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Photonics Spectra: December 1997

Microlens Arrays Sharpen the Details
As devices that employ photonics components shrink, optical engineers increasingly are turning to the smallest tools at their disposal, and when it comes to lenses, they face a bevy of choices. One...
Jennifer L. Morey
Diamonds Turn Out Precision Optics
During the middle of the Cold War, the United States military establishment became upset about the cost of infrared components. The military was going to need increasing numbers of large-diameter...
Dr. Tuckerman Moss, Senior Technical Editor
Photonics Goes for the Gold
Locker-room quality control: Photonics improves athletes' performance When people use computers or audio equipment, ride cars and planes, or check out their groceries, photonics is there,...
Kevin Robinson and Michael D. Wheeler, Staff Editors
Fiber Lasers:
Ultrafast laser technology has seen revolutionary development in the last several years. As the technology has developed, so have commercial applications, prompting system developers to consider the...
Gregg Sucha, IMRA America
Photonics Leads the Way to a Stellar Alignment
Stationed on 18-m towers in New York and California, a one-of-a-kind photonic device has played a crucial role aligning eight cylindrical mirrors and the telescope assembly for the Advanced X-ray...
Charlie Atkinson, Eastman Kodak Co.
For High-Power Lasers, Thin Is Cool
High-power diode-pumped solid-state lasers promise to provide small, versatile, rugged light sources for applications from the factory to the cleanroom. Commercial devices that take advantage of the...
Adolf Giesen, University Stuttgart, Institute Strahlwerkzeuge

Photonics Brings Dinosaur to Life
SAN ANSELMO, Calif. -- Museums, faced with the dilemma of making their displays more interactive and paying top dollar for fossils, have turned to laser scanning as a solution to their troubles. "It's a shame, but museums are losing attendance," said Scansite's Lisa Federici. "So they've finally taken the turn that they'd like to bring their exhibits more into the 20th century." ...
R. Winn Hardin
Solid-State Diode Lasers Gain Ground
Diode and diode-pumped lasers are about to find significant commercial applications, several experts on commercial and research photonics told a standing-room-only audience during a session at the...
Laser Aids Hair Restoration
A carbon dioxide laser in combination with a computerized pattern generator creates recipient sites for hair grafts more effectively than traditional methods. That's the finding of Dr. Barry...
Laser Helps Take Twinkle out of Stargazing
LIVERMORE, Calif. -- A laser system that makes a false star glow in the Earth's upper atmosphere will help astronomers study some of the universe's faintest objects. The same phenomenon that...
R. Winn Hardin
Magnetic Field Alters Disc's Properties
GRENOBLE, France -- A team of scientists has discovered a way to use a magnetic field to alter the transparency of a plastic disc. Bart van Tiggelen of the Universite Joseph Fourier and researchers...
Kevin Robinson
Princeton Promises Much on Organic Lasers
PRINCETON, N.J. -- It may not carry the fury of the big bang or death gene debates, but to those in the diode laser business organic lasers have sparked more than polite dinner conversation....
R. Winn Hardin
Quick Screening Provides Key to New Luminescent Materials
Researchers have long sought new compounds for ultraviolet-excited phosphors -- important for the development of flat panel displays and lighting. Because there are no reliable theories to predict...
Ring Laser Measures Earth's Rotation
CHRISTCHURCH, New Zealand -- In an underground cave, deep within the Cashmere peninsula, the musical note E-flat has taken on special meaning. Researchers from the University of Canterbury...
R. Winn Hardin
New Sensor Combines CMOS and CCD
DALLAS -- Engineers at Texas Instruments have combined the performance features of the charge-coupled device (CCD) and the manufacturing advantages of the complementary metal oxide semiconductor...
Charles T. Troy
Diffraction Brings Street Signs to Life
ROSKILDE, Denmark -- A new process that impresses holographic optical elements onto polymer rolls could significantly reduce the cost of keeping roads safe at night. According to Ibsen Micro...
R. Winn Hardin
Pentagon's Laser Test Fails to Meet Objective
When the Pentagon fired a mid-infrared laser at an orbiting US Air Force satellite in October, it failed to accomplish one of the experiment's main objectives: recording the impact. The...
Thomson and Oxford Unveil Fingerprint ID System on a Chip
Set for release early next year, the chip uses thermal imaging to capture an image of a person's finger. The image data is then reconstructed by a Thomson algorithm, and the fingerprint is verified....
Xerox Makes Colorful Splash with Blue Diode Laser
PALO ALTO, Calif. -- A small -- a very small -- spot of color here and there is behind Xerox's development of a blue laser diode. Xerox hopes to use the nitride-based semiconductor technology...
R. Winn Hardin

Anritsu Focuses on Local Business
Anritsu Corp. announced a globalization strategy that stresses its new motto: "A global company with a local face." The worldwide manufacturer of communications, industrial automation, and test and measurement products is linking its operations, technologies, products and services throughout its locations in 54 countries. In North America, the company consolidated its Wiltron, Anritsu...
Government Program Brings Big-Time Benefits
WASHINGTON -- Guts and glory go hand in hand under the US Department of Commerce's Advanced Technology Program, which gives developmental and financial assistance to groups willing to take on...
Marilyn McCabe
Census Bureau To Count Lasers
Under its existing industrial coding system, the US Census Bureau does not have a distinct designation for lasers and electro-optics. Productivity data from the agency has been of little use to...
College Mixes Business with Engineering
CHAMPAIGN, Ill. -- Engineering majors graduate from college with the skills to design and build lasers, optical systems and even spacecraft. When it comes to building their own businesses, however,...
Jennifer L. Morey
Consortium to Deliver Optical Materials Standards
GAITHERSBURG, Md. -- UV lithography, IR imagers and spectroscopy are just a few of the industries that could benefit from a consortium proposed by the National Institute of Standards and Technology...
R. Winn Hardin
Declining Defense Budget Will Not Hinder Electronics Growth
Despite projections that the US Department of Defense's overall budget will decline within 10 years, the portion of the defense budget allotted for electronics is expected to increase. That's the...
Texas Instruments Sets Up Fund To Expand DSP Applications
To support the development of new applications for high-performance digital signal processors, Texas Instruments Inc.has given $25 million to universities around the world. The establishment...
Guide Targets High-Tech Start-Ups
RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, N.C. -- To be successful, small high-technology start-up companies -- including manufacturers of photonic components -- need to listen to and learn from their customers....
Michael D. Wheeler
R&D to Suffer from Kodak Cuts
ROCHESTER, N.Y. -- As part of a $1 billion cost-saving plan, Kodak will cut between $100 million and $150 million from its research and development budget. What that means to advanced projects such...
R. Winn Hardin
Photonic Switch and Matrix Market Expected to Skyrocket
Global consumption of photonic switches and switch matrices will increase dramatically within 10 years, according to a recent report published by ElectroniCast Corp., a communications market...
Sales of Vision Inspection Systems Lag in Britain
The UK Industrial Vision Association recently published a survey reporting $20.9 million, or £13 million, in sales of vision inspection systems inside the UK last year. This contrasts sharply...

Airborne Lasers Map Beach Erosion
Residents of coastal communities are no strangers to the ravages of hurricanes, and beach erosion is one of the problems these storms leave in their wake. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric...
Ruth A. Mendonsa
Light-Shaping Diffuser Enables Miniature High-Resolution Display
When engineers at Kopin Corp. began development of a flat panel display that would allow portable electronic devices such as pagers and cell phones to display text, video and graphics, their goals...
Ruth A. Mendonsa
Motion Control Card Lets Refrigerator Makers Chill
People don't give much thought to how or why their refrigerator doors open and close the way they should. It is pretty much taken for granted. But at Whirlpool, one of the leading manufacturers of...
Ruth A. Mendonsa
Optical Retarder Aids Protein Crystal Growth Study
In September a device for studying protein crystal growth made its first flight in space on the STS-86 space shuttle mission to Mir Space Station. The Microgravity Research Program Office's...
Ruth A. Mendonsa

Science Applications International Acquires Bellcore
Science Applications International Corp., a provider of telecommunications, system integration and information technology, has completed its acquisition of Bellcore Co., based in Morristown, N.J. ...
IR Camera Passes Antimissile Test
The UK's Ministry of Defence recently conducted a round of tests on an infrared-based system designed to protect aircraft from heat-seeking missiles. Developed by Northrop Grumman Corp., the Directed...
Germanium Causes Fiber Makers to See Green
Bell Labs, the Atlanta-based research and development arm of Lucent Technologies, has developed a recycling process that salvages germanium from the waste products of optical fiber manufacturing. ...
FujiFilm Microdevices and Kopin Forge Alliance
FujiFilm Microdevices Co. Ltd. has tapped Kopin Corp. of Taunton, Mass., to provide its CyberDisplay active-matrix liquid crystal display (LCD) for FujiFilm's digital camera chip sets. The...
Senate Confirms Kammer as Head of NIST
The US Senate confirmed Raymond Kammer to head the Commerce Department's National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). His confirmation comes after a long tenure with the department, where...
Sony Puts Blue-Green Laser to Work
Sony has announced an optical disc recording system that employs a blue laser for high-density data storage. The 12-GB model uses a 515-nm blue-green laser unveiled by Sony in January 1996. A...

C-Cam Technologies is introducing the FUGA 22, a 2048 3 2048-active-pixel sensor. The company says that the device's 16 3 16-mm image area is the largest of its kind and that with more than 12 million MOSFETs, it is likely the largest standard CMOS circuit in the world. This random addressable image sensor has a maximum pixel rate of 4 MHz, with eight parallel outputs available on a chip....
C-Cam Technologies
The Model 7GP10 HV Pulser from Quantum Technology Inc. was designed to drive Pockels cells and electro-optical Q-switches with repetition rates of 10 kHz at 6 kV or 20 kHz at 3 kV. This instrument...
Quantum Technology, Inc.
The PQW-SLM optically addressed spatial light modulator from QuantaImage achieves 2380 3 2380-pixel spatial resolution from a 1 3 1-cm active area by employing proprietary low-temperature-grown...
Ortel Corp. has developed the 9100 Series of erbium-doped fiber amplifiers for its line of 1550-nm broadband transmitters. Four models are available that operate at 14, 16, 17 or 20 dBm; output...
Ortel Corp.
ProtoDel International Ltd. has introduced a range of high-performance, in-line fiber polarizers. The standard models have minimum extinction ratios of 25 dB; many exceed 30 dB with an input/output...
ProtoDel International Ltd. (see FiberLogix Ltd.)
Physical Optics Corp.'s POC220 is a bidirectional fiber optic transmission system for remote monitoring, media retrieval, distance learning and videoconferencing applications. With high-speed digital...
Physical Optics Corp. (POC)
Honeywell's Micro Switch Div. offers three 1300-nm high-speed fiber optic products, providing long-wavelength alternatives to the company's core 850-nm short-wavelength products. The LED-based...
The Fotec Fiber U Toolbox includes tools for installing, testing and troubleshooting fiber optic cable plants. Unlike most fiber optic kits, this set features cable cutting, pulling and preparation,...
Fotec, Inc.
Applied Fiber Optics Inc. has designed its new bidirectional wavelength division multiplexer for two-fiber transmit-and-receive functions over the 1310- to 1550-nm wavelength range. Applications...
Applied Fiberoptics, Inc.
Apogee Instruments Inc. has introduced the AP Series digital imaging cameras, which are designed for demanding scientific research applications. Combined with a Kodak, SITe or Thomson CCD, all...
Apogee Imaging Systems Inc.
The latest addition to Data Cell Ltd.'s line of PCI mezzanine cards can transfer data to host memory at rates up to 133 MB/s. The PMC-DIG16 is a generic digital data acquisition board that supports...
Data Cell Ltd.
The Cooke Corp. offers its DiCam-Pro cooled CCD imaging system, capable of exposure times down to 3 ns. The system features 12-bit dynamic range, high resolution, 1280 3 1024-pixel CCD sensors,...
PPT Vision Inc. has introduced what it says is the first completely digital machine vision system, dubbed Passport. Employing a two-way serial communications network, the system is equipped with...
Matrox Electronic Systems Ltd. announces version 5 of its Matrox Imaging Library, a "C" library that is optimized for Intel MMX technology. Matrox says this module posts dramatic increases in speed...
Matrox Graphics
Noesis Vision Inc.'s Visilog 5 software program can be coupled with the Matrox Genesis imaging board to boost power in a PC imaging system. The system can provide acquisition, processing and...
Noesis Vision, Inc.
Imaging Technology Inc. is offering its newest version of the Camera Configurator+ software utility. Designed to speed the setup of machine vision applications, this program provides a...
Imaging Technology Incorporated (see Coreco Imaging, Inc.)
Hitachi Denshi America Ltd. has introduced the KP-F100 and KP-F110 progressive-scan monochrome cameras with RS-422 digital output. Designed for machine vision and microscope applications, the...
Hitachi Denshi America, Ltd.
Sony Electronics Inc. is offering a 1/4-in. color CCD microcamera module that incorporates a digital signal processing chip for control. Measuring 22 3 22 3 30 mm, the XC-333 is suited for systems...
Sony Electronics, Inc., Visual Imaging Products Group
Equipped with on-board intelligence, the OPSIS 1300AS digital megapixel camera from Wintriss Engineering Corp. is for machine vision and motion analysis applications. Features include 1300 3...
Wintriss Engineering Corp.
CIDTEC Inc. introduces a UV-sensitive solid-state video camera that is fiber optically coupled with high-performance image intensifiers from Delft Instruments. The camera is part of a line of...
CIDTEC (see Spectra-Physics Photonics)
VisionBlox 2.1, offered by Integral Vision, now features added functionality in the form of optical character verification and polar unwrap tools. The software tool set is added to Microsoft's Visual...
Integral Vision
Computational Systems Inc. has unveiled ProAlign firmware, incorporating its laser alignment system with a vibration data collector and machinery analyzer. The new multi-faceted automatic system,...
Merchantek Electro-Optics says its Vision1024 laser beam analyzer with 10-bit digital CCD camera provides four times the dynamic range of other analyzers. A high signal-to-noise ratio enables the...
Merchantek Electro Optics, Inc.
New Wave Research has designed a solid-state laser cutting system for semiconductor failure analysis, design verification, LCD repair and other micromachining applications. EzLaze is available in...
ESI, New Wave Research
The CS series of high-power open heat sink diode lasers from Opto Power Corp. feature output powers up to 40 W CW. These monolithic diode arrays are available in 830-, 910- or 940-nm wavelengths, and...
Opto GmbH
The 5000 Series Advanced Laser Diode Drivers from Newport Corp. feature 16-bit resolution and low noise, and are available with maximum current outputs of 500 mA, 3 A or 6 A. The drivers have an...
Newport Corporation
Convergent Energy has upgraded the power levels of its SR-Series of industrial lasers to 6, 8.5, 14, 17, 21, 25, 30, 40, 50 and 60 kW to provide higher process speeds and greater weld penetration...
The Laser Group at NTC America Corp. has developed a line of high-speed, high-accuracy laser cutting systems that it says take up 25% less space than conventional machines. The TLN Series ...
NTC America Corp.
The StarMark Compact laser marking system from Baasel Lasertechnik GmbH measures only 400 3 700 3 600 mm. It was designed specifically to mark workpieces with recurring content, such as company logos...
Carl Baasel Lasertechnik GmbH & Co. KG
Spectra-Physics Lasers Inc. has added the MOPO-HF to its line of optical parametric oscillators. This module features average linewidths of <0.07 cm21. Tuning with a single optics set exceeds the...
A laser for particle image velocimetry (PIV) applications is available from Continuum, a supplier of solid-state laser systems for scientific, industrial and medical applications. The Minilite-PIV...
Continuum Inc.
A new handheld laser power meter is available from Coherent. The LaserCheck is microprocessor-controlled, with wavelength correction, autoranging, and sample and hold functions. Its rugged, ergonomic...
Coherent Inc.
Selcom Group has introduced its high-speed noncontact laser-based profile sensor for applications such as profile measurement, feature tracking of tread extrusions and edge tracking. The model...
Selcom Group
The TSL-210 tunable laser source from Santec Corp. has 10-mW optical output and an 80-nm tuning range. A fine-tuning mode function allows for continuous wavelength tuning, and the front panel...
Santec USA Corp.
Spiricon Inc. has incorporated a PCI bus in its LBA-300PC laser beam analyzer, enabling portable operation. This makes the analyzer suitable for service technicians who must travel to perform...
Spiricon, Inc. See Ophir - Spiricon, Inc.
Neslab Instruments is offering a new thermoelectric recirculating chiller that removes 4500 W of heat without using refrigeration components. The TEC-4500 comes with several pump options and uses a...
Raytek Corp.'s Marathon MR1F is a high-performance fiber optic ratio thermometer that measures temperature in demanding applications where a target is obscured or the environment is hostile. The...
Raytek Corp.
A lock-in amplifier from Stanford Research Systems performs in the 25-kHz to 200-MHz range with high dynamic reserve, excellent gain stability and zero drift. Unlike other amplifiers, the company's...
Stanford Research Systems, Inc.
Optical Research Associates has added an Illumination Module to its LightTools optomechanical modeling software. This feature uses a menu-driven interface to facilitate rapid 3-D solid modeling of...
Synopsys, Inc., Optical Solutions Group
The new thin-film coating deposition monitor from John Brown Associates Inc. features a diode laser source and two phototransistors that measure the ratio between the incident and reflected beams....
John Brown Associates
Balzers Thin Films Inc. is offering the MSP 1000 sputtering deposition tool, which the company says will greatly improve the quality of multilayer dielectric films. The increased density of the...
Balzers Thin Films, Inc. (see Unaxis Optics USA Inc.)
Meteor Optics Inc. has introduced the SMA-Style Biaxial Spectroscopy Connector, which supplies a quick and repeatable mating interface for spectroscopy probe tips. It allows use of a variety of...
Resonetics Inc. announces a noncontact silicon wafer cutting technique, using a new laser process to cut patterns such as arcs, curves, circles and rectangles. Key features include narrow kerf...
Resonetics LLC
The ALS-06 offered by Ancal Inc. is a fiber optic light source designed to provide reliable illumination for spectroscopic and radiometry measurements. The system includes a high-intensity quartz...
Ancal, Inc.
Inphora has introduced the IPR-DES line of temperature- and light-stabilized light-emitting diodes that comply with specific photometric and radiometric standards. Its series consists of GaAsP ...
Gilway Technical Lamp has developed a line of clear quartz halogen lamps that provide full spectrum radiation from the ultraviolet through the infrared. This broadband emission is suited for...
Gilway Technical Lamp (see International Light Technologies)
Cleveland Crystals Inc. offers its Model CX819 miniature Pockels cell, available now with dielectric antireflection coatings on the cell windows. The longitudinal mode Pockels cell (or Q-switch)...
Gooch & Housego (Ohio) LLC
Morgan Matroc Ltd.'s Rugby Div. has released a line of ceramic reflectors that are designed for Nd:YAG laser pumping chambers. According to the company, the reflectors give over 97% reflectance...
Spindler & Hoyer's new range of Faraday isolators provide improved protection and stability for lasers from 500 to 1200 nm. Two-stage models achieve isolation of >60 dB for sensitive diode...
Spindler & Hoyer, Inc.
Laser Research Optics introduces a line of CO2 laser focusing lenses and mirrors. Included are planoconvex, planoconcave and meniscus configurations in diameters from 0.5 to 2.0 in. and focal...
Laser Research Optics
Melles Griot is offering interference filters in wavelengths from 193 nm to 1.55 ┬Ám. The filters, which come in standard diameters, are checked individually for performance and documented with a...
Melles Griot (see parent), Electro-Optics Div.
The Focusing Assemblies from the Industrial Optics Div. of Edmund Scientific Co. allow users to collect and condition light for applications such as video inspection and machine vision. They...
Edmund Scientific
DiCon Fiberoptics Inc. has modified its Miniature Tunable Filter to include a captured o-ring sealed tuning screw for improved feel and precise tuning. The center wavelength can be tuned over 15 nm...
DiCon Fiberoptics, Inc.
In collaboration with the Russian Academy of Sciences, Intercom Plus Co. Ltd. has developed a light-controlled modulator that is suited for one-channel optical processing and optical signal...
New Focus Inc. has developed the Model 8732 Multi-Axis Driver, which can be used to connect the company's Picomotors to an optical system. The driver allows full computer control with IEEE-488 and...
New Focus
Wave Optics Inc. has launched a line of 1 3 N pigtailed planar waveguide couplers. Planar waveguides are integrated optic devices with an optical pattern that is generated within the material by a ...
Wave Optics Inc.
Ariel Optics Inc. is offering custom manufacturing of its prisms to meet specific application requirements. The prisms are available in a range of materials, including BK, fused silica, SF and...
Ariel Optics Inc.
Holographix Inc. provides a grating replication service to produce what the company calls high-quality, low-cost gratings. Gratings created in the company's holographic mastering laboratories can be...
The LED-1100 Spectral/Goniometric Analyzer and LED-1000 Spectral Analyzer from Labsphere Inc. provide precise analysis of the optical properties of LEDs and infrared emitting diodes. These benchtop...
Labsphere, Inc., Photonics
Oriel Instruments has launched the MIR 8000 IR Spectrometer, which, according to the company, allows users to construct their own custom FTIR spectrometers at an affordable price. With this system,...
Oriel Instruments (see Spectra-Physics Photonics)
Blue Sky Research's Laser Wave Analyzer provides users with information about the quality of a laser beam. The dual shearing interferometer system displays wavefront phase and aberrations, beam...
Blue Sky Research
The Genesis II -- InspectIR microscope system from Mattson Instruments provides high sample throughput for microanalysis applications. It is equipped with direct video imaging and can analyze...
Mattson Instruments
Ocean Optics Inc. is offering the OOIWinIP Windows driver package, which allows users to write their own real-time data acquisition programs for the company's spectrometers. Comprising a 16-bit...
Ocean Optics, Inc.
Leica Inc. has developed the Leica MS5 and MZ6 stereomicroscopes for ergonomic, fatigue-free work. Both instruments provide electrostatic discharge protection and can dissipate 900 V in less than...
Leica Inc.
The new UV converter plate from SensorPhysics allows users to visualize UV beams from 190 to 380 nm. The device can measure beams from 4 to 35 mm, and is available in 2 3 2-cm, 5 3 7-cm and 25 3...
Colorado Video announces its video caliper Model 308, which measures horizontal and vertical dimensions in real-time images. The caliper superimposes two vertical and two horizontal cursors onto...
Colorado Video, Inc.
The WL200 Laser Wavelength Meter from MetroLux Optische Messtechnik GmbH is used for precision wavelength analysis of CW lasers operating in the 400- to 1100-nm range. It has a relative accuracy of...

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