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Photonics Spectra: December 2002

Scanning Near-Field Optical Microscopy: Characterizing Nanostructures
As design rules for technologies used in applications as diverse as materials research and advanced data storage rapidly approach nanometer size, the hunt is on for simple and effective methods to characterize nanostructures. The ideal would be a high-resolution microscopy technique offering easy-to-interpret optical images; however, light’s diffraction limit presents a stumbling block...
Andreas Frank
Quasi-CW Solid-State Lasers Expand Their Reach
The high peak powers, picosecond pulse durations and high repetition rates of mode-locked Nd:YVO4 lasers provide an edge in ultrafast research, materials processing and flow cytometry. Flexibility...
Andrew Held and Arnd Krueger
Photodetectors Test Pulsed Laser Diodes
Testing laser diodes for fiber optic communications systems requires photodiodes with fast response times. But 10 to 90 percent rise times are not the only consideration, particularly when...
Helga Alexander
Passive Component Testing: From All-Loss to All-Parameter
Fiber optics technology has taken a major leap forward with dense wavelength division multiplexing (DWDM). Today, as networks move to speeds as high as 40 Gb/s, with channel spacings of 25 GHz and...
E.U. Wagemann and Gunnar Stolze
How Low Can You (Optically) Go?
The $140 billion-a-year semiconductor industry depends on Moore’s law, the decades-old observation that device density doubles every 18 months or so. Today, excimer lasers power optical...
Hank Hogan, Contributing Editor

Dispersion-Compensation Techniques Compared
Optical fiber research indicates that dispersion compensation along a 40-Gb/s terrestrial link can result from either periodic compensation at amplifier locations -- especially if prechirp is added...
Microlens Arrays Shape LED Beam
LEDs are not well-adapted for applications requiring uniform illumination, unless supplementary optics help to shape the beam. As a possible solution, researchers at Fraunhofer Institute for Applied...
Spectroscopy Poised to Seek Terror Agents
In the post-9/11 world, an envelope may hide disease and a shoe may conceal explosives. Detecting these threats is time-consuming and labor-intensive. According to scientists at the US Army Research...
Richard Gaughan
Planar Device Boosts Gratings-Based WDM Performance
Gratings-based wavelength-division multiplexers (WDMs) are simpler to fabricate but generally have lagged behind thin-film filters in performance. However, a compact planar device developed by...
Quantum-Cascade Lasers Pass Detection Test
Research exploring directly modulated quantum-cascade lasers as telecommunications detectors generally has used HgCdTe materials, but intersubband devices and intracavity modulators also show...
Modulator Enables Nanowatt Reception
Photonic microwave receivers have improved dramatically with the recent advent of higher-sensitivity electro-optic modulators. Now researchers from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory at California...
Tunable Filter Improves Multispectral Imaging
Multispectral image acquisition promises to overcome such limitations of three-channel image capture as its dependency on consistent illumination. Researchers from École Nationale Supérieure des...
Tunable Laser Array Features Micromirror
Santur Corp. of Fremont, Calif., has developed a tunable laser module in which an external microelectromechanical tilt mirror, rather than a relatively lossy combiner, selects the distributed...
Gary Boas
Freestanding Photoconductive Microswitches Formed
GaAs thin films grown at 200 to 250 °C exhibit excellent resistivity and subpicosecond relaxation times of photogenerated carriers, making them attractive materials for ultrafast photodetectors. But...
Micromanipulation Forms Photonic Crystals
Fabrication of 3-D photonic crystals typically has relied either on lithography or on self-assembly techniques, but that gap could be bridged by a method described in the Oct. 21 issue of Applied...
Plastic Substrates Make Flexible Displays
With organic light-emitting diode technology, not only are displays crisp, but their useful life could reach tens of thousands of hours. One drawback is that most are built on glass substrates,...
TIR Switch Exploits Polyimide Attribute
The refractive index of polyimide decreases as its temperature increases. Researchers at the University of Texas in Austin harnessed this polymeric attribute to develop a total- internal-reflection...
Dual Lens Could Acquire, Display Images
Meaningful communication, whether between people or machines, can sometimes be challenging. Before something like Dick Tracy's two-way wrist videophone can appear, the problems of both capturing and...
Hank Hogan
Forming Fine Lines on a Curved Surface
There are many ways to fabricate diffractive optical elements, including diamond milling, soft lithography, laser direct writing and thermally selective oxidation. Few methods, however, apply to...
Daniel C. McCarthy
Superlattice Reflectors Boost VCSEL Performance
A superlattice design for distributed Bragg reflectors in vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers (VCSELs) simultaneously offers high reflectivity and low series resistance. The low cost and high...
Richard Gaughan
Photoluminescence Characterizes AlN
Researchers at Kansas State University in Manhattan have developed a means of characterizing the optical quality of AlN. The technique enables them to make semiconductor-quality AlN with the...
Kevin Robinson

MetaStable Instruments Wins $70,000 Contract
MetaStable Instruments Inc. of St. Charles, Mo., has been awarded a Phase I Small Business Innovation Research contract by the Missile Defense Agency. The six-month, $70,000 contract will enable the...
Verrillon Acquires ADC Group
Verrillon Inc. of North Grafton, Mass., has acquired ADC's passive photonic components business in Canberra, Australia. ADC has transferred the division's development, production and testing...
NIST Supports Laser-Based Medical Implant Technology
Optomec Inc. of Albuquerque, N.M., has received a $2 million Advanced Technology Program award from the National Institute of Standards and Technology for its Laser Engineered Net Shaping system. The...
Air Force Lab Signs Agreement for Pump Laser Technology
Nuvonyx Inc. of Bridgeton, Mo., and the Air Force Research Laboratory's Directed Energy Directorate at Kirtland Air Force Base, N.M., have signed a $4,888,020 dual-use science and technology...
Osram and Rohm Sign Patent License Contract
Osram GmbH of Munich, Germany, has granted Rohm Co. Ltd. of Kyoto, Japan, a license for its solely owned patents concerning the manufacture and sale of LEDs. Developed by Osram Opto Semiconductors,...
Tektronix Sells Optical Test Products Line
Tektronix Inc., headquartered in Beaverton, Ore., has agreed to sell select optical test products and related assets to Digital Lightwave Inc. of Clearwater, Fla., as part of its plan to realign...
Optoelectronics Packaging Programs Funded at RIT
The Center for Electronics Manufacturing and Assembly at Rochester Institute of Technology has received financial backing for two optoelectron-ics packaging programs. The Infotonics Technology Center...
Sensors Unlimited Regains Private Ownership
The management of Sensors Unlimited Inc., a supplier of InGaAs photodiode arrays and cameras, is assuming most of the company's assets and liabilities from its parent, Finisar Corp., for $6.1 million...
Nanotechnology: Opportunities for Photonics
In his keynote address at the NanoTech Venture Fair in La Jolla, Calif., in September, F. Mark Modzelewski, founder and executive director of the NanoBusiness Alliance in New York City, predicted...
Brent D. Johnson
Nanosys Pursues Nanolaser Technology
Nanosys Inc. of Palo Alto, Calif., has signed an exclusive licensing agreement with the regents of the University of California for semiconductor nanowire-based lasers. The license will enable the...
Nano- and Near-Field Optics Company Is Launched
Nanoptek Corp. of Concord, Mass., has been founded to develop and commercialize nano- and near-field optical technology and instrumentation. The company also provides photon tunneling microscopy and...
Schott Invests in VCSELs, Restructures Optovance
Raising its share to 52 percent, Schott Corp. of Yonkers, N.Y., has acquired majority ownership of university spin-off U.L.M. Photonics GmbH of Ulm, Germany, which has built and developed research,...
Indonesia: Will It Surge or Slow?
After a series of economic setbacks in the mid-1990s, Indonesia is seeing rising interest from foreign investors. Last summer, Sharp Corp. moved its assembly operation of semiconductor laser devices...
Brent D. Johnson
German Program to Develop Organic LED Displays
The German Ministry of Research and Education has granted a group of scientists €3.5 million for research devoted to organic vapor phase deposition technology for organic LED flat panel display...
Scottish Photonics Company Gears Up for WDM Developments
Helia Photonics Ltd. has purchased the optical coatings division of Terahertz Photonics and will offer high-volume coating and characteristic finishing services for laser diode producers for...
Defense Agency Employs Fiberstars' Lighting Technology
The Defense Advanced Research Project Agency is using a fiber optic lighting system from Fiberstars Inc. of Fremont, Calif., as a base technology for the development of high-efficiency distributed...
Micron Optics Expands Its Tunable Technology Capability
With the acquisition of Chameleon Optics, Micron Optics Inc. of Atlanta will expand its technology, which is based on fiber Fabry-Perot tunable filters, to address applications in telecommunications...
Molectron Expands Laser Power Facilities
Molectron Detector Inc. has increased its laser power capabilities with the addition of nine UV-NIR-IR continuous-wave lasers, which are used in calibrating the company's Si, Ge and InGaAs quantum...
Excel Technology Enters Pulsed Laser Market
Excel Continuum Corp., a subsidiary of Excel Technology Inc. of East Setauket, N.Y., has purchased Continuum, Hoya Photonics Inc.'s scientific division, along with its subsidiaries in Germany, France...
ALST to Develop Laser Rangefinder for Space Program
Advanced Laser Systems Technology Inc. (ALST) of Orlando, Fla., has been selected by the Boeing Co. to devel-op a laser rangefinder for the Orbit-al Express Space Operations Architectural program,...
Schwartz Awarded Government Contracts for Laser-Based Systems
Schwartz Electro-Optics Inc. of Orlando, Fla., has agreed to supply its Advanced Multiple Integrated Laser Engagement Systems Plus simulated combat training programs to Bechtel Bettis Nevada, Argonne...
Coherent Forms Technical Advisory Board
In a move reminiscent of large companies in other industries, from semiconductor to automotive manufacturing, Coherent Inc. of Santa Clara, Calif., has launched an external technical advisory board...
Paula M. Powell
Laser Firm Builds Inspection Prototype for Space Agency
Laser Techniques Co. of Bellevue, Wash., has completed the first task of a NASA contract for the development of a miniature automated laser scanner that may improve the safety of space shuttles. The...
Firm Wins Award to Develop WDM Components
Scientific Solutions Inc. of North Chelmsford, Mass., will develop a suite of ultradense WDM components using liquid crystal technology with a $598,772 Phase II Small Business Innovation Research...
Alliance Is Formed to Develop Collimators
Kaman Aerospace Corp.'s Electro-Optics Development Center and The University of Arizona Steward Observatory Mirror Laboratory have been awarded a $35 million contract to build a 6.5-m aperture...
Bookham Acquires Nortel's Optical Businesses
Bookham Technology plc of Abingdon, UK, has acquired the optical amplifier and optical transmitter and receiver businesses of Nortel Networks Corp. As part of the agreement, subsidiary Nortel...

Laser Probe Characterizes Combustion
Combustion is a complex phenomenon. When even a simple hydrocarbon such as CH4 burns in air, it produces a number of minority species, such as hydrogen and oxygen, that play important -- sometimes crucial -- roles in combustion chemistry. A better understanding of the process at this fundamental level could lead to the development of more efficient, nonpolluting engines and other combustion...
Brent D. Johnson
Billions of Pixels Map the Universe
Astronomy was once the purview of kings and their most learned advisers. Over the centuries, it has become increasingly accessible to a wider population interested in taking a nocturnal trek with...
Sally B. Patterson
Green Lasers Micromachine Medical Implants
When one considers the impact of photonics in industry, telecommunications and aerospace immediately come to mind. Yet medical applications have witnessed an increasing advantage as well, thanks to...
Brent D. Johnson
Optical Motion Enlivens Videos
The entertainment industry is in the midst of a revolution. The artificial world of video games has been enlivened by animated figures that gasp in an imagined atmosphere and strain under the...
Brent D. Johnson
Project Tests Gas Lines as Conduit for Fiber Optic Cable
The problem of connecting homes and businesses to the local area network gateway has been aptly described in terms that suggest the final leg of a marathon. The symbolism is appropriate. The last...
Brent D. Johnson

Accelerator Yields 20-W T-Rays
Working at Jefferson Laboratory in Newport News, Va., researchers from that facility, from Brookhaven National Laboratory in Upton, N.Y., and from Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in Berkeley,...
Optically Trapped Gas Offers Superconductivity Test Bed
According to researchers at Duke University in Durham, N.C., optically trapped atomic Fermi gases with magnetically tunable strong interactions have the potential to form the basis of a desktop...
InGaN Alloys May Yield Full-Spectrum Solar Cells
A team of scientists at the University of California, Berkeley, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, also in Berkeley, and at Cornell University in Ithaca, N.Y., has reported that the bandgap...
Biphoton de Broglie Wavelength Measured
In 1995, Joseph Jacobson and colleagues at Stanford University in California suggested that the de Broglie wavelength of an ensemble of N photons of wavelength λ is λ/N, and they described...
Thermal Effects Studied in Photonic Crystal Lasers
Photonic crystal lasers promise improved performance in applications such as telecommunications. To better understand their behavior, a team of researchers at the University of Southern California in...
Laser Downs Artillery Round in Flight
TRW Space & Electronics of Redondo Beach, Calif., announced that its Mobile Tactical High-Energy Laser has destroyed an artillery shell in midair. The US Army conducted the live-fire tests of...
Optical Downlink Proposed for Space Probe
Scientists at Johns Hopkins UniversityApplied Physics Laboratory in Laurel, Md., and at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) in Gaithersburg, Md., have proposed an optical system...
Germany, US to Collaborate on Development of X-Ray Free-Electron Lasers
Deutsches Elektronen Synchrotron in Hamburg, Germany, and Stanford Linear Accelerator Center in Menlo Park, Calif., have signed a memorandum of understanding to collaborate on the development of...

LaserGage is a portable, battery-operated laser power meter from Molectron Detector Inc. that can measure 10 to 3000 W in 5 s. The company says the device takes repeated measurements in rapid...
Molectron Detector (purchased by Coherent, Inc.)
The Trec 1600 total radiant energy controller from International Light Inc. is available with a range of UV to near-IR detectors. This portable radiometer/photometer shuts off lamps or...
International Light Technologies
A single-element pyroelectric infrared detector has been released by BAE Systems Infra-Red Ltd. for detecting and measuring gas. In the construction of this lithium tantalate detector, the element is...
BAE SYSTEMS Infra-Red Ltd.
Dalsa's newest area-scan camera, the Dalstar 2M30-SA, has a 2-megapixel dual-output interline transfer CCD image sensor in either 1600 x 1200- or 1920 x 1080-pixel resolution. The camera captures up...
Teledyne DALSA, Machine Vision OEM Components
Matrox Imaging has introduced the Odyssey XCL -- a single vision processor board that provides data acquisition and processing at rates on the order of hundreds of megabytes per second. It uses...
Matrox Imaging
PPT Vision's Impact machine vision microsystem has a 600-MHz processor and subpixel software algorithms for inspection tasks such as pattern and edge find, optical character recognition, and...
The M655 series voltage-controlled surface acoustic wave (SAW) oscillator has been introduced by Micro Networks. Suitable for clock smoothing and frequency translation applications in...
Micro Networks Corp.
The MRSI-5005 advanced packaging work cell is offered by Newport Corp. This packaging system combines GaAs die handling and flip-chip bonding for component attachment applications with MEMS and...
Newport Corporation
A family of 2 5 small-form-factor multimode optical transceivers for Fast Ethernet and OC-3 data rates has been unveiled by Stratos Lightwave Inc. A transmit disable function enables drop-in...
Stratos Optical Technologies
Aerotech Inc.'s ABL1000 3D series three-axis air-bearing stages are designed for fiber optics and nanopositioning assembly and alignment applications. Linear encoder feedback provides up to 2-nm...
Aerotech, Inc.
High-gain fiber for Raman amplifier applications has been launched by Fiberlogix Ltd. UK. It offers a broad bandwidth and tight mode field diameter. The company says the proprietary core composition...
FiberLogix International Ltd.
An automatic fiber window stripping unit for manufacturers of fiber Bragg gratings and fused fiber couplers is available from 3SAE Technologies Inc. The company says the AutoStrip can remove an 80-,...
3SAE Technologies Inc.
Optran Ultra optical fibers exhibit 350- to 2200-nm spectral transmission and can withstand temperatures from -190 to 400 °C, from -40 to 130 °C and from -40 to 100 °C. These water-free...
CeramOptec Industries Inc., Industrial Fiber Optics
High-speed sampler technology using nonlinear transmission lines has been launched by Picosecond Pulse Labs Inc. The technology can achieve sampling rates greater than 10 gigasamples per second, thus...
Picosecond Pulse Labs
The G8925 from Hamamatsu Corp. is an InGaAs PIN photodiode for high-bandwidth optical communications applications. Typical photosensitivity at 10 Gb/s response time is from 0 to ~-18 dBm; at...
Hamamatsu Corporation
Corning Inc. says that its new erbium-doped fiber amplifier platforms, PureGain 2600 and 1500, are 75 percent smaller than the standard industry footprint. Both use the company's Lasertron CLT 3.0...
Corning Photonic Technologies
Agilent Technologies Inc. has announced a new line of voltage-controlled oscillators for 10- and 40-Gb/s fiber optic communications systems. The oscillators can synchronize data and voice...
Nufern has added a 1550-nm fiber for bend-insensitive packaging to its cutoff product line. The 1550B-HP is suitable for small-form-factor active and passive components requiring tight bend radii,...
The RP192 avalanche photodiode receiver from Multiplex Inc., which uses planar technology, is available for 10- or 12.5-Gb/s systems and in analog or digital versions. The device offers -26-dBm...
Multiplex, Inc.
Achromatic wave plates for the infrared region are offered by Cleveland Crystals Inc. The company says that its proprietary database and fabrication experience enabled the dual-crystal wave-plate...
Gooch & Housego (Ohio) LLC
The PGE 60841 erbium-doped fiber amplifier from Ericsson Optoelectronics AB measures 70 x 45 x 10 mm and is suitable for single-channel or narrowband applications in the C-band, where gain flattening...
Ericsson Network Technologies
As the first in a line of erbium micro fiber lasers, the compact SMPF-2030 from NP Photonics produces fixed wavelengths with 30-mW output power without the need for an external booster. It features a...
NP Photonics, Inc.
A digital CCD camera that integrates an 18-mm Gen III image intensifier with high-speed control for nanosecond exposures has been released by QImaging. The Intensified Retiga is suitable for...
Pulnix America Inc. has released a VGA CMOS camera suitable for machine vision applications, including robotics, process control, motion analysis and object tracking. The PC-640CL offers a Camera...
Pulnix America, Inc.
The codec model 2412 from Sensoray Co. Inc. converts PAL or NTSC video into an mpeg-1 or -2 elementary stream via the user datagram or real-time Ethernet protocols. Images of 320 x 240 pixels...
Sensoray Co., Inc.
A digital camera that offers 12-bit readout, an optional Camera Link interface and electronic shuttering to 98 µs has been introduced by Redlake MASD Inc. The MegaPlus ES 4.0/E incorporates...
Redlake (see IDT Integrated DesignTools)
Improvision's Openlab 3.1 scientific image acquisition and analysis software is designed to run on the Mac OS X operating system. The company says the software has a user-friendly interface, runs...
Improvision Research
A bottom-mounted CCD camera for transmission electron microscopes has been released by Soft Imaging System GmbH. The Cantega2k offers 2048 x 2048 pixels, a dynamic range of 16 bits and frame rates up...
Soft Imaging System GmbH (see Olympus Soft Imaging System GmbH)
Flir Systems Inc. has announced the newest addition to its ThermaCAM E-series, the E2. Developed for research and development professionals, the E2 detects faults in electronic components, assemblies...
FLIR Systems
Linos Photonics Ltd. has released a high-resolution CCD compact camera suitable for medical x-ray diagnostics and nondestructive testing. The device is 115 mm tall, contains a standard C-mount camera...
Qioptiq Photonics Ltd.
Lord Ingenierie has introduced the CIL 2048 line-scan camera, a self-contained, high-resolution industrial vision sensor targeted for systems manufacturers and automation engineers. The instrument is...
Lord Imaging
Adimec Advanced Image Systems BV has released a 2-megapixel CCD camera. The A1600m has a Camera Link interface, consumes 5.5 W and provides 34 progressive frames per second with 1600 x...
Adimec Advanced Image Systems BV
Applications for the LIA-MV-200 series lock-in amplifiers include spectroscopy, optoelectronic quality control, and luminescence, fluorescence, phosphorescence and light-scattering measurement....
Laser Components (UK) Ltd.
A liquid-to-liquid temperature control unit designed for multiapplication cooling has been introduced by PolyScience. The Model 426 provides secondary zone temperature control when attached to a...
National Instruments offers DIAdem 8.1 postacquisition data analysis and report generation software for use with LabView. The software can correlate data from different channels, sources and...
National Instruments Corp.
The Optronik RMS-10gse retroreflectometer available from Labsphere Inc. comprises an illumination projector and a receiver to measure light from automotive retroreflectors. Because the device is...
Labsphere, Inc., Photonics
Master Bond Inc. has developed Polymer System X5HT -- a one-component contact-type adhesive/sealant with a service temperature range of -75 to 500 °F. Bonding methods include hot presses or...
Master Bond Inc.
Aremco Products Inc. has released Crystalbond 555, a thermoplastic adhesive for temporary mounting of ceramic substrates, semiconductor devices and optical crystals that require dicing or...
Aremco Products, Inc.
Jobin Yvon Ltd. has announced an integrating sphere accessory for use with its FluoroLog-3 and FluoroMax-3 spectrofluorometers. The company says that the sphere simplifies measurements of solid-state...
Jobin Yvon Inc.
The HP7x high-pressure dispensing tool from EFD Inc. allows consistent, controlled application of assembly fluids through Ultra microdot tips. The company says the device multiplies dispensing...
Nordson EFD
The LCON series configurable system-on-a-chip laser controllers from Photronic Devices can process and react to data in <5 µs, providing a 200-kHz response rate in typical automatic gain...
Photronic Devices
Frankfurt Laser Co. has introduced distributed feedback (DFB) laser diodes at wavelengths of 785, 860 and 923 nm and distributed Bragg reflector (DBR) laser diodes at 1064 and 1083 nm. The DBR...
Frankfurt Laser Company
Leister Technologies LLC has introduced the Novolas µ laser welding system for microfluidic manufacturing. The company says the system allows fast noncontact welding of microstructured...
Leister Process Technologies
Pinpoint Laser Systems offers a right-angle beam bender for alignment applications. The 90-Line can create parallel lines for checking roller alignment, shafts, tracks and mechanical guides. The...
Pinpoint Laser Systems, Inc.
Microminiature true-zero-order wave plates for use with laser sources are available from Tower Optical Corp. The series AO-0.5-TZ square wave plates measure 0.5 x 0.5 mm, are approximately 90 µm...
Tower Optical Corp.
The DC series DPSS lasers from Photonics Industries International Inc. are suitable for use in lidar, micromarking, semiconductor processing, interferometry, noncontact inspection and...
Photonics Industries International, Inc.
The transmitter optical subassembly series uncooled diode lasers, which integrate a laser, a monitor diode and a fiber-coupling unit in a four-pin package as small as 3.8 mm in diameter and 12.0 mm...
NEC Electronics (Europe) GmbH
Alcatel Optronics offers a 980-nm terrestrial pump without a thermoelectric cooler in a low-profile 14-pin butterfly package. The 1998 PLM coolerless delivers up to 150 mW and is designed for...
Alcatel Optronics (see Avanex France SA)
Ophir Optronics Inc. has enhanced the PE25 and PE50 pyroelectric heads to provide a linearity of 1%, a maximum pulse rate of 4000 Hz and a maximum pulse width of 10 ms. Designed for making pulse...
Ophir - Spiricon LLC, Photonics
Lambda Physik has introduced the NovaLine A4003 excimer laser for 193-nm optical lithography systems. The company says single oscillator ultraline-narrowed technology provides efficient optics...
Lambda Physik, Inc.
A noncontact laser system that measures 135 x 26 x 77 mm is available from Renishaw Inc. The NC3 has tool-setting and breakage-detection features for probing small machining centers and...
Renishaw Inc.
Mitsubishi Electric & Electronics USA Inc. has introduced two 980-nm laser diodes for use as pump sources for erbium-doped fiber amplifiers. The ML861E5S provides a peak power of 1100 mW, and...
L.E.W. Techniques Ltd. offers copper tungsten packages for high-power laser diode manufacturers. Copper tungsten can be joined to other metals, such as kovar and alumina, using various...
LEW Techniques Ltd
K2 Optronics Inc. has unveiled the EC48 series transmission lasers for metro, extended-reach and long-haul telecommunications. The directly modulated lasers are SONET-/SDH-compliant, and the company...
K2 Optronics, Inc.
Henkel Loctite Corp. designed its Zeta 7730 UV wand system for spot-curing applications. Exposure time can be programmed from 0 to 99.9 s or controlled by depressing and releasing the foot...
Henkel Corp.
An industrial-grade fluorescent lighting system from StockerYale Inc. is designed for imaging, process control and machine vision inspection applications. The model 10XI circular fluorescent...
ProPhotonix Ltd.
A surface-mount ceramic package for high-brightness blue and white LEDs has been released by Kyocera Fineceramics Group. The company says the small, thin packages offer high heat dissipation and...
Kyocera Industrial Ceramics Corp., Kyocera Industrial Ceramics Corp.
Conquest Global Inc. offers the MH21 fiber optic illuminators, which weigh <1 lb and measure 4.5 x 3.2 x 2.3 in., for integration into industrial vision systems. The company says the light sources...
Conquest Global, Inc.
Tektronix Inc. offers the 80C10 optical sampling module for use with the CSA8000B communications signal analyzer. Designed for accurate characterization of 40-Gb/s components, the module has an...
Tektronix, Inc.
The OptiGrafix optical polymer film products are designed to enable, enhance or protect optical applications involving polarized or coherent light. Grafix Plastics says these films are economical and...
Grafix Plastics, Industrial Products Div.
The NorCom 2020 optical leak testing system integrates a laser interferometer and advanced software. Available from NorCom Systems Inc., it measures leaks in standard helium-permeation format...
NorCom Systems, Inc.
The Nanodep-60 ultrahigh-vacuum system is designed for the deposition of nanocluster materials, which have electronic, chemical, optical and magnetic properties that its manufacturer says cannot be...
Oxford Applied Research USA
Richter Enterprises and Optec srl have developed lightweight plastic near-IR lenses. Two 50-mm lenses that cover a 16-mm diagonal image plane are available with f/2 and f/4 and a field of view of...
Richter Enterprises
The 13705RZ nonreturn-to-zero to return-to-zero converter has been unveiled by Inphi Corp. The device is designed for use in SONET OC-192 long-haul and ultralong-haul optical transport systems that...
Inphi Corp.
Edmund Industrial Optics Inc. has released a line of metal parabolic reflectors that direct and focus incident collimated light at 30°, 60° or 90° off axis. The λ/4 aluminum...
Edmund Optics, Inc.
BK 7, fused silica and sapphire standard and precision optical windows are available off-the-shelf from Sunex Inc. for OEM production and prototype development. Sizes up to 100 mm in diameter...
Sunex Inc.
Axsys Technologies Inc. has released a line of standard component fixtures in pneumatic, vacuum or mechanical configurations for optoelectronic devices. The Fast line offers the option of buying...
Axsys Technologies
NanoOpto Corp. has launched the SubWave line of optical networking components that are suitable for telecommunications design applications such as optical signal conditioning and optical switching....
Discovery Semiconductors Inc. has introduced the model R205M balanced optical receiver for lidar and eye-safe free-space applications. This receiver has a wavelength range of 1.2 to 2.2 µm and...
Discovery Semiconductors, Inc.
Polytec PI Inc.'s NanoAutomation Group has released the M-661 translation stage, which has an integrated high-speed linear piezoelectric transducer motor drive for use in applications such as...
Polytec PI, Inc.
Exfo Electro-Optical Engineering Inc. has introduced a bonding accessory for its ProAlign 500 component assembly workstation. The ProBond module automatically dispenses a controlled amount of...
EXFO, Inc.
The PiezoMax N-XYZ100B closed-loop, three-axis nanopositioner is available from nPoint Inc. for microscopy applications that require light to be transmitted through the sample. Suitable for use with...
nPoint Inc.
Spectralize 1, a coating recently introduced by Applied Scintillation Technologies, is designed to improve the sensitivity of photodiode linear arrays, CMOS devices and CCDs into the far-UV. It...
Applied Scintillation Technologies Ltd.
Phoenix frame grabbers from Active Silicon Ltd. support the 64-bit, 66-MHz PCI bus for high-end digital video acquisition. They come in Camera Link and LVDS versions, and their software development...
Active Silicon Inc.
The Pico-Scopeman video micro-inspection system incorporates a CCD camera and a quartz halogen light source. Available from Moritex Europe Ltd., the system weighs 650 g and includes...
Moritex Canada, Inc.
Leo Electron Microscopy Group has launched the 1540 CrossBeam XB scanning electron microscope system, a focused ion beam (FIB) workstation that enables nanoscale subsurface analysis and control. The...
LEO Electron Microscopy GmbH
The FilmTek 2000M-DUV thin-film metrology tool from Scientific Computing International is suitable for research and development and for volume production of 90-nm semiconductor devices. It can...
Scientific Computing International
A laser diffraction particle size analyzer with a measuring range of 0.015 to 500 µm is available from Shimadzu Scientific Instruments Inc. The SALD-7001 has a violet (405 nm) semiconductor...
Shimadzu Scientific Instruments, Inc.
StellarNet UK Ltd. has added the EPP2000-NIR to its line of fiber optic spectrometers. This 512-element, electrothermally cooled InGaAs array detector is designed for high-resolution spectral...
StellarNet, Inc.
The EpiScan portable microscope from Prior Scientific Instruments Ltd. is designed for in situ inspection of curved metallic and nonmetallic surfaces. This microscope has a magnification range of 50...
Prior Scientific Instruments, Ltd.
The FOInspect from Tamar Technology is a phase-shifting interferometer with a defect-detection optical system. Suitable for integration into automated systems, it measures radius of curvature,...
Tamar Technology
OVA ST optical vector analyzers from Luna Technologies are designed to measure insertion loss, polarization-dependent loss, group delay, chromatic dispersion, polarization mode dispersion and optical...
Luna Technologies
The 4900 Autocal fiber optic illuminator is available from Illumination Technologies Inc. It features proprietary Light-Lock technology with a NIST-traceable autocalibration routine for stable...
Illumination Technologies, Inc.
The FP1800HB/Rmax active-matrix LCD monitor, which is designed for use in severe environments, has been introduced by Image Systems Corp. The sunlight-readable device provides a 160° viewing...
Image Systems, Canvys

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