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Photonics Spectra: August 2015

Mergers, Acquisitions and More
June 2014 through May 2015 The latter half of 2014 saw significant moves in the global economy, bringing in low interest rates, a decline in oil prices and a stronger dollar. By the same token,...
Reader Polls
As part of our annual List Issue, we survey readers about a variety of issues impacting the photonics industry. This year, many of you responded with thoughts about your work with light, technology...
Ones to Watch
Some of the best and brightest researchers are just starting to cut their teeth in the photonics industry. With goals of making a positive difference in the world, they’re working with...
WASPS Poised to Bring Tunable Sources for Quantum Communications
The European project Wavelength-tunable Advanced Single Photon Sources (WASPS) is developing a new generation of triggered single-photon sources that promise ambient-temperature operation for...
Dr. Jason Smith, University of Oxford
For IR Imaging, Better SWaP Beckons
The future promises better IR imager performance, thanks to technological advances. This is prompting a growing interest in IR imagers for use in UAVs and elsewhere. For military and...
Hank Hogan, Contributing Editor,
Lasers: Redefining the Premium Cinema Experience
Demand for high-quality video display keeps growing, both from consumers and the creative industry looking to push moviemaking boundaries and maximize the cinematic experience. We’ve grown...
Greg Niven, Necsel IP Inc.

Learning Never Ends
It is an exciting time in the world of light and light-based technologies, and some of the brightest young researchers are joining the photonics forces, bringing with them zeal and ambition. Every August we talk with some of these people — the world’s best, most promising early-career researchers and engineers — to showcase their passion and their innovative work. Ranging...

How Safe Are Laser Shows?
“Laser Safety Considerations for Industrial Environments,” by Laser Safety Solutions’ Ken Barat, published in the April 2015 issue of Industrial Photonics, notes that accessible emission of high-powered lasers (Class 3b and Class 4) is always done behind closed, locked doors and/or barriers that prevent human access whenever the lasers are emitting. Yet laser light shows use...
Roberta McHatton, Laser Safety Services

LightSail Spacecraft Test Mission Ends With Fiery Reentry
Following its 25-day cruise in low-Earth orbit, LightSail, an experimental solar sail propulsion system launched by The Planetary Society, expectedly fell from its orbit and broke apart in the...
Holographic Microscopy, Machine Learning Software to ID Bacteria
Pairing holographic microscopy with machine learning software could help hospitals and the food industry screen for bacterial infection in real time. A quantitative phase imaging unit (QPIU)...
Optogenetics Offers Treatment for Laryngeal Paralysis
Optogenetics techniques could be exploited to treat laryngeal paralysis, a condition that interferes with speaking, swallowing and breathing. Researchers at the University of Bonn have made...
Tunable Laser Diode Taps NIR for Data Transmission
Tapping into undeveloped frequency bands, a new ultracompact heterogeneous-wavelength laser diode could enable higher-capacity optical data transmission systems. The device combines silicon...
Fiber Microendoscope Could Reduce Unnecessary Biopsies
A low-cost, portable, battery-powered microendoscope developed at Rice University could reduce the need for costly biopsies for many patients undergoing screening for esophageal cancer. That's...
Coating Brings MEMS Flexibility to Laser Welding
A new protective coating for silicon mirrors based on microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) allows precision cutting and welding with high-power lasers. Up to now, it has been possible to use...
Lasers Inject 'Cargo' into Cells at High Speed
A laser device that injects relatively large-sized "cargo" into mammalian cells at high speed could aid the study of disease. Called a biophotonic laser-assisted surgery tool, or BLAST, the...
Laser Stimulation Reveals New Details in Fossils
Handheld lasers can cause fossils to fluoresce, revealing complex details unseen with traditional visual enhancers such as UV light. The approach could help paleontologists identify...
Metamaterial Hyperlens Breaks Diffraction Limit
A new metamaterial design has enabled a hyperlens capable of imaging details smaller than the wavelengths of visible light. Developed at The State University of New York at Buffalo, the new...
Laser Guide Star System Installed at Chile's Very Large Telescope
The first of four laser guide star systems developed by Toptica Photonics AG of Germany and MPB Communications Inc. of Canada has been installed and brought online at the European Southern...
Liquid Crystal Compound Lens Eyed for 3-D Imaging
Liquid crystal can be controllably formed into compound lenses similar to those found in insects, a team from the University of Pennsylvania (Penn) has demonstrated. These lenses produce sets...
Pseudoparticles Find Crucial Role in Energy Conversion
Pseudoparticles could help make more efficient the conversion of light into storable energy, ushering in the potential for a decisive sustainable energy supply. Using the photoactive zinc...

OmniVision Profits, Revenues Dip in 2015
Image sensor firm OmniVision Technologies Inc. reported small declines in profits and revenues in fiscal 2015. Net income for the fiscal year, which ended April 30, was $93.4 million, or $1.57...
LumiThera Wins Grant to Develop PBM Devices for Treatment of AMD
LumiThera Inc. has received a $500,000 matching grant from the Washington State Life Sciences Discovery Fund (LSDF) to commercialize devices for noninvasive photobiomodulation (PBM) treatment of dry...
European Projects To Develop New CMOS Imagers
Multiple European companies and institutions are taking part in two new projects aimed at developing the next generation of CMOS image sensors. Both projects involve, from the Netherlands,...
L-3 KEO To Upgrade Submarine Periscopes Under Navy Contract
The Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA) has awarded L-3 KEO (an L-3 Communications Holdings Inc. company) a $48.7 million contract to develop and build a new, slimmer version of its photonics...
Samtec Joins French Silicon Photonics Development Project
Telecommunications firm Samtec Inc. has joined the silicon photonics program at IRT Nanoelec, a research institute in Grenoble, France. The program's goal is to develop and industrialize...
Glowforge Raises VC To Bring Laser Cutter-Engraver to Consumers
Glowforge Inc. has raised $9 million in venture capital to bring a versatile laser cutting and engraving system to the consumer market this year. The funding round was led by Foundry Group of...
Siskiyou Patents Adjustment Mechanism for Optical Mounts
Siskiyou Corp. has been awarded a U.S. Patent (No. 8,925,409) for an actuating mechanism that it says improves the performance of top-adjusted optical mounts and linear translation stages. The...
Collaboration To Develop QCL Threat-Detection Systems With EC Grant
A group of European companies and researchers, including laser experts and law enforcement agencies, will collaborate on a €3.35 million European Commission-funded project to develop photonic...
Chinese Consortium to Acquire OmniVision
A group of Chinese private equity firms is planning to acquire OmniVision Technologies Inc. for approximately $1.9 billion. The prospective buyers are Hua Capital Management Co. Ltd., CITIC...
Meprolight, Rolta to Develop Imaging Optronics for Indian Defense Forces
Meprolight Ltd. is seeking to establish a joint venture with defense contractor Rolta India Ltd. of Mumbai to develop optronic devices based on image intensifier and thermal imaging technologies for...

Cool Roof Material Eases Energy Demands
The sun over Australia is notoriously brutal, with consistently high UV index levels. This demands air conditioners and fans, heightening most buildings’ power needs at a time when saving energy is a top priority for many. A new roofing material in development could help cool that demand and reduce energy consumption; and what better place to test it out than under the fierce Aussie sun? ...

Lightening Your Load
Stop. Take a breath. You’re upset, and emotions are getting the best of you. You’ll probably regret sending that wild, crazed text message you just typed into your phone, but it needs to go somewhere, and it’s just so tempting to hit the send button. The problem is that we often just need to be heard. So, what do you do to release the pressure of a crowded mind stewing with the...

In-Vacuum Shutter Systems
Greateyes GmbH now offers fast in-vacuum mechanical shutter systems for vacuum-ultraviolet and extreme-ultraviolet and x-ray cameras equipped with vacuum flanges CFDN100. The shutters protect...
greateyes GmbH
Industrial Femtosecond Laser
Optimized for micromachining of transparent, brittle materials, a new industrial femtosecond laser from Spectra-Physics Inc. (a Newport company) may be used in display manufacturing. Spirit...
Motion Control Systems
Motion control systems from Wuxi Saibo Industry Co. Ltd. (Saibo) of China are available in three widths and two styles to meet load requirements up to 7200 N (1619 lb). The SB-LGV straight and...
Wuxi Saibo Industry Co. Ltd.
Xenon Flash Modules
Intended for photometric instrumentation applications, new xenon flash modules from Heraeus Noblelight America LLC provide a broad, continuous spectrum from deep UV to near-infrared (190 to 1100 nm)...
Heraeus Noblelight LLC, Arc/Flash Div.
Micro Camera Head
Panasonic Corp. has launched the GP-KH232HA, a high-sensitivity micro camera head for industrial and medical markets that is capable of operating in low-light conditions. The camera head has...
Industrial Camera
JAI Inc. has announced the Go-2400-PGE industrial camera featuring Sony’s IMX174, a 2.35-MP global-shutter CMOS imager. The camera offers a maximum resolution of 1936 × 1216 pixels...
JAI, Inc.
Optical Profiler
From Zygo Corp., the ZeGage Plus optical profiler – a full-featured instrument for 3-D measurement of surface topography and roughness – provides ease of use, vibration strength and a...
Zygo Corporation, Metrology Solutions
Optical Fibers
Next-generation optical fibers are available for purchase from the University of Southampton's Optoelectronics Research Center. Varieties include rare-earth-doped fibers with ultrahigh dopant...
Mid-Infrared Lasers
New mid-infrared lasers from Quantum Composers Inc., in partnership with Bridger Photonics Inc., feature a single-longitudinal-mode resonator coupled to a stable optical parametric oscillator (SOPO)....
Quantum Composers, Inc.
Laser Optics Assemblies
Rocky Mountain Instrument Co. (RMI) has announced new laser optics assemblies, including custom beam expanders and f-Theta lenses. RMI’s beam expanders are made with high-precision...
Rocky Mountain Instrument Co. (RMI)
High-Speed Camera
The Fastcam Mini WX50 high-speed camera from Photron Inc. is rated for operation in high-gravity environments. The camera provides up to 750 frames per second at full 4-MP resolution and true...
Photron USA, Inc.
Inspection Camera
The BOA2 smart camera from Teledyne Dalsa Inc. is a complete vision system for automating parts and assembly inspection. It is offered with 2-, 3- or 5-MP resolution. For very high-speed...
Teledyne DALSA, Machine Vision OEM Components
Vibration Control System
The Integrity 4 Vibration Control System (VCS) series from Newport Corp. features patented precision tunable dampers used in RS2000 Research Series tables and an improved frame support system. ...
Newport Corporation
Plastic Diffractive Optical Elements
Holo/Or Ltd. offers plastic diffractive optical elements (DOEs) in polycarbonate, PMMA, Zeonex and Zeoner for use with low- and medium-power lasers. The elements are produced in large...
Laser Components GmbH
3-D Measurement Software
LMI Technologies Inc. has announced the integration of a new surface imaging and metrology software into its MikroCAD optical 3-D precision measuring systems. Based on Digital Surf SARL’s...
LMI Technologies
CMOS Cameras
The GC series of industrial cameras from Smartek Vision (Smartek DOO) features the Sony Pregius Exmor IMX249 CMOS sensor. The global-shutter sensor has a dynamic range up to 70 dB, 5.86-μm...
Positioning Systems
BiSlide stages from Velmex Inc. feature a modular design that allows users to create multi-axis positioning systems for optical, medical, industrial, scientific inspection and scanning applications....
Velmex, Inc.
Laser Light-Show System
Laserworld USA Inc. has introduced a new laser light-show system meant to fill the gap in available power levels between the 1.8- and 3.3-W systems. The DS-2400RGB is designed to provide...
Laserworld USA Inc.
Fan-Cooled Laser Sensors
A new line of high-power, fan-cooled sensors from Ophir Photonics Group can measure laser power from 600 mW to 1100 W and energy from 250 mJ to 600 J. The compact sensors operate with no need...
Ophir - Spiricon LLC, Photonics
Photonic Lantern
Optoscribe Ltd. has upgraded its 3D MMux "photonic lantern" (PL), which provides an interface between multimode and single-mode optical fibers. The 3D MMux PL is designed for low-differential...
Optoscribe Ltd.
Measuring Microscopes
Titan Tool Supply Inc. has announced two high-magnification measuring microscopes with vernier micrometer heads for inspection of electronic and semiconductor components, metallurgical parts, plastic...
Titan Tool Supply, Inc.
Scan System Control Board
A new Ethernet-based controller board from Scanlab AG enables increased production automation of laser marking systems. With the RTC 4 Ethernet controller board, a machine's design no longer...
Metallized Ceramic Sensors
Remtec Inc. offers fabrication services for metallized ceramic sensors that withstand continuous high-temperature operation to 250 °C. Remtec offers designers a number of interrelated...
Remtec, Inc.
Process Fiber Cables
FiberTech Optica Inc. (FTO) has expanded its line of Process Fiber Cables to include lengths of up to 500 m. Designed for ease of installation and long-term reliability in demanding...
FiberTech Optica Inc.
Dual-Channel Optocouplers
Avago Technologies has announced automotive-grade dual-channel optocouplers for bidirectional digital communications. The ACFL-521xT and ACFL-621xT are designed for automotive applications with...
Avago Technologies
Laser Motion Subsystem
Nutec Components Inc. has announced a linear-rotary motion subsystem dedicated to cylindrical laser micromachining. The LaserLathe system expands the performance envelope for speed, precision...
Nutec Components Inc.
Beam-Shaping Lenses
Beam Twisters from Edmund Optics Inc. are suitable for pairing with slow-axis collimators for complete laser beam collimation. The new beam-shaping lenses are used to rotate beams emitted by...
Edmund Optics, Inc.
Optical Design Software
Zemax LLC has announced the OpticStudio™ 15 optical and illumination design software, building upon previous versions with new physics capabilities. Major new features include...
Zemax LLC, Optical & Illumination Design Software
High-Load Hexapods
The H-845 is a new series of preconfigured high-load hexapods by PI (Physik Instrumente) LP. Offering six-axis precision motion for loads up to 1 metric ton, the devices have applications in...
PI (Physik Instrumente) L.P., Piezo Nano Positioning
2-D Vision Measuring System
Mitutoyo America Corp. has introduced new versions of its Quick Image 2-D vision measuring systems. Two new systems — in 0.2&mult; or 0.5&mult; magnification — feature a new...
Mitutoyo America Corp.
Laser Power Meter
With instantaneous laser-power measurements up to 250 W, the Pronto Laser Power Meter from Gentec Electro-Optics Inc. is suitable for laser marking applications. With an all-metal casing and a...
Gentec Electro-Optics, Inc.
Thermal Imaging Enhancement
To enhance thermal imaging resolution, Flir Systems Inc. has introduced the UltraMax feature for its Tsc-series handheld research and science cameras. The feature helps improve the resolution...
FLIR Systems
UV Radiometer
The LPUVI02 radiometer from Delta Ohm SRL measures the global effective irradiance on a flat surface according to requirements of the World Meteorological Organization for the measurement of UV...
Delta OHM
Thermal-Imaging Sensor
The ThermoCam LC thermal-imaging sensor by EVT Eye Vision Technology GmbH is suited for detecting corrosion defects under visual surfaces. It has a measurement range from -50 °C to 300...
EVT Eye Vision Technology GmbH
Laser Projectors
NEC Display Solutions of America Inc. has announced two new laser phosphor projectors for digital signage applications. The PH1201QL delivers a native 4K (4096 × 2160-pixel) resolution,...
NEC Display Solutions of America
Solar Cell Dicer
The MicroDice™ OTF system by 3D-Micromac AG uses thermal laser separation (TLS) technology to split photovoltaic cells into half cells. The use of half cells increases the average module...
3D-Micromac AG

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