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Photonics Spectra: June 2014

The Incremental Quest for Quantum Computing
Researchers are on the threshold of building feasible quantum computers, with a few architectures inching ahead. Will we soon see a quantum leap in their progress? For more than two decades, one of the holy grails of physics has been to build a quantum computer that can process certain types of large-scale, very difficult problems exponentially faster than classical computers. Physicists are...
Valerie C. Coffey,
Scanning Vision Continues to Improve Manufacturing Standards
The future of scanning vision systems is to make the underlying technology more accessible, robust and foolproof. From semiconductor manufacturing to the display industry, scanning vision...
Marie Freebody, Contributing Editor,
Mid-IR Semiconductor Lasers Enable Sensors for Trace-Gas-Sensing Applications
Commercial and research QCL sources can target strong fundamental rotational-vibrational gas absorption lines in the mid-IR spectral range and pure rotational lines in the terahertz range that are...
Dr. Frank K. Tittel, Rice University
3-D Printing Readies for Takeoff
Advances in laser sintering 3-D printing speed up production of parts with complex geometries, all while cutting costs. If it can overcome challenges including a lack of standards, training and...
Hank Hogan, Contributing Editor,
Transparent Ceramics Enable Large, Durable, Multifunctional Optics
Aluminum oxynitride and magnesium aluminate spinel are mechanically strong, hard and scratch resistant; they are also chemically durable. Both exhibit broadband transmittance from near-UV to mid-IR....
Mohan Ramisetty, Lee Goldman, Nagendra Nag, Sreeram Balasubramanian and Suri Sastri, Surmet Corp.

Thermal Imaging for Consumers and More
SPIE held its annual Defense, Security and Sensing (DSS) event May 5-9 in Baltimore, with a new emphasis on sensing that the organization said was well received. Highlights of the 2180 technical presentations include: • Dr. Jeongsik Shin of the University of Texas at Arlington shared early results on electrohydrodynamic ink-jet printing in sensor fabrication for flexible robotic...
Karen A. Newman, Group Publisher,

IR Method Detects Chemicals Remotely
Infrared technology could help the military to remotely and safely identify sites where nuclear weapons are being made. Researchers at Brigham Young University have developed a model that...
Inevitable Imperfection Produces Nanolaser
Nanostructures are imperfect, so it has been impossible thus far to develop optical chips that can control light. But now such imperfection is now proving perfect for a whole new set of uses. A...
Superconductor LEDs Help Unravel Entanglement
Superconductivity in LEDs could generate the perplexing quantum physics phenomenon known as entanglement. Entanglement occurs when particles become correlated in pairs to predictably interact...
Ultrabright Nanocrystals Could Image Single Proteins
The future is bright in the world of biological imaging with the recent creation of ultrabright, ultrasmall light-emitting crystals that can image single proteins.    A team from the US...
Nanosensors on CDs Simplify Bio Sample Study
CD players have been overshadowed by MP3 files in the entertainment world, but in the biology lab, they could be the wave of the future.   A team from Spain has developed a technique for...
Tech Breakthrough with Nanoscale Optical Switch
Photons may someday replace electrons inside cellphones, automobiles and other products. This shift got a recent boost with the development of an ultrafast, ultrasmall optical switch.   The...
Graphene Light Detector Spans IR Spectrum
A new light detector is the first to sense the full IR spectrum, carrying potential advancements in heat-vision technology. The room-temperature, graphene-based detector, developed by a team at...
Nanoinjection Makes Photon Detection More Efficient
Existing photon number resolving (PNR) detectors are not ideal. They require extreme cooling to ensure accuracy, and often can slow the performance progress in systems such as quantum computers. ...
Diffractive Catheter Enhances OCT Imaging
A new imaging catheter that enables real-time, ultrahigh-resolution OCT imaging at 800 nm to form a 3-D volumetric dataset could potentially improve image contrast via increased light scattering and...
Breaking Down Diamonds, Atom By Atom
An inadvertent breakthrough in laser technology could enhance the development of quantum computers and other diamond-based technologies.  Researchers at Macquarie University’s MQ...
Stimulated Emission Enhances Fluorescence Detection
Stimulated emission (SE) can now be used to detect the signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) of fluorescence and convert it to a coherent signal. A technique developed by a team from National Yang-Ming...
Quantum Droplets Form in Laser-Shot Semiconductors
The accidental discovery of a new quasiparticle that behaves like a drop of liquid could provide a better understanding of solid-state devices such as semiconductors and superconductors. ...

Ghent University Offers Silicon Photonics Summer School
Silicon photonics is an increasingly important area of research and technology, making ongoing education crucial for those in the industry. A Silicon Photonics Summer School will bring together...
DFG to fund research projects
Photonics will be one of a variety of research topics in the spotlight over the next several years thanks to funding from the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG, the German Research Foundation). ...
OSA Award Winners Announced
The Optical Society (OSA) has named the 2014 recipients of its awards and medals. “This year’s awardees have made incredible contributions to optics and photonics in everything from...
Day of Photonics 2014
The annual Day of Photonics will take place Oct. 21, offering the general public a look at the opportunities the industry offers. Organized by the European Photonics Industry Consortium (EPIC)...

Solar Cell by Day, Light Panel by Night
A chance discovery has brought light emission properties to solar cells. A new solar cell material developed by a team at Nanyang Technological University (NTU) not only converts light to electricity, but also emits light. The hybrid perovskite solar cell material was discovered to glow brightly and emit light when a laser is shined on it. Perovskite solar cells have been...

Semitransparent PV cells go designer
Solar panels are hard to miss. Whether you see a dozen perched on the roof of a house or a few thousand laid down in rows on a solar farm, their dark metallic hues and large presence are eye-catching. For the majority of their existence, solar panels have been limited to roofs and fields to ensure clear sun exposure. Recent technological developments, however, might force you to look elsewhere....

Imaging Sensor
Headwall Photonics has introduced the Hyperspec Snapshot portable imaging sensor for environmental research, civil engineering and remote-sensing applications. The integrated sensor, which...
Headwall Photonics, Inc.
100G ROSAs
The 100G ROSA product line from NTT Electronics offers coherent transport systems to address increasing network bandwidth demand. Consisting of both p-i-n and avalanche photodiode (APD)...
NTT Electronics Corp.
Real-Time Oscilloscopes
The Infiniium Z-Series oscilloscopes from Agilent Technologies Inc. can be synchronized to measure up to 40 channels simultaneously, with a maximum 63-GHz real-time oscilloscope bandwidth (on up to...
Agilent Technologies, Inc.
Data Acquisition Software
Solis 64-bit acquisition software, an application for imaging and spectroscopy from Andor Technology Ltd., offers functionality for data acquisition and processing. A fully enabled application...
Andor Technology Ltd., Corporate Headquarters
Fiber Laser
Menlo Systems has released Elmo, a compact fiber laser based on Figure 9 technology. The mode-locking device offers high reproducibility, long-term operation, stability, an all-fiber design and...
Menlo Systems Inc.
Plate Beamsplitters
Nonpolarizing plate beamsplitters from Altechna feature a high laser-induced damage threshold and no absorption loss. Coated with only dielectric layers, the beamsplitters offer a damage...
Altechna, UAB
200G Coherent SoC
LightSpeed-II CL20010, the single-carrier 200G coherent SoC (system on chip) from ClariPhy Communications, offers programmable modulation for 200G and 400G dense wavelength division multiplexing...
Discrete LED
The XLamp XB-H from Cree is the brightest discrete LED in the company’s high-density class of LEDs. The device delivers more than 500 lumens at 1.5 A and 25 ºC in a 2.45-mm2 package,...
Cree, Inc.
Optical Transmitter
Finisar Corp.'s 3-GHz XFP-RF optical transmitter offers a wide radio-frequency dynamic range in a small-form-factor module. The wavelength-tunable transmitter is suitable for applications such...
Finisar Corp.
Laser System
HighLight 10,000D, a direct-diode laser system from Coherent Inc., delivers higher power, enabling increased throughput for applications in metal cladding and heat treating. The device outputs...
Coherent Inc.
LED Hall Luminaire
Jenoptik’s Lucid arena pro LED hall luminaire, developed in collaboration with Leids GmbH & Co. AG, can now be controlled with sensors and situation-based automation. The >100-lm/W...
JENOPTIK Optical Systems GmbH
Laser Characterization
SpectraResolver, laser characterization software from Resolution Spectra Systems, combines spectrum analyzer capabilities with the functions of a multiwavelength meter. The software detects all...
RESOLUTION Spectra Systems
Optical Spectrum Analyzer
Yokogawa has released the AQ6370D optical spectrum analyzer for communications measurements in the 600- to 1700-nm wavelength range. Its new functions include data logging, gate sampling,...
Yokogawa Corp. of America
Bias Controller
Pharad has introduced the MBC-DF-UC-U dither-free modulator bias controller for OEM applications including stable control of lithium niobate and gallium arsenide modulators. The 2.5 ×...
Pharad, LLC
Optical Design Software
Zemax has introduced OpticStudio 14, the latest version of its software for designing 2-D and 3-D models of optical and illumination systems. Featuring a new graphics engine for design...
Zemax LLC, Optical & Illumination Design Software
Multifiber Connector
US Conec is now offering its MXC multifiber connector for the general market. The optical interconnect platform is optimized for next-generation, expanded-beam PRIZM MT ferrules, providing a more...
US Conec Ltd.
Optical Fibers
OFS’ TrueLase 20/400 LMA double-clad optical fibers are suited for integrated high-power fiber lasers and amplifiers. The fibers are ytterbium-doped cladding-pumped and passive...
Machine Vision Cameras
IDS Imaging Development Systems’ uEye XS machine vision camera is suited for applications in interactive kiosks, embedded systems, medical technology, industrial quality control, microscopy,...
IDS Imaging Development Systems, Inc.
Fiber Optic Sensors
Micronor Inc. has introduced the Model MR330 fiber optic absolute position sensor with an all-optical design immune to electromagnetic interference (EMI) such as lightning, radiation and magnetic...
Micronor Inc.
Frame Grabber
The PIXCI® EB1 PoCL low-profile x1 PCI Express frame grabber captures images at 250 megabytes per second. With trigger input, strobe output, shutter control, bit-packing, 64-bit memory...
EPIX, Inc.

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