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SEM Image Sharpness Measurement

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Canada, Nov. 7, 2012 — Quartz Imaging Corp. has launched its SEM (scanning electron microscope) sharpness measurement tool. Based on ISO standards, this new feature included in Quartz PCI version 9 software works with a single image or a group of images. SEM images can be measured regularly to monitor the performance of an SEM, and a detailed report including all images, their sharpness measurement results and polar plots showing the sharpness value vs. angle can be generated in just a few clicks.

Regular sharpness (resolution) measurements can identify when an SEM is in need of service. The tool uses the Fourier transform and derivative methods to calculate sharpness. Both methods conform to the ISO/TS 245697 standards for evaluating image sharpness.

In minutes, the measurement tool calculates contrast-to-noise ratio along with Fourier transform and derivative method sharpness results to create an average score for each image and an overall score for the SEM. Operators can drop the best and worst average results when calculating the overall performance of the SEM using multiple images.

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