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Photonics Spectra: December 2013

Time-Resolved SRS Spectroscopy Facilitates Combustion Research
A new spontaneous Raman scattering spectroscopy technique uses an intensified EMCCD sensor to perform time-resolved combustion diagnostics. To perform successful time-resolved spontaneous Raman scattering spectroscopy in combustion, one critical aspect1,2 is the implementation of a temporal optical gating scheme to reject optical background, thus increasing signal-to-noise ratio (SNR). ...
Dr. Jun J. Kojima, Ohio Aerospace Institute, and Manjul Shah, Princeton Instruments Inc.
NIR Helps Lower Costs, Optimize Processes
Near-infrared spectroscopy moves out of the lab and into manufacturing. Economic volatility continues to put pressure on manufacturers, increasing the focus on cost reduction and process...
Daniel A. Shiley, Panalytical Boulder
Designing Fiber Amplifiers for Short and Ultrashort Pulses
Fiber amplifiers are in some respects ideal for amplifying short and ultrashort pulses. But serious limitations arise, particularly from nonlinearities, and many aspects must be checked for optimized...
Rüdiger, Paschotta, RP Photonics Consulting GmbH
InP PICs Enable High-Efficiency Optical Transceivers
Indium phosphide-based photonic integrated circuits (PICs) eliminate optical loss between different functional elements and use high-efficiency optical modulators to enhance performance. They are...
Yuliya Akulova, John Gheorma and Mike Larson, JDSU
Photonics Is About to Get Flatter
Graphene holds great potential for a variety of applications, from photovoltaics to lasers and sensors. Two-dimensional materials could soon provide useful photonic solutions for our 3-D...
Hank Hogan, Contributing Editor,

Making a Name for Itself
The US photonics industry has had a busy and, by many accounts, productive year in its efforts to engage officials in conversation about the importance of the National Photonics Initiative (NPI), established to encourage policies supporting economic competitiveness and R&D in several important areas. Most recently, 19 SPIE-sponsored volunteers visited as many as 45 congressional...
Karen A. Newman, Group Publisher,

Better optical modulators boost silicon photonics
An improved pair of optical modulators could be a big step toward a major goal in silicon photonics: enabling microprocessors to use light instead of electrical signals to communicate with...
Ti:sapphire laser drives accelerator on chip
An advance that uses commercial lasers and low-cost mass-production techniques could set the stage for a generation of “tabletop” particle accelerators that are less expensive for use in...
Tunable polymer could make truly white OLEDs
Doping an organic polymer with platinum atoms makes the light it emits tunable, which could lead to the realization of cheaper, more efficient and truly white OLEDs. Existing white OLED...
Ultrafast spectroscopy reveals new uses for flawed gems
Ultrafast laser pulses have provided the first detailed observation of how energy travels through diamonds with specific flaws that provide interesting optical and electronic properties. A...
Tabletop OPA generates 10 TW
An optical parametric amplifier that’s extremely efficient and small enough to fit on a desktop generates light pulses of more than 10 terawatts. The amplifier, constructed by a team...
Tiny camera takes a wide view
A new imager achieves the optical performance of a traditional wide-angle or fish-eye lens – and in high resolution – but in a device less than one-tenth the volume. Such a system could...
Well-rounded molecules make better light emitters
The more well-rounded the organic molecule, the better – at least when it comes to maximizing light emission. A team led by the University of Utah working to develop more efficient...
South Africans develop ‘world’s first digital laser’
The Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) announced that it has developed a digital laser, a milestone its creators say represents a paradigm shift for laser resonators. In a...
Graphene on chip closing the gap with germanium
Graphene-based photodetectors can efficiently convert IR light into electrical signals, three independent studies have reported. The work “makes it very likely that graphene will soon replace...
A BOLD idea for handling big data
An optical network in development will help streamline demanding, data-intensive computations in a customized, energy-efficient way. The new network, BOLD (Big Data and Optical...

Lasers, optics and more to take spotlight at Laser China
New innovations in – and applications for – lasers and photonic technologies will be the focus of Laser World of Photonics China 2014, which will take place in Shanghai March 18-20. The event will feature products in a variety of sectors: lasers and optoelectronics, optics, manufacturing technologies, sensors, biophotonics, medical engineering, illumination and energy, as well as...
Arkansas photonics group holds first conference
The focus of the first statewide Arkansas Photonics Industry Alliance conference, held this fall in Little Rock, was economic development through the growth and strengthening of the state’s 13...
CellaVision named Sweden’s best optics, photonics company
Biophotonics company CellaVision AB of Lund, Sweden, received the industry award from PhotonicSweden, the country’s optics technology platform. “Since [CellaVision] was founded in 1994,...
DigitalOptics gets first order for smartphone imagers
DigitalOptics Corp. of San Jose, Calif., has received the first volume production purchase order for its mems|cam smartphone imaging system. The module uses MEMS technology to provide fast imaging to...
MIA project makes NASA pitch
A science instrumentation project called MIA (Miniature In-Situ Analyzer) seeks to develop a next-generation geochemical, mineralogical and petrological analysis tool for NASA’s PICASSO...
Photonics supporters carry message to Congress
Photonics industry representatives from throughout the US visited congressional offices on Capitol Hill this fall as part of the National Photonics Initiative, a collaborative alliance among...
Jenoptik’s Lasers & Material Processing Div. of Jena, Germany, has sold its 200th laser perforating system. The company finalized the sale of the Jenoptik-Votan system this fall to...
Moves & Expansions
Growing business in the scientific research, fiber communications and optical metrology markets spurred Bristol Instruments to move its headquarters to a 5000-sq-ft facility in Victor, N.Y.,...
People In The News
Dr. Craig Mackay of the University of Cambridge in England received the 2013 Norman Edmund Inspiration Award from optical components maker Edmund Optics of Barrington, N.J. Mackay and his...
Universal Display named top N.J. tech firm
OLED technology developer Universal Display Corp. of Ewing, N.J., has been named Master Technology Company of the Year by the New Jersey Technology Council (NJTC). The 2013 NJTC Awards recognize...
A new partnership between Sofradir of Châtenay-Malabry, France, and Onera of Palaiseau aims to develop disruptive technologies in IR detection. The five-year project between Sofradir, which...

Water stream detects pollution better
A microfluidic sensor with a novel design uses unconfined streams of water as a simple, cheap way to test for dangerous chemicals and bacteria in liquid. The pollutant detector, developed in Italy within the framework of the research project ACQUASENSE, forgoes the channel walls used in today’s more advanced water-testing devices, which can produce background noise that interferes...

Forest? Check. Trees? Check. Blade of grass? Check!
From agriculture to ecology, it’s important to keep tabs on changes in a given ecosystem – although sometimes it can be difficult to see the forest and the trees all at once. But now, a new technique for panoramic, very high resolution time-lapse photography allows a field or forest to be observed over time. Time-lapse photography for plant studies previously was limited to a...

PSC-CMS-3M IR Thermometer
Process Sensors’ new PSC-CMS-3M IR thermometer features a sensing head 14 mm in diameter and 28 mm in length to facilitate temperature measurement in tightly confined areas often found in...
Process Sensors Corp., IR Temperature Div.
OV8865 Image Sensor
The OV8865 8-megapixel CameraChip sensor from OmniVision Technologies Inc. features an improved 1.4-µm OmniBSI-2 pixel suitable for mobile device cameras, smartphones and tablets. ...
Omnivision Technologies, Inc.
Multichannel Spectrometer
Avantes BV’s multichannel spectrometer combines multiple spectrometers in one housing for applications where high resolution with a broad range is needed in combination with a synchronized...
Avantes BV
DigiPyro PYD 1688 Digital Pyrodetector
Excelitas Technologies’ DigiPyro PYD 1688 low-power digital pyrodetector operates on reduced power consumption and features sleep-mode operation, making it suitable for wireless and...
Excelitas Technologies
N9 and P50N Series UV LEDs
SemiLEDs Corp.’s N9 and P50N series UV LEDs are suited for directional industrial applications such as printing, coating and curing, and specialty applications including signage and medical or...
Advanced Motion Controls’ six new analog Z-Drive models output nearly 5 kW of peak power in a footprint smaller than a smartphone. The plug-in style servo drives, models AZ60A8,...
ADVANCED Motion Controls
Tachyon 6400 Core
New Infrared Technologies has released Tachyon 6400 Core, a series of two high-performance mid-wave IR cores/engines for OEM applications based on an 80 × 80 uncooled focal plane array readout...
New Infrared Technologies (NIT)
PL-C722 Global Shutter Camera
PixeLINK’s PL-C722 global shutter camera is suited for high-contrast machine vision applications including parts inspection, metrology, medical devices, welding and printed circuit board...
Wedge XF DPSS Laser
Bright Solutions’ new Wedge XF diode-pumped solid-state (DPSS) laser is available in 532- and 1064-nm versions for industrial, medical, military and scientific applications. At 532 nm,...
Bright Solutions srl
Auto Iris GigE Cameras
The Imaging Source’s series of compact GigE industrial cameras enable powered auto iris lenses to be driven. The six new models, all with auto iris control, are available with CCD and...
The Imaging Source LLC
RayShield Coupler
The RayShield Coupler by WITec is now available for the alpha300 and alpha500 microscope series, allowing the acquisition of Raman spectra and wave numbers down to less than 10 rel. cm−1. ...
WITec GmbH
UHF-BOX Boxcar Averager
For time-resolved measurements using pulsed laser sources, Zurich Instruments has released the UFH-BOX Boxcar Averager as an option for the 600-MHz UHFLI lock-in amplifier. The new device enables...
Zurich Instruments
Fujikura 19S Fusion Splicer
AFL has introduced the Fujikura 19S, a fixed V-groove single-fiber fusion splicer with configurable automation features that allow users to customize splicing processes. A programmable...
Extended-Range Dual-AR Technology
Andor Technology plc has released extended-range Dual-AR technology for its iKon-M CCD platform, offering broad and high-quantum-efficiency spectral response coverage from the UV to near-IR in one...
Andor Technology plc, Corporate Headquarters
JetStep Panel Lithography System
Rudolph Technologies Inc.’s JetStep panel lithography system can process both glass and organic laminate panels for applications in semiconductor advanced packaging. The system...
Rudolph Technologies, Inc.
P532 Series Disc Magnet Step Motor
Portescap has introduced the P532 series disc magnet step motor with encoder for applications where closed-loop performance is needed. The device’s multipolar design requires no...
Delo-Katiobond OM Adhesives for Microlenses
Delo Industrial Adhesives LLC has developed a family of light-curing epoxy resins and acrylates for use in microlens production by the electronics industry. Applications for the Delo-Katiobond OM...
5R1-1400 AC Temperature Controller
Oven Industries’ 5R1-1400 AC temperature controller operates with integrated potentiometers or via a PC through the transistor-transistor logic (TTL) level universal asynchronous...
Oven Industries, Inc.
LS Series Linear Stages
Applied Scientific Instrumentation’s LS series of linear stages provides submicron accuracy using closed-loop DC servomotors and high-resolution rotary encoders for positioning feedback. ...
Applied Scientific Instrumentation, Inc.
PTFE Ball Valves
Aalborg Instruments’ two-way manually operated on/off PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) ball valves target corrosive and ultrapure fluid applications in laboratories and industrial processing...
Aalborg Instruments & Controls Inc., Electronics Div.
Hollow-Core Fiber
OFS, a Furukawa company, has developed a new hollow-core fiber that it says will enable next-generation sensors. Employing an air-filled core surrounded by glass webbing, it is suitable for...
1.3-, 2-MP GigE Cameras
Basler’s nine new models in its GigE camera series feature 1.3- and 2-megapixel CMOS sensors from e2v and Aptina and can capture up to 60 fps. The 1.3-megapixel models are available...
Basler AG
RTLA-30-100-SMART Rotary Stage
The RTLA-30-100-SMART rotary stage by Intellidrives Inc., a member of the compact positioning stages family of linear, rotary, X-Y and vertical lift stages, is suitable for various applications...
IntelLiDrives, Inc.
N-725 Z-Axis Positioner
PI (Physik Instrumente) is offering the N-725 optical axis nanopositioning system for high-resolution microscopes. It is compatible with applications such as surface metrology, superresolution and...
PI (Physik Instrumente) L.P., Piezo Nano Positioning
Xradia 810 Ultra X-ray Microscope
The Xradia 810 Ultra x-ray microscope from Zeiss increases throughput for 3-D imaging at the nanoscale by up to 10 times, achieving better contrast and faster acquisition for scientific and...
Carl Zeiss Microscopy GmbH, Optical Sensor Systems
BAL-980 Laser Diode
eagleyard Photonics is offering the BAL-980, a single-emitter laser diode with an optical output power up to 18 W at 980 nm. It is suitable for medical lasers and high-end applications in industry...
eagleyard Photonics GmbH
Nanoform L 1000 Multiaxis Machining System
Precitech, a unit of Ametek Inc., has released the Nanoform L 1000 multiaxis precision machining system for diamond turning and deterministic microgrinding of optical lenses, mold inserts, mirrors...
AMETEK Precitech, Inc.
BOA 200 Machine Vision Camera
Teledyne Dalsa has added the higher-performance 200 model to its BOA family of smart cameras for machine vision applications. Featuring a 1.2-GHz dual-core processor, it delivers more than...
Teledyne DALSA, Machine Vision OEM Components
MAJOR Series Digital Photodiode Sensors
The MAJOR series of digital photodiode sensors from Laser Components USA Inc. features automatic amplification adjustment, averaging, time stamp and temperature protocol. The series is...
Laser Components USA, Inc.
DigiVIT Linear Displacement Sensor
Kaman Precision Products | Measuring has released digiVIT, a digital inductive linear displacement sensor with a self-tuning bridge. The eddy current device does not require a PC connection...
Kaman Precision Products, Measuring Systems
Homogeneous Optical Glasses
Schott North America Inc. has announced that selected glass types of up to H4 quality level will now be available and can be ordered in the form of cut blanks, starting shortly. Schott also will...
SCHOTT North America, Inc., Advanced Optics
Rotary Micro Drive
New Scale Technologies has announced the delivery of a prototype rotary piezoelectric microdrive system based on motor technology for applications in unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and micro-UAVs,...
New Scale Technologies, Inc.
EIB 1500 Angle Encoder
The EIB 1500 external interface box angle encoder from Heidenhain Corp. provides digital calculations of two scanning heads mounted ~180° apart for use on rotary tables, stages and tilting axes. ...
Heidenhain Corp.
100K-W Laser Power Meter
The 100K-W laser power meter from Ophir Photonics measures high-power 100-kW lasers for industrial materials processing applications such as thermal ablation, heavy-section welding and metal forming,...
Ophir - Spiricon LLC, Photonics
Ultrafast Thin-Film Near-IR Polarizers
Edmund Optics has introduced ultrafast thin-film transmission and reflection polarizers for high-power lasers operating in the near-IR range. The transmission models have polarizing coatings...
Edmund Optics, Inc.
12100 Series Polarizing Microscope
The 12100 series polarizing microscope from Unitron Ltd. is suited for the examination of birefringent materials for geology, petrography and crystallography. The device comes with either a...
WTCP5V5A Temperature Controller
The WTCP5V5A thermoelectric temperature controller from Wavelength Electronics combines pulse-width-modulated control with improved temperature stability for portable, airborne and other...
Wavelength Electronics, Inc.
Sapphire Waveplates
Meller Optics Inc. has introduced low-order sapphire waveplates for changing the polarization state of high-power IR and visible lasers from linear to circular, and vice versa. The...
Meller Optics, Inc.
AlignCam Measurement System
Brunson Instrument Co. has released its next-generation AlignCam, a camera-based measurement and inspection system that is compatible with the company’s current line of alignment telescopes,...
Brunson Instrument Co.
Chiller/Heater Technology
Durex Industries has announced its patent-pending extreme ceramic chiller/heater for semiconductor equipment and analytical instrumentation applications. The aluminum nitride...
Durex Industries

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