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Daniel Seiler Named Chief Executive at IDS
Daniel Seiler has been named CEO of IDS Imaging Development Systems GmbH by the company's executive board. He succeeds Torsten Wiesinger, who held the position for five years and will now focus on new product development and expansion of international sales structures. Seiler will take operational responsibilities for the manufacturer of industrial cameras in Obersulm. Company founder...
Army Awards $13M Night Vision Contract to Intevac
Intevac Photonics, a division of Intevac Inc., has received a $13 million contract for the production of night vision cameras for the U.S. Army’s Apache Helicopter Pilot Night Vision Sensor...
Ball Aerospace Delivers Laser Ranging Subsystems to JPL
Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corp. has delivered to NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) key components for a laser ranging system designed to measure changes in Earth's oceans, groundwater...
Southampton Metamaterials Researcher Nikolay Zheludev Wins IOP Medal
University of Southampton professor Nikolay Zheludev has been awarded the 2015 Young Medal by the Institute of Physics in recognition of his work in optical metamaterials, nanophotonics and global...
Special Optics Purchases Precision Optical Factory
Special Optics has purchased a 25,000-square-foot facility in Denville, N.J., to grow its business in femtosecond laser optical systems for eye surgery and custom high-numerical-aperture microscope...

Plasmon Wakes Created, Controlled in Metamaterial
Surface plasmons can exhibit wakes likes any other wave, and those wakes can be controlled through nanoscale features on a metallic surface and through properties of the light shining on it. The creation and control of surface plasmon wakes could lead to new types of plasmonic couplers and lenses that could create 2D holograms or focus light at the nanoscale, according to researchers at...
Microscopy Platform Enables Ultrastable Measurements
Stable enough to track the movements of individual molecules over many hours, a new measurement platform for microscopes could enable a deeper understanding of subcellular processes. The...
Optical Devices Aim for Asteroid
Lockheed Martin Space Systems' facility has received the first of five optical instruments to be installed in NASA's Origin Spectral Interpretation Resource Identification Security-Regolith Explorer...

High-Speed Rotator
A high-speed rotator from Finger Lakes Instrumentation LLC is designed to synchronize with scientific CMOS (sCMOS) cameras, allowing fast changes in the orientation of optical elements. The rotator allows 120° rotation change in 5 ms. A digital trigger activates programmable motion commands. In automatic command sequence playback mode, the rotator provides a clocking signal to connected...
Finger Lakes Instrumentation, LLC
Titanium-Doped Sapphire
Synoptics (part of Northrop Grumman Corp.) now offers titanium-doped sapphire for short-pulse lasers. The components are available in sizes up to 25 mm in length at various absorption and...
Northrop Grumman Synoptics
Differential Frame Grabber
BitFlow Inc. has announced the Neon-Dif differential frame grabber, which is able to capture images at cameras' highest frame and data rates. Leveraging PCI Express high-speed technologies with...
BitFlow, Inc.
Broadband Filters
Supporting brilliant violet and UV dyes, three new broadband filter sets from Semrock Inc. allow microscopists to visualize molecules of small quantities or low expression within the cell. The...
Semrock, Inc.
Karl Storz GmbH & Co. KG has announced the Multipoint measuring videoscope for the remote visual inspection market. The 4.4-mm-diameter device features a “See & Measure”...
Karl Storz GmbH & Co. KG
Visible-Thermal Surveillance Systems
Outdoor video surveillance systems from Silent Sentinel Ltd. of Hertford, U.K., feature simultaneous visible and thermal imaging outputs. The Oculus series features continuous-zoom optical...
Sierra Olympic Technologies, Inc. (SOTI)
In-Vacuum Mechanical Shutter Systems
Greateyes GmbH now offers fast in-vacuum mechanical shutter systems for vacuum-ultraviolet and extreme-ultraviolet and x-ray cameras equipped with vacuum flanges CFDN100. The shutters protect...
greateyes GmbH
Linear Positioner
PI (Physik Instrumente) LP has announced the Q-521, a miniaturized, piezo-driven linear positioner. The ultracompact positioning system is 21 mm in width and comes with travel ranges of 12, 22...
PI (Physik Instrumente) L.P., Piezo Nano Positioning
3D Imaging Software
Faro Technologies Inc. has announced the CAM2 Measure 10.5, its latest software for the FaroArm, Faro ScanArm, Faro Laser Tracker and Faro 3D Imager. The device is capable of connecting...
FARO Technologies, Inc.
Green Laser Sight
Designed to withstand the rigors of repeated firing on subcompact handguns, LaserMax Inc.’s Micro-2-G rail-mounted laser sighting system is now offered in green and is equipped with advanced...
LaserMax, Inc.
Extraction and Filtration Device
The LAS 160 extraction and filtration device from ULT AG removes dry, nonflammable dusts from laser marking and materials processing with simplified filter handling. The filter combination...
Sekonic Corp. has announced the Spectromaster C-7000 spectrometer, designed for industrial lighting measurement and control. The standalone device offers advanced color measurement and analysis...
Sekonic Corp.
Fiber Cable
OFS Fitel LLC has announced the MiDia FX cable, making fiber-cable deployment faster and less costly. Featuring optimized buffer tubes and jacket rifling for air-blown installation performance...

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