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Photonics Spectra: March 2015

Lasers and Machine Vision Improve Pharma Manufacturing
Through pill marking, quality assurance and more, laser-based manufacturing processes and machine vision make medications safer for consumers and more profitable for pharmaceutical companies. ...
David Benerly, PhotoScribe Technologies
Lasers Go To The Movies
Laser technology is poised to bring back the magic to 3-D cinema – and bring audiences back to theaters in droves. Just five short years ago, the world was hypnotized by the release of...
Walter Burgess and Kris Hesson, Power Technology Inc.
Spectroscopy: Going Small to Get the Whole Picture
Advances based on mobile technology are poised to revolutionize spectrometers. As spectrometers shrink in cost, size and power consumption, their applications grow. Proof can be found in...
Hank Hogan, Contributing Editor,
Electro-Optical Modulators Empower Lasers for Science Applications
Scientific fields such as atomic physics, chemistry, biology and even astronomy are inspired by the use of lasers and ultimately will benefit from the addition of electro-optical modulators. ...
Barbara Stumpp, Science Writer
Peering into the Nanoworld with Optical Microscopy
From brain mapping to breaking the laws of physics, optical microscopy has made huge leaps forward in recent years. But as new dimensions open up, it’s clear the real work has only just...
Marie Freebody, Contributing Editor
LED-Based Sun-Simulator Design: Technical and Commercial Considerations
A discussion of the limitations of traditional sun-simulator technologies and the advantages offered by LED systems, with a review of LED-based system design characteristics and cost benefits. ...
Ken Reynolds, ProPhotonix

Remembering a Giant
Dr. Charles Hard Townes died Jan. 27 at age 99, and in the weeks since, he has been remembered for his many contributions to physics, to the birth of the laser and for pioneering its use in astronomy. Townes won the 1964 Nobel Prize in physics for inventing the maser, sharing the prize with Alexander M. Prokhorov and Nikolay G. Basov, who also had independently developed a maser. ...
Karen A. Newman, Group Publisher,

Nanoparticle Paint Enables Fraud-Proof Credit Cards
Light could soon build a brick wall between credit cards and hackers, as a fraud-proof authentication technique can keep credit cards and the identities associated with them secure. The...
Optogenetics Gives 'Read-Write' Access to Brain
Combining two light-based techniques has enabled researchers at University College London to both observe and control brain activity in mice. The approach involves simultaneous two-photon...
Lasers Enable Satellite-Data Tag Team
New laser data links could help satellites in disparate orbits communicate more effectively with one another, potentially benefitting disaster management here on Earth. Last month the...
Sunlight Produces Hydrogen via ‘Artificial Leaf’
A flat mesh of light-absorbing semiconductor nanowires can split water molecules, producing hydrogen gas that could be used for fuel. The “artificial leaf” was developed by a...
Tumor-Zapping Endoscope in Development
A proposed endoscope that would provide high-quality images of tumors in internal organs could also assist in the delivery of chemotherapy drugs. Spatial frequency domain imaging gives the...
Light Propagation Made Visible in Solar Cells
Near-field optical microscopy has provided a glimpse inside the workings of thin-films solar cells, potentially offering a route to optimizing them and other nanophotonic devices. The...
AOM Reaches Unprecedented Speeds
A new acousto-optic modulator can steer laser beams at unprecedented speeds, potentially enabling finer light control for microscopy and other applications. The device features a...
New Model Could Bring Custom Optogenetics Proteins
Deeper understanding of the molecular mechanisms of a light-sensitive protein could lead to more specialized optogenetics techniques. Researchers at Ruhr University Bochum probed...
Technique Enables Better Quantum Detectors
An array of single-photon detectors on a silicon chip could aid the development of quantum computating. Researchers at MIT, IBM and NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory describe the...
Organic Solar Cells Unaffected by Nanostructure
Bulk heterojunction organic solar cells that are highly organized at the nanoscale are no more efficient at creating free electrons than cells with poorly organized structures. That is the...

Delta Spins Out Optical Thin Films Business
Delta Danish Electronics, Light & Acoustics has spun off its optical thin films business. Following a management buyout, Delta Optical Thin Film AS will be run by business manager Poul Svensgaard and development manager Henrik Fabricius. The new company takes over all relevant activities and employees, and remains in Delta’s premises in Denmark. Since 1944,...
Evatec to Grow Deposition Business with Acquisition from Oerlikon
Evatec plans to acquire Oerlikon’s advanced technologies segment to expand its thin-film deposition systems business. Applications for the segment include power devices, read/write...
Koch Industries Acquires Oplink for $356.5M
Koch Industries Inc. has acquired Oplink Communications Inc. of Fremont, Calif., for $356.5 million. Oplink provides components, intelligent modules and subsystems for dense and coarse...
Flir Gets $27M Order for Threat Detection Systems
Flir Systems Inc. has received a $27.1 million order for its integrated chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear and explosives (CBRNE) threat response system under a five-year contract with the...
Marcellino Appointed to Iridex Board of Directors
Dr. George Marcellino, co-founder of OptiMedica Corp. of Sunnyvale, Calif., has been appointed to Iridex’s board of directors. From 1988 to 2003, Marcellino held senior research, sales...
Emerson Acquires QCL Gas Sensor Firm Cascade Technologies
Quantum cascade laser (QCL) gas sensor firm Cascade Technologies Ltd. of Stirling, Scotland, has been acquired by About Emerson Process Management. The terms of the acquisition were not disclosed. ...
Emcore Finalizes Product-Line Sale to NeoPhotonics
Emcore Corp. has completed the sale of its tunable laser and transceiver product lines to NeoPhotonics Corp. of San Jose for $17.5 million. Emcore received $1.5 million in cash and a $16...
American Infrared Solutions Announces Expansion
American Infrared Solutions (AIRS) has expanded its staff and laboratories. The company said it has increased its sensor fabrication and high-vacuum dewar processing capacity by 150 percent,...
Fiber Optic Center Names Strategic Marketing Director
Kathleen Skelton has joined Fiber Optic Center Inc. as director of strategic marketing. Skelton has expertise in business development, online strategy, social media, content marketing and...
Exelis to Adapt Lidar System Under $3.5M NASA Contract
Exelis will modify its multifunctional fiber-laser lidar (MFLL) system for aerial carbon dioxide measurements under a $3.5 million contract with NASA. The company is collaborating with...
Opsens Receives $1M-Plus Order for Fiber Optic Mining Sensors
Opsens Inc. has received an order worth more than $1 million for fiber optic sensor systems for mining operations in South America. Opsens will provide a monitoring system that will optimize...
Intel Invests $24.8M in Smart Glasses Firm Vuzix
Intel Corp. has made a $24.8 million investment to accelerate Vuzix Corp.’s development of fashionable smart glasses. The tech giant purchased 49,626 shares of Series A preferred...
Sales Up 10 Percent for Endoscopy Firm Mauna Kea
Endoscope firm Mauna Kea Technologies grew its revenues by 10 percent in 2014 despite a sales slowdown in the U.S. Sales were €11.0 million, compared to €10.0 million in 2013, with...
Limo Names New Managing Director
Anton X. Schmölz has been named a managing director at Lissotschenko Mikrooptik (Limo) GmbH. Schmölz has been with the company as chief financial officer since 2013, and will now...
ProPhotonix Provides Laser Alignment Equipment to Aerospace Manufacturer
ProPhotonix Ltd. will replace a long-line-length structured light laser module for industrial alignment on an aerospace manufacturer’s production line. The company designed a 660-nm...
Sheaumann Laser Acquires Axcel Photonics
Sheaumann Laser Inc. has acquired Axcel Photonics Inc. Details of the transaction between the privately held companies were not disclosed. Axcel President and Chief Technology Officer John...
Metz Joins Zeiss Executive Board
Dr. Matthias Metz will become a member of the executive board for the Zeiss Group on July 1. Metz will be responsible for the consumer-oriented vision care and consumer optics business...
Olmec commissioned for radiator inspection system
Olmec Ltd. has been commissioned for a vision inspection station for a Tier 2 supplier of injection-molded components for vehicle radiators. In the new vision system, an operator presents a...
Mikrotron Chooses Russian, Swedish Distributors
Mikrotron GmbH’s high-speed recording cameras will now be distributed in Russia by Sedatec Ltd. of Moscow and in Sweden by Precision Technic Nordic of Stockholm. Mikrotron develops...
LaserMax Names New Chief Sales Officer
With 25 years of executive management experience, Tinkle is responsible for building and managing all aspects of the organization’s sales and marketing. Prior to joining LaserMax,...
Elbit Wins $54M Israeli Defense Ministry Contract
Elbit Systems Ltd. has been awarded contracts by the Israeli Ministry of Defense to supply and maintain advanced electro-optics systems over a six-year period for approximately $54 million. ...
Basler Names Manager of Sales, Business Development
Mark Williams, Basler’s new sales and business development manager, will be responsible for providing support and application engineering to customers in the U.K. He will work with...
VLC Photonics Offers Wafer-Design Services
VLC Photonics is now providing the multiproject wafer (MPW) standard design services at fixed costs. The company is offering access to MPW shuttle runs on different generic technology...
Primoceler, ON Semiconductor to Provide Hermetically Sealed CMOS Sensors for ESA
Laser glass-welding firm Primoceler has teamed up with ON Semiconductor to provide hermetically sealed CMOS sensors for European Space Agency orbital missions. Based on ON...
Corning Expands Hyperspectral Imaging Portfolio with NovaSol Acquisition
Corning Inc. has acquired assets of advanced hyperspectral imaging systems developer NovaSol. Terms of the agreement were not disclosed. Headquartered in Honolulu, NovaSol specializes in the...
EOS, MTU Partner on Quality Control for Laser Additive Manufacturing
EOS has partnered with MTU Aero Engines to develop quality assurance technology for metal engine components created using laser-based additive manufacturing. A manufacturer of aircraft...
Laser 2000 to Distribute Headwall Products in Europe
Laser 2000 GmbH will distribute Headwall Photonics hyperspectral sensors and accessories in Germany, Austria, Sweden, Norway and Finland. Headwall, headquartered in Fitchburg, Mass., offers...
Teledyne Acquires Underwater Imaging Firm Bowtech
Teledyne Technologies Inc. has acquired Bowtech Products Ltd. of Aberdeen, Scotland. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed. Bowtech designs and manufactures vision systems, including...
Prism Awards Recognize Best of the Best
Nine innovations from across the globe took center stage last month at Prism Award ceremonies at SPIE Photonics West in San Francisco. From mini-spectrometers, smartphone plug-ins and fiber lasers to...

Lens arrays show potential for Solar Concentrators
‘The simplicity of this solution is really what gives it practical value.’ - Penn State professor Dr. Noel C. Giebink Tiny solar cells sandwiched between lens arrays could shrink concen- trator photovoltaics (CPVs) down to a consumer scale. Smaller concentrator photovoltaics (CPVs) could improve solar cell efficiency at the consumer level. “Current...

Bursting into sight
3-D movies are cumbersome spectacles. While it’s fun to see our entertainment reaching out to us from the big screen, we are obligated to wear large plastic glasses that, as much as they might try to do otherwise, just get in the way. They slide down our noses, squeeze our temples and, in the cruelest of cases, even give some of us a pounding headache. A night at the movies turns into an...

LED Driver
Offering OEMs a flexible, easy way to reduce complex parts inventory, the LED39WPR series of constant-current LED drivers from Thomas Research Products does not require a computer workstation or software tools. Output current is selectable from 190 to 700 mA by simply plugging in the appropriate resister. Configuration can be done on the production line. The drivers are designed...
Thomas Research Products
Forestry Vision System
The Polterluchs camera system from Visiosens enables digital collection of data on timber stacks. The system allows data to be recorded from a vehicle by driving past the wood pile....
Framos GmbH
The IR Oslux SFH 4780S emitter from Osram Opto Semiconductors operates at 810 nm and offers high radiant intensity of 2900 mW/sr at an operating current of 1 A. It is 2.4 mm tall and...
OSRAM Opto Semiconductors, Inc.
DPSS Laser
The Jewel Laser from Quantum Composers Inc. can be integrated onto a gantry in a clean room or onto battery-operated portable systems. The diode-pumped solid-state Nd:YAG laser features a...
Quantum Composers, Inc.
SMT Substrate Packages
Remtec Inc. has announced a new line of leadless ceramic surface-mount technology (SMT) substrate packages for electro-optical circuits. The packages are compatible with most of JEDEC...
Remtec, Inc.
CMOS Image Sensor
The AR1335 CMOS image sensor from ON Semiconductor offers improved sensitivity and low-light imaging performance for smartphone cameras. The 13-MP image sensor is based on 1.1-µm-pixel...
ON Semiconductor
Laser Marking System
The FiberTower MegaCenter from Fonon Technologies is a laser marking system for flat and oversize parts, and is also capable of circumferential marking. The system incorporates a Q-switched...
Fonon Technologies
CCD Line-Scan Camera
A new color line-scan CCD camera from Chromasens GmbH offers a 300 percent increase in speed compared to conventional CCD line-scan cameras when used in CameraLink full mode. The AllPixa Pro...
Chromasens GmbH
ALD System
Ultratech Cambridge NanoTech has announced a new atomic layer deposition (ALD) system for creating and characterizing thin films. The Savannah G2 features a low-vapor precursory delivery...
Ultratech/Cambridge NanoTech
Optical Cryostat
A new optical cryostat from Oxford Instruments allows users to cool samples to less than 3 K without the need for liquid cryogens. Optistat Dry can be used for a range of spectroscopy...
Oxford Instruments, Nanoscience
LED Thermal Interface Material
Heat-Spring from Indium Corp. is a compressible, recyclable, metal thermal-interface material for LED manufacturing. The material provides 86 W/mK of thermal conductivity using a pressure...
Indium Corp.
Liquid-Lens Smart Camera
The EyeCheck Smart Camera series from Eye Vision Technology GmbH now comes with electrically tunable liquid lenses from Optotune of Switzerland. The shape-changing polymer lenses allow...
EVT Eye Vision Technology GmbH
Extended Depth-of-Field Camera
A new extended depth-of-field (EDoF) digital video camera from Ricoh Americas Corp. is is suited for bottlers, printed circuit board makers and pharmaceutical manufacturers, and for use in low-light...
Circular Variable Neutral-Density Filters
Circular variable neutral-density (CVND) filters from Reynard Corp. are fully customizable in optical density gradient function, transmission gradient function, substrate type, coating materials and...
Reynard Corporation
Handheld 3-D Laser Scanner
The Freestyle3D handheld 3-D portable laser scanner from Faro Technologies Inc. scans up to a distance of 3 m and captures up to 88,000 points per second with 1.5-mm accuracy. Applications...
FARO Technologies, Inc.
Optical Frequency Synthesizer
The FC1500 from Menlo Systems GmbH is an optical frequency synthesizer equipped with a mode-locking mechanism and mounted optical comb. Using polarization-maintaining fiber components only,...
Menlo Systems GmbH
Picomotor Optical Mounts
The 882x series from New Focus are motorized ultrahigh-vacuum-compatible picomotor-driven large-aperture optical mounts. The picomotors provide 0.7-µrad resolution with mounts...
New Focus
Alignment Laser
The GPL 105 series laser diode module from BEA Lasers is intended for education, light assembly and simple alignment jobs. The laser emits at 650 nm wavelength, <5 mW output power, a...
BEA Lasers
UV Laser Drilling System
The CornerStone ICP Series 1 from Electro Scientific Industries Inc. is a UV laser drilling system for integrated circuit packaging applications. The 100-µm multibeam format provides...
Electro Scientific Industries, Inc. (ESI)
Broadband IR Laser Mirrors
Broadband IR laser mirrors from Edmund Optics feature copper substrates to dissipate excess heat. The mirrors feature >98 percent reflectivity from 2-20 µm, with a surface accuracy...
Edmund Optics, Inc.
Brushless Linear Motors
Brushless linear motors from H2W Technologies are ironless and controlled when coupled with a linear encoder. They operate at speeds up to 6 m/s. Applications include laser and...
H2W Technologies, Inc.
Raman Spectrometer
The Freedom mini Raman spectrometer from Ibsen Photonics is a platform for integrators of analytical and process control instruments. It covers a spectral range of 475 to 1100 nm with a high...
Ibsen Photonics A/S
Laser Processing Head
A new laser processing head from Lissotschenko Mikrooptik GmbH (Limo) is a beam-shaping module for surface processing. It converts a continuous output of 1.0 kW from glass fiber to a line...
LIMO Lissotschenko Mikrooptik GmbH
Quantum Cascade Laser
The quantum cascade laser (QCL) series from Wavelength Electronics feature low-noise drive electronics for lower detection thresholds. Possible output currents of 500, 1000, 1500, and 2000...
Wavelength Electronics, Inc.
Laser Tube Cutter
The StarCut Tube SL from Rofin can cut delicate structures with kerf widths of 15 µm and below into a variety of materials, including nitinol. The cast mineral setup has no joints...
Rofin-Baasel Lasertech

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