any wavelength from the visible to...
Innovation Photonics
Dispersion Materials
Pixelligent Technologies LLC has announced a new family of PixClear optical dispersion materials for displays and printed electronics. Available in a low-boiling ethel acetate solvent system,...
Pixelligent Technologies
Motion Positioners
Isotech Inc. has announced the NanoMover, MicnoMover and MicnoMover Mini for precision positioning adjustment in motion applications. The devices have the capability to load 3 kg and travel...
Isotech, Inc.
CMOS Camera
The Prime intelligent scientific CMOS camera from Photometrics (a subsidiary of Roper Technologies Inc.) quantitatively restores images hidden in photon shot noise. The 4.2-MP device is...
Camera Sensor
InVisage Technologies Inc. has announced the Quantum13 camera sensor, capturing full tonal ranges in high and low light. A smartphone camera sensor with an electronic global shutter, the device...
Tunable Edge Filters
Semrock Inc. has announced the VersaChrome Edge tunable long- and short-pass filters for fluorescence microscopy, hyperspectral imaging, spectroscopy applications and filter prototyping. The...
Semrock, Inc.
Chip-on-Board LED
Flip Chip Opto Inc. has announced the Apollo 1200 chip-on-board (COB) LED module. Based on 3-Pad LED flip chip and Pillar MCPCB (metal core printed circuit board) technologies, both junction...
Flip Chip Opto Inc.
Linear Stepper Stage
The L-511 linear stage series from PI (Physik Instrumente) LP offers incremental motions as small as 0.02 μm. Available with 2-, 4- or 6-in. travel ranges, the stages accommodate loads up to...
PI (Physik Instrumente) L.P., Air Bearings and Piezo Precision Motion
16-MP Image Sensor
OmniVision Technologies Inc. has announced the OV16860, a 16-MP PureCel Plus-S image sensor for high-end smartphones and action cameras. The sensor offers low-light performance and fast readout...
Omnivision Technologies, Inc.
Diode Laser Modules
M2 Photonics LLC distributes SvetWheel LLC's SW 450 series of fiber-coupled and free-space-beam diode laser modules. Emitting at 450 nm, the devices provide high brightness and power for...
Ultrafast Fiber Lasers
The Fidelity 10 and Fidelity 18 ultrafast fiber lasers from Coherent Inc. offer 10 and 18 W of output power, respectively, with high average power and short pulse widths that enable high-intensity...
Coherent Inc.
Transparent Video Display
Planar Systems Inc. has announced the LookThru organic LED display, achieving transparent displays for video. Eliminating the need for a backlight or enclosure, the self-emitting technology...
Planar Systems, Inc.
Laser-Profiling Software
Optics for Hire offers open-source laser profile measurement software. The software can be used with static images of laser and LED spots and video streams. It defines 1/e2 and...
Optics for Hire
Sensor Evaluation Kit
Pleora Technologies Inc. offers the Cmosis CSI2100 sensor evaluation kit to help manufacturers assess image sensor performance to speed the design of advanced medical and scientific imaging systems....
Pleora Technologies Inc.
Data Center Chipsets
Macom Technology Solutions Inc. has announced a complete chipset for coarse wavelength division multiplexing (CWDM) and PSM4 applications in data centers. The chipset includes electronic and...
MACOM Technology Solutions
Beam Profiler
Ophir Photonics, part of Newport Corp., has announced the NanoScan 2s, a high-power, scanning-slit beam profiler. The NIST-calibrated profiler instantly measures beam position and size with...
Ophir - Spiricon LLC, Photonics
Crosstalk Analyzer
General Photonics Corp. offers an upgraded PXA-1000 distributed polarization crosstalk analyzer. The device characterizes polarization-maintaining fiber coils, such as those used in fiber optic...
General Photonics Corp.
Acylinder Lenses
Esco Optics Inc. offers aspheric cylindrical (or acylinder) lenses in various materials with cylinder lengths upwards of 200 mm. These products are offered as a new line of custom optics, and...
Esco Optics
LED Filters
Smart Vision Lights has announced a line of bandpass, colorpass and polarizer filters designed for LEDs. The series includes bandpass filters for blue, cyan, green, amber, red and deep-red...
Smart Vision Lights
Current Amplifiers
Femto Messtechnik GmbH's DDPCA-300 and LCA-2-10T ultralow-noise current amplifiers are designed for sensitive current and charge measurements for use with optical components. The DDPCA-300 has...
Electro Optical Components, Inc.
100G Muxponder
Optelian Access Networks Corp. has introduced a lower-cost version of its 100-Gb/s muxponder, or multiplexing transponder. The MPX-9105 retains the key attributes of the MPX-9110. The compact...
Security Camera Platform
Qualcomm Technologies Inc. has announced the Snapdragon 618 Internet protocol camera reference design and development platform for professional security cameras. The system includes a reference...
A polarimeter from Meadowlark Optics Inc. features computer control for manufacturing and laboratory applications. The device accurately measures Stokes parameters 10 times per second,...
Edmund Optics, Inc.
Lens Design Software
SYNOPSYS lens design software from Optical Systems Design Inc. now features automatic element insertion and detection. With these tools, the computer can make significant changes to the lens...
Optical Systems Design, Inc.
LED Wall Pack
Larson Electronics LLC has announced the LEDWP-400-30C LED wall pack light, a 40-W fixture that produces illumination comparable to a 400-W metal halide light without the high heat, fragile...
Larson Electronics LLC
System-on-Chip Camera
Ambarella Inc. offers the S3L low-power system-on-chip camera for high-efficiency video coding. The device delivers high video quality at low bit rates, resulting in cost savings from reduced...
Ambarella Inc.
Piezo Drive
Aerotech Inc. offers the Ensemble QLe panel-mount nanopositioning piezo drive for coordinated motion between piezo stages and servo axes. A 456-MHz, dual-core, double-precision, floating-point...
Aerotech, Inc.
THz Analysis System
Advantest Corp. has announced a time-domain reflectometry option for its TS9000 series of terahertz analysis systems, enabling the analysis of circuit quality in semiconductors, printed substrates...
Advantest Corp.
Linear LED
The GSLED linear light from Nemalux Inc. is an industrial, watertight device for use in hazardous areas. It features an IP66/IP67-approved light bar with sections ranging from 1 to 4 ft. The...
SWIR Fiber Collimators
Micro Laser Systems Inc. has added a broadband shortwave-infrared (SWIR) coating to its family of diffraction-limited fiber collimators. SWIR fiber collimators are designed for gas-detecting...
Micro Laser Systems, Inc.
Precision Platforms
OptiPro Systems LLC has announced the PRO 160 series of platforms for precision optical grinding, polishing and centering. The platforms enable rapid prototyping to high-volume production of...
OptiPro Systems
Light Sources
Labsphere Inc. has announced the HELIOS uniform light sources for luminance and radiance testing. The modular systems have 54 standard configurations and offer application-specific...
Labsphere, Inc., Photonics
Optical Breadboards
The Slim series of solid aluminum optical breadboards from Base Lab Tools Inc. are ¼-in. thick and weigh less than 1 lb. Rounded corners provide a safe laboratory environment, while a...
Base Lab Tools, Inc.
Beam Steering Kit
New Scale Technologies Inc. has announced the DK-M3-RS-U-2M-20-L beam steering developer's kit for precise point-to-point beam positioning and dynamic scanning up to 100 Hz. The system's two...
New Scale Technologies, Inc.
Cylinder Lenses
TECHSPEC Laser Line PCX cylinder lenses from Edmund Optics Inc. are designed for applications that require light to be focused in only one direction, including light focused into a slit or line-scan...
Edmund Optics, Inc.
Optical Chips
Emcore Corp. has announced laser diode and photodiode optical chips for 2.5- to 12.5-Gb/s telecommunications and data applications. Data transmission is supported at 1310- and 1550-nm...
Multifiber Optical Connector
US Conec Ltd. has announced the MTP-16 multifiber optical connector. Using the company's MT Elite ferrule technology, the connector hardware is suitable for structured cabling applications...
US Conec Ltd.
Tunable Filter
For testing optical communication signals with speeds of 400 Gb/s or more, Santec Corp. offers a programmable optical tunable filter. The OTF-980 combines wide C and L band tunability with...
Santec Corp.
Chip-Scale White LED
The LUXEON FlipChip White LED from Lumileds Holding BV is designed for chip-scale packages in the general illumination market. Chip-scale technology eliminates the traditional submount to...
Imaging Software
IC Measure software from The Imaging Source LLC enables on-screen measurement and image capture. The software gauges lengths, surfaces and angles, and provides image capture and enhancement...
The Imaging Source LLC

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