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Photonics Spectra: December 2014

OPO-Based Photoacoustic Spectroscopy Speeds Up Gas Analysis
High mid-IR output power from an optical parametric oscillator teams up with novel cantilever-enhanced photoacoustic measurement technology to offer extreme sensitivity and selectivity in industrial gas analysis and monitoring. The ultimate instrumentation solution for trace-gas detection and analysis in environmental or atmospheric monitoring, industrial process control or medical...
Sauli Sinisalo, Gasera Ltd., and Håkan Karlsson, Cobolt AB
Optical Delay Lines: Key to Time-Resolved Measurements
To obtain an accurate means of creating reliable delays in any time-resolved spectroscopy or dynamic experiment, several factors about the delay line stage must be considered to reduce or eliminate...
Dr. Ali Eftekhari, Newport Corporation
Mounting Precision Enhances Laser Performance
Optical mounts literally form the skeleton of virtually all laser systems. The development of mounts with greater stability and wavefront fidelity is key to the creation of higher-performance...
John Wingerd, Siskiyou Corporation
Active Alignment Techniques Improve Lens Centering
An optimized active optical alignment process enables accurate, cost-effective production of precision lens assemblies. An optomechanical engineer faces many challenges when assigning...
Trey Turner, Matt LaChapelle and Roger Kirschner, REO Inc.
Automated Fiber Aligners Improve Packaging
Computer-controlled fiber alignment engines help process engineers achieve higher throughput in photonics packaging applications. Fiber alignment used to be a tedious manual task, back before...
Scott Jordan and Stefan Vorndran, PI (Physik Instrumente) LP

Celebrating Light
As happens around this time, we find ourselves on the threshold of a new year – and what a year it will be for the photonics industry! The International Year of Light kicks off in January with festive opening ceremonies in Paris, but the calendar started filling some time ago. You can see the list of exciting events to be held around the world at the official website,
Karen A. Newman, Group Publisher,

Microsphere Exhibits Chip-Scale Lasing
Combining nanoplasmonic devices and optical microresonators can produce laser-like light emission, potentially paving the way for power-on-a-chip applications. “We have made optical...
Laser Pulses (Briefly) Turn Glass into Metal
Subjected to ultrafast laser pulses, quartz glass can take on metallic properties, turning briefly from electrical insulator to conductor. A team at the Vienna University of Technology had...
Raman Whispering Gallery Detects Nanoparticles
A Raman microlaser sensor can detect and count individual particles — including viruses — as small as 10 nm. Researchers led by Dr. Lan Yang of Washington University achieved...
Spectroscopy Measures Nanoscale Material Strain
A new spectroscopy technique could lead to microelectronics that perform better under stress and heat. A team from Purdue University developed the technique, called nanomechanical Raman...
Quantum Imaging Method Doesn’t Need Light to Touch Object
A new quantum imaging technique can acquire an image of an object without ever detecting the light used to illuminate it. Typically, to obtain an image of an object it must be illuminated...
Laser Cooling Halts Trapped Molecule's Rotation
It’s relatively easy to trap molecules using lasers, yet they persist in rotating as if they were not trapped at all. But a new laser cooling technique has helped a team from...
Plasmonic Nanowire Shows Promise as Photonic Circuit
A new kind of nanowire efficiently guides both light and electricity. A team from the University of Rochester and the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology developed a basic photonic...
Photons Act Like Liquid, Crystal in Experiment
A system for “crystallizing” photons could help answer fundamental questions about quantum physics. In an effort to develop exotic materials such as room-temperature...
Squeezed Light Transmitted Through Air
German scientists have overcome a theoretical hurdle by transmitting a pulse of squeezed light over a long distance through the air. “We have now succeeded in transmitting a flash of...
Thin Films Make Certain QDs Glow Brighter
Using thin-film metal oxide substrates for quantum dots could turn them into more efficient light emitters. A team at the University of Alabama in Huntsville and the University of Oklahoma...
Nuclear Spins Boost Electric Current in OLEDs
A spintronic approach has been used to power plastic organic LEDs at room temperature and without strong magnetic fields. “We have shown we can use room-temperature, plastic electronic...
Fiber Optics Provide Early Warning for Landslides
Fiber optic sensors could warn people of imminent landslides, potentially saving lives and reducing destruction. A team at the Second University of Naples is developing sensor technology...

Ocean Optics Names World Cup Contest Winners
Ocean Optics has named the winners of its World Cup of Applications contest. Andreas Burkart, a postgraduate researcher at the Jülich Research Center, of the Helmholtz Association of German Research Centers, won for his study, “The Faint Red Glow of Photosynthesis.” A group study led by Bruce Robertson, a former professor and researcher at Michigan State University, also...
L-3 Provides Coating for Multiple Mirror Telescope
L-3 Corp.’s Applied Optics Center recently completed the coating of a large optic for the 6.5-m Multiple Mirror Telescope. The MMT is one of the world’s largest astronomical...
Smart-Glasses Optics Market Could Reach $1.9B by 2019
Smart glasses could generate $1.9 billion in revenues for the micro-optics market by 2019, the industry analyst firm NanoMarkets projects. Products like Google Glass could emerge as a mass...
Washington Launches Photonics Manufacturing Initiative
The White House today announced a $220 million competition to create an integrated photonics manufacturing institute. The Department of Defense will award $110 million in federal money, to...
Oschmann Named UA 2014 Alum of the Year
Jacobus Oschmann has been named the 2014 alumnus of the year by the University of Arizona’s College of Optical Sciences. Oschmann, now vice president and general manager of Civil Space...
German Photonics Forum Adds New Leaders
The Photonics Forum of the German Engineering Association (VDMA) recently added four new members to its steering committee. The new members are: Bernd Lange of LPKF Laser & Electronics...
Edmund Optics Announces Education Awards
With innovations ranging from fluorescence-guided cancer surgery to water quality assessment, nine graduate and undergraduate optics programs are the recipients of Edmund Optics’ 2014 Education...
Wang Wins Britton Chance Award
Lihong Wang, an innovator in photoacoustic imaging, has been chosen to receive the 2015 Britton Chance Biomedical Optics Award. A researcher at Washington University in St. Louis, Wang is...
QD Vision Wins EPS's Green Chemistry Award
QD Vision Inc. has received the 2014 Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award for its approach to quantum dot technology for energy-efficient commercial display and lighting products. ...
EPIC Launches Venture and Finance Workgroup
The European Photonics Industry Consortium has created a new workgroup dedicated to promoting venture and finance activities among its members. The new Venture and Finance Workgroup will...
Winner selected for Norman Edmund Inspiration Award
Edmund Optics announced that Shahid Haider has received the 2014 Norman Edmund Inspiration Award for his work in developing a handheld imager that eases diabetes monitoring in children. The system...

Laser System to Measure Air Pollution from Space Station
A laser system aboard the International Space Station will help scientists track pollution in the atmosphere. The Cloud-Aerosol Transport System (CATS), to be launched later this year, will measure atmospheric particles using photodetectors and near-infrared (1064 nm), visible (532 nm) and UV (355 nm) lasers firing at 5000 pulses per second. The device is intended to operate for...

Mirror, mirror on the wall …
When you go window shopping, you need to bring your imagination. You’re not really interested in buying that expensive outfit on the mannequin, nor are you invested enough to go to a dressing room, but it would be nice to know how you look in it. So your mind’s eye takes up the challenge, with its erratic vision and often unreliable accounts. Fortunately, a new technology has...

Laser Scanning System
The g2T laser scan system by LIMO (Lissotschenko Mikrooptik) GmbH features a rapid “Gaussian-to-top hat” converter. The device is designed for laser direct structuring of 6-in....
LIMO Lissotschenko Mikrooptik GmbH
Fiber Management
The SmartRoute Panel from Clearfield Inc. integrates intrafacility fiber cable (IFC) and outside plant (OSP) assemblies in a single unit with two spools, connectors and slack storage. Each...
Clearfield Inc.
Mapping System
Integrating a full-color electro-optical (EO) camera with GPS/IMU and geoprocessing software, the Aeroptic Aerial Mapping System from KEYW enables the acquisition of high-resolution visible-band...
KEYW Corp.
Acylinder Lenses
TechSpec Acylinder Lenses from Edmund Optics provide diffraction-limited focusing performance in only one dimension, similar to aspheric lenses. The lenses are designed to reduce spherical...
Edmund Optics, Inc.
Microchip Lasers
The 8 mJ level µmChip lasers from RPMC Lasers Inc. produce a variety of energy outputs. The lasers are available with 1, 6 and 8 mJ output with 20 Hz repetition rates and pulse width...
RPMC Lasers Inc.
Low-Profile Photocouplers
Toshiba America Electronic Components Inc. offers a new line of low-profile, rail-to-rail output gate-drive photocouplers. The TLP5751, TLP5752 and TLP5754 offer power supply voltages of 15...
Toshiba Imaging Systems
Data Center Lasers
BinOptics has released four 25-Gb/s distributed-feedback laser diodes for data centers through course wavelength division multiplexing (CDWM). They are available at wavelengths of 1270,...
BinOptics Corp.
Solar Simulator
The LSH-7320 from Oriel Instruments, a Newport company, is an LED Class ABA solar simulator. Compared with solar simulators with xenon sources, the LED-based solar simulator provides fast turn-on...
Oriel Instruments
Thermal Sensor
Designed to handle large beams and laser diode bars, the 1000-BB-120 thermal sensor from Ophir Photonics is a water-cooled thermopile detector featuring a 120-mm aperture. The sensor...
Ophir - Spiricon LLC, Photonics
Fiber Preparation Machines
New automatic preparation machines from AFL allow technicians to strip, clean and cleave fibers in 18 to 21 seconds. The APM-101 and APM-102 automatically perform all the steps necessary to...
Tunable Laser Assembly
The new micro integrated tunable laser assembly (ITLA) from Furukawa Electric Co. Ltd. may be used in ultrahigh-speed optical digital coherent transmission devices. The micro ITLA has a...
Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd.
Thermoplastic Material
The Konduit PX13012 and PX11311U compounds by Sabic are thermoplastic material used in hybrid LEDs heat sinks. The PX13012 compound has the highest thermal conductivity of all electrical...
LED Platform
The Matrix Platform from Philips Lumileds uses Luxeon LEDs assembled on a wide selection of board types to remove manufacturer responsibility for board and module assembly. The Luxeon XR and...
Philips Lumileds Lighting Co.
Single-Mode Optical Switch
The new 192-fiber reconfigurable single-mode optical switch from Polatis provides non-blocking SDN-enabled connectivity between any pair of fiber ports with typically 1 dB of path loss. The...
Polatis Inc.
100G Transceiver
The dual-rate 100G CFP2 LR4 transceiver from NeoPhotonics provides a module solution for bandwidth-hungry datacenter applications where both density and low power are required. The 100G CFP2...
NeoPhotonics Corp.
Tunable Laser Source
A tunable laser source for high-speed 100- and 400-Gb/s coherent transmission systems, the Dual Micro-Integrable Tunable Laser Assembly (ITLA) from Emcore enables the design of higher densities into...
EMCORE Corp., Optical Devices
SERS Substrates
Using precisely controlled gold nanoparticles, surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SERS) substrates from Ocean Optics amplify weak Raman signals by many orders of magnitude to gain fast, repeatable...
Ocean Optics, Inc.
Camera Driver Suite
Version 4.41 driver suite from IDS Imaging provides optimized default runtime values for both the uEye LE and ML USB 3.0 industrial cameras. The driver is available for Windows and Linux...
IDS Imaging Development Systems, Inc.
ArF Immersion Lasers
New argon fluoride (ArF) immersion lasers from Gigaphoton Inc. offer enhanced efficiency and output for semiconductor lithography processing. The eGRYCOS (e-GIGAPHOTON Recycle Chamber...
Gigaphoton Inc.
Global Shutter Camera
The OVM6211 CameraCubeChip by OmniVision Technologies Inc. is a compact global shutter camera for mobile devices. It is based on the company’s 3-µm OmniPixel3-GS global shutter...
Omnivision Technologies, Inc.
EMCCD Cameras
The new ProEM-HS line of high-speed electron-multiplying CCD cameras from Princeton Instruments are suited for low-light imaging and spectroscopy applications. With 20-MHz readout capability...
Princeton Instruments
Thermal Analyzer
A new optical thermal analyzer from Microsanj allows semiconductor device designers to gather thermal performance data with 800-ps resolution. Part of the Thermoreflectance Nanotherm series,...
Microsanj, LLC
Color Meter
A new high-resolution spectral light and color meter from Gigahertz-Optik is suited for online production applications, particularly sorting and binning LEDs based on photometric and colorimetric...
Gigahertz-Optik, Inc.
Industrial Camera
A new VGA global shutter CCD model has been added to the Blackfly industrial camera family from Point Grey Research Inc. The new Blackfly BFLY-PGE-03S3 is based on color and monochrome...
Point Grey Research Inc.
CMOS Camera
With CoaXPress real-time data interface, the EoSens 25CXP camera from Mikrotron is a 25-megapixel CMOS device for industrial image processing in the automation and quality assurance fields. ...
Mikrotron GmbH
Inspection Camera
The SS414 Mini Inspector by Sidus Solutions is a high-clarity color inspection camera with integrated, variable intensity, high-brightness LEDs. It allows accurate, wide field-of-view...
Sidus Solutions LLC
SWIR Imager
A new shortwave infrared (SWIR) imager from Sensors Unlimited Inc. provides soldiers the ability to view all battlefield lasers during day or night operations. The Warrior HWH is available...
Sensors Unlimited - UTC Aerospace Systems
Compact Spectroradiometer
A new portable spectroradiometer from Spectral Evolution is intended for quantification of pulsed solar simulators. The SR-1901PT has a spectral range of 280 to 1900 nm. It incorporates a...
Spectral Evolution, Inc.
Film Thickness Measurement
Craic Technologies' FilmPro software can analyze a broad range of films on both transparent and opaque substrates and can be used with microspectrometers to measure the thickness of thin films via...
CRAIC Technologies
CCD Camera
The Eagle V from Raptor Photonics is a 4-megapixel camera intended for high-resolution fluorescence imaging, as well as adaptive optics and astronomy applications. It uses a back-illuminated...
Raptor Photonics Ltd.
IC Inspection System
The InfraScan ES400C-LW inspection system by Checkpoint Technologies can view emissions from 900 to 2500 nm, allowing photon emission and thermal imaging of integrated circuits using the same tool. ...
Checkpoint Technologies
Automotive LEDs
Developed for interior and exterior applications, several new automotive LED light sources have been launched by Everlight Electronics. Interior automotive LED solutions include multiple...
Everlight Electronics Co., Ltd.
3-D Microscopes
Collecting and combining a set of through-focus images to produce one high-resolution micrograph of a sample, a new generation of 3-D microscopes from Edge-3D provide completely focused images. ...
CO2 Laser Accessories
To help users maintain older CO2 laser systems, Richardson Electronics now offers water treatment kits and replacement bellows. The water treatment systems contain OEM-equivalent levels of...
Richardson Electronics, Ltd.
Laser Trackers
Two new portable laser coordinate measuring machines from Hexagon Metrology offer interferometer-based inspection. The Leica Absolute Tracker AT960 offers high-speed dynamics and six degrees...
Hexagon Metrology Services Ltd.
Photovoltaic MOSFET Drivers
An optocoupler-based photovoltaic driver from Avago Technologies is designed to drive high-voltage metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect transistors (MOSFETs) and withstand extreme heat for...
Avago Technologies

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