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Photonics Spectra: October 2015

Position, Position, Position
New standards could provide positioning and motion systems with higher dynamic path-following capabilities than existing and earlier systems. This may become critical for applications in precision metrology, manufacturing and others, where accuracy and repeatability are key. As in real estate, in science and medicine, success often comes down to location, location, location. That’s why...
Regulations Aim at Illegal Laser Activity
Aircraft illumination by handheld lasers has become a worldwide problem — in the U.S., the FBI offers a $10,000 reward for information leading to a conviction of the crime. Up in the sky,...
Optics, Fabrication: Changes, Challenges and Progress
Optics and optics fabrication have seen a lot of interesting changes and challenges over the past 25 years. Aspheres are among them. Once a seemingly impossible task, manufacturing them has...
Imaging Optimization Drives Multispectral Apps
Electro-optical systems that allow the hybridization of different imaging technologies can be seful, but may require a very complex integration effort. Challenges such as managing large amounts of...
Design-Driven Manufacture: 3D Printing is Reshaping Industry
 Put down your tools and throw away those molds — 3D printing means customized complex geometries can be produced en masse at a fraction of the cost. From watch cases and spikes on...

An Optical View
‘New optical systems are … in need of robust solutions and improvements in hardware and software. There is still a lot of work to be done.’ — Mike Bechtold, OptiPro Systems The optics and optics fabrication industries have seen plenty of exciting changes, and challenges, over the past 25 years. Evolving technologies and surfaces such as aspheres and freeform...

Modified SIM Makes Movies of Cell Processes
Variations on structured illumination microscopy (SIM) provide a way to watch dynamic biological processes inside living cells with unprecedented clarity. "These methods set a new standard for how far you can push the speed and noninvasiveness of superresolution imaging," said Nobel laureate Dr. Eric Betzig. "This will bring superresolution to live-cell imaging for real." A group...
Stem Cell Differentiation Triggered with Light
Blue light can trigger the transformation of embryonic stem cells into neurons. Based on optogenetics techniques, the discovery could be a first step toward complex tissue engineering using...
Ultrafast Fiber Laser Boasts Simple Design
Heat and vibration are no problem for an ultrafast laser with a cavity made entirely of polarization-maintaining optical fiber.  The design emits 220-fs pulses with energies up to 3.5 nJ....
Common Materials Could Simplify White LED Manufacturing
Computational models are being used to identify combinations of materials that could help reduce the costs of manufacturing white LEDs. Experiments by Rutgers University researchers suggest...
Laser Technique Cools Broader Range of Elements
A versatile laser cooling technique proposed 15 years ago now has partial experimental verification. In principle the technique could be used to cool a broader range of elements than is...
Implantable Optogenetics Device Powered Wirelessly
Combining optogenetics and wireless energy transfer technology, a new device is said to be the first fully implantable platform for optical neural stimulation. The device dramatically expands...
Method Lends 'True Color' to Superresolution Microscopy
Building on earlier superresolution methods, a new microscopy technique provides nanoscale spatial information on individual molecules while also revealing their spectra. SR-STORM, or...
Solid Tunable Lens Aims for Gentler Colonoscopies
An endoscopic probe with adjustable-focus capabilities in a slim package could facilitate more effective and less painful colonoscopies. Researchers at the National University of Singapore...
Chip Simplifies Quantum Optics Experiments
A silicon chip that can process photons in an infinite number of ways could speed up development of quantum computing. Researchers say the lab-on-chip device is a step toward creating quantum...
Gas-Sensing MEMS Interferometer Connects to Smartphones
Air and sleep quality can be gauged by an optical gas sensor that attaches to smartphones. The VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland developed the device, which is based on Fabry-Perot...
Microresonators Generate Combs for Communications, Spectroscopy
Single microresonators able to generate light pulses at several discrete frequencies could eliminate the need to integrate multiple lasers into communications and spectroscopy equipment. ...
Theoretical Materials 'Invisible' to Light Waves
Materials that allow light to pass through without distortion are possible, according to a new set of calculations by an international team of researchers. When a light wave travels through...
Photonic Crystal Boosts QD Light Output
Combining quantum dot (QD) and photonic crystal technology could lead to brighter and more efficient displays and lighting. Researchers from the University of Illinois have developed a new...
LED-Based Method Leads to Faster DNA Diagnostics
An advanced thermal cycling system developed at the University of California, Berkeley (UC Berkeley), is expected to expand clinical and research applications associated polymerase chain...
Chip-Scale Laser Produces White Light
Able to produce white light, a chip-scale semiconductor laser brings the technology one step closer to becoming a mainstream light source and potential alternative to LEDs. Brighter and more...

SPIE Photonics West Drives Global Health Advancements, Next-Generation Photonics
New technologies enabling advancements in global health care, manufacturing, communication, energy efficiency and consumer electronics are at the core of SPIE Photonics West, Feb. 13-18, 2016. On...
Pemamek System to Be Used in Laser-Arc Welding Study
Savonia University of Applied Sciences will use a hybrid welding station from Pemamek Oy Ltd. to study how laser, arc and hybrid welding methods affect seams in cold-temperature machinery.  ...
Hybrid Planetarium Opens in India with Zeiss Technology
The Priyadarsini Planetarium, India’s first hybrid planetarium with a tilted dome, has reopened its doors and includes technology from Carl Zeiss AG. Priyadarsini Planetarium. Courtesy...
Heidelberg Licenses Mass General's OCT Ophthalmology Technology
Heidelberg Engineering Inc. plans to develop new ophthalmology products based on optical coherence tomography (OCT) under a licensing agreement with Massachusetts General Hospital. The...
Avegant Secures $24M for Wearable Display Development
Avegant, a manufacturer of near-eye displays, said it has received $24 million in venture capital funding to develop next-generation wearable displays. Provided by Hangzhou Liaison Interactive...
Montana Invests in Optics for Agriculture
More than $2.8 million in state funding aims to kick hyperspectral imaging and other optical technologies into hyperdrive. Two sets of grants will aid commercialization of technologies...
By James F. Lowe,
Eulitha to Provide Photolithography System for Chinese Institute
Lithography equipment developer Eulitha AG has received an order for its PhableR 100 photolithography tool from the Changchun Institute of Optics, Fine Mechanics and Physics in China. Terms of the...
ECM, Novilab to Commercialize Zecotek 3D Display in Russian Region
Zecotek Display Systems Pte. Ltd. has licensed its 3D autostereoscopic display technology for manufacturing in Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States. The Engineering Centre of the...
Lumentum, Viavi Part Ways after JDSU Breakup
The two halves of the former JDS Uniphase Corp. (JDSU) are now charting separate courses. The company's communications and commercial optics products division split off Aug. 1 and became known...
OSA, Thorlabs Partner on Industry Fellowship
The OSA Foundation has launched a fellowship program, a competitive optics research and development placement for postdoctoral professionals. The fellowship will pair a qualified early career...

NASA Technology Aims to Save the Forests
Ravenous insects that are smaller than a penny continue to migrate north from the southeast U.S., threatening to destroy millions of pine and ash trees in the northeastern part of the country. NASA scientists have teamed with the U.S. Forest Service to combat the problem, hoping to save millions of acres of woodlands throughout North America. Scientists at NASA’s Goddard Space...

How Does Your Garden Glow?
Gardens are typically better enjoyed in daylight, right? A new art installation at the Atlanta Botanical Garden in Georgia begs to differ. The “Bruce Munro: Light in the Garden” outdoor art exhibition showcases installations created with hundreds of miles of fiber optics. A British artist known for his use of light as a medium, Munro drew his inspiration for the exhibit from...

VCSEL Projectors
Princeton Optronics Inc. has announced high-peak-power 860- and 940-nm laser projectors for 3D imaging in machine vision applications. Vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser (VCSEL) arrays are...
Princeton Optronics, Inc.
Laser-Enhanced CMMs
Perceptron Inc. offers remanufactured coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) that feature the company's ScanR laser scanners, offering both optical and tactile probing. The company's Repurposed...
Perceptron, Inc.
Beam-Steering Development Kit
Optra Inc. has announced a Risley prism assembly (RPA) beam-steering development kit designed for utility assessment. The kit includes a 20-mm clear aperture Risley prism assembly, control...
SWIR Imaging Spectrometer
A new version of the SuperGamut spectrometer from BaySpec Inc. is designed for shortwave-infrared imaging and remote sensing applications. As an optical engine for hyperspectral imaging or...
BaySpec, Inc.
Nanopositioning Stages
Suitable for applications that require frictionless, vibration-free positioning with high linearity, new nanopositioning stages from PI (Physik Instrumente) LP offer travel ranges of 50 to 250 μm...
PI (Physik Instrumente) L.P., Air Bearings and Piezo Precision Motion
UV Photodiode
The UVG12 photodiode from Opto Diode Corp. operates at 100 percent internal quantum efficiency in the UV and visible regions. The 13-mm2 device was designed for detection between 193 and 400 nm...
Opto Diode Corporation
LED Heat Sink Kit
GlacialTech Inc. has announced the Igloo SS120 heat sink kit for outdoor LED flood lights. The 120-W system features thermal resistance of 0.34 °C/W. It includes a mounting bracket with...
GlacialTech Inc.
Laser Scaler
The SB10 Sea Beam laser scaler from Laser Tools Co. Inc. is a waterproof device that can measure size from a distance of 600 ft. The SB10 directs two laser beams 75 mm apart, allowing...
Laser Tools Co., Inc.
Bandpass Filters
Laser Components GmbH offers 14 standard IR bandpass filters that use silicon substrates to provide blocking to 10 μm. The hexagonal filters are integrated into pluggable filter mounts with...
Laser Components GmbH
Color Line-Scan Cameras
JAI A/S has introduced four prism-based color line-scan cameras as part of its Sweep+ series. CMOS sensors with 20 × 20-μm pixels and optimized lenses deliver high-end color...
Stereo Cameras
IDS Imaging Development Systems GmbH has announced the N30 and N35 Ensenso 3D stereo cameras, which are suited for demanding industrial environments. The cameras meet international protection...
IDS Imaging Development Systems GmbH
Thermal Imaging Camera
Flir Systems Inc. has announced the Flir A6750sc SLS thermal imaging camera for high-resolution detection of high-speed thermal events and fast-moving targets in research applications. ...
FLIR Systems
Laser Power Detectors
Laser powers down to 100 μW can be measured by compact and robust bare die detectors in the gRAY series from GreenTeg AG. The B01-SMC and the B05-SMC detector models contain sensors for...
greenTEG AG
Frame Grabbers
VRmagic GmbH has announced the AVC-2 series of frame grabbers for machine vision applications. Converted digital signals are transmitted in real time via composite or super-video in monochrome...
VRmagic GmbH, Imaging
NIR Camera
Princeton Instruments Inc. has announced the NIRvana:640LN, a scientific-grade camera for near- and shortwave-infrared applications. An InGaAs focal plane array provides extremely low readout...
Princeton Instruments
Laser Barriers
Collapsible laser safety barriers from Kentek Corp. of Pittsfield, N.H., are cleanroom friendly and available for use with both high- and low-power lasers. The 5M Flex-Guard includes...
Laser Physics UK Ltd.
Pump Laser Module
A high-power, 1-W, 980-nm pump laser module from II-VI Inc. provides erbium-doped fiber amplifier designers with new options to increase output power per stage for high-power dense wavelength...
II-VI Inc., II-VI Infrared
Fixed-Focal-Length Lenses
Suitable for inspection, sorting and quality control applications, TECHSPEC fixed-focal-length lenses from Edmund Optics Inc. facilitate imaging in the shortwave-infrared range from 0.9 to 1.7 μm....
Edmund Optics, Inc.
Multimode Fiber Transceiver
Avago Technologies Inc. has announced the AFBR-79EBPZ bidirectional multimode fiber QFSP+ (quad small form-factor pluggable+) transceiver module, designed for high-speed data center interconnect and...
Avago Technologies
Thermography Camera
Sierra-Olympic Technologies Inc. has announced the CX640 thermography camera designed for use in process monitoring, machine vision, benchtop, laboratory and OEM applications. Radiometric...
Sierra Olympic Technologies, Inc. (SOTI)
High-Speed Cameras
Vision Research Inc. has announced the Miro LAB-Series of digital high-speed cameras for laboratory and office applications. Part of the Phantom Miro line, models in the series range from 1 to...
Vision Research Inc., Phantom Digital High-Speed Cameras
THz Sensor System
TeTechS Inc. has announced the Vega 800 sensor system, based on terahertz photoconductive antenna technology. The portable, single-frequency system is capable of testing solids, powders,...
Germanium Immersion Grating
Canon U.S.A. Inc. has developed a practical germanium immersion grating, which it said can be used to significantly reduce the size of IR spectrometers for astronomy and other applications. The...
Canon U.S.A., Inc., Industrial Products Div.
Tunable Lasers
Santec Corp. has announced the TSL-550 tunable laser, which features wide, high-resolution, mode-hop-free tuning. The output combines both high power and a high signal-to-noise ratio. Equipped...
Santec Corp.
Integrating Spheres
Gooch & Housego (Orlando) has announced motorized large integrating spheres. The spheres are coupled to the high-performance OL 770 multichannel spectroradiometer and are ideal for IES...
Gooch & Housego (Orlando)
Motorized Linear Stages
Newport Corp. has announced vacuum-compatible versions of its MTN series of midtravel steel linear stages. All MTN vacuum stages are equipped with stepper motors designed for vacuum...
Newport Corporation
Tube Light System
Chromasens GmbH has expanded its range of LED illumination products with the Corona II tube light system. Intended for machine vision applications, the light system enables bright-field...
Chromasens GmbH
Interferometric Thickness Gauges
The 137 series of interferometric thickness gauges from Bristol Instruments Inc. measures absolute thickness to an accuracy of ±1 μm with a repeatability of ±0.05 μm. The...
Bristol Instruments, Inc.
Optical Ground Wire Cable
AFL Telecommunications LLC has announced the CentraCore OPGW (optical ground wire) cable, offered with up to 96 fibers in a single stainless steel tube design. The device features a gel-filled,...
Military Touch Screen
The 10.4-in. PVDU2600 touchscreen LCD from Curtiss-Wright Corp. combines high brightness and robust construction with a range of embedded Intel Corp. processor options. The display features...
Curtiss-Wright Controls Inc., Defense Solutions Div.
Sapphire Crystals
OAO Monocrystal offers 300-kg sapphire crystals. The crystals were grown through the company's proprietary modified Kyropoulos method and are used in LED, optical and radio frequency integrated...
Glass-Imaging Camera
Designed to meet the requirements of the glass industry, the PSC-450-G7 thermal imaging camera from Process Sensors Corp. displays real-time thermal images at a frame rate of 80 Hz, switchable to 27...
Process Sensors Corp., IR Temperature Div.

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