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Photonics Spectra: May 2015

Displays You Wear
Challenges still exist in the development of wearable devices, but continued advances may ultimately change how people interact with the world around them. It’s a case of a sight for sore eyes and other body parts, with display advances promising better augmented reality and wearable devices. For augmented reality, which overlays computer-generated information onto what people see,...
Hank Hogan, Contributing Editor,
Improved Photometric Testing for High-Power LEDs
The LM-85 approved method for electrical photometric measurement of high-power LEDs harmonizes the methods currently in use and addresses measurement consistency issues. This is the first in a...
Jeff Hulett, Vektrex
Advances in Micromechatronics Promote All-in-One Positioning Modules
Smart motion technologies can reduce system size and simplify integration, enabling smaller photonic instruments with full performance. Advances in microactuators, microelectronics and...
David Henderson, New Scale Technologies
Diode Laser Developments: Higher Power, Higher Brightness
Diode lasers are finding traction in new applications, thanks to advances in wavelength combining, new wavelengths and improvements in production. Thanks to their high efficiency, compact size...
Valerie C. Coffey, Science Writer,
Consumers Demand More, and Photonics Is Up for the Challenge
The Consumer Electronics Association forecasts that the U.S. consumer electronics industry – in which photonics plays an enabling role – will generate $223 billion in wholesale revenue...
Marie Freebody, Contributing Editor,
Design Considerations for Aspheric Lenses
This first of two articles will cover design and manufacturing options for aspheres; the second will include more detail on manufacturing and testing processes. These articles will provide the tools...
Jeremy Govier, Edmund Optics
Laser World of Photonics
Laser World of Photonics, June 22-25, 2015, Munich Trade Fair Center, Munich Laser Munich will focus on image processing, from products and systems to manufacturing and applications. ...
Justine Murphy, Contributing Editor,

Down a Slightly New Path
Allow me to introduce myself. After a stint as a news editor for, I stepped into the role of Photonics Spectra editor early this year. With big shoes to fill, I jumped into the job with both feet, bringing more than 15 years of media experience with me. The photonics industry lights up the world, quite literally, and I’m thrilled to be so close to the action. I...
Justine Murphy, Editor,

Antennas Enable Nanoscale Terahertz Spectroscopy
Tiny antennas could bring the power of terahertz spectroscopy to bear on large molecules and other nanoscale objects. Nanoantenna-enhanced terahertz spectroscopy (NETS) involves chains of dipole nanoantennas spaced about 20 nm apart. The technique builds on an existing strategy that has been successfully employed for other applications such as surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SERS). ...
Fluorescent Probe Shows Promise in Osteoarthritis Treatment
A near-infrared fluorescent probe may make it easier to diagnose and monitor osteoarthritis. Tested in mice, the probe detected the activity leading to cartilage loss in joints. As the...
ZnO Nanowires Create Ultrasensitive UV Smoke Detector
A new low-temperature nanowire growth process can create ultrasensitive UV smoke detectors directly on a microchip. A ZnO nanowire detector created through a seedless hydrothermal technique is...
Fluorescent Label Aids Whole-Brain Imaging In Vivo
A new permanent fluorescent label allows researchers to study complex neural activity in wide swaths of brain tissue in moving animals. Developed at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, the...
‘Flat Lens’ Masters Chromatic Aberration
Overcoming a limitation of earlier flat optics, a new achromatic metasurface is able to bend different wavelengths of light by the same amount. The ultrathin “flat lens” is composed...
Neptec 3-D Lidar Sensor System Aims to Improve Mine Operations
Neptec Technologies Corp. has completed proof-of-concept testing on a new 3-D lidar sensor system designed to help truck drivers and shovel operators for mining operations. The 3DRi Spot Assist...
Model Predicts Metamaterials’ Nonlinear Optical Properties
A new approach that can predict the nonlinear light scattering properties of nanostructures could help turn optical metamaterials to more practical uses. The unique electromagnetic properties...
Natcore Multilayer QD Solar Cells Show Promise
A new breed of quantum dots (QDs) could enable multilayer solar cells that capture more of the sun’s energy. Natcore Technology Inc. said scientists in the laboratories of co-founder Dr....
Cubic Nanoantennas Eyed for NEMS Biosensors
Lab-on-a-chip applications could benefit from cubic nanoantennas that direct light more effectively than spherical ones. The cubes, which are composed of insulating rather than conducting or...
IR Drone Camera Provides Bird's-Eye View of Rochester at Night (with video)
Flying 15,000 feet over downtown Rochester at night, a midwave-infrared (MWIR) sensor from Exelis captured in detail the movements of cars and pedestrians. The company’s CorvusEye...
Printable Filters Manage THz Communications
Plasmonic filters created with an off-the-shelf inkjet printer could enable blazing-fast wireless downloads and clearer cellphone calls using the terahertz spectrum. University of Utah...
Nanostructures Enable Step Toward OLED Lasers
Organic LEDs made with finely patterned nanostructures can produce bright, low-power light sources, a key step toward making organic lasers. Researchers have long dreamed of building organic...
Modified Genes Triggered by Blue Light
Crossing a bacterium’s viral defense system with a flower’s response to the sun yields a light-based trigger for genes. This type of control could enable deeper study of specific...
Light’s Wave-Particle Duality Visualized (with video)
A novel imaging approach has brought light’s split personalities together for the first time. The wave-particle duality of light is well known, though experiments to date have only been...
Phase Encoding, Photon Counting Yield Secure QR Codes
Microscale QR codes coupled with optical phase and photon-counting encryption could be used to protect the integrity of microchips used in the most sensitive applications. QR, or Quick...

Princeton Optronics Provides VCSELs for Google Project
Princeton Optronics Inc. said it is working with Google’s Advanced Technology and Projects group on compact 3-D imaging systems for mobile devices. The initiative, called Project Tango,...
Underwater Imaging Firm Bowtech Joins Teledyne
Teledyne Technologies Inc. has acquired Bowtech Products Ltd. of Aberdeen, Scotland. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed. Bowtech designs and manufactures vision systems, including...
Northrop Grumman Supplies Laser Mine Detection Systems to Navy
The U.S. Navy has contracted Northrop Grumman Corp. for the continued production of the AN/AES-1Airborne Laser Mine Detection System (ALMDS). Mounted on the MH-60S helicopter, the ALMDS detects...
Newport Touts Record Sales Amid Acquisitions
Newport Corp. notched sales and orders records in 2014, with profits reaching $35.1 million. Net sales for the year were $605.2 million, $158.7 million of that coming in the fourth quarter. ...
Bach Research Supplying Optics for Multiple Atmospheric Study Missions
Bach Research Corp. has completed two contracts and begun one more for optical components to be used in satellites studying the Earth’s atmosphere. Under a new contract with Ball...
Expansion into New Markets Yields Strong Year for IPG Photonics
IPG Photonics Corp. says 2014 went just as it planned, with new sales efforts yielding a 19 percent rise in revenues and a 29 percent increase in earnings. The industrial lasers firm, which...
Ferro Acquires Laser Marking Firm TherMark for $5.5M
Ferro Corp. has acquired the privately held laser marking technology company TherMark Holdings Inc. of Irvine, Calif., for $5.5 million in cash. TherMark’s technology uses lasers to...
Profitable Faro Pushes Further into Law Enforcement
Faro Technologies Inc. said its newest laser 3-D scanning products performed well as it closed the books on 2014 and announced a new acquisition. Yearly sales increased 17.2 percent to $341.8...
Germany Opens Digital Photonic Production Research Campus
Government, scientific and industry leaders recently opened the Digital Photonic Production research campus to develop light as a production tool. The German Federal Ministry of Education and...
JDSU Reveals Spinoff Names: Lumentum and Viavi
Lumentum and Viavi are the names of the two companies JDSU plans to split into this fall. Meanwhile, Chief Financial Officer Rex Jackson will leave the company Sept. 30 following the expected...
Tyndall to Lead $6M Project on Photonic Circuits for Data Transmission
Tyndall National Institute will lead a consortium of researchers in a three-year, €5.2 million (about $5.95 million) European Union-funded project to develop photonic circuits for faster,...
NeoPhotonics Cuts Losses with Strong Fourth Quarter
Network components firm NeoPhotonics Corp. reported a net loss of $19.7 million, an improvement from a net loss of $34.3 million in 2013. Revenue in 2014 was $306.2 million, an increase of...
MicroVision Licenses Picoprojector Technology for $8M
MicroVision Inc. has signed a multiyear license agreement involving its PicoP display technology with an unnamed Fortune Global 100 partner for an up-front fee of $8 million. The license grants...
Grants Will Boost Recruitment for Two-Year College Photonics Programs
Four colleges in Michigan, New Mexico and Puerto Rico will receive $15,000 grants from the National Center for Optics and Photonics Education (OP-TEC) to help entice high school students into...

Oceans, Atmosphere the Focus of New NASA Mission
A satellite mission scheduled for launch in 2022 is expected to give NASA a whole new understanding of Earth’s ocea ns and atmosphere, further advancing the study of the impact environmental changes are having on ocean health and the planet’s carbon cycle. The Pre-Aerosol Clouds and ocean Ecosystem (PACE) mission – based at the Goddard Space Flight Center in Maryland...

Rediscovering the Brilliance of Color
Hailed a natural wonderland, Yellowstone National Park is a U.S. treasure. A plethora of geysers – hot springs, in particular – offer a visual feast for sightseers. Alas, the pools have lost a bit of luster through the years, courtesy of make-a-wish coins, rocks and other contaminating debris. But now scientists from Montana State University and Brandenburg University of Applied...

Glass Refractive Index Measurement System
The rIQ (refractive index quantification) from Craic Technologies Inc. and Laboratory Imaging s.r.o. of Prague performs analysis of glass trace evidence. It uses the thermal immersion method to enable criminalists in modern forensic laboratories to measure the refractive index of multiple glass fragments simultaneously. The standalone package consists of a phase-contrast microscope, a...
CRAIC Technologies
Laser Lenses
Edmund Optics’ new Techspec λ/20 PCX lenses provide minimal wavefront distortion for high precision use. They feature a precision-fused silica substrate, λ/20 surface...
Edmund Optics, Inc.
Board-Level Cameras
Point Grey has announced the Chameleon3 USB3 Vision board-level camera line, combining the ease of USB 3.0 with the flexibility of board-level design with CCD and CMOS image sensors. The...
Point Grey Research Inc.
Remote Visual Inspection System
Featuring a powerful LED source, the Techno Pack T LED from Karl Storz Industrial Group is a measuring and documentation system for the remote visual inspection market. When used in conjunction...
Karl Storz GmbH & Co. KG
SWIR Line-Scan Camera
A new 2k shortwave-infrared (SWIR) line-scan camera from Sensors Unlimited Inc. is designed for applications in spectral-domain optical coherence tomography (SD-OCT). The GL2048R is...
Sensors Unlimited - UTC Aerospace Systems
UV Crosslinker
A UV crosslinker from Spectronics Corp. enables identification and analysis of trace amounts of DNA and RNA with greater sensitivity, accuracy and speed than conventional analysis. The Select...
Spectronics Corp.
Streak Camera, Calibration Module
A new optical streak camera from Sydor Instruments LLC has dual slots to mitigate space-time focus astigmatism and employs a curved image plane for superior focus out to the image boundaries. ...
Sydor Instruments, LLC
Lock-In Amplifier
A new low- and mid-frequency lock-in amplifier from Zurich Instruments is suited for optical experiments with a mechanical chopper or a pulsed laser system. The MFLI features a signal bandwidth...
Zurich Instruments
Pulsed Fiber Lasers
Spectra-Physics has introduced two new pulsed fiber lasers, the VGEN-ISP-POD and the VGEN-QS-HE-100. The VGEN-ISP-POD (pictured) is an IR short-pulse master-oscillator power-amplifier fiber...
UHV Windows
Custom fabricated sapphire viewports and sight windows for ultrahigh vacuum (UHV) systems and process machinery are available from Meller Optics Inc. The windows provide Moh 9 hardness and are...
Meller Optics, Inc.
Time-to-Digital Converter
A new time-to-digital converter from qutools GmbH is suited for time-correlated single-photon counting. The quTAU records the timestamps of electrical signals and transmits the time an event...
Laser Components GmbH
Mid-Wave IR Laser
Designed for industrial, medical and research applications, a new midwave-infrared laser from Quantum Composers offers software-selectable output pulse energies. The MIR Series features high...
Quantum Composers, Inc.
Fiber Wavelength Measuring Station
The MAP-200 from JDSU is a measuring station with a modular design for the characterization of fiber optic components and systems in research, development and production. The mWAVE-A1 module is...
Laser Components GmbH
High-Power Laser
Power Technology Inc. has announced the Grande high-power laser, offering power levels up to 20 W. Controlled by an internal microprocessor, the design features an LCD, providing users with...
Power Technology, Inc.
Fixed Pyrometers
Two new Pyrospot Series 54 and 56 fixed pyrometers from Dias Infrared Corp. provide temperature measurement in the midwave-infrared range around 5 μm, with a temperature measurement range from 100...
DIAS Infrared Corp.
Scan System
With a 20-mm aperture, the intelliSCAN III 20 scan system from Scanlab AG delivers a wide range of options and efficient digital-servo algorithms with application- and customer-specific tunings. ...
LED Weapon Light
The CenterFire WeaponLight by LaserMax, designed for use with the Glock 42 semiautomatic pistol, is a high-output LED light. It emits 100 lumens of bright white light, allowing faster, more...
LaserMax, Inc.
Tunable Laser
Designed with system integration in mind, a new tunable laser from Santec Corp. is suited for spectroscopy and optical coherence tomography (OCT). The HSL-1 is based on electrically pumped...
Santec Corp.
V-Groove Fiber Splicer
The 21S V-groove optical fiber splicer by Fujikura Europe is designed for fiber-to-the-premises, data center, LAN and access network applications. It features accurate splice-loss estimation...
Fujikura Europe Ltd.
Progressive-Scan Video Camera
The IK-HD5U progressive-scan HD 1080p/1080i video camera, by Toshiba Imaging Systems Division, is designed for scientific imaging and microscopy applications. It features a front-panel...
Toshiba Imaging Systems
Quantum Cascade Lasers
New quantum cascade lasers (QCLs) from Alpes Lasers SA are available in high-heat-load housing with collimated output, and can be operated with drivers for optimal usage. The HP-QCL high-power...
Alpes Lasers SA

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