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Photonics Spectra: November 2015

Optimization of a Coherent OMA Acquisition System
The demand for optical network data has soared, with rates of 100 Gb/s evolving into 400 Gb/s, 1 Tb/s and beyond, pushing designers to explore inventive and even unconventional modulation schemes in order to encode data more efficiently for faster throughput. In this context, it can pay off for designers to think about how to optimize their testing environment to quickly and accurately evaluate...
Camera Technology Takes to the Skies
Astronomical imaging techniques have evolved markedly over the past few decades. Astronomers are early adopters of camera technology, pushing the boundaries of new sensor developments and dapting...
The Near and Far of Measuring Small-Beam MFD
Profiling beams under 10 µm in size is one of the more challenging beam profiling applications. There are numerous reasons for this, including the very small size. Focal plane arrays commonly...
Measuring with Light
An interferometer is an instrument that compares the position or surface structure of two objects. The basic two-beam division of amplitude interferometer components consists of a light source, a...
Next-Generation Solar Technology: Thin Is In
Solar power is undergoing a strong period of global growth in electricity-generating capacity, driven by declining prices and demand for clean, affordable electricity. In spite of declining...

Imaging, Optics … and Beyond!
Less than a decade ago, scientists could see Mars, but with very little detail beyond the surface. Thanks to some advanced technology on board NASA’s Curiosity rover, which touched down on the Red Planet in 2012, and the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO), which has been examining Mars since 2006, we can now see detailed images of rough terrain and even evidence of intermittently flowing...

'Rectenna' Operates at Optical Frequencies
Made from a forest of modified carbon nanotubes, a "rectenna" has been used for the first time to convert visible light directly into electricity. The device combines the signal-capturing...
Optical Memory Chip Uses Phase-Change Material
The first demonstration of a stable nanoscale optical memory chip could allow storage and retrieval of data without the latency inherent in electronic systems. The prototype, developed by...
Detector Seeks Better LED Photometry Results
A photometric device could improve the relative uncertainty in measuring the luminous efficacy of LEDs from approximately 5 percent today to 1 percent in the future. Photometers used by lamp...
3D Data Captured with 2D Camera
With a few modifications and expanded processing capabilities, standard digital cameras can extract detailed 3D information from a single exposure. Developed at Duke University, the method does...
Laser Ablation Boosts GaAs Terahertz Emission
While there is still no cheap and efficient way to mass produce terahertz emitters, laser ablation can increase the output of GaAs, a common semiconductor used in these devices. The surface...
Combined Techniques Image Movement of Confined Light
A combined interferometric and microscopy technique has revealed the strange ways in which light moves when confined inside hyperbolic materials. Researchers at CIC nanoGUNE in the Basque...
Metamaterial 'Skin Cloak' Makes Microscale Object Invisible
An ultrathin metasurface that has been used to hide microscopic objects could be scaled up to provide visible-light cloaking of macroscale objects, according to its developers at the University of...
Theory Describes 'Molecules' of Light
Theoretical work has shown how two photons can be bound together in much the same way that atoms form molecules. If demonstrated experimentally, the phenomenon could be exploited to enhance...
Light-Sensitive Medium Drives Nanoparticle Assembly
Light has long been used to trigger self-assembly of nanoparticles. A novel approach may be able to achieve the same end more reliably by focusing light on the medium containing the nanoparticles...
'Leaky' Antenna Multiplexes THz Signals
"Leaky" antennas could allow future wireless communications systems operating in the terahertz region to send and receive multiple signals. A prototype developed at Brown University is said to...
'Nanosprings' Show Promise for Self-Powered Devices
Self-powered nanosystems such as environmental and structural integrity sensors could be enabled by coiled semiconductor nanowires that absorb light. Computational simulations by researchers at...
'Starshade' Helps Identify Celestial Objects
Ground-based tests have shown promise for the use of a flower petal-shaped "starshade" in space telescope missions for finding exoplanets. Developed at Northrop Grumman Corp., the 10-cm...
SLAC Telescope Camera gets Green Light
The SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory will begin procuring components for a $168 million, 3.2-GP CCD telescope camera following final approval from the U.S. Department of Energy late last month....
Color-Changing Detection Substance
Responsive to a range of stimuli, a color-changing metallic substance could help detect problems as varied as mechanical strain and pollution. The material can be engineered to emit specific...
Light Moves Mirror for 3D Sensing
A laser system that includes a mirror moved by the force of light could enable the miniaturization of 3D sensors for driverless cars and bioimaging. The mirror, an ultrathin high-contrast...
QDs Squeeze Individual Photons
Quantum dots (QDs) can provide the control necessary to "squeeze" individual photons — a feat previously considered impossible to observe. Squeezing is quantum phenomenon that produces an...

LightPath Predicts Revenue Growth in 2016
Optical components producer LightPath Technologies Inc. predicts continued sales growth after executing a new global strategy in fiscal 2015. Revenue for the fiscal year, which ended June 30, totaled approximately $13.66 million, up 15 percent from approximately $11.83 million in fiscal 2014. The company attributed the increase to sales growth in collimators and IR products. Based on...
Optical Simulation Software Offered Free to Universities
Optiwave Systems Inc. is offering its optical component and system design software free to universities in the U.S. and Canada. The Free for Academics program includes a free, one-user lease of...
Merck, Tridonic Enter White LED Agreement
Merck KGaA has entered into a license agreement with Tridonic Jennersdorf GmbH for silicate phosphors used in white LEDs. Tridonic holds patents relating to a white-light-generating technology...
Opsens Loses Director, Gains VP
Lucien Goffart has resigned as director of fiber optic sensors firm Opsens Inc. "As part of the progression of his career, Mr. Goffart is now involved in projects that are incompatible with his...
Startup Wins $744K NSF Grant to Develop Microscope for Drug Testing
A $744,066 federal grant will aid further development of a microscope whose ability to detect cellular motion could be of use in testing drugs. Based on fluorescence imaging and spectroscopy...
Zecotek Adds Robotics to Scintillator Crystal Production
A new manufacturing process that uses robots to assemble lutetium fine silicate (LFS) crystal arrays has been developed by Zecotek Photonics Inc., positioning the company and its partners for...
Pyser-SGI Acquired By Investment Firm
Pyser-SGI Ltd., a manufacturer of electro-optical products for the defense and security, research, education, and broadcast fields, has been acquired by Privet Capital LLP, a London principal...
Perceptron's Year Marked by Acquisitions, Sales Record
After notching two acquisitions, several laser-scanning product launches and a sales record, Perceptron Inc. has closed the books on fiscal 2015. The industrial metrology firm recorded a net...
Ireland Launches Photonics Initiative
The Irish government has announced a new national technology initiative to mobilize the country's photonics industry and grow its economy. Called Photonics Ireland, the platform will deliver a...
NIST to Evaluate Argolight Fluorescence Calibration Sources
Fluorescence technology from Argolight SA aimed at improving the reproducibility of optical microscopy measurements is set to undergo evaluation by the U.S. National Institute of Standards and...
PCO, Raytheon to Develop Sensors for Polish Military
PCO SA, a manufacturer of optoelectronic devices and laser systems, has partnered with the American defense contractor Raytheon Co. to develop surveillance and sensor devices for the Polish military....
Synergis, Leica Geosystems Partner on Laser Scanning
Synergis Engineering Design Solutions has partnered with Leica Geosystems of Switzerland to develop high-definition surveying laser scanning equipment for the capture, modeling and visualization of...
SPIE Picks New VP, Presents Awards
Maryellen Giger was recently elected to serve as the 2016 vice president of SPIE, the international society for optics and photonics. She will serve as president-elect in 2017 and as president in...
ESI, TZI Partner for Microchip Testing
Electro Scientific Industries Inc. (ESI), a developer of laser-based micromachining equipment, has partnered with Tian Zheng Precision Machinery Co. Ltd. (TZI) to design and manufacture a set of...
Mitsubishi to Supply Lidar for Hong Kong International Airport
The Hong Kong Observatory, Hong Kong’s governmental weather agency, has awarded a contract to Mitsubishi Electric Corp. to supply two terminal Doppler lidar systems for the Hong Kong...

A Cooling Layer for Solar Cells
Taking advantage of the limitless cold of the universe, a transparent overlay could enable solar cells to convert more photons into electricity. As solar cells heat up in the sunlight, they become less efficient. The overlay helps cool solar cells by sending the heat into space as IR radiation. At the same time, the material is transparent to the visible light that powers the cells. ...

A Unified Effort
Germany’s defeat in World War II divided the nation, and even its capital city of Berlin. In 1990, following decades of strife, the two republics came together to restore themselves as a single nation. Now, a quarter-century later, Germany is commemorating that reunification with 3D laser scanning of the historic Brandenburg Gate. Largely isolated and inaccessible to many during...

NIR Sensor
The DA 7440 near-infrared sensor from Perten Instruments is designed for over-belt placement in food and industrial production areas. The diode array instrument collects all wavelengths...
Perten Instruments AB
Optical Design Software
Version 7.7 of TracePro optical design software from Lambda Research Corp. features a new plot viewer and an automotive lighting toolkit, with more accurate 3D visualization of output performance of...
Lambda Research Corp.
EO/IR Surveillance Systems
Controp Precision Technologies Ltd. has announced the iSea series of electro-optical and IR surveillance systems. The new line features seven short-, medium- and long-range maritime...
CONTROP Precision Technologies Ltd.
Scan Software
Aicon 3D Systems GmbH has announced the Optocat scan software to facilitate 3D measuring processes. The single captures of the scan process can be aligned automatically without the help of...
Aicon 3D Systems GmbH
LED Lamp
ProPhotonix Ltd. has announced the COBRA Cure FX LED lamp with IntelliSense smart-sensing technology for UV curing applications. The fan-cooled lamp features a compact, stackable form factor...
ProPhotonix Ltd.
Single-Mode Green Laser
The DS-527-25 single-mode YLF green laser from Photonics Industries International Inc. is an extension of the company's DM series. The laser features output energy of 25 mJ at 1 KHz. The laser...
Photonics Industries International, Inc.
The AMS 5000 and AMS 200 goniophotometers from Instrument Systems GmbH are part of the Optronik line of measurement systems, designed for automotive and traffic lighting. The AMS 200 is a...
Instrument Systems GmbH
Reflectometer Modules
Anritsu Co. offers optical time domain reflectometer (OTDR) modules for its Network Master Pro MT1000A all-in-one transport tester. The OTDR modules can operate as standalone devices or be...
Anritsu Co.
OCT Angiography System
Optovue Inc. has announced AngioAnalytics, an angiography quantification system for the detection of eye disease based on optical coherence tomography. The device quantifies the density of...
Color LEDs
Lumileds Holding BV has announced the LUXEON C color line of LEDs, achieving smooth color mixing for lighting applications. When secondary optics are applied, the consistent focal length...
A new version of the DAISI-MT interferometer from Data-Pixel SAS of Chavanod, France, allows analysis of free-standing fibers in an SMA connector. This makes it possible to evaluate the surface...
Laser Components GmbH
Laser Engraver
A mobile CO2 laser-engraving and -cutting machine from AP Lazer, a division of SuperNova International Inc., is a large-format system for the engraving of large and heavy objects. The device...
AP Laser
Air Bearing Stages
PI (Physik Instrumente) LP has announced the A-311 PIglide IS series of compact, planar air bearing stages, designed to deliver precise, vibration-free motion. Fully preloaded air bearings in...
PI (Physik Instrumente) L.P., Air Bearings and Piezo Precision Motion
3× Zoom Lens
Suitable for use in industry and the life sciences, the MicroMate 3× zoom lens system from Navitar Inc. is designed to capture and process four times as much data when compared to a traditional...
Navitar, Inc.
Fiber Installation System
Designed to blend in with building features, the InvisiLight MDU Solution from OFS Fitel LLC enables inconspicuous fiber routing inside homes and businesses. Installers can adhere a...
Optical Reflectometers
II-VI Inc. has announced the OTDR+ line of optical time domain reflectometers. The OTDR+ platform achieves wide dynamic range and high spatial resolution using very low optical power, making it...
II-VI Inc., II-VI Infrared
Ultrahigh-Speed Digital Cameras
Vision Research Inc. has announced expansion of its UHS series of 1-MP ultrahigh-speed cameras with the Phantom v2512, v2012, v1612 and v1212. The cameras use 1- and 2-TB CineMag IV flash...
Vision Research Inc., Phantom Digital High-Speed Cameras
HD Industrial Cameras
Full-HD, wide-dynamic-range industrial cameras from The Imaging Source LLC are equipped with the Sony IMX236 sensor. The cameras feature compact, robust industrial housing with C, CS or S...
The Imaging Source LLC
Thermal Image Sensor
The Pico384 Gen2 thermal image sensor from Ulis SAS enables thermal camera makers to further automate their assembly lines, lowering the cost of integration and boosting production. Providing a...
Linear LEDs
Smart Vision Lights LLC has announced its LE series of industrial sealed linear LEDs, offering European style and sleek design. Featuring a rugged, IP65-rated housing with strobe and constant...
Smart Vision Lights
FLIM Camera System
Designed for fluorescence lifetime imaging microscopy in the frequency domain, a camera system from PCO AG features a novel charge-swing sensor. The pco.flim offers 1008 × 1008...
The BI-SMT photodetector series from OSI Optoelectronics Inc. features single-channel, back-illuminated silicon photodiodes specifically designed to minimize dead areas on the edges of devices. ...
OSI Optoelectronics, Inc.
FRAP Imaging Platform
A fluorescence recovery after photobleaching (FRAP) imaging platform from Olympus Europa SE & Co. KG provides accurate and flexible live-cell photomanipulation. The cellFRAP employs a...
Olympus Europa SE & Co. KG, Medical Systems & Micro-Imaging Solutions Group
Autofocusing Stage
Designed to operate in flight conditions, a single-axis linear autofocusing stage from Nanomotion Ltd. of Yokneam, Israel, is resistant to shock and vibration, extreme temperature variation, and...
Heason Technology Ltd.
Nanopositioning Stages
New Focus, a Newport company, has announced the Picolis series of motorized linear stages for nanopositioning. The stages offer the high push force and stability of picomotor technology....
New Focus
Smart Camera
Matrix Vision GmbH has announced the mvBlueGEMINI smart camera for industrial inspection applications. The camera has a dual-core processor and features JPEG compression for live image display...
DUV Spectrometer
Ibsen Photonics AS has announced the Freedom HR-DUV spectrometer platform for integrators or compact analytical and process-control instruments operating in the deep-ultraviolet range. The...
Ibsen Photonics A/S
Intelligent Illumination System
EVT Eye Vision Technology GmbH has announced the BrainLight series of intelligent illumination. The devices allow users to control brightness, color and lighting patterns. Images can be...
EVT Eye Vision Technology GmbH
Imaging Colorimeter
Using a thermoelectrically cooled, scientific-grade 29-MP CCD sensor, an  imaging colorimeter from Radiant Vision Systems LLC of Redmond, Wash., enables 12-bit measurements for flat panel...
SphereOptics GmbH
Fizeau Interferometer
Zygo Corp. has announced the Verifire HD high-resolution Fizeau interferometer for surface form and wavefront metrology of optical components and systems. The phase-shifting metrology...
Zygo Corporation, Metrology Solutions
Handheld CMM
Using advanced optics and image processing, the XM series of handheld probe coordinate measuring machines from Keyence Corp. of America allows intuitive 3D measurement with high accuracy. The...
KEYENCE Microscopes
CO Laser
Coherent Inc. has announced its next generation of carbon monoxide (CO) lasers for enhanced materials processing. The lasers output at 5 μm, providing strong absorption in certain plastic...
Coherent Inc.

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