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Photonics Spectra: January 2014

Eyewear Helps Thwart Laser-Pointer Attacks
A basic news search for “laser pointer” returns a disturbing number of hits detailing incidents in which pilots or train conductors, law enforcement personnel, politicians and athletes have been targeted by readily available laser pointers. The headlines seen here are a small sample illustrating the growing occurrence and impact of laser-pointer attacks. The Federal Aviation...
Jason Palidwar, Iridian Spectral Technologies
Accurate Low-Energy Measurement Enhances Photonic Devices
Time-to-digital converters provide highly accurate measurements for photonics applications – with less energy consumption and lower overall costs. Measuring a quantity or value through...
Admir Heljo, Precision Measurement Technologies
Trends in Imaging
Advanced data mining, 3-D video imaging techniques and image fusion are bringing to fruition superaccurate real-time diagnostics, brain mapping and futuristic driverless cars. Developments in...
Valerie C. Coffey,
Where the Jobs Are Now
As I contemplated today’s photonics job/employment environment, and the business climate and outlook for 2014, I went back to the “Where the Jobs Are” article I wrote for the August...
Howard Rudzinsky, Rudzinsky Associates
Image Quality Testing Improves as Cameras Advance
An overview of state-of-the-art technology for image quality testing of mass-produced camera modules for consumer devices, including recent developments and new challenges. Image quality testing...
Daniel Winters, TriOptics GmbH
Trends in Lasers
For lasers, the trends are fast and powerful – literally. Shorter pulse widths and greater power are future directions for the technology. On the horizon are new lasing materials and new...
Hank Hogan, Contributing Editor,
Trends in Optics
Advances in optics in the past year or two have ranged from promising new optical materials to innovations in existing technologies. From optical coatings and add-on kits to quantum dots and...
Marie Freebody, Contributing Editor,

Light to Have Its Year
Light, in all its technological glory, will be the center of attention in 2015, thanks to a proclamation late last month in which the UN General Assembly named 2015 the International Year of Light and Light-Based Technologies. The announcement affirms the importance of raising awareness of light-based technologies and their potential to solve global issues in energy, education, agriculture,...
Karen A. Newman, Group Publisher,

ANSI Z136.8: Why R&D Labs Should Be Using It
In a research setting, whether academic or commercial, researchers and laser safety officers (LSOs) face many challenges and frustrations. One that they should not have to deal with is laser safety guidance that does not represent their work environment. And a new ANSI (American National Standards Institute) standard that has joined the Z136 (Laser Safety) series is ready to step in and save the...

Phosphors Optimized for Better, Brighter LEDs
New guidelines for optimizing phosphors — a key component in white LEDs — could lead to brighter and more efficiently produced solid-state lighting. Researchers at the University of...
IR Remote Sensor Combines Detection, Imaging
A new dual-band remote sensor splits the infrared radiation given off by an object into a long-wave portion for detection and into a mid-wave portion for spectral analysis to simultaneously detect...
THz Plasmonic Crystal is Tunable
Normally the light passing through the atomic structure of a photonic crystal is of a fixed frequency, but light passing through a crystal containing plasma can be tuned by adjusting the voltage...
THz QCL Hits Light Output Milestone
Using special symmetrical laser structures, a group in Vienna says it has created a terahertz quantum cascade laser (QCL) with four times higher light output than other such existing devices,...
NASA Sets Laser Communications Record
NASA's Lunar Laser Communication Demonstration (LLCD) transmitted data more than 239,000 miles between the moon and Earth using a pulsed laser beam. The download rate of 622 megabits per second is a...
Nanoscale Engineering Advances QD-LEDs
New research aims to improve quantum dot LEDs (QD-LEDs) by using a new generation of the nanosized, engineered semiconductor particles specifically tailored to have reduced wasteful charge-carrier...
Coating Provides ‘IR Camouflage’
Military camouflage has taken a step forward with the discovery of a coating that, when heated past a certain temperature, looks colder to thermal cameras. A team of applied physicists at...
Raman Scattering Sped Up for Microscopy
Improvements to Raman spectroscopy using laser frequency combs allow multiple signals from different parts of a molecule — or even different molecules — to be monitored simultaneously...
Material Gives Visible Light an Infinite Wavelength
A new metamaterial made from stacks of silver and silicon nitride nanolayers gives visible light a nearly infinite wavelength, an international team reports. The material could be used to make novel...
Room-Temp. Nanodiamond Acts as Optical Switch
A single nanodiamond operating at room temperature can be used as an ultrafast optical switch, a key component for future light-based information processing and computing. Faster and more...

OPIC, OPIE advance photonics in Japan
Laser and optics experts from around the globe will gather to discuss the latest technologies when the third Optics & Photonics International Congress (OPIC 2014) and Optics & Photonics...
Photonics Innovators are Finalists for 2014 Prism Awards
Light-based products that detect hidden explosives or drugs, hyperspectrally image potential ground threats from the air, and push the boundaries of scientific exploration are among the finalists for...
Labsphere a Finalist for ‘Product of the Year’
Light-measurement software maker Labsphere recently was named a finalist for the New Hampshire High Technology Council's 2013 Product of the Year award, with its Integral software receiving...
Aussies Aim to Transform Manufacturing with Photonics
The University of Adelaide will work with local manufacturers to help them take advantage of emerging laser, sensor and other light-based technologies to transform their businesses under a two-year,...
II-VI Marks VCSEL Shipping Milestone
The 200 millionth vertical cavity surface emitting laser (VCSEL) since 2008 has been shipped by its Zurich-based laser enterprise subsidiary, II-VI Inc. announced Wednesday. It also said the unit...
Lockheed Martin Cutting 4000 Jobs
In response to continued government budget cuts, defense contractor Lockheed Martin announced Thursday that it will close and consolidate several of its US facilities and reduce its workforce by...
In Memoriam: Leo Beiser, Expert in Laser Scanning
Laser scanning expert Leo Beiser, an active member of SPIE since the early 1970s and a former member of its board of governors, died in July. He was an adjunct professor at the Institute of Imaging...
Michigan Photonics Group Now at 25 Members
Michigan's new photonics industry group, Mi-Light, achieved a milestone in October with the addition of its 25th member company or organization, the group announced recently. Aerotech is the...
Jenoptik Laser Scanner to Monitor Traffic in Germany
A Jenoptik laser scanner that monitors traffic has been approved for use in Germany by the Traffic Solutions Div. of the country's Physical Technical Institute. Certification of its TraffiStar...
Rebellion Photonics Named ’WSJ Startup of the Year’
Hyperspectral imaging camera maker Rebellion Photonics has won the Wall Street Journal's "Startup of the Year" inaugural competition, the newspaper announced this week. Spun out of Rice...

A Smarter Way to Use Sunlight: Array Pushes Solar Deep into Buildings
A pair of University of Cincinnati researchers want you to see the light — even if you're in an unlit, interior, windowless room. The new technology, called SmartLight, involves a narrow grid of tiny, electrofluidic cells self-powered by embedded photovoltaics and applied near the top of a window. These open-air "ducts" help sunlight to illuminate windowless work spaces deep inside...

Everybody walk the dinosaur
It’s not exactly Jurassic Park, but it’s still pretty cool: Laser scans and computer modeling are now giving the human race a chance to watch one of the biggest dinosaurs in action. The digital reconstruction has enabled the gigantic Argentinosaurus to take its first steps in more than 94 million years. The dinosaur in question now resides, so to speak, at Carmen Funes Museum in...
Laura Marshall, Managing Editor,

LBP2 Series Laser Beam Profilers
Newport's new LBP2 Series Laser Beam Profilers are available with a visible (190 - 1100 nm) CCD camera or a phosphor coated (1440 - 1605 nm) CCD camera. Both cameras are also available in a 640 x 480...
Newport Corporation
C12666MA Microspectrometer
The C12666MA microspectrometer from Hamamatsu Photonics is suitable for applications such as color sensing in printing machines and LED lighting, point-of-care testing connected to smartphones, and...
Hamamatsu Corporation
ILT950UV Spectroradiometer
International Light Technologies has added the ILT950UV (200 to 450 nm) to its line of spectroradiometers and has improved its ILT950 (250 to 1050 nm) with a machined optical bench that reduces stray...
International Light Technologies, Gilway & International Light Divs.
Stream 1.9 Materials Science Imaging Software
Stream 1.9 is the latest version of Olympus’ materials science imaging software for industrial microscopy applications. It has new dedicated functions that include automatic-measurement and...
Olympus Europa SE & Co. KG, Medical Systems & Micro-Imaging Solutions Group
13-MP Color Camera
The Imaging Source has introduced a 13-MP autofocus color camera based on Sony’s Exmor CMOS technology. The autofocus and onboard image enhancement algorithms ensure image quality and...
The Imaging Source LLC
ISL29035 Ambient and Infrared Sensor
The ISL29035 ambient and infrared sensor from Intersil Corp. provides sensitivity to various light sources in handheld, PC, TV and industrial display applications, along with suitable angular...
8758 Multiaxis Hand-Control Pad
New Focus, a Newport Corp. brand, has introduced the 8758, a multiaxis hand-control pad for its Picomotor actuators. Designed for plug-and-play operation, it is suitable for quick tests or for...
New Focus
SA-30 Head-Mounted Display
SA Photonics has announced the SA-30, a head-mounted display (HMD) that delivers 20/19 Snellen resolution (0.94 arcmin per pixel). The WUXGA (wide ultraextended graphics array) OLED...
SA Photonics
BlueDrive Photothermal Excitation
Asylum Research has announced blueDrive photothermal excitation, an option available for its Cypher atomic force microscopes (AFMs). The process uses a blue laser to photothermally excite the AFM...
Asylum Research
PixelSensor Multispectral Photodiode Array
The PixelSensor multispectral photodiode array from PixelTeq offers eight wavelength-selective photodiodes on a 9-mm2 sensor for multispectral applications including portable color monitors and...
Aspheric Lenses
Ross Optical Industries Inc. has launched a line of precision aspheric lenses, or aspheres, in its redesigned online optics catalog to supplement its specialty optics catalog. The lenses range...
Ross Optical Industries
Model 810 Frame Grabber
The Model 810 frame grabber from Sensoray Co. Inc. simultaneously captures four channels of analog NTSC/PAL video and four channels of stereo audio for applications in broadcast-grade video/audio...
Sensoray Co., Inc.
IDRaman Reader
Ocean Optics Inc.’s IDRaman reader is a fully integrated Raman system with raster orbital scanning (ROS) technology, a sampling technique that enables more efficient Raman signal collection...
Ocean Optics, Inc.
Thermopile Detectors
Hamamatsu Corp.’s thermopile detectors offer high sensitivity to mid-infrared wavelengths, making them suitable for gas analysis and temperature distribution measurements. The T11262-01...
Hamamatsu Corporation
E40 and T420 R&D Thermal Imaging Kits
Flir Systems has added the E40 and T420 packages to its range of entry-level R&D-grade thermal imaging kits for academic teaching and industrial research labs. The kits include a thermal imaging...
FLIR Systems
Picomotor Optical Mirror Mounts
New Focus, a Newport Corp. brand, has introduced a series of large-aperture Picomotor-driven kinematic optical mirror mounts. A piezoactuated screw, the Picomotor provides remote high-precision...
New Focus
illumia®plus Light-Measurement System
Labsphere, a Halma company, has introduced the illumia®plus series LED- and light-measurement systems for lighting manufacturers. The device is equipped with proprietary mobile Integral...
Labsphere, Inc., Photonics
Fiber Coupler for Quartz Fibers
New fiber couplers from Laser Components USA Inc. facilitate the coupling of light from free-beam lasers into a quartz fiber. Using a mounting flange, the coupler is directly attached to the...
Laser Components USA, Inc.
International Light Technologies has released a line of more than 30 single- and multichip-array UV LEDs for applications in air, surface and water sterilization; pesticide detection; plant growth;...
International Light Technologies, Gilway & International Light Divs.
EZ-ID Software
Running on an oreXpress portable spectrometer, Spectral Evolution’s EZ-ID software enables users to compare target scans with the US Geological Survey (USGS) spectral library or commercially...
Spectral Evolution, Inc.
IQ6 Laser Diode
The IQ6 laser diode module from Power Technology Inc. is suitable for OEM applications requiring narrow spectral widths and long coherence lengths. The device offers wavelengths from 390 to...
Power Technology, Inc.
UVG20C 20-mm² Photodiode
Opto Diode, a member of the ITW Photonics Group, has released the UVG20C, a 20-mm2 photodiode with a circular active area for electron detection. The absence of a surface dead region results in...
Opto Diode Corporation
TruLaser Cell 3000
The TruLaser Cell 3000 five-axis laser machine from Trumpf Inc. cuts and welds 2-D or 3-D components, including nonferrous metals, for high-volume production applications in job shops,...
DMC-30016 Pocket Motion Controller
Galil Motion Control has added the DMC-30016 to its Pocket Motion controller series. The device combines a single-axis motion controller with a 1.4-A-per-phase stepper drive in a compact unit. ...
Galil Motion Control, Inc.
CAC-400/CAC-400-A Optical Fiber Cleavers
Vytran has introduced two compact, automated, large-diameter optical fiber cleaver systems that enable high-volume production of fiber lasers, fiber-based medical and sensing devices, and other fiber...
Vytran LLC
IQ Fume Extraction System
BOFA International Ltd. has released the iQ, an intelligent operating fume extraction system that monitors the status of a prefilter and combined main filter. Preblockage warnings provide...
BOFA International Ltd.
PS-1P Peg Adapter for Optical Pedestals
The PS-1P peg adapter post from Newport Corp. optimizes the versatility of 1-in.-diameter optical pedestal assemblies by allowing the pedestals or other compatible components to be easily removed or...
Newport Corporation
OSA205 Optical Spectrum Analyzer
The OSA205 optical spectrum analyzer from Thorlabs Inc. operates in the mid-IR region from 1 to 5.6 µm to quickly measure unknown spectra. The device is based on a Michelson...
Thorlabs Inc.
DM100-527 Green Laser
Photonics Industries (PI) has introduced the DM100-527 Q-switched, intracavity Nd:YLF laser for applications ranging from ultrafast Ti:sapphire amplifier pumping and particle image velocimetry to...
Photonics Industries International, Inc.
Spark SP-20000M-PMCL and SP-20000C-PMCL CMOS Cameras
JAI has added two 20-megapixel industrial cameras to its Spark series. Featuring a global shutter and full frame rate of 30 fps, they are suited for examining flat panel displays and printed circuit...
JAI, Inc.
PLT165-AC Linear Stage
The PLT165-AC series linear stage from Steinmeyer Inc. is driven by an AC servomotor or optional stepper motor combined with a ball screw to provide a self-locking feature, making the stage suitable...
Steinmeyer, Inc.
FLS-2800 Integrated Tunable Laser Assembly
The FLS-2800 benchtop integrated tunable laser assembly, developed jointly with Coherent Solutions and available from Exfo Inc., is suitable for applications in coherent/orthogonal frequency-division...
EXFO, Inc.
TechSpec Imaging Lens Data Sheets
New TechSpec imaging lens data sheets from Edmund Optics provide performance curves, technical details and drawings, allowing users to select the correct lens for their application. The...
Anchor Optics
JSM-IT300LV Scanning Electron Microscope
The JSM-IT300LV scanning electron microscope (SEM) from JEOL USA features an expanded pressure range, large specimen chamber and improved resolution for imaging and characterizing a variety of sample...
KnowItAll Spectroscopy Software
Bio-Rad Laboratories Inc. has released the KnowItAll Informatics System 2013 spectroscopy software for spectral analysis, identification, search, data management and reporting for life sciences...
Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc., Informatics Div.
ParticleFinder Software
Horiba Scientific has partnered with Particle Sciences of Bethlehem, Pa., to launch ParticleFinder, a software module for the LabSpec 6 Spectroscopy Suite. The work-flow-inspired interface...
HORIBA Scientific

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