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Photonics Spectra: December 2004

'Wiring' Light with Femtosecond Laser Pulses
Shortly after the invention of the laser, researchers discovered that intense laser pulses can cause dielectric breakdown and structural change in materials. This generally was considered a nuisance,...
Rafael Gattass and Eric Mazur, Harvard University
Approaches Aim to Unmask Semiconductors
When Walt Trybula looks at the future of semiconductor manufacturing, he sees problems. Such foresight is part of his job as a senior fellow at the Austin, Texas-based semiconductor research...
Hank Hogan, Contributing Editor
Infrared Chemical Imaging: The Future of FourierTransform IR Spectroscopy
Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) spectroscopic techniques are valued for their rapid, nondestructive analysis of materials as well as for their ability to identify the chemical signature of small...
William J. McCarthy, Thermo Electron Corp.
Atomic Spectroscopy:A Looking-Glass View of thePast, Present and Future
The oldest atomic spectroscopy technique is flame emission spectrophotometry, first employed by Gustav R. Kirchhoff and Robert W. Bunsen in the mid-1800s. Spark emission spectrometry was a natural...
Geoff Tyler, Horiba Jobin Yvon SAS
Gigabit Ethernet Finds a Foothold in High-Performance Vision
Real-time operation is a requirement for most high-performance vision applications, including destructive testing, postal sorting, security and surveillance, and the inspection of electronics gear...
George Chamberlain, Pleora Technologies Inc.
Polycrystalline GermaniumEnables Near-IR Photodetectors Integrated with Silicon CMOS Electronics
In the past two decades, SiGe has been the material of choice for the development of near-IR (0.7 to 2 µm) optoelectronic devices based on silicon, and several groups have developed high-performance...
Lorenzo Colace, Gianlorenzo Masini, Valentino O. Cencelli,
Francesco de Notaristefaniand Gaetano Assanto, Nonlinear Optics and OptoElectronics Laboratory, Università Roma Tre

Wet Stamping Produces Multicolor Micropatterning
Researchers at Northwestern University in Evanston, Ill., have reported the multicolor micropatterning of a thin-film substrate using a technique called wet stamping. The development has potential...
Daniel S. Burgess
Photonics Offers Remote Measurements of Mount St. Helens
Mount St. Helens, the volcano in southwest Washington state that erupted in 1980, is again showing signs of life. Scientists with the US Geological Survey and NASA are using photonics technology to...
Hank Hogan
Magnetic System Images Audiotape
Physicist David P. Pappas, project leader of magnetic recording measurements at the National Institute of Standards and Technology's Electromagnetics Div. in Boulder, Colo., thinks that there's more...
Hank Hogan
Spectral Filter Is Cheap, Tunable and Accurate
Although the principal motivation for developing inexpensive tunable optical filters is the potentially massive market for such devices in telecommunications, these filters will find important,...
Breck Hitz
Silicon Laser Is Realized
At the University of California, Los Angeles, scientists have reported the demonstration of what they believe to be the first silicon laser, a feat that exploits the Raman effect. Ozdal Boyraz...
Nadya Anscombe
Intracavity Fiber Sensors Are Sensitive and Inexpensive
A novel approach to monitoring fiber optic sensors by placing them inside a mode-locked laser resonator has been conceived and demonstrated by researchers at Insensys Ltd. of Fareham and at Aston...
Breck Hitz

PPGI Purchases Metal Optics Company
In a cash transaction, Photonic Products Group Inc. (PPGI) of Northvale, N.J., has purchased the stock of MRC Precision Metal Optics Inc. of Sarasota, Fla. It will retain the company's work force, including its founder and president, Frank Montone. The acquired company will operate from its current location as a wholly owned subsidiary with the name MRC Precision Optics Inc., a PPGI company....
Gigabit Ethernet Offered for Vision Systems
Pleora Technologies of Ottawa has forged an agreement with Atmel Corp. of San Jose, Calif., to cooperate on Gigabit Ethernet connectivity technology for industrial vision systems. As part of the...
Spellman Acquires Del High Voltage
In New York, Spellman High Voltage Electronics Corp. of Hauppauge has purchased Del High Voltage Corp. of Valhalla, partially because of its expertise with explosive detection systems. Spellman has...
Cedip Forms German Subsidiary
Thermal IR camera specialist Cedip Infrared Systems of Croissy-Beauborg, France, has opened a subsidiary in Munich, Germany, to support and develop its customer base in German-speaking markets. Cedip...
Exfo Units Integrated, Relocated
Exfo Electro-Optical Engineering Inc. of Vanier, Quebec, Canada, is consolidating the operations of its Photonics and Life Sciences Div. and transferring them from Fishers, N.Y., to Toronto. The...
Virginia Company to Develop Sensors for US Navy Gas Turbines
Prime Research LC, a subsidiary of Prime Photonics LC, has received an award of nearly $2 million from the Naval Surface Warfare Center, based in West Bethesda, Md., to develop and manufacture fiber...
Rofin-Sinar Purchases Laser Companies
In a cash transaction of an undisclosed amount, Rofin-Sinar Technologies, headquartered in Hamburg, Germany, and Plymouth, Mich., has acquired the outstanding shares of capital stock of PRC Laser...
Agreement Signed on Fiber Exchange
A distribution and product development agreement has been reached by StockerYale Inc. of Salem, N.H., and Mitsubishi Cable Industries in Tokyo. Stocker Yale will develop fiber products for Mitsubishi...
Air Force Awards Contracts for Laser Technologies Research
The US Air Force Research Lab at Kirtland Air Force Base in New Mexico recently announced that 21 companies, schools and other groups have received contracts for developing high-energy laser...
Anne L. Fischer
University Gains Government Grant for Research
The Economic Development Administration has awarded the University of Central Florida in Orlando a $1.5 million grant to boost photonics research and create jobs in the region. With the funding, the...
CVI Laser to Supply Mounts to Ignition Facility
CVI Laser LLC of Albuquerque, N.M., has secured a contract valued at more than $1 million to supply mounts for laser optic assemblies to the National Ignition Facility operated by Lawrence Livermore...
Spectrum Thin Films Expands Sales Force
Blue Hill Optical Technologies of Canton, Mass., has been selected by Spectrum Thin Films as its sales agent for the Northeast region of North America. The Bohemia, N.Y., manufacturer is increasing...
RSoft Design Names Israeli Representative
RSoft Design Group Inc. has selected Anomaly Technology of Mariaz Center, Israel, to distribute its design and simulation software in that country. The Ossining, N.Y., company develops and markets...
Picarro Gains NSF Allotment for Research
The National Science Foundation (NSF) has awarded Picarro Inc. of Sunnyvale, Calif., a $492,690 Phase II Small Business Innovation Research contract to develop lasers for bioinstrumentation...
Redlake Forms Partnership with IDC
Redlake has allied with Integrated Design Tools Inc. (IDC) to advance its MotionPro CMOS high-speed digital cameras. As a consequence, the San Diego company has augmented its CMOS product offerings...
Chinese Company Buys Veeco's GaN Platform
Veeco Instruments Inc. of Somerset, N.J., has sold its TurboDisc D180 GaN metallorganic chemical vapor deposition tool to Beijing Changdian Zhiyuan Optoelectronics Co. Ltd., which is active in the...
Red-C Chooses Supplier of Tunable Detectors
Red-C Optical Networks Ltd. of Tel Aviv, Israel, has selected Aegis Semiconductor of Woburn, Mass., to supply tunable optical detectors for its self-managed optical amplifiers. Aegis' detectors are...
Vacuum Components Hit $2.6 Billion in Sales
In 2003, the market for vacuum components and equipment subsystems totaled $2.6 billion worldwide, according to International Statistics on Vacuum Technology's working group of Albuquerque, N.M. The...
ORA to Develop Optical Design Software
Optical Research Associates (ORA) of Pasadena, Calif., has received a Small Business Innovation Research Phase II grant from NASA to fabricate optical modeling and design tools to analyze and support...
Semrock Supplies Filters to Carl Zeiss
Carl Zeiss AG, based in Oberkochen, Germany, has selected Semrock Inc. to supply fluorescence filters to its light microscopy division, based in Göttingen, Germany. Customized to Zeiss'...
Digital Optics Collaborates with UNC-Charlotte
As part of the University of North Carolina at Charlotte's Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency contract, Digital Optics Corp., also of Charlotte, has garnered $335,976 for its second phase of...
Wavelength Electronics Gets Canadian Distributor
Wavelength Electronics Inc. of Bozeman, Mont., has selected Silicon Sandbox to represent its laser diode drive and temperature control products in Canada. The Toronto distributor of electronic...
Varian Buys Products for Spectroscopy
Varian Inc. of Palo Alto, Calif., has purchased molecular spectroscopy assets from Digilab LLC of Randolph, Mass., to expand its offerings of detectors and spectrometers for life sciences and...
Highwave to Acquire DA-LightCom
In France, Highwave Optical Technologies of Lannion has signed a memorandum of understanding for the acquisition of DA-LightCom in Les Loges en Josas. The purchase, the value of which is not to...
Firms Join to Develop Organic LEDs
The Netherlands-based Royal Philips Electronics, and RWTH Aachen and Aixtron AG, both of Aachen, Germany, have formed a collaborative agreement to develop large-area white organic LEDs. They will...

Aircraft Detection System Ensures Free-Space Laser Safety
As scientists continue to explore our solar system, there are increasing demands to return greater volumes of data from smaller deep-space probes. Accordingly, NASA is studying advanced strategies based on free-space laser transmissions, which offer secure, high-bandwidth communications using smaller subsystems of much lower power and mass than existing ones. These approaches, however, can pose a...
Brian Smithgall and Dr. Keith E. Wilson
Diode Lasers Enable Rapid, Strong Repairs for Combat Aircraft
One of the most intractable problems confronting modern air force ground crews is the effective repair of combat aircraft skins. Typically, a crew must fix the holes caused by bullets and shrapnel in...
Dr. Jonathan Lawrence
Dual-Layer Coatings Target Next-Generation Optical Discs
With the emergence of the Blu-ray video recording format, end users can record, rewrite and play back at least two hours of digital HDTV or more than 13 hours of standard video on a single optical...
Phillip Espinasse
Dr. Steven Kosier

Airborne Laser Achieves 'First Light'
Boeing Integrated Defense Systems of St. Louis, a unit of Boeing Co., announced the successful demonstration of "first light" in the laser to be used in the prototype for the US Air Force's Airborne...
Quantum-Dot Infrared Detector Displays Multispectral Operation
In the Nov. 1 issue of Applied Physics Letters, engineers at Stanford University in California report the development of a two-color InGaAs quantum-dot infrared photodetector that operates at 5.5 and...
Microring Lasers Target Optical Data Processing
A research group at Technische Universiteit Eindhoven and JDS Uniphase Corp., both in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, has demonstrated that coupled microring lasers exhibit bistable operation with...
Miniature Tools Created for Micromachining
Tiny polycrystalline diamond cutting tools fabricated by scientists at the University of Kentucky in Lexington, George Washington University in Washington and Pennsylvania State University in...
Nanofiber 'Flash Welding' Investigated
Scientists at the University of California, Los Angeles, report in the November issue of Nature Materials that exposing polymer nanofibers to a camera flash enables the fabrication of patterned films...
Laser Beams Tied in Knots
Scientists at the University of Glasgow and the University of Southampton, both in the UK, reported in the Nov. 11 issue of Nature the formation of link and knot structures from dark lines embedded...

Lambda Physik has announced its ComPexPro series excimer lasers, offered with a choice of fluorine- or chlorine-gas-optimized plasma tubes. The pulsed ultraviolet lasers provide increased beam homogeneity, extended gas fill and tube lifetimes, and a high level of pulse-to-pulse stability. Tube lifetime is typically 1.5 billion pulses, with gas and optics lifetimes of typically 25 million pulses...
Lambda Physik, Inc.
The Altra20 released by Soft Imaging System Corp. is a 2-megapixel CMOS color camera designed for light microscopy, bright-field applications and digital documentation. Included AnalySis getIT...
Olympus Soft Imaging Solutions Corp.
Optronic Laboratories Inc. is offering the OL series 466 automated, variable low-light-level integrating sphere calibration standard. The company says that it performs accurate calibrations of...
Gooch & Housego (Orlando)
Featuring an iris-locking mechanism, an image circle of up to 90 mm and a robust design, the 12k line-scan lenses released by the Schneider Group support next-generation 12k cameras and deliver a...
Schneider Optics Inc.
Mad City Labs Inc. has enhanced its Active Optics line of nanopositioners with the introduction of the MTA2HP, a two-axis tip/tilt mirror actuator with resolution and repeatability of better than...
Mad City Labs, Inc.
The Mini LED ringlight launched by Schott Fiber Optics provides intense, uniform and shadow-free illumination for machine vision and microscopy applications. Designed for small-diameter objectives...
Schott Fiber Optics, Inc.
The HG-TH multihead, high-speed digital camera has been added to Redlake's MotionXtra family of imaging systems. The device features a Redlake CMOS sensor (color or monochrome) and up to four camera...
Redlake (see IDT Integrated DesignTools)
The D2W-100 light source for process analyzers, available from Applied Analytics Inc., optically couples the combined flux of deuterium and tungsten to fiber optics. The source provides stable 190-...
Applied Analytics, Inc.
Avo Photonics is offering cost-effective design and manufacturing solutions for photonic and microelectronic packaging applications in the communications, military, aerospace, medical and industrial...
Avo Photonics, Inc.
The 8001 series tabletop vibration isolation platform unveiled by Kinetic Systems Inc. isolates all six translational and rotational modes in such devices as interferometers and scanning-probe and...
Kinetic Systems, Inc.
Vision Components GmbH has enhanced its Texas Instruments DSP-based smart camera family with the introduction of the 1.3-megapixel VC2068/E model, which has built-in Ethernet/TCP/IP capability. The...
Vision Components GmbH
A moving magnet galvanometer for use with 7- to 10-mm beam apertures has been launched by Nutfield Technology Inc. The QuantumScan-7, or QS-7, positions laser beams quickly and accurately for...
Nutfield Technology
A flashlamp-pumped Cr:LiSAF laser announced by RPMC Inc. produces tunable output from 780 to 940 nm and is sealed for operation in harsh environments. The JPI3050 achieves a repetition rate of 30 Hz...
RPMC Lasers Inc.
Chromux Technologies Inc. has unveiled 1 × N planar waveguide splitters. The low-loss devices are appropriate for managing video, voice and data signals in optical access networks using passive...
Chromux Technologies, Inc.
Kurt J. Lesker Co.'s line of vacuum chambers includes O-ring-sealed box designs that reach pressures of about 1027 t. The stainless steel chambers are suitable for applications that require...
Kurt J. Lesker Co.
Sunex Inc. has released a compact lens with 200-lp/mm resolution. A multielement glass lens, the DSL934 was created for digital still camera modules using CCD/CMOS imagers with a 1/1.8-in. format....
Sunex Inc.
B&W Tek Inc. has released the BRF-2004 miniature array spectrofluorometer for fluorescence applications in the 200- to 1100-nm range. The preconfigured spectrometer features an aspherical lens...
B&W Tek, Inc.
Lambda Research Corp. has announced that its TracePro software supports SolidWorks 2005 3-D mechanical design software. TracePro allows users to integrate optical and solid modeling for fast and...
Lambda Research Corp.
Matrix-F is a compact Fourier transform near-IR spectrometer from Bruker Optics Inc. that offers up to six fiber optic channels. State-of-the-art optics provide high sensitivity and stability for...
Bruker Optics Inc.
Revo, an intense, ultracompact UV-curing arc lamp that cures adhesives in seconds, has been launched by Variant Technology Inc. It measures 9 × 5 × 3 in. and integrates into industrial, scientific...
Variant LED
Designed for chemists, process developers, and materials and forensic scientists in pharmaceutical and polymer production, the NXR FT-Raman system from Thermo Electron Corp. features faster...
Thermo Electron Corp., Spectroscopy Div.
Faraday optical isolators available from Del Mar Ventures eliminate laser backreflection by allowing propagation of linearly polarized light in one direction while blocking it in the reverse. They...
Del Mar Photonics, Inc.
The LaserType version 3.0 laser-dedicated software announced by Vision Numeric USA Inc. consolidates the functions needed for laser marking, cutting and deep engraving. Upgradable from 2- to 2.5- or...
Dantec Dynamics AS has released its FlowMatch software, which compares computational and experimental data. The software provides a consistent system for handling and comparing two or more sets of...
Dantec Dynamics A/S
The latest version of Horiba Jobin Yvon's Fluorolog spectrofluorometer enables time-correlated single-photon counting for measuring fluorescence lifetimes, dynamic anisotropy and time-resolved...
HORIBA Scientific, HORIBA Scientific
Developed by Trioptics GmbH, the AspheroMaster optical scanning laser sensor provides 3-D surface and wavefront profiling at the required measurement uncertainty in submicron range. The device,...
Sensovation AG has added the ultracoolSamBa HR-100 to its cool-SamBa series cameras for low-light-level imaging. The low-noise CCD camera is designed for high-sensitivity, high-resolution imaging at...
Sens-Tech Ltd.
Exalos AG has released a line of superluminescent LEDs for applications that require high power density. The EXS8010-8411 and the EXS8310-8411 are broadband instruments for fiber optic...
Produced by Saia-Burgess USA Inc., the URG1 series stepper motors are 11 mm long and 13 mm in diameter, and they weigh less than 1 g. Offering precise operation to 2500 steps per second, the devices...
Saia-Burgess, Inc.
The Fiberlink 6500 series passive optical splitters from Communications Specialties Inc. (CSI) transmit video, audio and data signals from one fiber optic transmitter across multiple fibers to...
Communications Specialties, Inc.
Logitech Ltd.'s DH-300 and DH-600 driven-head systems can be used in the final stages of high-speed polishing of wafer materials or components. The company says that filters, wedges, flats and small...
Logitech Ltd.
The ProMetric 1000 color camera is appropriate for production line testing of brightness and color uniformity of LCDs, organic LEDs, instrument panels, projection systems and backlight components....
Radiant Imaging, Inc. (see Radiant ZEMAX, LLC)
Schott Glas has modified Zerodur ceramic glass by increasing the concentration of crystals from 70% to >90% and by transforming the crystal structure from quartz into keatite. The Zerodur K20, a...
Schott Glas, Optics Div.
The FAST-SC connector unveiled by Fujikura Europe Ltd. is factory-polished, can be installed in the field and offers a fiber connectorization time of <1 min, including preparation. V-groove...
Fujikura Europe Ltd.
The NMM-1 nanopositioning and measuring machine from Sios Messtechnik GmbH is used for three-dimensional coordinate measurement over a 25 × 25 × 5-mm range with a resolution of 0.1 nm. Its sensor...
SIOS Messtechnik GmbH
FireFly, a green diode-pumped solid-state laser manufactured by Global Laser Technology Solutions Ltd., is available with output powers from 3 to 50 mW. It does not require TE cooling and operates...
Global Laser Ltd.
PhotonicsTech has launched a line of compact infrared viewers for scientific and industrial applications. They are built around high-grade Gen-1 image intensifiers with an S-1 photocathode that...
Model SPR-1 and SPR-2 spectroradiometers from Luzchem Research Inc. are used for a wide range of applications, including measurement of sunlight, photobiology research, drug photostability testing,...
Luzchem Research Inc.
The M2 Fiber Lab 2400MX released by M2 Optics Inc. is a fiber management package that has four LGX-style module slots that house couplers, WDMs, CWDMs, additional incremental fiber, fixed or...
M2 Optics Inc.
Photon Inc. has added pulsed laser measurement capabilities to its NanoScan series beam profilers. Operating at a repetition rate of >=1 kHz, they measure CW beams as small as 4 µm and as...
Photon Inc.
JAI Pulnix Inc. has introduced the TM-4100CL, the newest addition to its line of dual-tap AccuPixel cameras. The Kodak KAI-4021 imager, which has a high charge conversion of 32 µV per photon for...
JAI, Inc.
The Tritor 200/20 three-axis nanopositioner from piezosystem jena GmbH, designed for microscopy applications, provides a linear travel range of 235 × 235 × 30 µm and a central clear aperture of 50 ×...
piezosystem jena GmbH
Micro-Metric Inc. has introduced a system that automatically measures the linewidth, overlay and other parameters of semiconductor wafers. MicroLine 420 provides field-of-view measurement of...
Micro-Metric, Inc.(see VIEW Micro-Metrology)
The f/3.2 500-mm focal length monochromator from McPherson Inc. was designed for 120 × 150-mm gratings. Model 205 delivers good light-gathering power, light throughput and spectral resolution....
The MultiBlue Biotech CCD camera launched by PerkinElmer Optoelectronics features a plug-and-play USB 2.0 interface and is suitable for gene research and therapy, genomic/proteomic sequencing and...
PerkinElmer Inc.
Keyence Corp. of America has unveiled the CZ-V20 series sensors, which integrate illumination optics and receiver circuitry to improve both detection and stability. The sensors use three...
KEYENCE Corp. of America
Media Cybernetics Inc. has released IQstudio, a Windows-based technology for developing analytical imaging applications. The software incorporates Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications to create...
Media Cybernetics, Inc.
A portable handheld laser system for welding applications has been launched by Limo-Lissotschenko Microoptik GmbH. Equipped with a passive, water-cooled CW diode laser, the compact device produces...
LIMO Lissotschenko Mikrooptik GmbH
The X-Scan x-ray linear array detector introduced by Detection Technology Inc. provides high resolution for applications such as food and pharmaceutical product inspection. The device has a 0.2-mm...
Detection Technology, Inc.
Optech Inc. announces its upgraded ILRIS-3D intelligent laser ranging and imaging system, which offers improvements such as an integrated six-megapixel digital camera and automated true-color point...
Optech Inc.
Optocouplers capable of transfer speeds of 10 Mb/s are available from NEC Electronics (Europe) GmbH. The five-pin small-outline package has one channel, while the eight-pin versions have one or two...
NEC Electronics (Europe) GmbH
The 2500 optical fiber analysis system produced by Photon Kinetics can measure fiber lengths in excess of 17.6 km. Equipped with an ultralong fiber bandwidth option, the multimode system provides...
Photon Kinetics, Inc.
The Diamond C-55 and C-70 low-power CO2 lasers from Coherent Inc. provide more than 55 and 70 W of power, respectively, at 10.55 to 10.63 µm. Their beam quality (less than 1.2 for the C-55 and 1.3...
Coherent Inc.
LightPath Technologies Inc. has introduced a glass-molded aspheric collimating lens for use with its Nichia or with similarly designed blue-diode lasers. The PN 350671 is optimized for specific beam...
LightPath Technologies, Inc.
Available from Armstrong Optical Ltd., the IR928 thermal imaging cameras employ the company's uncooled microbolometer array technology. Designed to facilitate thermal analysis in industrial...
Armstrong Optical Ltd.
Pleora Technologies Inc. has released its iPort Hydra software, which enables full-duplex real-time data streaming between Gigabit Ethernet-connected computers with off-the-shelf hardware. While...
Pleora Technologies Inc.
Available from Photonfocus AG, the Emphis series monochrome CMOS sensors have applications in industrial image processing and in surveillance and security. Providing up to 120 dB of dynamic range...
Photonfocus AG
The Silicon Video 9M001 monochrome and 9M001C color CMOS camera systems offered by Epix Inc. deliver 1280 × 1024 10-bit capture at 30 fps. The compact systems for machine vision feature a Micron...
EPIX, Inc.
The portable, battery-operated Prolite-60 field optical spectrum analyzer from Promax Electronica SA is suitable for testing WDM telecommunications systems. Other application areas include...
Promax Electronica SL
A high-speed optical chopper based on 102-mm-diameter disks and manufactured by Scitec Instruments Ltd. is available from Boston Electronics Corp. The Model 310CD produces a chopping frequency of...
Boston Electronics Corp.
DTA Scientific Instruments srl has introduced the Electra series digital cooled CCD cameras for applications in semiconductor and plasma physics, biology and astronomy. The modular cameras can be...
Digital Technology Art S.r.l.
TelAztec Photonics has developed a lithographic process for generating moth-eye structured antireflection surfacing for display applications. The nanometer-scale texture is molded directly into the...
TelAztec, LLC
Showcased by Dalsa Corp., the Piranha2 12k line-scan camera offers 12,288-pixel resolution, a 100% fill factor, a 24-kHz line rate and a data rate totaling 320 MHz for high throughput. Designed for...
Teledyne DALSA, Machine Vision OEM Components
StellarNet Inc. has launched a high-resolution, portable, broadband spectrometer that operates from 200 to 1050 nm. A UV-enhanced 2048-pixel CCD detector with a composite grating that has no moving...
StellarNet, Inc.
Videology Imaging Solutions Inc. has announced two CCD color cameras that are powered by a USB 2.0 interface with TWAIN and DirectX-compatible software drivers. The NTSC-format 20K14X has 510 × 492...
Videology Imaging Solutions, Inc.
Edmund Industrial Optics Inc. has released 355-nm high-power Tech Spec Laser Line mirrors for UV applications. They are designed for a 45° angle of incidence, and reflectance varies minimally for...
Edmund Optics, Inc.
Snake Creek Lasers has introduced the MicroGreen series, a 5.6-mm diode laser that emits at 532 nm. The laser is capable of producing 1 to 10 mW of TEM00 CW output power with less than 0.05% residual...
Snake Creek Lasers
The AP2040 series optical spectrum analyzers are based on an interferometric principle that enables them to achieve 0.16-pm resolution (20 MHz). Produced by Apex Technologies, the devices offer a...
Apex Technologies
FiberPal is a portable, optical time-domain (OTD) reflectometer suitable for full-range fiber fault detection in the field. Produced by Radiantech Inc., it encompasses a plug-in module that performs...
Radiantech, Inc.
The Lightning RDT (research, design and test) high-speed digital camera from DRS Technologies Inc. comprises a small camera head, detachable cable and a custom frame grabber board. It captures 1280 ×...
DRS Technologies, Inc.
The Dual Garry 3000 from Ames Photonics is a linear CCD array detector that comprises two 3000-element CCD detectors spaced 13 mm apart. It enables measurement of two spectra with one imaging...
Ames Photonics Inc
A large-format mid-wave infrared camera has been added to Cedip Infrared Systems' Emerald series. Using 15-mm HgCdTe focal plane array detector technology, the camera delivers full TV 640 × 512-pixel...
FLIR Systems, Inc., Advanced Thermal Solutions Div.
The UDT-4X4D line of superblue enhanced photodetectors released by UDT Sensors Inc. features 4 × 4 array detectors that provide virtually complete isolation among all 16 elements, with crosstalk of...
UDT Sensors, Inc. (see OSI Optoelectronics)
WT&T Inc. has introduced a narrow-spectra, single-mode, fiber-coupled laser module that operates between 1440 and 1485 nm and that produces a side mode suppression ratio of >50 dB. The...
WT&T Inc.
Designed for laboratory analysis, the XPC-301 inverted microscope released by Pyser-SGI Ltd. is equipped with a trinocular head. With low-level controls for coarse/fine focusing and stage...
Pyser-SGI Ltd.
Aerotech Inc. has released a compact version of its AGS10000 gantry system for use in vision inspection, dispensing stations, high-speed pick-and-place, assembly, test and automated optical...
Aerotech, Inc.
Ibsen Photonics A/S has announced the I-Mon interrogation monitor for fast real-time spectrum monitoring of fiber Bragg grating sensor systems. The compact system uses proprietary and environmentally...
Ibsen Photonics A/S
Suitable for vision product integration, the Dragonfly Express high-speed camera from Point Grey Research uses the IEEE-1394b interface. The device is an extension of the company's Dragonfly line. It...
Point Grey Research Inc.
For optical disk drives used in home entertainment and electronics, Zarlink Semiconductor Inc. has introduced the ZL40539 laser diode driver for DVD/CD write/rewrite applications. It is a...
Zarlink Semiconductor
The model 400-X series unveiled by Interspectrum OU is a cost-effective and compact FTIR module designed for use in nonlaboratory environments. A broadband infrared source and KBr optics enable...
Interspectrum OU
Toptica Photonics AG is offering its FPI 100 Fabry-Perot interferometer line with 4-GHz free spectral range from 380 to 1700 nm. The instruments achieve a finesse of up to 1000 via broadband...
TOPTICA Photonics AG
Basler Vision Components has introduced a compact 1.3-megapixel CMOS area-scan camera. The A622f has a global shutter and an IEEE-1394 interface. At full 1280 × 1024 resolution, the camera outputs...
Basler, Inc.
Wyatt Technology Corp. produces the Astra V high-performance liquid chromatography software system for use with its multiangle light-scattering detectors for making absolute molecular weight...
Wyatt Technology Corp.
A ring-spaced etalon designed to deliver good mechanical and optical performance during use in aerospace and manufacturing applications has been released by CVI Technical Optics Ltd. It is available...
CVI-Technical Optics Ltd. (see CVI-Melles Griot)
The DPC5500 from Thorlabs Inc. is a deterministic polarization controller that enables true control of the output polarization state, rather than of the polarization transformation function, as well...
Thorlabs Inc.
The Infinity X digital camera from Lumenera Scientific Corp. is a microscopy tool for clinical and life sciences applications that require high-resolution images. Subpixel shifting provides image...
Lumenera Corp.
Newport Corp.'s OSM series minispectrometers can be used for quantitative colorimetry or thin-film thickness measurements with software modules that are compatible with the company's Windows-based...
Newport Corporation
The Cooke Corp. has released a digital intensified CCD imaging system that can achieve a gating time of 3 ns (1.5 ns optionally) with a 1280 × 1024 format. The technology, which features 12 bits of...
To round out its line of diode-pumped solid-state laser sources, GSI Lumonics Inc. has launched the Spectron SLD6000 series, which offers output powers from 5 to 10 W, using conduction-cooled diode...
GSI Lumonics, Inc., Component Products Group
Dow Corning Corp. has announced its polymeric waveguide prototyping capability, offering customers a flexible and cost-effective approach to addressing optical interconnect needs for small- or...
Dow Corning Corp.
Tiger Optics LLC has introduced the LaserTrace-O2, a new module for its multispecies, multipoint and multigas analyzer. The instrument can detect many species, including H2O, CH4, H2, CO2, NH3 H2S...
Tiger Optics, LLC
Omega Optical Inc. has produced five filter sets for viewing the Qdot semiconductor nanocrystals from Quantum Dot Corp. Two sets enable viewing Qdot 800 in both single color and multiplexing...
Omega Optical, Inc.
The Ultima II available from ViewBits is a 1.3-megapixel CMOS color camera with a C-mount lens and a USB 2.0 port to interface to any desktop or laptop PC. Direct Show, TWAIN and DLL support are...
Despatch Industries has announced its clean process oven designed for wireless imaging curing applications. The megapixel epoxy cure tool improves the exhaust and filtration abilities of the curing...
Despatch Industries
Cobolt AB has unveiled a single-mode longitudinal version of its Cobolt Blues 473-nm diode-pumped solid-state laser, available at 20 and 50 mW, and of its Samba 532-nm laser, available with 100 mW of...
Cobolt AB
The X64-Analog image acquisition board, an addition to Coreco Imaging's 64-bit Camera Link frame grabbers, interfaces with up to four progressive-scan cameras to provide high-speed machine vision...
Coreco Imaging (see Coreco Imaging, ipd Div.), US Office
Rofin/Baasel Lasertech offers a manual laser system with computer numerical control for microwelding of metals. Suitable for prototype manufacture and semiautomatic production, the StarWeld...
Available in color and monochrome versions, the IPX-VGA90 and -120 high-speed progressive-scan cameras from Imperx Inc. feature programmable operation, Camera Link output and a rate of 90 and 120...
Imperx, Inc.
The Foxy Camera Link extender from Stride Digital Systems extends Base mode Camera Link connections at clock rates up to 66.5 MHz. The device employs an LC-style fiber optic cable that facilitates...
Stride Digital Systems

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