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Photonics Spectra: December 2003

Photonics in the Pharmaceutical Industry
By some estimates, as many as 7000 hospital patients die every year when health workers mistakenly administer the wrong drugs. In response, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has set forth a...
Stephen Lee
Machine Vision Bolsters Quality Control
Machine vision technology has long played a key role in pharmaceutical manufacturing, particularly at the packaging stage. But now, as the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) bar-code regulation...
Carl Gerst, Cognex Corp.
Space-Efficient Symbols Help in Drug Tracking
The benefits that bar coding can bring to the medication administration process are widely recognized. Bar codes provide the most efficient method of identifying the drug, the patient, and the...
Susan Snyder, Microscan Systems Inc.
Pulsed Xenon Lights Help in Drug Tracking
On a pharmaceutical production line, it’s not enough to inspect random samples of material. In response to stringent health and safety standards, such as those being proposed by the Food and Drug...
Peter Niedzielski, PerkinElmer Inc.
Process Understanding Promotes Successful Machine Vision
With the advent of graphical programming software, the need to write and debug countless lines of text-based code is no longer an issue in even the most complex multicamera environments. In the...
Paula M. Powell, Senior Editor
Mass Spectrometry Helps Drug Manufacturers Meet New Demands
Quality control in drug manufacturing has always been important: After all, if something goes wrong, lives could be on the line. Accordingly, new emphasis is being placed on pharmaceutical quality...
Lasers Target Chip Fabrication
In semiconductor manufacturing, the drive to pack more functionality into ever-smaller spaces will ultimately fuel more aggressive chip designs, necessitating use of new low-k dielectric materials,...
Andrew Masters, Coherent Inc.
MEMS Are on the Move in Europe
Nanotechnology may be the latest buzzword, but its predecessor — microtechnology — has yet to reach its full potential. Although much hype is being made of the idea of nanomachines, researchers...
Nadya Anscombe, Contributing Editor
Micromachining Medical Devices: Finding the Right Remedy
Emerging challenges in micromachining include the need to process materials at faster speeds, in a wider range of materials and with greater precision and repeatability, and to micromachine features...
Jeffrey P. Sercel, JPSA Laser
In Search of the Optimal Objective for 157 nm
In the never-ending quest for the optimal objective for microlithography wavelengths, engineers have worked on ways to improve the aberration and birefringence correction of 0.85-NA Newtonian...
James E. Webb

Soft Lithography Reproduces Integrated Optical Devices
As more attention is paid to the use of polymeric materials for optical elements, researchers have been investigating soft lithography as a means to reduce fabrication costs by replicating many...
Daniel S. Burgess
Periodically Poled KTP Waveguide Crystal Generates Blue Light
A collaboration of researchers at the University of St. Andrews in the UK, the University of Sofia in Bulgaria and AdvR Inc. in Bozeman, Mont., has demonstrated a frequency-doubled laser capable of...
Breck Hitz
Fiber Optic Array Scans the Ocean for Submarines and Oil Wells
A group of researchers from the US Naval Research Laboratory in Washington and from QinetiQ in Dorchester, UK, has designed and demonstrated an array of fiber optic sensors that can detect weak...
Breck Hitz
Photonic Crystal Enables Surface-Emitting Quantum-Cascade Laser
By incorporating a photonic crystal resonator into the design of a quantum-cascade laser, researchers in the US have developed compact, surface-emitting devices with potential applications in...
Daniel S. Burgess
Multidye Polymer Composite Developed for Data Storage
A multidye material developed by researchers from the University of Toronto and Princess Margaret Hospital in Toronto promises applications in ultradense optical data storage and document security as...
Daniel S. Burgess
Lidar Satellite Resumes Data Collection
NASA's Ice, Cloud and land Elevation Satellite is again collecting information on the topography of the Earth's ice sheets; the heights, thicknesses and other properties of cloud and aerosol layers;...
Daniel S. Burgess

Fiberguide and 3M Optical Components Collaborate
Under an OEM reseller agreement, Fiberguide Industries Inc. of Stirling, N.J., and 3M Optical Components of Austin, Texas, will form a partnership to broaden markets, industries and applications for...
UK Firm Awarded Research Contract for Defense Technology
Intense Photonics Ltd. of High Blantyre, UK, has won an £80,000 contract from BAE Systems Avionics Group of Basildon, UK, for the Defence Technology Centre on Electromagnetic Remote Sensing. A...
KVH to Supply Guidance Components to Raytheon
KVH Industries of Middletown, R.I., has received a production order from Raytheon Integrated Defense Systems of Tewksbury, Mass., for its new fiber optic-based inertial measurement unit. Raytheon...
Diploma Program Offered for Photonics Professionals
EP3, the Education Program for Photonics Professionals, is a series of six courses, each eight weeks long, for working scientists and engineers who require core educational background in optics and...
Alfalight Wins Government Contract to Develop Efficient Diode Sources
Under a $3.9 million, 18-month contract awarded by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency for its Super High Efficiency Diode Source program, Alfalight Inc. of Madison, Wis., will investigate...
Fabrinet Will Manufacture External-Cavity Lasers for K2 Optronics
The EC-48 external-cavity lasers developed by K2 Optronics Inc., based in Sunnyvale, Calif., will be produced by Fabrinet of Bangkok, Thailand, under a partnership agreement. Fabrinet's manufacturing...
What, Another Venture Capital Firm?
By one estimate, there are some 1000 venture capital companies in the US. As of February, there was one more. Don Scifres, founder and former chief executive officer of SDL Inc., and Mike Foster,...
Paula M. Powell
Emcore Acquires Molex's 10-Gb Ethernet Transceiver Business
Emcore Corp., a provider of semiconductor technologies for global communications based in Somerset, N.J., has acquired the 10-Gb Ethernet transceiver business of Molex Inc., including its assets,...
Osram Names Three-Five Systems US Display Integration Partner
Electronic manufacturing services and display systems provider Three-Five Systems Inc. of Tempe, Ariz., has been selected as the exclusive US engineering services and organic LED marketing partner...
Memscap Purchases Opsitech SA
To strengthen its optical expertise, microelectromechanical systems provider Memscap of San Jose, Calif., will acquire integrated optics specialist Opsitech SA of Grenoble, France. Opsitech is a...
Universities to Pursue Laser Research Under NSF Grant
To develop extreme-UV laser technologies that will be used in the fabrication of much smaller, more powerful computer circuits and other advanced nanotechnologies, three US universities have received...
NLight to Develop More Efficient High-Power Laser Diodes
NLight Photonics Inc. of Vancouver, Wash., will advance high-power diode lasers under a $5 million research and development contract from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. The goal of...
Companies Consolidate to Provide Improved Infrared Systems
Under a merger agreement, Flir Systems Inc. of Portland, Ore., will acquire Indigo Systems Corp. of Goleta, Calif., thereby securing a supply of low-cost, high-quality IR detectors, as well as...
UK Companies Ally to Improve Video Headsets
To develop more affordable, robust and ergonomic head-mounted display systems, three British companies have entered into a 24-month, $800,000 collaboration. The systems will incorporate organic...
Light Age Relocates to Larger Plant
Alexandrite laser technology specialist Light Age Inc. has increased its size by four times in a move to a new facility in Somerset, N.J., where it has fully equipped laboratories for its new...
Contract Is Awarded for Zoom Lens
Special Optics Inc. of Wharton, N.J., will design and produce a motorized zoom lens system to image missiles during flight testing under a two-year, $730,000 Phase II Small Business Innovation...

IR Imaging Exposes Equine Ailments
Save for the famous Mr. Ed, horses can't tell a veterinarian what's wrong with them. In fact, a horse not only is unable to communicate its symptoms, but also makes a concerted effort to hide them....
Benjamin D. Butkus
Light Kit Is Lower-Cost Crime Fighter
It has been a little more than a hundred years since Scotland Yard bagged its first criminal by using fingerprints as evidence. The technology for lifting a print back then was elementary, my dear...
Sally B. Patterson
Quantum Cascade Laser Improves Smoke Analysis
Understanding the exact chemistry of smoke could guide the development of tobacco products. Mid-infrared laser spectrosco-py is a well-established analytical method that can provide accurate...
Sally B. Patterson
High-Power, Short-Wave LED Purifies Air
Ultraviolet radiation has numerous applications in the decontamination of a variety of materials. It has been used effectively for groundwater filtration, sterilizing of foodstuffs and cleaning of...
Brent D. Johnson
High-Speed System Offers Optical Measurement for LEDs
With any new product, it is critical to establish a sense of trust and reliability with the consumer. A few minor glitches in the initial rollout could doom an emerging technology, no matter how...
Brent D. Johnson
Sandia Demonstrates High-Power UV LEDs
In support of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency's Semiconductor Ultraviolet Optical Sources program, researchers at Sandia National Laboratories in Albuquerque, N.M., have developed...
Brent D. Johnson

Ultrafast Electron Diffraction Reveals Laser Melting
Scientists at the University of Toronto have employed femtosecond electron diffraction to study the ultrafast melting of aluminum under illumination by 120-fs pulses of near-IR laser radiation. The electron technique promises to enable investigations into photoinduced dynamics, with applications in condensed-phase processes, surface chemistry and time-resolved In the work, the researchers...
High-Harmonic Generation Yields 4.4-nm X-Rays
A team of researchers at the University of Colorado at Boulder, the University of Sofia in Bulgaria, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in Berkeley, Calif., and the University of California,...
'Fast Light' Offers No Increase in Information Velocity
A group of researchers from Duke University in Durham, N.C., and from the University of Arizona in Tucson has experimentally confirmed that superluminal pulses of light cannot transmit information...

KVH Industries Inc. has launched the DSP-3000, an open-loop fiber optic gyro based on patented digital signal processing technology. The small, tactical-grade, multiaxis modular device is suitable for military, commercial, motion sensing, stabilization, navigation and precision pointing applications such as guided munitions, industrial robotics, gun and antenna stabilization, and autonomous...
KVH Industries, Inc.
Indigo Systems Corp. introduces a method of processing InGaAs detector material to improve its short-wavelength response. The result is its VisGaAs material, which enables the acquisition, display...
Indigo Systems Corp. (dupe of FLIR Systems in Goleta)
BondShield 5-004 matrix adhesive from Borden Chemical Inc. is a UV-curable material for bonding optical fibers into a ribbon structure. It uses ethanol to provide midspan entry of the ribbon so that...
Borden Chemical, Inc.
A 256-element lead-sulfide (PbS) multiplexed array has been announced by Cal-Sensors Inc. as an alternative to InGaAs detector assemblies for applications in spectroscopy in the 1- to 3-µm...
850-nm VCSEL
Transsub, an 850-nm VCSEL design grown as a bottom emitter with topside P and N contacts, emits in the direction of the substrate. Available from Ulm photonics GmbH, the VCSEL for direct flip chip...
Philips Technologie GmbH U-L-M Photonics
The FCI-InGaAs-XXX 155/622-Mb/s series photodiodes unveiled by OSI Fibercomm have active area sizes of 55, 70 and 120 µm, a spectral range from 900 to 1700 nm and responsivity from 1100 to 1620 nm....
Axsys Technologies Inc. has improved its LaserTrac AutoFocus distance-measuring device to provide automated optical inspection systems manufacturers with up to a 300% throughput increase, reduced...
Axsys Technologies
The Legend 510 SmartImage camera offered by DVT Corp. is a CMOS smart camera system that comes supplied with software licenses and upgrades; classroom, online and CD-based training; and global online...
DVT Corp.
The Gemini Cx from Sagitta is an integrated polish, clean and inspect automated manufacturing cell that can terminate 24-fiber (MT-24) connectors for higher optical fiber connector densities in...
Sagitta Inc.
INO has announced that it is making its holographic phase masks available to companies for use in the manufacture of gratings for optical networks. The company produces standard, chirped, long and...
INO - National Optics Institute
Mesophotonics has demonstrated a method of generating white light continuum. With more than 600 nm of bandwidth, the continuum was produced from low-power femtosecond pulses using a 10-mm-long...
Mesophotonics Ltd., Chilworth Business Incubator
Swiss Jewel Co. SA has introduced two standard LC receptacles, for small form factor and for stability and precision. The company also custom-designs the subassemblies, used for aligning and...
Swiss Jewel Co.
The SyrusPro 700 coating unveiled by Leybold Optics GmbH is equipped with a control system and proprietary OMS 4000 and advanced plasma source options. The thickness distribution uniformity depends...
Leybold Optics GmbH
Basler AG has announced the A102f, a megapixel IEEE-1394 camera that features gamma correction, color interpolation and white balancing. It operates at up to 15 fps at full 1392 X 1040 resolution...
Basler, Inc.
Advanced Optical Technology Ltd. (AOT) has extended its line of short-pulse, diode-pumped, electro-optically Q-switched solid-state lasers with the AOT-YAG-20Q, a 20-kHz Nd:YAG laser with high pulse...
Advanced Optical Technology Ltd.
Oluma Inc. has released a patented side-polished fiber evanescent sensor substrate in single- and multiple-port configurations on single-mode 9-µm-core SMF-28 fiber. The substrate enables...
Oluma, Inc.
A near-infrared vector probe designed for diffuse reflectance spectroscopy has been introduced by Lambda Solutions Inc. Model LSI-NIR-VT interfaces with most FTIR, AOTF and dispersive spectrometers...
Lambda Solutions Inc.
The TPI spectra 1000 terahertz-transmission, far-IR spectrometer from TeraView Ltd., available through Bruker Optics Ltd., provides access to intermolecular modes in a variety of substances that are...
Bruker Optics Inc.
Compact linear translation stages offered by Standa can be stacked for assembly into X-Y-Z stages. The 7T173-50 is a 30-mm-wide precision device with a travel range of 50 mm, tracking accuracy of 2...
Microsemi Corp. has introduced two integrated circuits combined in a compact surface-mount package that boost a low-voltage supply to drive a string of white or colored LEDs and provide an adjustable...
Microsemi Corp.
The IVM 100 and 100.5 mirror mounts from Siskiyou Design Instruments exhibit no crosstalk between axes, producing straight-line travel when adjusted and enabling easy alignment. They top-mount 1- and...
Sirus Technology Corp.
CrystalWave, a computer-aided planar photonic crystal circuit design environment from Photon Design, features a lattice editor that defines complex structures that have thousands of holes, a mask...
Photon Design
A single-step fabrication process for narrow-linewidth, high-power, ridge-waveguide distributed feedback lasers has been developed by Bookham Technology plc. The technique requires only a single...
Bookham, Inc. (see Oclaro, Inc.)
The Shad-o-Snap 1024 x-ray-sensitive camera from Rad-icon Imaging Corp. has a USB plug-and-play interface for use with Windows 2000 and XP operating systems. It internally generates timing signals...
Teledyne Rad-icon Imaging
High-speed filter wheels and shutters that upgrade microscopes for fast, vibration-free filter changing are available in two versions from Prior Scientific Instruments Ltd. for image capture in...
Prior Scientific Instruments, Ltd.
Leutron Vision has released the PicPort-Pro-CL-Stereo-RTF digital frame grabber. Based on field-programmable technology and support for a 64-bit, 66-MHz PCI bus, it integrates real-time function to...
Leutron Vision AG
Data Optics Inc. has extended its line of Jeti Specbos miniature spectroradiometers. The Specbos 1100 UV has an external pilot laser and a diffuser cap to measure luminance and illuminance,...
Data Optics, Inc.
Point Source has launched the iFlex-2000, a fiber-coupled semiconductor diode laser that delivers optical powers of >3 mW at 370 nm. Features include integrated temperature control, a temperature...
Qioptiq Photonics Ltd.
The ClearSpectrum line unveiled by TeraXion Inc. comprises fiber Bragg grating-based chromatic dispersion compensation products that tune over the full C-band. The company says that the...
TeraXion Inc.
Intelligent Photonics Control Corp. has released a standard control platform for optical components in applications such as telecommunications carrier SONET/SDH dense WDM systems, RF link optical...
Intelligent Photonics Control Corp.
Semrock Inc. has enhanced its BrightLine series high-performance filters for optical microscopy with the introduction of state-of-the-art multiband fluorescence filter sets. They combine innovations...
Semrock, Inc.
The Maxline 2 thermal imaging camera from Ircon Inc. is designed to withstand harsh industrial environments. It is protected from corrosion and humidity by a sealed, stainless steel Nema-4 enclosure,...
Ircon, Inc.
IR Microsystems SA has unveiled its µray line of pyroelectric array detectors. The devices are sensitive from 1 to 25 µm, have 64 pixels and a fully digital signal readout, and perform a variety of...
IR Microsystems (seeLeister Process Technologies Axetris Div.)
The ThermoCube chiller from Solid State Cooling Systems provides precise temperature control for laboratories, scanning electron microscopes and lasers. It measures 1 cu ft, accepts 115- and 230-VAC...
Solid State Cooling Systems
Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd. has developed an 80-channel optical communications switch that is based on microelectromechanical systems mirrors. The device achieves a switching speed of 1 ms. The mirrors...
Fujitsu Laboratories
The Schnaelite athermal etalon material developed by TriQuint Semiconductor Inc. stabilizes the wavelength of its lasers for DWDM modules and systems. Among the company's wavelength-locked devices...
TriQuint Semiconductor, Inc. (see parent), Networks Products
Cree Inc. has unveiled its XThin next-generation solid-state high-intensity LED emitters that combine InGaN materials with a proprietary silicon carbide substrate. The vertically structured LED chips...
Cree, Inc.
A small-form-factor fiber optic tunable filter kit from Ondax Inc. features integrated control electronics and an RS-232 interface for control via a PC. The instrument includes a graphical user...
Ondax, Inc.
Trumpf Inc. has introduced Trumark software for its VectorMark laser marking systems. It operates in Windows, using a true 32-bit format and, the company says, achieves fast setup and cycle times....
TRUMPF Inc., Laser Technology Center
Diamond etalons for DWDM applications are available from Element Six. Fabricated from synthetic single-crystal CVD diamond that exhibits high thermal conductivity, they are insensitive to case...
Element Six NV
Diamond SA has unveiled a video microscope that inspects connector front faces. A lightweight, small zoom inspection probe comes with a variety of connector adapters, and an optional inspection probe...
Diamond SA
The LW5AM pulsed Nd:YAG microwelder has been released by Unitek Miyachi Corp. for joining small, mechanically and thermally delicate medical and photonics manufacturing devices. The air-cooled laser...
Unitek Miyachi
A high-accuracy, two-axis optical position sensing system from Aculux is suitable for measurement and monitoring applications, including laser alignment, mirror and lens mounting, and determination...
Aculux LLC
Optiwave Corp. has upgraded its software for the design and simulation of optical communications systems components and modules with OptiSystem 3.0. The expanded component library contains almost 300...
Optiwave Systems Inc.
Applications for Lightwaves2020 Inc.'s liquid-crystal-based polarization controller include DWDM mux/demux, multichannel optical add/drop modules, protection switch polarization mode dispersion...
Lightwaves2020, Inc.
Two series of machine vision strobe illumination systems have been introduced by PerkinElmer Optoelectronics. The X-Strobe and CX-Strobe devices are CE-certified and, the company says, incorporate...
PerkinElmer Inc.
Fluorescence filter sets for fluorophore analysis in fluorescence microscopy applications are available from Medway Optics Ltd. The sets comprise high-precision exciter and emitter filters that have...
Medway Optics Ltd.
Z-Laser Optoelektronik GmbH has introduced the Drill Pro ZBL, a line laser module that marks positions for drilling. Two red diodes are placed in a cast housing, the beams are widened to lines, and...
Z-LASER Optoelektronik GmbH
The NanoPositioner PMO from klughammer gmbh is a fast and compact drive unit that provides a positioning and scanning range of up to 100 µm with subnanometer resolution, while extending the optical...
Klughammer GmbH
Vision Components GmbH has introduced a line of single-board industrial smart cameras for OEM applications, including inspection, orientation and object recognition. The SBC50 measures 60 X 60 X 15...
Vision Components GmbH
Analog Devices Inc. has introduced a 3.3-Gb/s laser diode driver that is fully compliant with the small-form-factor pluggable (SFP) multisource agreement and digital diagnostics (SFF-8472)...
Analog Devices, Inc.
The optical power penalty software analysis tool from Luna Technologies Inc. is based on a linear approach to modeling optical communications systems, whereby each passive component is characterized...
Luna Technologies
Ergonomically designed for use with a variety of single- and multisensor and sphere-based detector heads, the X1-1 optometer from Gigahertz Optik Inc. combines color measurement with...
Gigahertz-Optik, Inc.
The Steel 2000 stable energy excimer lasers from Lambda Physik produce 310 W of stabilized output power at a 300-Hz pulse repetition rate. They are suitable for thin-film transistor annealing of...
Lambda Physik, Inc.
A series of wave plates has been added to Koncent Communication Inc.'s line of micro-optic products. Types include zero-order, multiorder, cemented, optical contact, dual-wavelength, achromatic and...
Koncent Communication, Inc.
The USB 2.0 digital output of Cedip Infrared Systems' Jade UC camera allows users to display digital images at 60 Hz over the full 14-bit dynamic range and to fully control the camera, eliminating...
FLIR Systems, Inc., Advanced Thermal Solutions Div.
The Apex EFEM wafer-handling module for semiconductor process tools from Adept Technology Inc. combines the company's direct-drive Award robot and its SmartServo FireWire-based distributed controls...
Adept Technology, Inc.
The TSL-210F full-band tunable laser from Santec has a 370-nm-wide tuning range, from 1260 to 1630 nm, peak output power of >8 mW, wavelength resolution of <0.01 nm and accuracy of...
Santec USA Corp.
Halcyon Optical Services has introduced T-Gauss beam-propagation software that provides Gaussian beam transformation through optical systems and that is suitable for use by optical fiber engineers,...
Halcyon Optical Services
A new-generation, in-line automated coating-thickness-measurement system has been unveiled by Scalar Technologies Ltd. The ScalarGauge F is a noncontact system that operates at any web speed and that...
SBS Technologies, Inc.
3D Image Processing GmbH has launched a digital logarithmic stereo camera for making precise distance measurements in real time. Equipped with flexible C-/CS-mount 4-mm-focal-distance lenses, the...
3D Image Processing GmbH
Laserline GmbH's DioScan diode laser scanner systems produce up to 1000 W and integrate into any production line for fast processing and increased productivity. The systems process complex weld seam...
Laserline GmbH
The LC-R 2500 from HoloEye Photonics AG is a high-resolution plug-and-play spatial light modulator kit based on a reflective liquid-crystal-on-silicon microdisplay. It spatially modulates coherent...
HOLOEYE Photonics AG
QualitySpec Pro, announced by Analytical Spectral Devices, is a small, lightweight, transportable, fast-scanning near-IR analyzer for nondestructive materials analysis and quality control...
PANalytical Boulder
The MPI-800 multipath interference meter has been launched by Exfo Electro-Optical Engineering Inc. for the deployment and provisioning of DWDM and time division multiplexing, ultralong, high-speed...
EXFO, Inc.
Fairchild Semiconductor has released the FODM452 and FOD-M453 high-speed transistor optocouplers for line-receiver, output interface to CMOS-LSTTL-TTL, pulse transformer replacement and wide...
Fairchild Semiconductor
Physik Instrumente (PI) has introduced the P-733.DD direct-drive, multiaxis piezo stages for applications in biotechnology, nanotechnology, nanomanipulation, nano-imprint, semiconductor and data...
PI (Physik Instrumente) L.P., Piezo Nano Positioning
A high-resolution color verification and identification system for reducing errors in manufacturing, assembly and sorting operations has been unveiled by X-Rite Inc. The company says that VeriColor...
X-Rite, Inc.
Robotic Vision Systems Inc. is offering a Camera Link interface for the digital cameras in its Visionscape family of vision processors. Camera Link enables simplified integration to a wide variety of...
RVSI Electronics
Optellios Inc. has launched the PS2300B, an in-line optical polarization analyzer that yields real-time information without interrupting the optical signal. The device has a small optical head that...
Optellios, Inc.
The PZ-2000 X-Y-Z stage from Applied Scientific Instrumentation provides a high-resolution, precise means of controlling the positions of a microscope stage. The X-Y axes use crossed-roller slides,...
Applied Scientific Instrumentation, Inc.
The PDA-750 from Terahertz Technologies Inc. is a low-noise, high-gain transimpedance amplifier that provides direct digital readout of the current generated from a photodiode or photomultiplier....
Terahertz Technologies, Inc.
New Focus Inc. has introduced the TLB-7000 and TLB-7000-XP StableWave series tunable lasers, which operate at 633, 780 and 850 nm with output powers >50 mW. The compact laser head is...
New Focus
Technical Manufacturing Corp. (TMC) has enhanced the functionality of its line of Faraday cages with additional options and features. The BenchTop cage has a reinforced stainless steel baseplate...
Suitable for automated postal letter sorting, document scanning, and web and low-light industrial inspection, Dalsa's HS-41 is a high-sensitivity, 2048-pixel-resolution line-scan camera that offers...
Teledyne DALSA, Machine Vision OEM Components
Hamamatsu Corp. has introduced a silicon photodiode that is sensitive to the blue, green and red spectra. The company says that the S9032-02 has a spectral response range close to that of the human...
Hamamatsu Corporation
PolaStay from General Photonics Corp. is a reset-free polarization stabilizer that suppresses noise in optical amplifiers, reduces the effects of polarization-dependent loss, demultiplexes...
General Photonics Corp.
The Flea, a camera featuring a 12-bit A/D converter, proprietary FlyCapture image acquisition software, a tripod mounting adapter and an IEEE-1394 interface card and cable, has been released by...
Point Grey Research Inc.
Long-Travel Rack-and-Pinion Stages
Edmund Industrial Optics' new metric rack-and-pinion stages are ideal for long-travel breadboard applications. These stages comprise two separate pieces: the long-travel track and the rack-and-pinion...
Edmund Optics, Inc.
Zero- and Multiple-Order Wave Plates
For more than a decade, Lambda has been manufacturing high-performance laser optics for both commercial and research applications. Our strong optical coating expertise is equally matched by our...
Lambda Research Optics, Inc.
New 2004 Catalog
Our new 2004 catalog of innovative and Simply Better Photonics Tools for commercial and research applications features all the favorites (some re-"new"-ed) as well as many new products. These include...
New Focus
Precision Filter Solutions
OCLI's optical filters and components are widely recognized as the high-est quality available. Our extensive engineering resources are aimed at satisfying the most demanding applications. A full...
Optical Coating Laboratory, Inc. (OCLI)
Illumination Design Software
LightTools is a revolutionary illumination design program based on interactive 3-D solid modeling, combining full optical accuracy, powerful optical and illumination analysis features, and a fully...
Synopsys, Inc., Optical Solutions Group
Optics by Ross
For more than 15 years, Ross has been helping people reduce costs and improve the performance of their products. We have been able to save our customers millions of dollars by recommending design...
Ross Optical Industries
In-Line Beam Steerers
Special Optics' in-line beam steerers are convenient devices that precisely change the angle or alignment of optical beams. Unlike Risley prisms, in-line beam steerers move a beam in a cartesian...
Special Optics, Inc.
Spectral Lamp Measurement Systems
SphereOptics' SLM spectral lamp measurement systems are designed for measuring the spectral radiant output of a variety of lamps, including incandescent, fluorescent and arc lamps, and LEDs. The...
SphereOptics, LLC (see Labsphere)
CleanTop II DoubleDensity Optical Tops
Technical Manufacturing Corp. (TMC) offers the highest honeycomb core density and smallest cell area in the industry with the new DoubleDensity tapped-hole array on its patented CleanTop II optical...
Precision Optics
Tinsley Laboratories, a leading supplier of aspheric optics and a subsidiary of SSG Precision Optronics, recently delivered the beryllium Advanced Mirror System Demonstrator to Ball Aerospace. The...
L-3 Communications Corp., Integrated Optical Systems - Tinsley
ZEMAX Optical Design Program
The ZEMAX optical design program integrates all the tools necessary for conceptualizing, designing, optimizing, analyzing, tolerancing and documenting sequential and nonsequential optical...
Zemax LLC, Optical & Illumination Design Software

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