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Photonics Spectra: December 2008

Speeding fresco reconstruction
Computer scientists at Princeton University in New Jersey have developed an automated system that could speed a painfully slow task facing archaeologists – reconstructing ancient artifacts from thousands of tiny, often-eroded pieces. David Dobkin, computer science professor and dean of the faculty at Princeton, got the inspiration for the project after visiting the archaeological site of...
Melinda Rose,
Virtual dinosaur stomping grounds
Many among us, from children on up, are fascinated by dinosaurs and long to know more about them. Photonic instrumentation has been used to help document the remains of these creatures and to...
Caren Les,
Under the briny sea
In the second century of the common era, three Roman ships sank beneath the waters off the coast of Neapolis, now the site of the modern Italian city of Naples. Fourteen centuries later, off the...
Lynn Savage,
Putting the Squeeze on Optical Microlithography
Integrated circuits routinely produced by microlithography have feature sizes as small as 65 nm, well below the traditional diffraction limit for the exposure wavelength of 193 nm. Achieving this...
Eric R. Mueller, Coherent Inc., and Yusaku Uehara and Kiyoshi Uchikawa, Precision Equipment Co., Nikon Corp.
The Making of a Computer-Generated Hologram
Computer-generated holograms (CGHs) play an important role in the modern optics used for generating application-specific optical fields and functions. Their ability to transform incident beams into...
Uwe D. Zeitner, Fraunhofer IOF; Michael Banasch, Vistec Electron Beam GmbH; and Ernst-Bernhard Kley, Institute of Applied Physics, Friedrich Schiller Universität
Fiber Sensors Go 3-D
Optical fibers make ideal physical sensors. Light, rugged and immune to interference from stray electrical signals, they respond to a variety of external stimuli – qualities that have spawned...
Dr. Brian J. Soller and Trevor Rice, Luna Innovations Inc.
Boldly going where no one has gone before
The Phoenix Mars Lander has scoured the surface of the red planet’s Arctic circle for signs of life. On July 9, the robot took the first atomic force microscope (AFM) image ever recorded on another...
David L. Shenkenberg, Features Editor,
Some Like It Hot
For military and industrial applications, shortwave infrared (SWIR) has emerged as a key technology, an enabler of a variety of military and industrial imaging and sensing applications. The SWIR...
Dr. David G. Dawes and Devon Turner, Sensors Unlimited Inc.
Freeze Frame
Researchers Ala Hijazi and Vis Madhavan at Wichita State University in Kansas wanted to study the high strain rate deformation that occurs in high-speed machining by recording a series of microscopic...
Melinda Rose, Contributing Editor,

Byproduct of the bailout
Maybe the idea of bailing out the Big Three automakers is not appetizing for anyone but, say, the Big Three. Just the same, the simultaneously declared bankruptcy could sink a long list of businesses, employees and industries, not the least of which is our own. That’s because we’re keeping company with the same auto suppliers, communities and regions perched on the brink by reports of the...
Diane Laurin

Imaging a disaster
It started with a request from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The CDC was looking for two unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) to shoot images of disaster areas. But the way David...
Laura Marshall,
Science needs a feminine touch
Despite the debate over its cause, there is general agreement that women are underrepresented in the fields of science and engineering. Theories about the cause of the discrepancy range from lack of...
Rebecca C. Jernigan,
A step closer to stopping E.coli
To prevent Escherichia coli from reaching consumers, scientists have developed a method of detecting and detaining one of its more common virulent strains, serotype O157:H7. This bacterium is found...
Amanda D. Francoeur,
Solving a sticky problem in power plants
As energy costs rise and the economy falls, there is no room for inefficiency in power production. In coal-fired power plants, a problem known as slagging occurs when coal ash minerals get sticky...
Laura S. Marshall,
Revealing the hidden spectrum
Much like fishermen wear polarized sunglasses to see past the reflective glare of the water’s surface to spot their sport, astronomers use polarized filters in telescopes to isolate the reflected...
Krista Zanolli,
Liquid lens: water + sound = fast focusing
An adaptive liquid lens that is powered by water, sound and surface tension can capture 250 pictures per second using very little energy, and its ability to focus extremely quickly (in 0.01 seconds)...
Melinda Rose,
Semiconductor manufacturing goes green
A recent symposium conducted by ISMI, the Austin-based Sematech manufacturing subsidiary, yielded good news. The industry is going green, with environmentally friendly factories springing up around...
Hank Hogan,
Laurin names new senior editor
Charles Troy has rejoined Laurin Publishing as Senior Editor for the company’s print magazines. A veteran of both technology and consumer news reporting and writing, Troy first joined Laurin...

LEDs light the way to energy savings
LEDs in niche lighting markets now save consumers nearly $1 billion in electricity costs – and if switched over entirely to LEDs, consumers collectively could save more than $20 billion, according to...
Caren B. Les,
Fiber optic sensors market seen hitting $1.6 billion mark
The US fiber optic sensors market is expected to reach $1.6 billion in 2014, up from $235 million in 2007 with a compound annual growth rate of 30 percent, according to a fall 2008 technical market...
Caren B. Les,
Funding for Efficient Thin OLEDs
The US Department of Energy (DoE), under the auspices of its solid-state lighting program, has offered an SBIR Phase I grant of almost $100,000 to Universal Display Corp. of Ewing, N.J. The company...
Evaluating Optical Communications
AOptix Technologies Inc. of Campbell, Calif., has announced a program to test and evaluate the optical portion of a long-distance combined optical and radio-frequency system. AOptix, which is under...
Expanding the Map
ESRI of Redlands, Calif., has signed an enterprise license agreement with Navteq of Chicago, a provider of digital map data. The contract allows Navteq to use ESRI’s ArcGIS technology to build...
Measuring Atmospheric Carbon
Measuring Atmospheric Carbon Daylight Solutions Inc. of Poway, Calif., has received a Phase I Small Business Innovation Research award from the US Department of Energy. The award will be used to...
Institute for Environment and Society
The University of Arizona has established an environmental science facility in Tucson that will include 150 faculty members disciplined in the natural, physical, social and behavioral sciences as...
Irish Expansion
StockerYale Inc. of Salem, N.H., has opened a facility in Cork, Ireland. The site will function as an LED production facility and as a research and development center in support of the company’s...
Multimillion-Dollar Video System
DARPA has awarded a $6.7 million Phase I contract to Kitware Inc. of Clifton Park, N.Y., for its Video and Image Retrieval and Analysis Tool program. The award will fund the development of a video...
Distribution in the US
Sedere Sa of Alfortville, France, has selected Shimadzu Scientific Instruments Inc. of Columbia, Md., to sell and distribute its Sedex 80LT and 85LT evaporative light-scattering detectors in the US....
Army Orders Monocular Unit
The Night Vision unit of ITT Corp. of Roanoke, Va., has been awarded an order from the US Army Research, Development & Engineering Command Acquisition Center. The order, valued at $153 million,...
Motion Sensor Franchise
Colibrys Ltd. of Neuchâtel, Switzerland, and Avnet Electronics Marketing Americas of Phoenix have signed a franchise agreement for North America. Under the terms of the agreement, the Swiss company’s...
Russian Transportation
After a series of tests conducted by Komset of Moscow, a scientific and testing center authorized by the Russian Telecommunications Ministry, PGT Photonics SpA of Milan has received authorization to...
Developing Frequency Filters
Structured Materials Industries Inc. of Piscataway, N.J., has received Phase II funding from the US Army Research Office. The award, worth $750,000, will enable the company to develop a class of...
Supplying Solar
Two contracts totaling $85 million have been awarded to Carbone Lorraine of St. Marys, Pa. The agreements call for the company to supply isostatic material to a polysilicon producer for use in solar...
Relocating in Canada
Avo Photonics of Horsham, Pa., a provider of optical packaging and contract manufacturing, has announced the relocation of its Toronto facility. The branch, which has optoelectronic characterization...
New Business Unit
Nextreme Thermal Solutions of Durham, N.C., has created a thermal management products business unit which will support the company’s focus on thermal management products and its intention to...
A Separate Company
A group of investors has acquired Salvador Imaging Inc. of Colorado Springs, Colo. Led by David Gardner, Salvador’s founder and current president, the group purchased 100 percent of the outstanding...

State of the Streetlight
Driving down the highway, zinging by countless streetlights, we rarely consider the technology behind them, their cost or how much energy they consume. Not much has changed in streetlights in...
Anne L. Fischer, Senior Editor,
Record, Record, Who Has the Record?
When two US government agencies claim to have broken the solar cell efficiency record set by Spectrolab in 2006, it begs the question: Who is measuring what and how? In August, the US National...
PV Blows Out the Walls
Greenpeace and the European Photovoltaic Industry Association have worked together for seven years examining the potential of photovoltaics (PV) to solve the world’s energy crisis. Their latest...
Putting Solar to the Test
Harnessing photovoltaics for electrical generation can make it to the big time only if cells and modules meet stringent standards and pass safety tests. All across the globe, solar power is...
Anne L. Fischer,

Window on Universe Maps New Vision
Man’s quest to understand his origins is centuries old. Impelled by what he sees as the main schism of our time – the “battle between faith and reason” – artist Jonathon Keats has endeavored to unite the two sides with the creation of an exhibit he named the Atheon, described as a “temple of science for rational belief.” Opened in September in the new location of the Judah L. Magnes Museum –...
Margaret W. Bushee,

NASA sells patent licenses
NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center has set 25 patent assets on a course for technology commercialization. Eleven of those assets were grouped into one lot and sold at a live intellectual property...
Amanda D. Francoeur,
Canadian Patent Awarded to SpectraScience
Medical device company SpectraScience Inc. of San Diego has received a Canadian patent for its optical biopsy system and methods for tissue diagnosis. The patent will provide protection of tissue...
Fraunhofer, Plan Optik Sign Patent Agreement
In Germany, Plan Optik AG of Elsoff, a wafer manufacturer, has signed an agreement with Fraunhofer Institute for Silicon Technology in Itzehoe for the exclusive use of patented production processes,...
Universal Detector Designed
A team of researchers in the Ultrafast and Nanoscale Optics Group at the University of California, San Diego, have created a universal detection system that tests for contamination on any surface. To...
ESA Celebrates 400th Anniversary of Telescope
In Noordwijk, the Netherlands, a conference at the European Space Agency/European Space Research and Technology Centre titled “400 Years of Astronomical Telescopes – A Review of History, Science and...
Euresys Receives US Patent
Euresys sa of Angleur, Belgium, a machine vision hardware and software provider, has been granted a patent by the US Patent and Trademark Office for its “Method and Apparatus for Resampling Line Scan...

Energy Leader
Dr. W.S. Sampath, a professor of mechanical engineering at Colorado State University in Fort Collins, has developed a continuous high-throughput automated manufacturing process for solar panels using glass coating with a cadmium telluride (CdTe) thin film. In a technology transfer, the university helped launch a company Sampath co-founded, AVA Solar Inc., also of Fort Collins, where...
Anne L. Fischer, Senior editor,

For erbium-doped fiber amplifiers and fiber laser systems, 3S Photonics has introduced a pump laser module for terrestrial and submarine applications. The fiber Bragg grating stabilized 980-nm series, 1999 CHP, delivers 750 mW of output power. The low-profile, hermetically sealed 14-pin butterfly package includes a polarization-maintaining or standard single-mode fiber pigtail. Integrated...
Docter Optics has introduced the Stilar 2.8/8 superwide-angle and the reflection-free miniature Auto-Tessar series lenses for industrial image processing applications. The Stilar lenses are designed...
Docter Optics, Inc.
Sensor Technology Ltd. has introduced the TorqSense RWT320 series digital, configurable, noncontact, surface acoustic wave rotary torque transducers with integral electronics and serial output. They...
Sensor Technology Ltd.
An LED engineering kit is being offered for sale by Osram Opto Semiconductors GmbH on its LED Light for You platform. The kit includes a proprietary Ostar high-power LED, a power supply, a thermal...
OSRAM Opto Semiconductors GmbH
The Smart Finder software from Vision Components GmbH enables users to identify structures such as bottle labels and complex components via preset patterns. The real-time program operates with...
Vision Components GmbH
Available from Laser Research Optics is a line of field-replaceable lenses and turning mirrors for the lower-power laser systems that are used for engraving and marking wood, plastics and light...
Laser Research Optics
Rolyn Optics Co. has introduced model 100H, a horizontal phase Fizeau interferometer complete with computer and interferometry software. The instrument has a 4-in. aperture and features λ/20...
Rolyn Optics Co.
A galvo scanner with an integrated pyrometer has been introduced by Dilas Industrial Laser Systems for use with its Compact series fiber-coupled turnkey diode laser system. Designed for use in...
DILAS Diodenlaser GmbH
The iCure AS200 is an in-line fiber optic thermal spot-curing system that provides heat by infrared radiation in a portable unit for faster and stronger cures than traditional methods produce....
IRphotonics (bought by Thorlabs)
The Morphis Evo from Matrox Imaging is a video capture card with real-time multichannel H.264 encoding that is designed for next-generation digital video recorders. It captures from NTSC, PAL, RS-170...
Matrox Imaging
VRmagic GmbH is offering two USB 2.0 cameras with a small form factor in board and housing versions and a C-mount connection for standard lenses. The VRmC-8+ and VRmC-9+/BW have board dimensions of...
VRmagic GmbH, Imaging
Applied Optoelectronics Inc. has introduced a small-form-factor pluggable transceiver for colorless optical networking terminals used in wavelength division multiplexed passive optical networks...
Applied Optoelectronics, Inc. (AOI)
Enfis Ltd. has launched the high-brightness Quattro, a light engine that generates 12,000 lm from a single LED array. Comprising the array, optics, thermal management and electronics, the device...
For high-speed remote welding, Rofin Laser Macro Group has introduced the RWSflex, a laser system with a 1450 × 3200 × 70-mm working area based on a 1600-mm focal length. With a control unit from...
Rofin-Sinar Laser GmbH
Hunter Associates Laboratory Inc. has released the MiniScan EZ portable color measurement instrument for use outdoors or on plant floors and production lines. The device, which is lightweight and...
Hunter Associates Laboratory, Inc.
Scapa North America is offering acrylic foam tapes for assembling solar panels and photovoltaic modules. Providing permanent bonds to glass, foil, metal, composite and plastic substrates, they...
Scapa North America
The YAG focal spot analyzer from Ophir-Spiricon is a compact sampler/attenuator for camera-based laser beam profiling systems, attenuating high-power 1064-nm YAG lasers with path lengths from 50 to...
Ophir - Spiricon LLC, Photonics
Avantes BV has designed a cylindrical lens for its AvaSpec-128 spectrometer detector that combines increased sensitivity with a high-speed detector array (full 128-pixel spectrum in 60 μs)....
Avantes BV
The 2-megapixel GE1660 industrial CCD camera from Prosilica Inc. runs at 34 fps at full resolution. It features a 2/3-in. optical format, a progressive-scan interline transfer CCD, a C-mount lens...
Allied Vision Technologies Canada, Inc.
Cobolt AB has released a higher-power model of its 561-nm diode-pumped solid-state (DPSS) Cobolt Jive laser. Now with up to 100 mW of continuous-wave output power, it is suitable for use in...
Cobolt AB
Dolan-Jenner Industries has announced the Fiber-Lite MI-157F, a fiber optic illuminator for controlled lighting applications. Features include >1000 h of lamp life, a front-panel manual iris for...
Dolan-Jenner Industries, Inc.
The Crystal Touch projected capacitive touch screen from Ocular Inc. combines the optical quality of a thin-film transistor or monochrome display with autocalibration and a fast sampling rate. The...
Ocular LCD, Inc.
Laservision USA has developed the F10 frame style protective eyewear for people who wear prescription glasses. Designed to fit over another frame, they are lightweight, and the temple angle and...
Laservision USA
Basler AG has introduced a C-mount option to its Gigabit Ethernet runner line-scan camera family, which features an interface that is compliant with both GigE Vision and GenICam. The six versions in...
Basler AG
Electro Standards Laboratories has announced the VersaLink plastic optical fiber cables with versatile link connectors. Available in standard and custom lengths with simplex or duplex UL rating, the...
Electro Standards Laboratories
The Prelude LED lighting range, designed for integration with machine vision systems, has been introduced by Moritex. Driven by a constant voltage of 24 V, the LED features screw-in connectors and...
SCHOTT North America, Inc., Lighting & Imaging
GAO FiberOptics Inc. has released a coarse wavelength division multiplexing small-form-factor pluggable (SFP) transceiver series that is compatible with most popular SFPs and that supports distances...
GAO FiberOptics Inc.
Coherent Inc. has expanded its EnergyMax series laser energy sensors with the introduction of the J-10MT-10KHZ. The new model delivers a single-pulse noise-equivalent energy level of 10 nJ on 100-nJ...
Coherent Inc.
Cognex Corp. has unveiled VisionView 1.1 software enhancements for monitoring the production process and changing the parameters of vision systems. Engineers can choose the parameters they want to...
Cognex Corp.
Schott Electronic Packaging has announced its line of aspheric lens caps, which are designed to give international data and telecommunications customers a total optical solutions suite. A low-Tg...
Technosoft has introduced the IS23x-MA intelligent step motor, which is adapted to distributed motion control applications. Power electronics, controller and interface are embedded in the compact...
Laser Safety Systems has unveiled the LSS-2386, a defeatable access control kit that provides controlled access to interlocked Class 4 laser areas and eliminates the need for magnetic locks. Entry...
Laser Safety Systems LLC
Nextreme Thermal Solutions Inc. has unveiled its OptoCooler HV series high-voltage, high-heat-pumping thermoelectric coolers. The HV14 features a maximum cooling of 1.7 W, heat pumping of 110 W/cm2,...
Nextreme Thermal Solutions, Inc.
The patent-pending Revolutionary, a noncontact optical depth-sensing technique developed by the Nanovea Div. of Micro Photonics Inc., produces 100 percent accurate height measurements during...
Quantum Composers Inc.’s 9520 series digital delay multichannel pulse generators enable differing rates for all channels using new clock-divider functions. They provide up to eight independent...
Quantum Composers, Inc.
Photon Engineering LLC has released version 7.100.0 of its FRED optical engineering software. The Optimum edition features a proprietary nonsequential hybrid optimizer, and both the Optimum and...
Photon Engineering LLC
Apollo Instruments Inc. has released high-brightness fiber-coupled laser diodes that deliver up to 80 W from a 100-μm fiber with a numerical aperture of 0.22. Many wavelengths are available to...
Apollo Instruments, Inc.
The RG regenerative amplifier series diode-pumped solid-state picosecond lasers manufactured by Photonics Industries International Inc. produce more than 3 mJ per pulse at 1 kHz and more than 10 W at...
Photonics Industries International, Inc.
Synrad Inc. has released the firestar f400 400-W laser for cutting applications. The device produces a randomly polarized beam that is ideal for complex applications where kerf control is crucial. It...
Synrad Inc.
Prysmian has launched the CasaLight Xtreme fiber and Verticasa cabling system for multi-dwelling unit (MDU) applications. The bend-insensitive fiber reduces the minimum working bend radius to 5 mm,...
Prysmian SpA
Miyachi Unitek Corp. has released the LMF1000 and 2000 series Yb:fiber laser markers. Performing high-speed, high-contrast marking on metals and plastics, the air-cooled devices offer rotary and...
Miyachi Unitek Corp.
The RoHS-compliant polarization beamsplitter from Union Optic Inc. produces two parallel output beams separated by a lateral displacement that is determined by the size of the rhomboid prism. It...
Union Optic, Inc.
The nanoSX 800 CAP single-axis micropositioning and nanoscanning stage from piezosystem jena GmbH offers scanning and stroke capabilities of 800 μm in open-loop and 640 μm in closed-loop...
piezosystem jena GmbH
CIP Technologies’ HyBoard hybrid photonic integrated circuit platform now is available from AMS Technologies. The platform develops custom solutions for systems integrators and is expandable to...
CIP Technologies -acquired by Huawei Technologies
The SCM series photovoltaic solar modules from REC Group, which use 60 high-efficiency multicrystalline 6.14-in. square cells, were introduced to deliver dependability and durability. The devices’...

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