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Photonics Spectra: December 2006

LEDs in Exterior Vehicle Lighting
LED lighting is a complete paradigm shift in vehicle lighting. Filament bulbs have been the only means for providing illumination in and on vehicles since 1910, when the first electric lamps were...
Jeff Erion, Motor Vehicle Lighting Council
Adaptive Headlights Aim to Ease Nighttime Driving Hazards
Despite the fact that the optical performance of novel headlight systems for motor vehicles has increased impressively in recent years, nighttime driving is still loaded with risks. In Europe, for...
Detlef Decker, Hella KGaA Hueck & Co.
New Materials Advance Automotive Lighting
Automotive manufacturers have always used distinctive styling as a means of differentiating their vehicles from the competition, and now we’re seeing different styles in headlight design (Figure 1)....
Douglas Stratton, Bayer MaterialScience LLC
Optimizing Automotive LED Lighting
Headlights and taillights have been on automobiles for about as long as automobiles have had rubber tires, and filament lamps have provided their light for just about as long. The size and shape of...
Michael W. Zollers, Optical Research Associates
Adaptive Optical Solutions
The fundamental dilemma in forward lighting is the converse relationship between providing sufficient visibility for the driver and limiting the excess glare generated toward oncoming traffic....
Michael Strazzanti, Illume LLC
Measurement and Manipulation for Nanotechnology
Understanding the structure, function and stimulus response of individual molecules and other nanoscale structures is becoming increasingly important in research in all branches of hard sciences, in...
F. Michael Serry, Veeco Instruments Inc.
Perplexed by Polarizers?
When engineers, chemists and physicists discuss polarization, they could be talking about anything from the diffraction efficiency of a hologram to the precision of a micromachining laser to the...
Emily Kubacki, CVI Laser LLC
Shrinking Features, Shrinking Wavelengths
As semiconductor feature sizes shrink, manufacturers need a light touch — and at the right wavelength. A look at three areas — lithography, metrology and assembly — shows how photonics-based...
Hank Hogan, Contributing Editor
Noise in Imaging: The Good, the Bad and the Right
In digital imaging applications, noise is commonly assumed to be bad, a characteristic that makes images worse. Although many types of noise are known, their origin and, more importantly, their...
Dr. Gerhard Holst, PCO AG
3-D Vision Gets Real
Many classes of commercial and consumer products would benefit from the ability to visually sense their environment and react to what is happening in real time. These products would have to operate...
Ron Buck, Tyzx Inc.
Method Positions and Deposits ZnO Nanowires
Scientists at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee have employed electric fields to align single crystalline ZnO nanowires with support electrodes and electrostatic forces to bind them in place. In...
Daniel S. Burgess
Imperfect Tapping, Imperfect Image
Despite the saying, sometimes you can’t believe it when you see it. Researchers at Université de Technologie de Troyes in France, at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and at Argonne...
Hank Hogan
Technique Creates Hydrophobic and Hydrophilic Regions in Microfluidic Channels
Using a photoinitiated chemical process from polymer chemistry, a team of investigators in France has developed a method to create hydrophobic and hydrophilic regions inside microfluidic channels....
Daniel S. Burgess
Capturing Hot Fluorescent Images
Roberto Etchenique and Oscar Filevich of Universidad de Buenos Aires in Argentina were attempting to carry out time-lapse measurements of cell cultures in long-term experiments. However, for such...
Hank Hogan
Getting to the (Very Small) Point of Imaging
Sometimes ideas pan out better than expected. Such is the case with an imaging innovation from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County. Under the direction of assistant professor of chemistry...
Hank Hogan
Compound White OLED Proves Efficient
Researchers at Princeton University in New Jersey and at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor have fabricated a compound fluorescent/phosphor-sensitized fluorescent white OLED capable of achieving...
Lauren I. Rugani

Structural and Photonic Properties of Butterfly Wings Replicated
The wings of the Morpho Peleides butterfly may not affect weather patterns across the world, but researchers from Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta and Zhejiang University in Hangzhou,...
Lauren I. Rugani
Lighting the World with a Smile
According to researchers in Germany, teeth may provide more than just a smile that helps gain friends and influence enemies. Instead, the structure of these dental fixtures could lead to the...
Hank Hogan
Sending Secrets Securely
If you want to tell a secret, it is best to whisper. However, your secret is safer when people nearby are talking loudly. That is the basis for a secure communication technique developed by Bernard...
Hank Hogan
Assembly Technique Leads to Thermally
Responsive Microlens Arrays
A team of researchers from China and Japan has developed a technique to assemble thermally responsive microlens arrays that is suitable for mass production. The one-step technique encapsulates...
Michael A. Greenwood
Light Alters Film’s Degree of Wetness
Researchers at Pohang University of Science and Technology in South Korea have developed a film that can become wet or dry upon exposure to different wavelengths of light. Eventually, it could serve...
David Shenkenberg
Generator Launches Selected Mode into Multimode Waveguide
Although large amounts of “dark fiber” — that is, unused fiber cables laid across cities, nations and oceans — still exist in the world today, the demand for capacity is constantly increasing. To...
Breck Hitz

Program Seeks to Illuminate Poorer Regions with LEDs
Almost everyone in developed regions of the world has come to take artificial light for granted. It is, after all, always there: quick, effortless, cheap. But that is not the case in wide swaths of the developing world, where artificial lighting remains a luxury, albeit an inefficient and outdated one. To brighten the future of lighting in these areas, the International Finance Corp., the...
Michael A. Greenwood
Optoelectronics Industry Accelerates in New Areas
Optimistic about the future, the Washington-based Optoelectronics Industry Development Association (OIDA) indicated in its eighth annual “Global Optoelectronics Industry Market Report and Forecast”...
Anne L. Fischer
Companies to Develop Silicone Lenses
NuSil Technology LLC, a Carpinteria, Calif., manufacturer of silicone-based materials for health care, aerospace, electronics and photonics technologies, will jointly develop silicone lenses with FMI...
Companies Form Market Alliance in North America
Global distributor Nu Horizons Electronics Corp. of Melville, N.Y., and Osram Opto Semiconductors Inc., with sites in San Jose, Calif., and other locations, have entered into a partnership agreement...
Time-Bandwidth Products Sets Up US Office
Time-Bandwidth Products AG of Zurich, Switzerland, has opened an office in Westfield, Mass., to offer sales and support to its customers in North America. The company supplies OEM and customized...
Foresight Imaging Names International Distributor
In Massachusetts, Techexport Inc. of Burlington has been appointed international distributor of all board-level products for Foresight Imaging of Lowell. The distribution firm has handled these...
Essex Acquires Adaptive Optics
Essex Corp. of Columbia, Md., has acquired Adaptive Optics Associates Inc. of Cambridge, Mass., from Metrologic Instruments Inc. Under the terms of the agreement, Essex purchased all of the...
GfE Coating Materials Secures Agent in US
Advanced Glass Industries of Rochester, N.Y., and GfE Coating Materials, an R&D unit of GfE Metalle und Materialien GmbH in Nuremberg, Germany, have entered into a representation agreement. The...
Company Gets Contract for Terahertz Source
Teraphysics Corp. of Cleveland has received a $730,000 Phase II contract from the US Army Research Office to develop technology that provides new capabilities in threat detection systems. It is...
Newport Acquires Picarro Business
Newport Corp. of Irvine, Calif., has acquired the Laser Products division of Picarro Inc. The Ottawa-based unit designs and manufactures solid-state lasers primarily for the life and health sciences...
Companies to Develop Systems to Aid Drivers
Tyzx Inc. of Menlo Park, Calif., is working with I.M.A. of Rottbach, Germany, to develop a validation system for driver assistance components currently being tested by automaker BMW Group. The...
Ionatron Garners Added Funding
A developer of Laser Guided Energy and related products for defense and security applications, Ionatron Inc. has received a modification in its contract with the US government for the continued...
Lytron Expands Facilities
Lytron Inc. has announced the opening of a factory and corporate office next to its existing quarters in Woburn, Mass. The company, which makes heat transfer systems and components, said that it has...
PSI-Tec Reports High Thermal Stability
PSI-Tec Corp. has announced that test results on the thermal stability of Perkinamine electro-optic materials have come back positive. The Wilmington, Del.-based company said that thermal stability...
Synova to Open Micromachining Centers
Synova of Lausanne, Switzerland, which specializes in water-jet-guided laser technology, plans to open micromachining centers in Boston and San Francisco. The centers aim to meet the high-precision...
Dalsa Drops Coreco Logo and Brand
Dalsa Corp., a manufacturer of digital imaging products, has eliminated the Dalsa Coreco logo and brand. In an effort to unify the company and operate more efficiently, all products will be marketed...
USAF, Boeing Fire Laser with Recycled Chemicals
A laser using recycled fuel was fired recently in New Mexico by the US Air Force and the Boeing Company’s Directed Energy System of Canoga Park, Calif. The chemical laser was supplied with its two...
Optical Society of America Confers Honors
The Optical Society of America in Washington has honored 20 individuals with its annual awards, which recognize exceptional achievement in optics and photonics. It determined that the work done by...
Labs to Develop Nanoplasmonic Devices
The European Commission Framework Programme 6 project, Polymer-Based Nanoplasmonic Components and Devices (Plasmocom), has been launched. This Information Society Technologies Specific Targeted...
BFi Optilas Signs Two Agreements
BFi Optilas International SAS of Evry, France, will serve as the exclusive distributor in the UK and Ireland for CVI Technical Optics of Onchan, Isle of Man, following the companies’ successful...
Gould Technology Buys Power Splitter Line
Gould Technology LLC of Millersville, Md., has purchased the PLC power splitter module product line from Teem Photonics SA of Grenoble, France. As part of the agreement, it will use the French...
Microvision Allies to Make Head-Up Displays
A supplier of light scanning technologies for display and imaging products, Microvision Inc. of Redmond, Wash., has partnered with an undisclosed automotive supplier to develop a commercial...
Cascade, Lucent Sign Licensing Deal
Cascade Technologies of Stirling, UK, has signed a licensing deal regarding lasers developed and patented by Lucent Technologies of Murray Hill, N.J. The agreement will allow Cascade to source its...
Contract Granted for UV Laser Drilling Systems
Electro Scientific Industries Inc. of Portland, Ore., will supply multiple orders of its new model ICP5650 dual-head, UV laser microvia drilling system to a Korean semiconductor packaging...
New Wave Awarded Phase II Grant
New Wave Research, a Freemont, Calif.-based manufacturer of lasers and laser-based systems for the microelectronics and analytical instrumentation industries, has been awarded a Phase II contract...
Marubeni to Market n&k Products
Products from n&k Technology Inc. of Santa Clara, Calif., will be marketed and distributed in Japan by Marubeni Solutions Corp. of Tokyo according to a recent agreement. The California company...
Axsun Technologies Expands in Europe
A manufacturer of MEMS-based micro-optoelectronic spectrometers and optical channel monitors, Axsun Technologies Inc. of Billerica, Mass., has opened an office in Cambridge, UK, to support its...
Companies Enter Into Microbolometer Production Agreement
AMI Semiconductor of Pocatello, Idaho, a supplier of integrated mixed-signal and structured digital products, and Flir Systems Inc. of Portland, Ore., a specialist in commercial infrared technology,...
Andor Appoints Distributor in UK
Andor Technology of Belfast has selected Gilden Photonics Ltd. of Helensburgh, both in the UK, to distribute its spectroscopy cameras and spectrographs there. Andor’s CCD and intensified CCD cameras...
LabSmith and Micronit to Standardize Microfluidic Tools
LabSmith Inc. of Livermore, Calif., and Micronit Microfluidics BV of Enschede, the Netherlands, have partnered to manufacture standardized toolkits for microfluidics research. The companies will...
Avantes Opens Chinese Subsidiary
To meet growing demand in Asian markets, Avantes BV of Eerbeek, the Netherlands, has opened a subsidiary, Avantes China, in Beijing. The expansion allows the company to better serve customers and to...
Cedip Awarded Second Contract
Cedip Infrared Systems of Croissy-Beaubourg, France, through its US distributor, Electrophysics, has been awarded, a second contract by Navair Weapons Div. of China Lake, Calif., for seven Emerald...
DRS Technologies Receives Military Orders
DRS Technologies Inc. of Parsippany, N.J., has received two military-related orders worth $42 million. One, worth $30 million, is to manufacture the pilotage and targeting receiver assemblies for the...
IMRA and SPI Announce Licensing Agreement
Imra America Inc. of Ann Arbor, Mich., a developer of ultrafast fiber lasers, has signed an agreement with SPI Lasers plc of Southampton, UK, to license patents for the US company’s amplification...
Companies Reinforce Alliance for OLED Development
Konica Minolta Technology Center Inc. of Tokyo and Universal Display Corp. of Ewing, N.J., have strengthened their effort to incorporate the latter company’s phosphorescent organic LED technology...
Nikon and Brion Form Partnership
Nikon Corp. of Belmont, a supplier of lithography equipment for microelectronics manufacturing, and Brion Technologies Inc. of Santa Clara, a provider of lithography-driven design and manufacturing...
Zygo Receives Laser Contracts
Zygo Corp. has received $6.8 million in contracts to supply the optics for laser-initiated fusion reaction experiments. Work will be done at the company’s optics and optical coating facility in...

Weed ’em and Reap
Farmers may one day reap the benefit of a robot under development at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign that could help them destroy more weeds with less herbicide. The device travels...
Sally B. Patterson
Self-Propelling Picnic Pests
Many animals use a fight or flight response when confronted by a predator. Luckily for Odontomachus bauri, more commonly known as the trap-jaw ant, a single biological mechanism can be used for...
Lauren I. Rugani

Laser Engraving Makes Robust Bar Codes on Automotive Parts
Automotive manufacturers cannot afford even short delays on the production line, and each part must be labeled clearly to avoid mistakes. Anytime the line stops, it costs money. However, traditional...
Nadia Anscombe
Picking Cotton — and Nothing Else
Before cotton becomes the fabric of our lives, it must be picked. The problem, however, is that more than cotton ends up being harvested. According to industry figures, 22 percent of the cotton...
Hank Hogan

Cooling — with a Light Touch
To make a mirror really cold — and possibly help reveal quantum effects in the macroscopic world — scientists are turning to the chilling effects of a photon breeze. In the Nov. 2 issue of Nature,...
New Rules Expected for Laser Exports
Because lasers are “dual use” items — they have both military and civilian applications — they have long been subject to legal export controls imposed by the US government. The controls are not...

Sarfus technology distributed by Micro Photonics Inc. and manufactured by Nanolane, is an optical quantitative imaging technique for nanometer-scale measurements of 3-D thickness, roughness, profile...
Ocean Optics Inc. uses a proprietary process to manufacture its XSR Xtreme solarization-resistant optical fiber assemblies for deep-UV (<300 nm) spectroscopy applications. The fiber transmits...
Ocean Optics, Inc.
For use in medical applications such as ophthalmology, dermatology, dentistry, varicose vein treatment, and enhanced magnetic resonance imaging of lung and brain tissue, Quintessence Photonics Corp....
Laser Operations LLC, QPC Lasers
QuantEM:512SC, an electron-multiplying (EM) CCD camera from Photometrics, offers EM gain with true quantitative stability across 16 bits. Life sciences researchers can conduct accurate ratiometric...
National Instruments has released NI Vision Builder for Automated Inspection Version 3.0, an upgrade to the company’s interactive software for configuring, benchmarking and deploying complete machine...
National Instruments Corp.
Korad3D, a white-light interferometer manufactured by 3D Shape GmbH, is suitable for high-precision measurements under laboratory conditions and for quality control applications in industrial...
3D Shape GmbH
New Scale Technologies Inc. has introduced its SQL series Squiggle subminiature piezoelectric motors that enable smaller OEM products, from consumer electronics to laboratory instruments. Standard...
New Scale Technologies, Inc.
ML4.2 photoelectric sensors have been announced by Pepperl+Fuchs Inc. Packaged in an antistatic housing that measures 14 × 18 × 33 mm, the devices feature tamperproof fixed sensing ranges,...
Pepperl+Fuchs Inc.
Available in white, red, green and blue, the MLNX high-power LED system announced by Moritex Corp. uses a special optical element that compensates for LED pitch to achieve high uniformity, a patented...
SCHOTT North America, Inc., Lighting & Imaging
Fibrlok II splice/holder 2539 from 3M integrates the splice, actuation tool and holder in one package. For 250- and 900-μm tight buffer fiber, it enables fast on-site installation of single-mode...
3M, Electronic Solutions Div.
The OCP-055 was designed by Elite Thermal Engineering for cooling CS-mount laser diodes either on an optical bench for laser research or in OEM laser product development. It can be optimized to...
Elite Thermal Engineering, LLC
The ODA-5W-100M photodetector/amplifier with 100-Mohm gain is now available from Opto Diode Corp. The device comes in a standard TO-5 package and has a variety of applications, including fluorescence...
Opto Diode Corporation
Quantum Composers Inc. has released a digital delay and pulse generator that multiplexes signal outputs to form complex waveforms, and that is useful as a particle image velocimetry and flow analysis...
Quantum Composers, Inc.
The Land Guide M3 announced by Land Instruments International is a handheld thermal imager that offers fingertip controls, high-quality images with provision for voice annotation, onboard image...
Land Instruments International Ltd., Infrared Temperature Measurement
An electrical/optical-optical/electrical converter pair has been announced by Terahertz Technologies Inc. The LTX-5515T digitizes an analog input signal to 12-bit precision with four auxiliary...
Terahertz Technologies, Inc.
Coherent Inc. has introduced the Cube 445, a compact conduction-cooled laser that produces 40 mW of power at 445 nm. Features include an M2 of <1.2, typical; beam divergence of 0.6 mrad; pointing...
Coherent Inc.
An optical inspection system for identifying and mapping pattern, particle and processing defects on large FPD/TFT substrates has been launched by NexTech Solutions Inc. The modular FPDStar uses...
NexTech Solutions, Inc.
Cedip Infrared Systems has released a Windows-based control and command software console for management of security networks. Sentinel controls multisensor turrets such as the company’s Pharos...
FLIR Systems, Inc., Advanced Thermal Solutions Div.
QImaging has launched its Go series digital color cameras, which combine CMOS sensor technology with USB 2.0 plug-and-play connectivity. The Go-5 model features a sensor with 5 million pixels, a...
The ALTM Gemini unveiled by Optech Inc. is an airborne laser terrain mapper that operates at a 100-kHz repetition rate at altitudes of up to 2 km. It shares the performance characteristics of the...
Optech Inc.
Yb:fiber free-space polarization-insensitive isolators have been announced by Electro-Optics Technology Inc. for laser marking, stent cutting, micromachining of copper and gold wire, laser welding of...
Electro-Optics Technology, Inc.
A 1.3-megapixel image sensor has been designed by Micron Technology Inc. to fit into a 1/5-in. optical format. The MT9M019 image sensor for camera phones and webcams captures 30 fps at full...
Micron Technology, Inc.
Fiber laser welders offered by Miyachi Unitek Corp. are available in two models, the LF100A and LF300A, producing 100 and 300 W of CW output power, respectively. The lasers feature built-in time- and...
Miyachi Unitek Corp.
StockerYale Inc.’s Lasiris binary phase masks are for optical waveguide gratings. They are optimized for 800-nm femtosecond laser radiation for inducing large-index changes in dielectric materials...
StockerYale, Inc.
Kyocera Corp. has released a line of LCDs that feature an LED backlighting system instead of conventional cold-cathode fluorescent lamps. The product is designed to meet a variety of industrial...
Kyocera Optec Co., Ltd.
A multibeam laser confocal scanner with software-selectable 10- to 64-μm-diameter pinholes has been introduced by VisiTech International. The VT-Infinity3 performs real-time confocal imaging at...
VisiTech International
The LED junction temperature tester from Acorn Technology measures the differential temperature between that at the LED junction and ambient, using the LED’s own junction as the sensor and a...
Acorn Technology
SVCell microscopy image recognition software has been released by SVision LLC, enabling scientists to teach a computer to automatically detect, segment, measure, classify, analyze and discover...
SVision LLC
Cal Sensors Inc. has launched a broadband emitter that it says provides higher output than standard steady-state emitters of blackbody radiation, with similar spectral distribution. The radiating...
A high-intensity fiber-coupled UV/VIS light source for spot curing adhesives, coatings and inks is available from Ushio Europe BV. Suitable for applications in forensic sciences and nondestructive...
Ushio Europe BV
The Q series ultraminiature RoHS-compliant DC to high-voltage DC converters manufactured by Emco High Voltage Corp. include more than 50 models and supply from 100 to 5000 V in 0.1253 in. and up to...
EMCO High Voltage Corp.
The compact ILP LED coaxial illumination system from Volpi USA provides stable and homogeneous light output over a 0.7 × 0.7-in. area, with a working distance of 0.6 to 1.4 in. Available with either...
Volpi USA
Ulis SAS has launched a line of 25-μm-pixel-pitch silicon infrared detectors. The UL 02 15 2 has a 160 × 120-pixel array, thermal time constant of <7 ms, a CMOS readout circuit, a 70% area...
InterSense Inc. has released its next-generation IS-1200 VisTracker wide-area inertial-optical motion tracking system designed for use with a mobile computing platform that has a USB port. Its...
InterSense, Inc.
Prior Scientific has unveiled the NanoScanZ piezo stage for microscope automation. Features include 100- or 200-μm travel, 1-nm repeatability, differential interference contrast capability and...
Prior Scientific, Inc.
Ing.-Büro Eckerl (IB/E) is offering an illumination module, specialized optics and a power supply for telecentric illumination in machine vision applications. Power modules can accommodate current...
Braggone’s patented Luxone line of optical and electrical coatings and nanostructures can be implemented directly into flat panel TVs and mobile communications device screens for brighter displays...
The Modular Camera System line of color line-scan cameras launched by Chromasens GmbH includes six models. The MCS-7300 achieves a maximum line frequency of 7.7 kHz and a data transfer rate of 180...
Chromasens GmbH
Deposition Sciences Inc. (DSI) has introduced HeatBuster cold mirror coating technology. The white-light coatings feature 98% reflectivity across the visible spectrum, low reflectivity in the...
Deposition Sciences Inc. (DSI), Aeronautics
A valved organic evaporator with 50-cc capacity has been released by Oxford Applied Research. Its design incorporates a patented in-line valve, eliminates the thermal inertia of conventional unvalved...
Oxford Applied Research Ltd.
The FastCam MH-4 introduced by Photron Inc. is a remote multihead digital video imaging system that allows the use of one to four detachable camera heads, each measuring 35 × 35 × 35 mm...
Photron USA, Inc.
H2W Technologies Inc. has launched a series of high-speed closed-loop linear stepper motor stages that feature an integral linear encoder with 10-μm resolution, 0.033-mm/m repeatability,...
H2W Technologies, Inc.
Exfo Electro-Optical Engineering Inc. has unveiled the LFD-300/TG-300 FiberFinder to help field technicians isolate specific live fiber segments in patch panels and to pinpoint the correct end-to-end...
EXFO, Inc.
Laser Research Optics’ multispectral zinc sulfide optics transmit over wavelengths from 0.4 to 12 μm with minimal scatter. Water clear, chemically inert and nonhygroscopic, the optics are...
Laser Research Optics
The VC4002L released by Vision Components GmbH is a smart line-scan camera equipped with a 400-MHz (3200-MIPS) processor. It supports three integration modes. In free-running mode, a maximum scan...
Vision Components GmbH
The photonic curing systems announced by NovaCentrix Corp. instantly cure metal nanoparticle-based inks by exposing them to a brief and intense pulse of light from a xenon flashlamp. They quickly and...
The id201, released by id Quantique SA, is a single-photon detector with preset detection-probability values of 10%, 15%, 20% or 25%. Calibration is performed at 1550 nm, and the bias voltage can be...
ID Quantique
Fiso Technologies Inc.’s FPI-HR-OEM fiber optic signal conditioner simultaneously measures two parameters, including temperature, pressure, strain, displacement and refractive index. Maximum...
FISO Technologies, Inc.
NanoVue, a 248-nm 4× deep-UV zoom lens manufactured by Navitar Inc., works with infinity-corrected microscope objectives to enable optical inspection with <0.1-μm resolution and a zoom range...
Navitar, Inc.
The spec’3 spectral measurement system launched by Opsira GmbH rapidly measures spectral distributions from the UV to the near-IR. It succeeds the company’s spec2000 system and is based on a CCD...
opsira GmbH
The Pictiva OLED display reference design kit introduced by Osram Opto Semiconductors Inc. is a design model that helps customers evaluate the company’s organic LED (OLED) products for rapid and...
OSRAM Opto Semiconductors GmbH
The AC421 is a two-axis angular displacement autocollimator system from Equipment Solutions Inc. The high-sensitivity measurement device is designed to calculate minute angular displacements at...
Equipment Solutions Inc.
H2B Photonics, a company in the Rofin group, is presenting multiple laser beam absorption (MLBA) technology for cutting glass with disk lasers. The technology, based on volume absorption of the laser...
H2B Photonics GmbH (see Rofin-Baasel Lasertech.)
Optical Research Associates’ (ORA) version 9.7 of its Code V optical software includes a new 2-D image simulation function that models how an object will appear when imaged by the optical system,...
Synopsys, Inc., Optical Solutions Group
Avantes BV has introduced the AvaSpec-NIR256 spectrometer, available with two InGaAs detector types. The noncooled version is for applications at up to 1.7 μm, and a two-stage Peltier-cooled...
Avantes BV
OmniVision Technologies Inc. has launched its sixth-generation 1.3- megapixel CameraChip sensor. With its 2-μm pixel and 1/5-in. optical format, the OV9660 sensor enables a 25 percent thinner...
Omnivision Technologies, Inc.
Tempotec Optics Co. Ltd. now fabricates colored glass filters of various types: the cutoff, which blocks the short wavelength by absorption and transmits the long wavelength; the selective...
Tempotec Optics Co., Ltd.
Jasco Inc. has introduced the P-2000, a multioption customizable polarimeter that can be upgraded in the field. It can be operated via a PC with Windows software or via the proprietary handheld iRM...
The Tech Spec laser line nonpolarizing plate beamsplitters released by Edmund Optics Inc. feature a 50% reflection/50% transmission ratio and are insensitive to input beam polarization. Available in...
Edmund Optics, Inc.
Lumics GmbH has introduced the LU0915T065 uncooled fiber-coupled laser module, which offers up to 6.5 W of output power at 915-nm pump wavelength. Target applications for the device include pumping...
Lumics GmbH

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