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CORK, Ireland, Feb. 18, 2013 — InfiniLED’s latest MicroLEDs (µLEDs) achieve high optical beam intensity and produce up to 1 mW of light from a single 20-µm pixel at 405 nm, equivalent to a light output density of more than 300 W/cm2.

They provide the wavelength flexibility, drive characteristics and simplicity of an LED and the power and collimated beam of a laser.

In the patented MicroLED structure, a parabolic reflector is etched into the semiconductor material during fabrication, placing an optical component directly at the site of light generation and at the most effective position for control of the light produced. By directing all the generated light through a single surface of the semiconductor, it can be efficiently collected and used in the wider system.

Applications include life sciences, consumer electronics and OEM equipment. Single pixels can be used to produce high-intensity collimated light over a small area or to produce usable light with a few nanoamps of current. To produce larger amounts of light, clusters of tightly packed MicroLEDs are available, resulting in high light density and collimated emission over a wider area. MicroLEDs are also available as addressable arrays of pixels, where the collimation from each pixel results in high packing densities and minimal crosstalk between the devices.

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